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ascertain its solidity: the maximum applied The Jesuits are growing bolder and bolder was 58,000 kilogrammes (about fifty-eight every day on the Continent. Three profes: tons English), which only occasioned a slight sors of Paris, M. Royer Collard, M. Guizot, inflexion iu the curve, that instantly reand M. Cousin, are interdicted from lectur- sumed its primitive form : two waggons ing. The French papers state that 100,000 loaded with stones going over at the same Aorias have been subscribed by one individual time, seemed to make no change in the towards a Jesuit's college in Ireland. curve. The ceremony coneluded by driving

· St. ETIENNE, Nov. 1.-The Procureur & diligence over it, drawn by seven horses, du Roi having been informed that an asso and going at a brisk rate. The bridge was ciation of more than twenty persons met completed in fifteen months, and cost 8,0001. contrary to law to discuss religious matters,

SPAIN. ordered the police officers to examine the

The Court of Madrid has thought proper matter. Accordingly, they took fifteen women, two children, one man, and one

to remonstrate against the course pursued by woman who was reading the New Testament the British Ministry in the recognition of at the house of a widow named Faure. The

the South American States. The Spanish police officers found " directions for con

minister, M. Zea Bermudez, addresses a long duct," the dames of an English and an Ame

and elaborate paper on the subject, to which rican lady, the project of forming in society, Mr. Canning has replied in the most masseparating from the Romish Church, the terly and conclusive style. It is well known places where the meetings were to be held, that not only King Ferdinand, but the Gothe names of several persons connected with of the Continent, have treated the Consti

vernment of France, and the other powers the society," &c. After seizing the paper Cutional regime of 1820 as an illegitimate containing all these particulars, the police officer inquired of the people why they had factious usurpation forced upon the Sovemet? They replied, to instruct themselves reigns. Mr. Canding, on the other hand, in religion, as it was taught by Scripture. adverts to its acts --- particularly its proThe police officer male them observe, that posal to negociate with the Spanish colonies the papers hc had seized contained more than on the basis of independence,-as acts of thirty names; they replied, that there were

the regular Government of Spain. And in only fifteen at St. Etienne, and that the others reference to the war with France, the prinwere at St. Jean de Bonnefond. This mat

ciple of what is termed legitimacy is most ter was carried before the Police Court, explicitly disavowed. The Spanish Minister which decided in consequence of the law urged the war against France for the reforbidding meetings composed of more than storation of the Burbons, as binding the fifteen persons, this society being, comprised tions of amity with the “rebellious sub

British Government against forming relaof thirty; and the object of it being to discuss religious matters in reality, to se

jects" of his Spanish Majesty in America. parate from the Roman Church, and esta

But Mr. Canning replies, that, so far was

the French war from a war of legitimacy, blish a society like that known in other countries by the name of Quakers, that the

the Government of this country acknowmeeting was a subject of scandal, which ledged aud treated with the Directory-made ought to be repressed, and sentenced each

peace with the Consulate, and again acknowof the accused persons to pay a fine of fifty ledged and treated with the Imperial Gofrancs and the expences.

veroment—that Buonaparte was dethroned The iron-wire bridge, from the Champion, incompatible with the peace of Europe

solely for his restless and inordinate ambiElysées to the Esplanade of the lavalids, makes rapid progress. It will rank anong Bourbons from being an object of the war)

-and (so far was the restoration of the the curiosities of Paris ; but its utility is that after the abdication of Buonaparte, it very questionable. It is only about 200 yards from the Pont Louis XVI,; and who

a question with the great powers, will not prefer going 200 yards on plain bon, should not be placed on the throne of

whether a Prince, not of the house of Buurground, to climbing up forty or fifty steps to go swinging over the Seine, and then

France. Since the issuing of this document having to descend as many! As an object the Spanish Government has relaxed in its of art it is faulty, as the two pillars mask the resolution against the independence of the Hotel of the invalids from the Champ Ely. sées. An iron-wire bridge has been con

ITALY. structed at Annonay, between Tain and A letter from Rome, dated Oct. 23, gives Tournon. Experiments have been made to an account of the submission of a gang of



1895.) Foreign News.

459 rolibers; and sach is the weakness of this lasing to Egyptian Hieroglyphics. On the wretched government, that a proclamation promised day many of the literati repaired announeing these great events intimates án to the booksellers by whom the delivery was intention of applying to the religious autho- to be made, but were informed that the works rities, in order to fix a day for solemn was not to be issued. The discovery of some thanksgiving! It appeors that the bandit points of history of too early a dáte is said chief Gasbrione, together with seven of his to have caused this inhibition. associates, surrendered at discretion, and Three Fasciculi of che version of Cobbett'. were escorted, 'in irops, to Rome, and Letters against Protestantism have alrealy Jodged in Fort St. Angelo, on the 24th of been published, and are eagerly read by ä сatSeptember. Among thiese rutfinns, two are tain class. The translator is subjected to designated in the Roman prints as “famed" consorial authority, and is often obliged to and a famous." The remainder, about use explanatory notes under the dictation of twenty in number, kept aloof, resolving the existing authorities. it is said, to he governed by the eventual

TRIPOLI. treatment of their companioas. Subsequently

Letters of the 19th of Oct. state, that two others came in ; another was killed by a Neapolitan detachment on the oth of Oct: the fears entertained from the squadrou of and six others delivered themselves up on

Sardinian vessels, before Tripoli, have prothe lich.

duced a peace. It appears, that on the arThe Court of Rome has taken alarm at

rival of the squadron at Tripoli, the Comthe anomalous condition of the South Ame modore required that the Consul should imrican States. The Sovereign Pontiff thinks, mediately be received, and the treaties rethough Ferdinand has been foolish enough to newed, as in the event of refusal, he was in

structed to commence hostilities; three days cast away the temporal dominion of his late rich western empire, Rome must take care of At the expiration of the time a peremptory

were given to consider of their ultimatum. the spiritual despotism which she still holds in the New World, and that it would there- which an instant attack on the forts, the

refusal was returned by the Bashaw, on fore be as well to separate the Papal cause from that of Spain. Accordingly he has castle, and port, was commenced; three

vessels were taken and one burnt. The addressed to the Spanish monarch a remon

Bashaw then sent a flag of trice, stating strance, advising him to come to some accommodation with his late subjects, accom.

that he would comply with any terms which panied by an intimation that upon his failing the peace was concluded. The squadron

were offered to him. Hostilities censed, and to do so, the Court of Rome will feel itself consisted of a 60-gun ship, 1 frigate, ! bonod to approve of the Bishops appointed hy the de facto Governments of South sloop, and 3 brigs. The loss of the SardiAmerica.

nians was only one man killed and seven

wounded. The annual census (ending at Easter 1825) of the Roman population has been recently

NORTH AMERICA.. published. The entire population of the By the Act empowering his Majesty to capital is, 138,750 — Families, 33,271 grant to the Canada Land Company the Priests, 1,483— Monks and Friars, 1,662– Clergy Reserves in Upper Canada, his MaNups, 1,502 — Marriages, 1,158 — Births, jesty is authorised to sell and convey to the 4,243-Deaths, 4,446 — in the Hospitals, Company in fee-simple one-half of the Clergy 2,002—in the Prisons, 1,020--" Heretics," Reserves, and the money to be paid by the Turks, and Infidels (exclusive of the Jews), Company is to be appropriated exelusively to 217 – increase of population since the pre- the support and maintenance of the Proceding year, 220.

testant Clergy of the Province. It is commonly asserted in Rome, that By arrivals from North America, we learn within a few months, no less than five hun- that one of those dreadful calamities which dred persons, charged with, or suspected of sometimes happen in remote regions, to being members of secret societies, have been towns thinly inhabited, and mingled with arrested in the States of the Church. Prioce surrounding forests, has occurred at MiraL. Spada, and those who were taken up at michi, in New Brunswick. The woods have the same time, still remain close prisoners at taken fire, from some accidental cause; those the fort of St. Angelo.

persons occupied in felling timber within The Pope has published a long proclama- their precincts have been consumed; the trop relative to the re-building of the Church flames have seized the dwellings,--for how of St. Paul, near Rome. All classes of per could so widely spreading a devastation be soas, in all countries, are eagerly requested arrested in its progress? --and an afflicting to contribute to this pious undertaking, to scene of misery has ensued. It seems that which he allots 50,000 dollars annually from the woods in that part of the country had his own treasury.

been for some time on fire, but without exSome weeks ago the Roman Journal an- citing any apprehension of the catastrophe nounced the approaching publicatiou of a which was about to involve io ruin a large new orlo by the celebrated Champoiliun, re portion of the population of the province.


Foreign News._Domestic Occurrences.

(Nov. On the 7th of October the flames acquired extended what succour it was able from the an ascendancy, which rendered light in surrounding settlements ; and a more perfect some instances impracticable, and resistance relief will probably be supplied by the consiunavailing. The alarming progress of this derate benevolence of the Mother Country, destructive element had been concealed by as a meeting for that purpose was held at the state of the atmosphere which it occa the London Tavern on the 11th inst. sioned, until the night of that day, when,

SOUTH AMERICA. aided by a hurricane which increased its vio A treaty has been entered into between lence and rapidity, it burst with uncontrol- Don Pedro and the King of Portugal, able fury upon the heads of its victims. All through the interventiou of Great Britain, the accounts that have been received de- by her Minister Sir Charles Stuart. It conscribe the rapidity of the flames to have sists of eleven articles,—the first acknowbeen such as to have precluded the possibi- ledging “ Brazil to hold the rank of an Emlity of saving property to any extent. In pire, independent and separate from the most cases, the unsuspecting beings, sud- kingdoms of Portugal and Algarva," and the dealy aroused from their slumbers, were un other stipulating that “all property, wheable to dress themselves, and iminediate de- cher real, personal, or moveable, sequestered struction was the consequence of a moment's or confiscated, and belonging to the subjects delay: So instantaneous were the effects of of the two Sovereigns of Brazil and Portuthe fire, that many persons who were saved gal, shall be forthwith restored, together owe their preservation to the vicinity of the with their arrears, deducting the expences river, into which they threw themselves, of the administration thereof,”—and moreand were taken up by boats, or escaped on over, that “all ships and cargoes taken, rafts of timber. In that part of Miramichi belonging to both Sovereigns, shall be in called Newcastle, out of 250 houses, but 14 like manner restored, or their owners indemescaped ; and indeed the circumstance of any nified." — In this liappy manner has the property being saved is considered as a mira- quarrel between these two nations been culous iuterference. Christian charity bas brought to a friendly result.


INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS have lately arisen in the island, from PARTS OF THE COUNTRY.

the determination of the agricultural Oct. 21. The steam-boat Comet, with population vot to submit to the new

exaction of tithes on potatoes, &c. or passengers from Inverness and Fort Wila liam, was run down off Kempock Point,

what is called green crop-no such tar between Gourock and the Clough Light- having, hitherto, been imposed upon house, by the steam-boat Ayr, outward

them. Two carts, which bad collected bound. 'In rounding the point the ves

this tithe from some poor folks were, it sels came in contact with such force and

seems, overturned, and the proctors violence, that the Comet went down

and others rather roughly bandled; and almost instantaveously, when above

two individuals were taken into custody; seventy persons were in a moment, pre- the pretty general indignation of the

a circumstance which, it seems, brought cipitated into to the deep! eleven only were saved, out of above eighty. The people to a crisis,

and some trifling acts Ayr had a ligbe upon her bow, but the

of insubordination followed. The setComet bad none.

The Ayr received ing fire to the proctor's house was a such a shock, and was so much damaged, but a few of the most intemperate were

measure in which it is supposed none that she reached Greenock with much difficulty, in a sinking state. At the engaged. On Thursday tbe 3d ebe malmoment the accident took place, those

contents presented a memorial to tbe on the deck of the Comet were engaged exaction of the potatoe titbe, and offer

Bishop, entreating him to forbear the in dancing. At an early hour in the morning, Mr. Marshall, Sheriff, from ing to repair the injuries sustained in Greenock, reached the spot to give his consequence of the unjustifiable con* advice and assistance on this distressing

duct of some of the parishioners. The occasion. Numerous dead bodies were

answer is as follows: “ Wbereas it has washed asbore. The Ayr, instead of

been reported by evil mindell persons, lending any assistance, gavo ber pad

that the tiihe of potatoes will be taken dles a back stroke, turned round, and

from tbe poor tenants of this island, and went off to Greenock, leaving them to

from persons little able to pay the same: their fate!

-They are hereby assured that such

title will not be demanded from them, It appears from the Manks paper of eit ber this year or at any future time; the Sub Nov. 5, chat some discurbances and if any mistake should arise in this


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Domestic Occurrences,

461 matter, the persons aggrieved will' ob and even the first cost of horses, far.extain redress, on applying to the bishop.” ceed those of an engine.

It is said to have been fully determined by the prelates of the nortbern LONDON AND ITS VICINITY. Dioceses, that ihey will in future ordain

The bubble of Joint Stock Companies no candidates for orders who bave not

bas at length burst, and many curious graduated at one of tbe Universities ;

circumstances bave come to light conwe believe the college at St. Bees is tbe

nected with these gambling transactions, only exception.-Hirberto it had been the custom in the dioceses of York, particularly the Gwenappe Mining Com

pany, the General Fish Company, &c. Chester, Durham, and Carlisle, to or

The different banks, where deposits for dain young men, of competent learning and qualifications, who were either edu. been a little annoyed by the importuni.

these shares have been paid, have not cated for the churcb, or if they had

ties of the sharebolders for a return of previously pursued any other avocation, their money; and various ineffectual apbad devoted two or three years to the studies preparatory for holy orders. But plications have been made to the Lord the great increase in the number of Mayor for the recovery of the deposits


At length Messrs. Everett and Co. have graduates from our Universities, who

undertaken to pay off the deposits on are desirous of entering the Church,

shares and the difficulty of their obtaining Antwerp Steam Navigation Company,

the following companies : thé titles, are said to have suggested to the

the Dieppe Steam Navigation Company, heads of the church this restriction.

and the Havre de Grace Steam NavigaA public dinner at Sheffield in testi tion Company. All of those companies mony of respect to the virtues and ta bave been dissolved, in consequence, it lents of Mr. James Montgomery, of is supposed, of the impediments (the Sheffield, on his retirement from his

language generally used by those wbo Jabours as a public writer, lately took commenced the formation of deceptions place, Viscount Milton in the chair. of the kind) wbich presented themselves; One hundred and sixteen persons sat and the directors keep to themselves, for down to dinner. The noble chairman

the discharge of imaginary expences, oneaddressed the meeting in an animated fourth of the money subscribed. It is manner, in commendation of their dis- worthy of notice, that no deed of settletinguished guest; and the speech of Mr. ment was drawn up, that no engine was Montgomery was a master-piece of elo purchased, that, iu fact, nothing at all quence. He entered into parts of his

was done in any one of those companies, own history, for the purpose of stating and that they, as well as many others of tbe difficulties which he had to encoun

the same kind, were superintended by ter, and naming the friend who had the same persons. Each of them conassisted him.

sisted of 1000 shares, on each of wbich An Association has been formed, the sum of 21. was paid ; 50 tbat the protbrough the active exertions of the Rev. jectors and their emissaries bave pocJohn Davies, of Kilkhampton, for tbe keted nearly 1,5001. by the tbree specuprotection of vessels which may be lations, wbich cost them no mure troystranded on the north coasts of Devon ble than that which sprung from the and Cornwall from the disgraceful prac mere writing of the prospectus ; all the tice of “wrecking."

rest of the management was left to the One of the largest steam-engines now

broker employed in the market, whose in use, is at the United Mines, in Corn. practice it was to cry out tbat the shares wall, it is said to raise 80,000lbs. of

were at such and such a premium ; and waler, 100 feet high, per minute, and this report proved sufficient to keep up consumes only 30lbs. of coal per minute

their artificial value, especially wben to produce that effect. Raising the those brukers made a few bargains at the quantity of water above-stated, is equi- premium quoted by them. valent to the work of 250 horses; and The Thames Tunnel is a horse working at that rale ougbt The large and ingenious iron shield, not to be employed more tban eight which is destined to protect at once ibe hours per day, there would be three re workmen and the tunnel itself from lays, or 750. horses, necessary to main almost a possibility of danger during the tain the continuous effect of the steam operation, is now at the bottom of tbe engine. If we regard the steam-engine great sbalt, and fixed and ready to pro. only in as far as it concentrates power, ceed horizontally. The workinen are and renders it manageable, it excites curting away the brick-work, preparaastonishment; for the attendance, the rury to their striking out horizontally uncertainty, the difficulty of application, under the Thames. Tbis, from the so

462 Domestic Occurrences. Theatrical Register.

(Nov. lidity of the work and the hardness of are sometimes found in a Jury of farmers the cement, is a laborious work, and ne- when deciding on a tithe question." cessarily of slow progress. It is boped that in 18 months from the getting THEATRICAL REGISTER. through the wall, the tunnel will be car

DRURY LANE. ried to and under the further shore of Nov. 4. A two-act opera, entitled the river; and, in the opinion of per The Wedding Present was produced. It is sons most competent to form a correct a translation, or rather adaptation from judgment, the first expectation of ulti the French, by Mr. Kenny. Independmate and complete success is increased ently of some pretty music, there was by all the circumstances which have nothing attractive in the piece. hitherto attended this important under. taking.

COVENT GARDEN. The St. Katharine Dock Company are In the absence or entire destitution proceeding to carry the provisions of the of histrionic talent, the managers, in Act into effect. They have already pur imitation of the Surrey Theatre, have chased about three-fifths of the freehold introduced a soi-disant monkey from of the site, and are making the necessary Paris. In the present degraded state of arrangements with the leaseholders and the royal theatres we were not unpre occupiers. The materials of the church pared for something more bless or con and buildings, late the property of the temptible; but this last disgrace was reSt. Katharine's Hospital in the precinct, served for a Kemble, who does not besi have been advertised for sale, prepara- tate to convert the stage (on which a tory to the ground being cleared ; and brother and a sister trod with so much it is expected that the works connected honor to themselves and gratification to with the entrances, basin, and docks, the public) into a mere menagerie, or will be commenced in the month of puppel-shew. The piece in which this full January next.

grown punch exhibited his disgusting In the Court of Common Pleas, Oct. tricks was The Shipwreck of Policinello, Walker (Clerk) v. Ridgeway, Serjeant or The Neapolitan Nuptials. The reWilde moved for a new trial. The facts Spectable part of the audience expressed were these : the plaintiff was a Clergy- the strongest disapprobation ; but the man of the Established Church, and pro- clamourous gods were sufficiently noisy prietor of the tithes of a certain parish in supporting this contemptible mimicry; in the county of Hereford. The defend- consequently it was repeated. The piece ant was the cultivator of a farm which wns afterwards changed for a melolay in the plaintiff's parish. The latter drama, entitled Jocko, the Brazilian sent notice to the Clergymen of his in. Monkey, which has been hackneyed at tention to cut down a field of wheat. the minor theatres to satiety, The plot The Clergyman's tithing man attended, is too senseless to notice, as it was merely but the weather seeming unfavorable intended for the exhibition of Jocko's för harvest work, he left the field. The tricks. We sball mention one instance weatber subsequently cleared up, the de- of absurdity, as a sample of tbe rest. fendant cut down the wheat, set it out The Brazilian planter shews Jocko a in sheaves, and then gathered them into watcb, and asks what o'clock it is, shocks, consisting some of 9 sheaves, when he exbibits a wonderful display of some of 10. The Clergyman refused to intellect (wbat a sagacious Frenchman)! collect his tenths fron those sbocks, on by knocking five times on a cocoa-shell! the ground that that manner of setting as if any child could not do the same, out his tentbs was contrary to the an though disguised as a monkey. It is cient custom, and full of unnecessary stated that this M. Mazurier is paid the trouble and uncertainty. He accordingly enormous weekly salary of 1502 being at brought his action of wrong, for tbe im- the rate of 251. per night. Previous to proper setting out of the tithes. The his treaty with Mr. C. Kemble, Mazurier case was tried at the Hereford assizes, was applied to on the part of Mr. Ellisbesote the Hon. Justice Burrough. The ton, and refused to take less iban 401. presiding Judge directed the Jury to find per night, and 601. for ench of the masks å verdict for the plaintiff, but the Jury which be might require. were of a different opinion, and found Nov. 16. A new comedy, attributed for the defendant. The Judge remon to the pen of Mr. Hyde, author of Al. strated in vain. The Jury persisted in phonsus, was performed, bearing the their opinion. On these grounds Mr. title of Love's Victory, or a School for Sergeant Wilde moved that the verdict Pride. The incidents and plot appear he set aside, and a new trial granted.- to be taken from Moliere's La Princesse The Chief Justice said, “Take the rule d' Elide. The piece was given out for to shew cause, brother Wilde; prejudices repetition amidst great applause.


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