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Rev. J. D. Coleridge, a Prebend in Exeter War Office, July 29.-9th reg. Dragoons: Cathedral. Capt. H. J. Richardson, to be Major, vice Rev. J. Lonsdale, « Prebend of Lincoln Hurst.-13th Ditto, Major J. F. Patterson Cathedral. to be Lieut-col.;

Major W. W. Higgins, Rev. T. Gaisford, 2d Prebend of Worces21st. Drag. to be Major.--85th reg. Brevet ter Cathedral. Major G. H. Dansey, to be Major.Unat- Rev. G. Chandler, D.C.L. All Souls R. St. tached :

: to be Lieut.-colonels, Majors R. N. Mary-le-bone. Nickle, from 88th Reg. and Benj. Harding, Rev. G. S. Evans, Temple Grafton V. co. from 6th Drags.-To be Major, Capt. John Warwick Hewett, 52d Foot.

Rev. J. Gordon, Bierton V, co. Lincoln. Aug. 2.-The Hon. Algernon Percy, to Rev. H. Hubbard, Cheriton R. Hants, with be Minister Plen. to the Confed. Swiss Can Kilmaston and Titchbourne Chs. annexed. tons ; Hamilton H. C. Hamilton, esq. to be Rev.Wm. James, East Sambrook R. co. Som. Sec. to the Embassy at Paris; and Honi Rev. J. Johnson, Houghton V. Notts. John Bloomfield, to be Sec. to his Majesty's Rev. S. Lloyd, Horsley V. co. Glouc. Legation at Stutgardt.

Rev. Wm. Marsh, Gwenap V. Cornwall. War Office, Aug. 12.—28th. Reg. Major Rev. J. B. May, St. Martin R. Exeter. Onslow, 22d Reg. to be Major.- Unattach- Rev. R. B. Paul, Long Wittenham V. Berks. ed: Capt. Hall, 3d Foot Guards, to be Rev. Sam. Paul, Tetbury V. co. Glouc. Lieut.-col. ; Capt. Beauchamp, 7th Foot, Rov. G. S. Penfold, Christchurch R. St. to be Major.

Mary-le-bone. Foreign Office, Aug. 13.-John-Tasker Rev. B. Puckle, Graffham R. Hunts. Williams, esq. to be Commissary Judge to Rev. Wm. Pyne, Pitney R. co. Somerset. the several Mixed Commissions established at Rev. C. T. Simmons, Shipham R. co. Som Sierra Leone, for the prevention of the Rev. G. W. Smith, Bawdsey V. Suff. illegal traffic in slaves.

Rev. H. Strangways, Rowe V. Devon. William-Sharp McLeay, esq. to be Com- Rev. C. Tripp, D.D. Kentisbeare R. Devon: missioner of Arbitration to the Mixed Brit- Rev. E.W. Wakeman, Claines C. co. Worc: ish and Spanish Court of Commission esta Rev. A. Ward, Eastrington V. co. York. blished at the Havannah.

Rev. G. H. Webster, All Saints with St.

Julian R. Norwich. Aug. ... The Hon. and Rov. Geu. Neville, Rev. Jos. Algar, Chaplain to Lord Clinton. Master of Magdalen College, Cambridge, to Rev. D. Clementson, Chap. to Dorch. Goal. use the name of Grenville, in addition, and Rev. W.H. Dixon, Chaplain to Abp. of York, after that of Neville, and also to bear the Rev. P. Gurdon, Chaplain to Lord Bayning. arms of Grenville.

Rev. C. D. Wray, Chaplain to Ld. Balcarras. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

Civiu PREPERMENT. Rev. Jas. Hooke, LL.D. Deanery of Wor-, Rev. E. Daniel, Helston Grammar-school; cester.


BIRTHS. July 11. At Roseheath, Cheshire, the the Rectory, North Bradley, Wilts, the wife wife of Rev. Henry Tonikinson, a son.—The of Rev. G. R. Orchard, a son. wife of John Gardner, esq. of Sion Hill, Aug. I. At Forston House, Dear DorGarstang, a son.—15. The wife of Dr. Bod- chester, the wife of George Peach, esq. a ley, Hull, asop.-19. At Walkington Lodge, son and heir.-4. At Goldsboro' Hall, YorkYorkshire, the wife of John Ditmas, esq. of shire, Lady Louisa. Lascelles, a son.-5. At twins. At Edwidsford, Carmarthenshire, Radway, Warw. the wife of Lieut.-col. F. S. Lady Mary Hamlyn Williams, a dau.—24. Miller, C. B. a son.-8. In Hamilton-place, At Paris, the wife of Hon. Hercules-Lang- Countess Gower, a dau.—At Shugborough, ford Rowley (eldest son of Lord Langford), Viscountess Anson, a son and heir.- The. a sop and heir.-30. At Morestead, near wife of W. Hulton, esq. of Hulton Park, a Winchester, the wife of Edw. Mount. Gale, son.-12. In Tavistock-squ. Mrs. Benj, B. esq. a son,

Williams, a son.-16. In Dublin, the wife Lately. At Garboldisham, Norfolk, the of Capt. Fred. Arabin, R. Art. & son.-18. Mareh. of Blandford, a son. -AtAllcannings At Leppitt's-hill, Essex, the wife of Rev. Rectory, Wilts, Mrs. Methuen, a son. -Ăt Dr. Stedman, a dau.-20. The wife of Chris

topher James Magnay; esq. a son.


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lean, esq.

July 9. Wm. Bowden, esq. of Southwark, Souls Church, Peter, eldest son of Sir Peter to Anne, only dau. of late Jonas Shaw, esq. Pole, bart. M.P. of Wolverton Park, Hants,

10. Abr. Dunn, esq. Solicitor, of He- to Lady Louisa Pery, fourth dau. of the don, to Miss Hanna, dau.-in-law of R. Fow- Earl of Limerick. At George-street, Haler, esq. Solicitor, Gainsborough. 11. nover-square, Alex. Rob. Stewart, esq. M.P. At Chester, Alured, second son of Mr. Wood to Lady Caroline-Anne Pratt, youngest dau. Gibson, of Liverpool, merchant, to Eliz. of the Marq. Camden.At Windsor, Rev. Charlotte, youngest dau. of late Dr. Jardine. 'J. Moultrie, Rector of Rugby, to Harriet

-12. At Worcester, Fred. Maw, esq. of Margaret, dau. of Dr. Ferguson, Inspector Green Hill-place, to Jane, dau. of the late of Hospitals.-30. At Paris, at Viscount Rev. Rich. Roe Walton. -At Glouces- Granville's, Jas. Townsend Carlow, esq. to ter, Rev. T. Brigstocke, Rector of Whitton, Elizabeth-Anne, dau. of Captain Rowed, Radn. to Caroline, dau., of late Rev. R. R.N. Whish, of Northwold13. Henry-Gally Aug. 1. At Lord Clifford's, Mansfield-str. Knight, esq. of Firbeck, Yorkshire, to Hen- the eldest son of Lord Stourton, to Hon. rietta, relict of Rev. J. H. Eyre. -At Lucy Clifford, dau. of Lord Clifford. Bristol, Capt. E. B. Gapper, R. A. to Kath. George Heald, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to Anne, dau. of late Charles Hamilton, esq. of Emma, dau, of S. Trafford Southwell, esq. the Leasowes.-14. At Accrington, near of Wraxham Hall. 2. At Hanover-sq. Blackburn, the Rev. W. Villers, of Kidder- W.-Fowle, only son of Sir W. Middleton, bt. minster, to Susannah, dau. of Jon. Peel, to Hon. Anne Cust, sister of Lord Brownesq. of Accrington House. 16. At Mary- low.-At Hanover-sq. Geo. Pouney, esq. lebone, John Jackson, esq. of Queen Ann- of Grosvenor-eq. to. Jane, dau. of Sir John st. to Anna-Dodsworth, fifth dau. of Sir Wm. Robinson, bart. of Albemarle-str.Chas. Beechey. -18. At the house of the Brit- Ellis, esq. M.A. Barrister, of Lincoln's Inn, ish Ambass. Paris, the Rev. W. H. Bury, to Mary, 2d dau. of Wm. Peath Litt, esq. of to Mary-Anne, dau. of the late John Mac- Devonshire-st. Portland-pl. -3. At An

-19. At Kensington, Capt. F. dover, Charles Pressly, esq. Secretary to the Clements, R. Afric. Corps, to Alicia-Frances, Irish Board of Stamps, to Anne, dau. of eldest dan. of Rev. Richard Brickenden, and Geo. Thompson, esq.5. At Hanoverniece to Earl of Cavan. -21. At St.George- sq. John-Jacob Buxton, esq. M. P. to Eliz. st. Hanover. sq. Walter Burrell, esq. M.P. dau. of Sir M. Cholmeley, bart. M.P.for Sussex, to Mrs. Chisholme. -Thos. 8. Lieut.-col.Whish, Bombay Est. to Frances Le Breton, esq. Att. General for Jersey, to Hill, eldest dau. of Hannibal Sandys, esq. of Frances, dau. of Tho. Jekyll Rawson, esq. Great Queen-st. Westminster.-10. Sir of Ashborne, Derby-At Edmonton, Rev. Gilb. Heathcote, bart. of Normanton Park, Vyell- Francis Vyvian, son of late Sir Vyell to Mrs. Eldon, of Park-crescent, PortlandVyvyan, bart. of Trelowarren, Cornwall, to place. --At St. Marylebone, Philip Wiss, Anna, dau. of J. V. Taylor, esq. of South- esq. 6th Drag. Guards, to Margaret, dau. gate. -At St. James's, Capt. E. M. Da- of T. Chambre, esq. of Nottingham-place. niell, E. I.C. to Emma-Isabella, dau. of T. -At Berne, Capt. Jasper Hall, Coldst.

of Cowes.-22. At the house. Guards, to Lucy, dau. of Wm. Alves, esq. of the British Ambassador, at Brussels, Rev. of Enham-place, Hants. ll. Horatio E. Jenkins, to Eliza, dau. of John Jay, esq. Beeching, esq. Banker, of Tonbridge, Kent,

-23. At All Souls, and afterwards at the to Susanna, dau. of Cruttall Pierce, esq. of Swedish Minister's Chapel, Chevalier de Bath-place, Peckham.- -13. At North Kantzow, Swedish and Norwegian Charge Aston, Oxf. Edw. Goulburn, esq. of Middle d'Affaires at Lisbon, to Emma, dau. of late Temple, to Esther, sister of Visc. Chetwynd. Wm. Bosanquet, esq. At Bermondsey, -At the house of the Duke of Clarence, John Coates, esq. Solicitor, to Emma, widow London, PhilipSidney, esq. 1 st Reg. Guards, of late N. Legge, esq. -26. At Islington, son of Sir J. Sidney, of Penshurst, to Miss W. Quick, esq. of Hornsey-row, Solicitor, Fitzclarence. -14. At St. Marylebone, to Harriet-Caroline, dau. of J. D. Webb, Martin Wm. eldest son of Capt. Wm. Beesq.-Rev. Spencer Madan, to Louisa- cher, of Monks House, Oxf. to Susan, only Eliz. dau. of Rev. Wm. Gresley, of Nether- dau. of John Dobree, esq. -15. At St. seale Hall, co. Leic.—At Abbeyleix, Ire- George's, Bloomsbury, Jas. Bradshaw, esqland, Lord Clifton, son of Earl of Darnley, of Grosvenor-place, to Miss Anna-Maria to Emma-Jane, dau. of Sir H. Parnell, bart. Tree, late of Covent Garden Theatre M.P. -At Henbury, Bickham, eldest son 18. At St. Pancras, John, eldest son of Lord of Rev. Thos, Escott, of Hartrow House, John Townshend, of Balls Park, Herts, to Som. to Anna, dau. of Rev. Walter Treve- Eliz, Jane, eldest dau, of Lord Geo. Stuart. lyan, and grand-dau. of Sir John T. bart. –20. At St. George's, Lieut.-col. the 27. Wm: Orton Aikin, esq. of Devonshire-st. Hon. Geo. Lionel Dawson, brother of the Portland-place, to Mary-Anne, dau. of Wm. Earl of Portarlington, to Miss Seymour, Mason,esq.Somersham, Hants, 28.AtAll dau. of late Lord Hugh Seymour.

Ferrers, esq.


( 177 )


Paixcess BORGHESE.

32 years. During this period, he was, in June 9. At the Borghese Palace, near concurrence with his Majesty's Govern: Florence, after a long and painful illoess, ment and the venerable Society for the the Princess Paulina Borghese, sister to Propagation of the Gospel, the instru. Napoleon Buonaparte.

ment, in the hands of Providence, of raiso She has left a will, in which, after den ing a regular Episcopal Establishment in ducting the legal part coming to her mo- the two Canadas, and promoting the for. tber, Letitia Buonaparte, she appoints her mation of Missions and the erection of two brothers, the Count of St. Leu (Louis), Churches, in all the more popolous townand the Prince of Mootfort (Jerome), her ships, wbich he regularly visited, even principal heirs. To Lucien she bequeaths when age and infirmiiy rendered so vast only ber pardon for his treatment of ber. and faliguing a circuit a most arduous The daughters of Madame Murat are 10 and painful uodertaking. The Cathedral bare 30,000 piastres each, exceptihe Couo. Church at Quebec, erected under bis less Pepoli, who is married at Bologna. auspices, and in consequence of his exerThe eldest son of the Count of St. Leu is to tions, will serve as a 'monument to his have her villa near the Porta Pia at Rome, memory; and his game will be honoured and Prince Borghese the use for his life of in the North American Colonies, as long another villa near Viareggio, in the Duchy as respect remains for high and cultiof Lucca. Several Cardinals, among whom vated talent, for dignity and suavily of are her Vucle Pesch, Pacca Spina, and Ric manners, for integrity, for benevolence, varola, and many gentlemen and ladies of for loyalty, for religion. It would be Rome who used to frequent ber societies, difficult task, indeed, to describe the dishave reine mbrances of more or less value. tress of his family, the grief of his friends She has left also considerable legacies to and dependents, the lamentatious of the Madame Dumeoil her companion, to M. poor, and the regret which pervades all Vamilelli ber homme d'affaires, and to M. parties and denominations in ihe country. Gozzani, the agent of Prince Borgbese at In 1819 Bp. Mouotain preached the Rome. A considerable capital is set apart, Anniversary Sermon of tbe Royal Humane ibe interest of wbich is to be applied to Society, wbich he afterwards printed. enable two young men of her native town, Ajaccio, to study surgery and medicine. Sir Henry CARR IBBETSON, Br. The value of the whole property is esti.

June 5. lo Condait-street, aged 56, mated at about two millions of francs. Sir Henry-Carr Ibbetson, Bart. of Denton

Of the Princess Paulina, Canova made a Park, Yorkshire. statue-oaked, as Venus. See an anec This family is of great antiquity in the dote respecting it in vol. Lxxxvi. i. 555. county of York. He was the eldest son of

Sir James Ibbetson, 20 baronet, by Jane, JACOB MOUNTAIN, D.D. Br, of Quebec. daughter of Jobo Caygill, Esq. of Shaw,co.

June 16. At Marchmont House, near York'; and on the death of his father, Quebec, in his 75th year, the Righi Rev. S pt. 4, 1795, succeeded to the title. In Jacob Mountain, D.D. Lord Bishop of 1801 he was Captain of a troop of draQuebec, formerly of Caius College, Cam goons, and Lieut.. Col. of a battalion of bridge, where he proceeded in the degrees West York Militia ; and in 1803 be served of B.A. 1774; M.A. 1777; D.D. 1793. the office of High Sheriff for the County,

His Lordsbip was the second son of as did his father in 1769., On the 14th of Jacob Mountain, Esq. of Thwaite Hall, in November, 1803, the deceased married the county of Norfolk, and enjoyed in Alicia-Mary, only daughter of William, early life ihe honour of a particular in. Fenton Scolt, of Wood-ball, co. York, esq. timacy with Mr. Piti. At the time of his and piece of Sir Joho-Lister Kaye, of the being selected by that Siatesman, in 1793, Graoge, co. York, bart. He was a gen. for the See of Quebec, the preferment tleman highly distinguished in the Agriculwbich he held was the livings of Holbeach, tural world. His reinains were interred on Lincolnshire, and Buckden, Hunts, to the 18th, in the family vault at Denton gether with the Prebendal Stall of South Church. Kelsey in Lincolo Cathedral, all in the gift of the present Lord Bishop of Win Adm. Sir Thomas Bertie, Kyr. chester, to whom, when Bishop of Lincoln, June 13. Al Twyford Lodge, Hants, he was Examining Chaplain.

the residence of his brother, George Hoare, He was the first Protestant Prelate in Esq. aged 66, Sir Thos, Bertie, Koi. Adiniral the Capadas, where he presided over the of the Blue; and Knight Commander of Church, with apostolic zeal and piety, for the Swedisin Order of the Sword. Gext. Mag. August, 1825.



OBITUARY.—Admiral Sir Thomas Bertie. [Aug. He was the sixth child and fourth son of a squadron commanded by Captain (now George Hoare, of London, formerly of Mid. Admiral) George Bowen. dleton Era, co. Durbam, Esq. by Frances, Çapł. Bertie was seized with the yellow daughter of William Sleigt, of Stockton fever whilst commanding at Port-au-Prince, upon Tees, Esq.; was born July 3, 1758. and being invalided he left the West Indies He first went to sea in 1773, in the Sea- jo an American ship in October 1796. borse frigate, in which vessel be first met, In March 1797, after he bad recovered and became the messmate of the late Lord his health, be was appointed to the Braakel Nelson and Sir Thomas Trowbridge, with of 54 guns, stationed at Plymouth. la whom be enjoyed the strictest intimacy October be succeeded to the Ardeot 64, and an unbroken correspondence till their vacant by the death of his old shipmate death.

Capt. Burgess, who fell off Camperdown. In 1777 Mr. Hoare was removed to the It may here be proper to mention an Salisbury, bearing the broad pendent of improvement which this gallant officer Sir Edward Hughes, with whom he returu effected on the 42 pounder carrovades ed 10 England. On the 21st of May he belonging to the Ardent's main deck, parwas promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, ticularly as it was afterwards generally and appointed to the Monarch of 74 guns, adopted in all his Majesty's ships having Capt. Rowley. Whilst belonging to this that description of ordoance on board. ship, Lieut. Hoare introduced the life-buoy Observing wben he was first appointed to into the service. On the 27th of July, in the Ardeut, that the inclined plane of the the same year, the Monarch led the van carriage was in a contrary direction to division in the action betweeo Keppel and wbat be conceived it ought to be, being d'Orvilliers. lo December following, Lieut. within board instead of without, Captain Hoare reinoved with Captaio Rowley into Bertie copmunicated his ideas on the subthe Suffolk, and sailed from Spithead with ject to the Board of Ordnance, and in a a squadron 10 reinforce Admiral Byroo in correspondence which ensued, he had the the West Indies, joining that officer at St. satisfaction of cooviocing the Heads of Lucia about the latter end of March 1779. that department of the utility of his pro

In the action off Grenada, July 6, in posed alteration. Orders were conse. the same year, the Suffolk sustained con- quently given for fitting up the carropades siderable damage, and a loss of 32 mcn according to bis directions. The altera. killed and wounded. In December fol. tion consisted simply in de pressing the lowing, the boats of that ship, under the chock iwo inches; this not only impart. order of Lieutenant Hoare, destroyed (wo ed to the gun the good property of being vessels close to the shore of Martinique. worked and run out with a smaller number

lo March 1780, Lieut. Hoare accom of men, but it also checked the recoil, and panied Admiral Rowley from the Suffolk necessarily added to the force of the shot. into the Conqueror, which ship formed The Ardent was employed under Lord part of Sir G. B. Rodney's fleet in the ac- Duncan, in the blockade of the Texel fleet, tions with de Guichen, April 17, and May outil the expedition to Holland took place 15 and 19. In these engagements the in August 1799. Captain Bertie then reConqueror had 18 men killed and 69 ceired orders 10 place himself under the wounded. In the ensuing month of July, command of Vice-Admiral Mitchell, wbo Mr. Hoare became Flag Lieut. to Admiral on the 30th of ihat month, passed with his Rowley, and in 1789 was made Comman- squadron through the Nieuve Diep, up to der in the Duc d'Estitac sloop. During the Vlieter, near to which ihe Dutch Aieet, the reinajoder of the war we find bim ac consisting of eight sail of the line and four tively employed on a variety of services, frigates, commanded by Admiral Storey, both on the coast of America and in the were lying at anchor. The enemy were West Indies. He returned to England in allowed one hour's deliberation to fight or 1783.

to surrender, and the latter having been Mr. Hoare on the 20th May, 1788, mar agreed to in consequence of the disaffecried Catharine. Dorothy, daughter of Pere tion reigning amongst the Dutch seamen, grine Bertie, of Low Leyton, Essex, Esq. Captain Bertie was ordered to take prso (of the late Duke of Ancaster's family,) session of the Admiral de Ruyter of 68 whose pame he assumed, and has since guns, and afterwards to escort the whole borne alone, agreeably to the will of that of the prizes to the Nore, where he arrived gentleman.

on the 10th September. Capt. Bertie was advanced to post rank In the following month Captain Bertie Nov. 2, 1790, and appointed to the Leda : assisted at the evacuation of the Texel. that frigate, however, was soon after put He afterwards, in common with the otber out of commission, and he was not again officers of the feet, received the thaoks of called till the autumn of 1795, when he vb- Parliament for bis services in the abovetained the command of ibe Hindostan, mentioned expedition. 54 guns, then at Spithead, under orders The Ardent formed one of the squadron for the West Indies, where he arrived with under the orders of Lord Nelson, at the


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1825.) OBITUARY.--Vice-Admiral John Clements.

179 battle of Copenhagen, in which her com- off Helsingburgh, boisted his flag in the mander particularly distinguished himself, Orion of 74 guns, from which ship it was compelling four of the Danish flotilla, one afterwards shifted first into the Vanguard of which was the Jutland of 60 guns, to 74, and then into the Dictaior 64. He surrender, The Ardent received consider. returned to Yarmouth roads Jan. 6, 1809, able damage, and sustained a loss of 29 having been driven from his station in the men killed, and 64 men wounded. Capt. Sound by the sudden appearance of the Bertie again received the thanks of Par- ice and its great solidity on the last day of liament, and what was equally pleasing, the preceding year, tbe personal commendation of his heroic On the 20th March, the Rear-Admiral Cbief. Early on the morning after the again sailed for the Baltic in the Stately, action, Lord Nelson went on board the another 64 gun ship, and immediately on Ardent to thank her commander, officers, his arrival resumed bis former occupation and people, for their conduct and exertions of blockading the island of Zealand, and on the preceding day, a compliment which affording protection to the coast of Scandia, was relurned with six cheers, on his Lord. and to the British and Swedish convoys ship's leaving the ship.

passing ibrough the Malmoe Channel. On the 9th of the same month, Captain from the beavy gales of wind which began Bertie was appointed by the Commander- to set in about the 12th Dec. 1809, Rearjo-chief Sir Hyde Parker, to the Bellona of Admiral Bertie found it advisable to quit 74 guns, in the room of Sir Thomas B. his anchorage off Hoganis nearly at the Thompson, who had lost a leg in the bata entrance of the Sound, and proceeded with tle, and he contioned in the Baltic under the ships under his command to Gotten. the orders of Lord Nelson and Sir Charles burgh, where he received orders from AdM. Pole, until the 7th July following, when miral Dickson to return to England exhe left that station in company with the press. squadron sent home under Sir Thomas On the 19ch Feb. 1810, finding his Graves, part of wbich were ordered north health to be in a very impaired state, our about to Cork, and from thence proceeded officer was obliged to strike his fag and off Cadiz, where Capt. Bertie remained come on shore. employed in the blockade of the Spanish lo the month of June 1813, Rear-Ad. feet till the termination of the war. miral Bertie received the honour of knight

The Bellona afterwards went to the hood, and the Royal liceose and permission West Indies, whence Capl. Bertie returned to accept and wear the insignia of a koight lo England in June 1802. On the re-com commander of the Order of the Sword, mencement of hostilities, Capt. Bertie was conferred upon him by the late King of appointed to the Courageux of 74 gups, in Swedeo, in testimony of his merits and which ship Rear-Adm. Dacres soon after services. He was advanced to the rank of hoisted bis flag, and in Jan. 180+ sailed Vice-Admiral, Dec. 4, in the same year. from St. Helen's, accompanied by 170 sail of merchanimen bound to the West Indies. Four days after their departure,

VICE-ADMIRAL John Clements. the wind, which had hitberlo been fair, July 1. In Portman-street, Vice-Adshifted to the S. W. and between the 15th miral John Clements. and 28th it blew one of the most tre. At the commencement of the war with mendous gales ever experienced, dispers- the French republic, Lieut. Clements coming the cunroy and reducing the Coura- manded the Spitfire sloop. He was pro. geox to a mere wreck, thereby compelling moted to the rank of Post-Captain, Oct. her to bear up for Plymouth, where she 24. 1794. In the summer of 1802 be obarrived with the remnant of her scattered tained the command of the Fortunée of charge on the 1st of February.

40 guns; and on the 8th Sept. following, From some family distress, Capt. Bertie sailed from the Downs in company with was saddenly obliged, after the courageux two other frigaies and a sloop, with Dutch had been docked and nearly prepared for troops on board, bound to the Texel. On sea, to resign the command of her, and he the 10th, the Fortunée struck on a sand. remained without any other appointment bank, lost her masts and rudder, and was until the latter end of Dec. 1805. He bilged. The next morning she was got tbed obtained the command of the St. into the Texel, where by ihe great exerGeorge, a second rate, attached to the tions of her commander, officers, and Channel fleet, and continued in that ship crew, and the assistance rendered by the until the general promotion of Alag officers, other ships, she was put in a state of April 23,1808, which included and stopped repair sufficient to enable her to prowith him.

ceed to England, under the escort of Rear-Admiral Bertie was soon after ap- another frigate. In the following year, pointed to a command in the Baltic, under Captain Clements was appointed to the Sir James Saumarez. He proceeded thitber Sea l'encible service at Leith. He subsein the Rosamond sloop, and on his arrival quently commanded the Texel of 64 guns,


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