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Account of Merton Church, Norfolk.

115 has the figure of a man, decapitated, effigy is gone, but the inscription rekneeling before a desk, his hands, now gone, appear to bave been clasped in Here Iyeth intoumbed the Bobie of the posture of devotion; the other end Cha de Brept esquior Sonne and of the seat bears a shield cut with the bepre of Com'no | De Brep esquiar wbo De Grey's arms.

deceased the 12 of map 1562. And On the floor a stone plated with bad to bis first wife anne Evrade | brass, formerly having two hands hold-Daugbter of Henrp Everode of Lining a heart, on which was the word sted in Suffoke Esqvior. And to his Credo, and from the heart two scrolls; Second Wpffe ! Temp'ance the Daughon the first:

ter of Dir wpmonte Carewe of anCredo quod Redemptor meus vitit.

thonpe in Cornewell | Hntgbte uboge

soule Bod parton. On the second : et in novissimo die surrect......

There were formerly three shields, Salbatorem meum.

viz. two at the head, having his own The hands and heart are gone, but Everard, on a fess between three mul

arms, impaled with his two wives: 1. the scrolls, and the inscription remain: lets; 2. Carewe, three lions passant;

bic jacet Alicia q'nd’m ufor Johis and one under the inscription, Grey ffpnch’m filii senioris Hobis fpncb'm and Baynard quartered; the last is gone. | *Que quid'm alicia fuit filia Come Bedingffeid armigeri soror marie

The chancel is separated from the Grep que gom Alicia obiit pţii die

nave by a lofty pointed arch, under mai x d'en. McCCClerbil cujug which is an open wooden screen carved. aie ppiciee'. de'. !


part of the Church is lighted by The arms were Fincham, three bats five windows, two to the South, two and bend Erm. impaling Beding field, they are all pointed ; those to the


to the North, and one to the East; but are now lost. Another stone, shield and inscrip- pointed lights by two stone mullions,

and South are divided each into three tion gone. On a brass_plate against the South East window consists, at present, of

which form ramifications above. The wall. Arms: De Grey, impaling Fitz- four plain lights; the upper part was Lewes, a chevron between 3 trefoils.

once ramified, but is now blocked up. In this Jie Tyeth burpd under one Stone Thomast de Brep &squire and

“It appears by a MS.” says Blomefield $, Élizabetbe bis Wife, Dought of Spr" that formerly in the North and South Kpcharbe Fitz-lewes Hnight, and after windows opposite to one another, in the her decease made bpmselfe Preast and entering into the chancel, stood the coat so lived fri Heres and dep'ted out of of De Gray or Cornerth quartered with Ba

niard, erected in 1403. And in a South this Lpfe pe fyrst of Septembre 1556.

window at the upper end of the Church were At the East end of the aile lies a

the effigies of St. Edmund, in his priocely fair marble, having, on a brass plate, robes, holding in his left hand an arrow, the figure of a man in armour, with and lower in the same window was depicted clasped hands; the lower part of the the portraiture of Sir Robert Clifton, knt.

The mark thus | denotes the end of the line on the brass plate. † He was eldest son of Wm. de Grey (by Mary Bedingfield, his first wife. See account of monument against the North wall of the nave), but did not inherit his father's estate ; he died s.p.

He had no issue by his second wife, who outlived him, and married Sir Christopher Heydon of Beaconsthorp, Knt. He died seised of Hadston or Baynard's manor in Bunwell, held of the Earl of Sussex at one fee; Berry-hall manor in Ellingham, late Manning's, held of the Earl of Sussex as of his manor of Attleburgh; the advowson of Bunwell, held of Sir Thos. Lovel by fealty, and 135. 4d. rent; the manor of Merton, held of the Earl of Sussex, as of his manor of Woodham-Walter, in Essex ; parcel of Fitz-Walter's, alias Baynard's Barony, 390 acres of land, 100 acres of pasture, 20 acres of wood, 1000 acres of marsh, and 800 acres of bruery, a fold course and commonage for 100 cows in Tompson, Griston, Watton, Tottington, and Merton, held of the Queen in capite, by the 20th part of a fee. Robert Kemp, of Gissing, esq. married Elizabeth, daughter of the above Thos. De Grey.

Thos. De Grey, his son and heir, was only seven years old at his father's death, and so became ward to Queen Elizabeth, but died å rinor in 1556 ; his estate went to his uncle Robt. De Grey, esq. See Monuments in Chancel. & See “ History of Norfolk," fol. ed. vol. 1. 582, 583.


Account of Merton Church, Norfolk.

[Aug. kneeling, with his hands held up, in armour, Grey's arms quartering Baynard, imwith his mantle and coat of arms thereon, paling Spelman: quartered with Caily's, with a book before

“ Were bp underneath (peth Edmund him, and in a scrowl from his mouth :

de Grep +, Esquire, who married ElizaSancte Edmunde ora pro nobis. beth pe Doughts of Dr John Spelman,

In the same window, was an effi- knight & deceased this present Life pe gies of a De Grey kneeling on his 20th Dape of Auguste 1548," mantle, his coat armour impaled with On a monument of white marble : Baniard, and this;

“ Near this place are interred the remains Orate pra animabus Roberti Clifton of Hardwick Sewell, Esquire, of Henny, in militis ac [ Will.] de Brep Armigeri, the county of Essex, whose easy temper and & pro vono statu Alicie nuper vporis modest disposition agreed not with the tueorundem & pro quorum....

mults of a public life, nor courted the empty By which it appears, that she put it honours of popular applause ; the influence up after the death of both her hus- of his virtues was confined to a more conbands, their souls being prayed for in tracted, tho' not less noble sphere. He it. This is now gone.

wish't not to be great, but good. By prinThere were formerly also the arms

ciple religious, tender to relations, con

stant in his friendships, humane, generous, of De Grey impaling Baynard.

and benevolent; after having suffer'd the Barnardaston, Azure, a fesse dan

severest torments that the cruellest discetté Ermine, between six crosslets Arg. temper could inflict, he dyed of the Small

Baynard, Manning, Beding field, Pox, on the 24th day of November, 1742, Spelman, Everard, Carew, Lovell, and in the 27th year of his age.” Teye of Essex, Clifton and Cailey

Near the chancel door lies a marquartered, quartering Albany.

ble, having the De Grey's arms, and Burnell, Arg. á lion rampant, in a this inscription : bordure engrailed.

“ Under this stone lyeth ye body of Su-, De Grey, impaling a chevron be

san de Grey, second daughter of James de tween three trefoils slipped.

Grey, late of this place, esq. by Elizabeth In one of the North windows, three de Stutvillee, daughter of Sir Martin de whole-length figures, in painted glass, Stutvillee, of Dalham, in the county of Sufwithout heals.

folk, knt. She departed this life the 30th In the South wall, three stone stalls, day of Dec. 1697, in the 47th year of her and a double piscina, pointed, now

age. In affection of whos inemory her bro

ther-in-law Sr Will. Rant, of Thorp Market The Decalogue, Creed, and Lord's

in this county, knt. hath, at his own charge,

caused this marble to be laid." Prayer, against the East wall, dated 1731.

Close by the above, another marble, At the entrance into the chancel with the De Grey's arms in a lozenge, from the nave, a small stone thus in. and this inscription : scribed, in capitals :

“ Here lyeth the body of Anne, the daugh

ter of James de Grey, esq. late of this pa“Here lyes the body of Mrs. Mary War

rish, she died Feb. 4, 1702, in the 50th who exchanged this life for a better, Decemb. 8, 1661. To whom God grant a

year of her age.” ioyfvll Resurrection.”

Against the South wall, towards the

East end of the chancel, a marble moOn a tablet against the South wall over the chancel door:

nument with the figure of Time, at the “ To the memory of Robert Arnold, of of De Grey, impaling Lovell, Arg. a

top, decapitated. The crest and arms this parish, who during the space of forty chev. Az. between three squirrells seyears in one family maintained the charac jant Gules

. A compartment, supportter of an active, useful, and honest servant. He died at Cornerd in Suffolk, July 9th; ble, has this inscription in capitals :

ed by Corinthian pillars of veined mar1755, aged 58 years."

“ Hic requiescvnt Robertvs de Grey ArAgainst the North wall, towards the migr. qui obijt 28 Die Febry. Ano. d'ni 1600 East of the chancel, a brass plate with et Ætats. svæ 70. Ac Anna Vxor eius, Fithe following inscription, and the De lia Thome Lovell de Harlinge Milit: Ex

* “ 1661. Mris. Mary Warren, once espoused to Samuel Warren, Rector of Merton, departed this life Decemb. Sth, and was buried Decemb. 10th.”-Parish Register.

** 1676. Samuel Warren, Rector of Merton, a pious, learned, and orthodox man, departed this life the last day of May, and was buryed the first day of June, Anno prædicto, Ætatis suæ 77,"Parish Register.

+ “Edward Kemp, of Gissing, esq. inarried Mary, daughter of Edmund De Grey, esq." -Bl. N/k, 1. 117.


walled up.


Account of Merton Church, Norfolk.

117 quoru' nato único & Hærede, Gvlielmo de “ Exuviæ Viri Honorabilis Jacobi de Grey Grey milite per Do'am : Annam Uxore' eivs, Armigeri, Filij secvndi Gvlielmi de Grey Filia' Jacobi Calthorpe de Cockthorpe mi- militis, et Dominæ Annæ Uxoris svæ, qvi lit: Coniugio jam per triginta Annos beatè ex Elizabetha, Filia Martini Stutfeild de continvat : prodijt hæc chara Soboles. Dalham in Agro Suffolciensi militis, chaFilij.

rissim â Sponsâ prolem reliquit, Gulielmvm Robertvs, eorum Fílivs primo-genitvs, de Grey Armigervm, filium unicvm, ElizaÆtate sva sex Mensiu', ex hac vita migra- betham, Susannam, et Annam, Filias, et tervit Ano Dai. 1606. Robertvs, modo Hæ

tio Die mensis Junij, Anno Domini MDCLXV, res apparens. Jacobss. Edinondvs. Gvliel- Spiritum Deo reddidit, et in Pace hic requimvs, defyoct : Phillippvs, defunct : Guliel- escit, Carnis Resvrrectionem expectans glomvs Svperstes.

riosam, in Adventu Salvatoris Domini nostri

Jesu Christi.
Elizabetha, defyncta.

“ In memoriam Conjugis clarissimi, et

Barbara, arpta mærentissimi, Marmor hoc Reponendum cuTho. Gribon, Armigero. Anna, nupt : Cottono Gascoigne Gen. defunct. Ellena, nvp

ravit, Elizabeth de Grey. ta Talmach Castle, Armigero. Dorothea,

Also vnder this stone lyeth the body of nupt: Jacobo Reinold. Armigero. Maria, Pe- Elizabeth de Grey, daughter of Sr. Martin nelope. Elizabetha, defvncta. Catharina, de

de Stutteville, of Dalham, in ye county of fvncta. Jana.

Suffolk, Knt. She departed this life upon Antecessoru' Memoria, Honore magis

the 15th day of September, 1696, in ye & longivs viget, quando eorv' Pietas & Pro

80th year of her age, her wholl life havevidentia, in Posteris svis relvcent. An'o ing bene a continued example of great vertu D'ni: 1652."

aud prudence.Within the altar rails, a large grave

Hatchments against the South wall.

1. De Grey, on a coat of pretence, stone having a brass shield at each Arg. on a chef Gu. a dolphin embowcorner :- 1. De Grey, or Cornerd, im- ed Arg. 2. De Grey, impaling Arg. paling Calthorpe. 2. De Grey, barry frettée Sab, on a canton Gu. a chapof six, with an annulet for difference, let Or, Irby. Against the North wall: impaling Bridon, a bend engrailed. 3. Same as No. 2. 4. De Grey, im3. De Grey with an annulet. 4. Bri- paling Arg. three martletts Gu,, on a don. In the middle is a brass escut

chief, ingrailed of the second, three cheon, with a mantle and crest, viz. annulets Or. Cowper. 1. De Grey, with an annulet. 2. Cor

The oldest Register now remaining, nerd. 3. Baynard. 4. Manning, and which is a transcript for 34 years from an escuicheon of pretence, Bridon.

the original Book, commences thus : “ Here vnder lyeth the body of Sr. Ro “Merton. A true and p'fect register of bert de Grey, Knight (soune and heyre of all the christenings, marriages, and burialls Sr. William de Grey *, Knight, late of Mer whch have happened wthin the towne aboveton, deceased) who married Elizabeth, one sayd An'o D'ni 1564, and so vntill this preof the daughters and coheyres of William


of our Lord 1598 as ensuethe. Bridon, late of Ipswich, Gentleman, and As Blomefield, in his “History of had issue by her, William, late deceased, Norfolk,” has given several extracts Barbara and Annet, now liveing, and deLarted this life the 20th' day of October, gire a few unnoticed by him, and

from the Registers, I shall merely Anno Domini, 1644."

which appear remarkable. On a black marble adjoining the The second entry is : last. Arms: 1. De Grey, Barry of six, with an annulet. 2. Cornerd. 3. Bay- m's Salter thelder of Tottington, being

“ Johane Salter, the daughter of Thonard. 4. .... A bend. 5. ..


an infant, was baptized the xuuth day of fess, indented Erm. between six cross the moneth of January, and died and was lets. 6.Manning. All impaling Stute buried in the Churchyard of Merton, for ville, of Dalham, Suff. a saltier engrail- that the p'ishe Churche of Tottington was ed Ermine.

denied it the xvth of the same moneth 1.". * " William de Grey, the sonne of Sr. William de Grey, knt. and ye lady Anne his wife, was baptized the seventh day of August 1613.”Parish Register of Thompson, Norf.

† Anne married Sr. John Gawdie, bart. of West Harling, Norfolk. He was deaf and domb, but an admirable painter, and a inost ingenious man. They had issue one son and one daughter.

I have not been able to ascertain the reason why the Parish Church of Tottington was denied. The Salters, a family of great respectability, resided at Tottington for upwards of 200 years, and were lords of Bokeuhan's manor in that parislı. (See Gent. Mag. vol. LXXX. p. 26. 113, 114.)



decount of Merton Church, Norfolk.

From this time the family of Salters Warren upon such an account. So we tes-
appear to have been baptized and ba- tify this xiiijth of April 1661,
ried at Merton.


ROBERT SPEKSER, « Rob'tus Bockenbam filius cuiusdam

Churchwarden, his * mark.” Thome Bockenham qui quid' Tho ...... furti

“ Memorandu', that Joshuah Chadwicke damnatus fuit Norwici loco executionis ib'm being inducted into the Rectory of Merton; collo suspensus, et quæd' Margareta Boken- October the xxxith,

Anno Dom. 1676, did ham vxor sua Baptizat' fuit 90 die mensis Septembris An'o vt supra." [1565.]

upon the xijth day of November next fol

lowinge, being Sunday in the forenoon, in The first page concludes thus: the time of Common-prayer, reade in the “Deo ubique gloria."

sd Parish Church the xxxix Articles agreed

upon by the Archbishops and Bishops of The earliest entries relating to the both provinces, and the whole Clergy in the De Grey family are,

Convocation holden at London in the yeare "A", d’ni 1598. Elizabeth, the daugh- 1562, with declaration of his unfeigned as

sent thereunto. Soe we testifye, ter of Sr. Will’m De Grey, Knyght, was

Will. DE GREY, bape. the vijth of August Anno doi.

Barbary Grey, the daughter of Sr.
Will'm de "Grey, Knight, was bapt. the

Robt. his R marke, Mins. xxth of July Ao. dni (1599.]"

Rich. his A marke, SMITH."

“ January 31th, 1688. The two nest entries have been co « Merton, Norfolk. These are to certipied by Blomfield with wrong dates : fy, that in the yere 1666 there was collected “ Anne Gray, ye wife of Mr. Robt. Gray, the sufferers by the casualty of that sad fire

in our p'ish of Merton towards the releefe of Esquer was buryed the xvjth of May 1600. * Robert de Graye, Esquier, was buryed pence, wcb was safely sent up,

and delivered

in London, the sum of thirteen shillings five the vijth of March 1600. " Anno d'ni 1620. John Crosse, Ree

to one Owen Hughes, from whom we have tor of Martin, was buryed the last day of

a receipt. So we testify,

SAMUEL WARREN, Maye A0. p'dicto.

Rectour of Merton, . Margaret, the wyfe of Thomas Crosse, EDWARD TURNER, p’son of threxton, was buried the same daye ROBERT (his R marke) Hushin, } wardens.”

ChurchAo. p'dicto. “ Briget Crosse vidua was buryed the

“ Joshuah Chadwick Master of Arts, and xviij day of August Ao. p'dicto (1625.]

Rector of this Parish, dyed November 23d,
“[1640.] Thomas Crosse, Clerke, Rector and was buryed Nov. 25th, 1695.
of Marton, was buried the 280. day of Au Alex. Croshold next signs Rector.

The last entry in this Book is dated
From the writing, I conclude that Dec. 17, 1722.
Samuel Warren becanie Rector in

The second Register begins Dec. 27, 1654.

1722, and ends May 2, 1785. One page is occupied with memo

The next Register commences in randa, from which I select the fol. 1785, and continues till 1812, when lowing:

the new Registers begin. There is also

a Marriage Register from May 6, 1756, " To the Releefe off Poor Protestants in

to 1812. Lituania Novemb. 17. 1661, eighteen

List of Rectors and Curates contipence. “To a Burning at Shipdam, a neighbour wrote his Flistory of Norfolk.",

nued from the time that Blomefield town, 4s. 3d. the inhabitants there promising Alexander Croshold, A.M. died Dec. a requitall on the like occasion, ffebr. 16. 1661.

12, and was buried Dec. 14, 1731. “To ye rebuilding of St. Paul's, Lond. John Borrett, A.M. Vicar of Griston *. three pounds nineteen shillings and eight Joseph Forby. pence.

Thomas Scoit, instituted May 4, 1785. "To y neighbouring Town of Dereham, Richard Black, resigned, and afterfive pounds seuen shillings and ten pence. wards appointed Rector of Copdock,

“Memorandum, that in the beginning of Suffolk, Lent last past there was a license granted The Hon. and Rev. Thomas de Grey, for eating flesh to James de Grey, Esquire, A.M. second son of the late Lord iu respect of his indisposition, infirmity, and Walsingham, was instituted March want of health, by Samuel Warren, Minister of Merton, according to the statute to that

24, 1803, and is the present Rector. purpose, and another was granted to Mary * See Gent. Mag. for May 1817, p. 396.


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Memoir of Alderman Penington.

119 He is also Archdeacon of Surrey, State, the said Government, with all Prebendary of Winchester, Rector its dependancies, roots and branches, of Fawleg, Hampshire, and Cal may be abolished. This paper probourne, Isle of Wight.

duced a resolution that the late Canons, CURATES,

made in Convocation, were illegal, and

a vote to fine all that were concerned William Clough, died Aug. 20, 1778, in their making; an order being passed

and was buried at Sahan Toney. that no copy of it should be given to Thos, Scott.

any person, the Members of ParliaF. Francklin.

ment excepted * J. Francklin, 1803.

In 1641' he was nominated by the Wm. Grigson, 1804.

House, one of the Committee to proWm. Pearse, licensed Jan. 20, 1814 *. ceed against Delinquents, and to reWm. Grigson.

ceive information or offers of discoMatthew Dawson Duffield, of St. very; to repress tumults and riots, to John's College, Cambridge, and take an account of his Majesty's reF.S.A. was appointed to the Cu- venue, to consider of framing a Westracy Oct, 10, 1821; and is the pre- India Company, and to propose a sent Curate of Merton, as well as of fishery on the coasts of England, Scotthe adjoining Parish of Tottington. land, and Ireland ; together with many William Dalton, Parish Clerk.

other apparently beneficial particulars, Divine service is performed regularly which served to raise the authority of once every Sunday, in the morning or that Committee, but were never perafternoon alternately,

formed or brought forward t. At the Yours, &c. M. D. DUFFIELD.

same time he joined in the opposition

against the Established Clergy, against Mr. URBAN,

Aug. 10. whom he laid various informations, IN ,

quiries relative to Alderman Pe. Grace-church, which appears to have nington, one of the Judges of Charles totally failed; and appeared against the First, and father of the celebrated Mr.

Robert Chestlin, of St. Mathew's, Quaker. The following memoir, ori in Friday-street. Though not at all ginally compiled for private use, is concerned in that gentleman's case, offered to your Correspondent.

he made his appearance before the Isaac Penington was son to Robert Lord Mayor, to countenance the facPenington, merchant, and a native of tious parishioners ; openly reviling Mr. the city of Londont. His family Chesilin, and calling hino Saucy Jack, were seated at the Grange, in the brazen-faced fellow, &c. and had the parish of Challont St. Peter, in Bucks effrontery to abuse the Magistrate himinghamshire, which estate came into self, who with just indignation asked, the possession of his son. In 1638 he What, shall I be afraid to do justice? served the office of Sheriff

, and distin- and gave sentence in the Clergyman's

favouri guished hiinself by his incessant opposition to the Crown, with more zeal

From this and other circumstances, than reason, as he possessed no talents he obtained a wonderful consequence whereby to compose differences, or re- among his party, and when the City form abuses ; and, in 1640, being petitioned the King, professing their elected member for the City, rendered grief for his distrust of them,' his Mahimself notorious for his seditious jesty, told them that he had a good speeches. On December 11th, he opinion of many of them, and would presented a petition to the House, willingly pardon all, except Penington, alleging it to be signed by twenty Venn, Fowk, avd Manwarings. This thousand persons, inhabitants of Lon. open answer served but to in Hame the don, who required nothing less than disaffected, who appointed him Mayor 'the total abolition of Episcopacy,' in 1642, Sir Richard Gurney being and prayed that as the government deprived, and gave him the Lieutenancy of Archbishops and Lord-bishops, * Nelson's Collection of State Papers, Deans and Archdeacons, &c. with 1682, where a copy of it is to be found. their courts and ministrations,' had + Clarendon, vol. i. p. 294. proved dangerous to the Church and I Mere. Rust. p. 170. Walker's Suffer.

ings of the Clergy • Now Hector of Hanwell Drayton, Oxon. § Noble's Lives of the Regicides, vol. ii. † Strype's Stow.


p. 121.

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