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Monday, March 12, 1877. us so closely to you may never be broken, we The court has received through the Chief Jus- subscribe ourselves, very sincerely, your friends, tice a letter from Mr. Justice Davis announcing M. R. WAITE, STEPHEN J. FIELD, bis resignation of bis office as one of the Asso- NATHAN CLIFFORD, W. STRONG, ciate Justices, and have transmitted to him a N. H. SWAYNE, Joseph P. BRADLEY, letter expressing their feelings on the occasion ; SAM. F. MILLER, WARD HUNT. and direct that both letters be entered upon the The Honorable David Davis. minutes—which are in the words and figures fol.

Monday, March 19, 1877. lowing, to wit: Washington, March 5, 1877.

Retirement of Mr. Justice Davis. My Dear Brethren: – My official connection

Mr. Attorney-General Devens presented the with the Supreme Court of the United States resolutions of the Bar, adopted at a meeting closes to-day.

held in the Court Room on the 17th instant, and I have determined to accept a seat in the Sen- made the following remarks: ate with which I have been honored by the Gen

"I ask but a single moment's delay in the busieral Assembly of the State of Illinois. Having ness of the court, that I may, on behalf of the passed all the years of my active life at the Bar Bar, present to Your Honors certain resolutions, or on the Bench, it is not without serious mis- expressive of their respect for the Hon. David givings that I enter upon a new sphere of pub- Davis

, late an Associate Justice, and of their lic service; but I have not felt at liberty to de- regret at his retirement from the duties of the cline the honorable position to which I have been high office which he has so long and ably filled.

If these resolutions shall in any way be found invited. In severing the relations which have existed they err on the side of too much repression.

obnoxious to just criticism, it will be because between us for so many years, I beg leave to The Bar have preferred this, rather than it bear my testimony to the eminent learning, abil- should he said that there has been any exaggerity and integrity which have characterized your ation in their expressions of respect for him, or judicial labors. From the organization of the regret for his departure to other fields of labor Government, the Supreme Court has been com and duty. They are quite well aware that the posed of able and upright judges. In my judg. 1 time for the full consideration of his many ment, it is now as worthy of the confidence of claims upon their respect and gratitude, and of the American people as it ever has been at any his just eulogy, has not arrived; and they earnperiod of its history. Since I was invited to its estly hope that the hour for this may be long councils by President Lincoln, six of its mem- postponed. But they are unwilling to part from bers bave been numbered with the dead. I take him in the chamber where he has so long listengreat satisfaction in the reflection that my re-led with patience and decided with justice, withlations with them, and all my associates, bave out an assurance on their part that they apprebeen uniformly kind and cordial.

ciate his industry, fidelity and ability, in the In offering you my parting salutations, I beg many harassing, grave and important matters you to be assured of the respect and sincere good which have been passed upon by this Court wishes with which I remain your friend and while he was one of the associate justices. servant,

DAVID DAVIS. The monument of his reputation is to be found To the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices in the volumes of reports which have followed of the Supreme Court of the United States. the time of his appointment, and which are to

stand permanently. To discharge the duties of Supreme Court of the United States, a magistrate of this Court, to the considerate acMarch 10, 1877.

ceptance of those who have conducted the conDear Brother Davis :-We have received, with troversies before it, is no easy task. The fame sincere regret, your letter announcing that year which is embodied only in our somewhat shabby official connection with us is closed. During the sheep-skin volumes seems but a dusty immortalfifteen years in which you have been a member ity. There is nothing to please the ear like the of this court, questions of the gravest charac triumphs of eloquence in the halls of debate, or ter have come before it for adjudication, and you delight the eye like the victories of martial globare borne your full share of the labor and re- ry, in these calm, closely reasoned judgments. sponsibility which their decision involved. We Little read although they may be by the masses shall miss in the conference room your wise of the people, yet they reach every man in bis judgment and your just appreciation of facts; property, his life, and everything that life holds Rod in the reception room, your uniformly kind dear. And we would willingly believe that the and courteous greetings.

fame won by an upright and able judge is equalWith the hope that your life in the future may ly honorable and dignified with that which can be as useful as it has been in the past, and that anywhere be won by faithful public service. the ties of personal friendship which now bind Conscious of the purity and ability of Mr. Justice Davis in the great task which he has been Resolved, That they desire to record their bigth heretofore called upon to perform, the Bar have sense of the learning, ability, love of justice and desired to place upon record their sense of obli- fearless independence which he brought to the gation to him, and to express their anxiety that discharge of his judicial duties, and their gratehis large capacity for service may prove equal-ful appreciation of the courtesy which he haly agreeable to himself and useful to our coun- bitually extended to them. try, where he has deemed it his duty to trans- Resolved, That the chairman of the meeting fer it.

be requested to communicate these resolutions to I offer, may it please Your Honors, the fol- Judge Davis, and that the Attorney-General be lowing

requested to present them to the Court, and ask Resolutions :

that they may be entered upon its minutes. Resolved, That the members of the Bar of the Mr. Chief Justice Waite responded and die Supreme Court of the United States have learn- rected that the remarks of the Attorney-General ed with deep regret of the resignation of Mr. together with the resolutions of the Bar be con Justice Dario

terod apon the minuten



VOLUMES 94, 95, 96, 97.

A. Ackley, Chicago, M. & St. P. R. R. Co. v. Adams v. Nashville... Etna los. Co. v. Boon. Etoa Life Ins. Co. v. France. Agnese, T'he, v. Curtis.. Alabama, Boyd v... Alexandria, City Council of, v. Fairfax. Allis v. N. W. Mut. L. Ins. Co.. Allore v. Jewell. Alvord, Davis v.. Alrord v. United States. American Bridge Co. v. Heidelbach. American Emigrant Co. v. County of

Wright Ames y. Quimby. Amory v. Amory, Exr.. Anderson, McMillen v.... Anderson, Terry v.... Anthony, Comr. v. Bk. of Commerce of

Avery, Exr., The Wapata v..
Arnson, Murphy, Coll. v....
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Arthur, Coll. v. Davies.
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Arthur, Coll. v. Herman.
Arthur, Coll. v. Homer.
Arthur, Coll. v. Lahey.
Arthur, Coll. v. Moller..
Arthur, Coll. v. Morrison.
Arthur, Coll., Movius v..
Arthur, Coll. v. Rheims.
Arthur, Coll. v. Stepliani.
Arthur, Coll. v. Sussfield.
Arthur, Coll. v. Unkart.
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Ashcroft v. Boston & L. R. R. Co.....
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States v....
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Comr. v.
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Bank, Tenth Nat. of N. Y. V. Warren, 1046 Assignee

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C. Blake v. Robertson... 245 “Cawood Patent”.

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Treas., V......

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Commissioners of Dodge Co. v. Chandler 625 Cairo & Fulton R. R. Co. v. Hecht..... 423 Commissioners of Douglas Co. v. Bolles... 46 Calhoun, Kelly v...

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779 Connecticut Mut. L. Ins. Co. v. Schwenk 294

Y. v.

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