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Howlet, an owl.
Hurkle, to bow down to.
Ilka, each.
Jaupit, bespattered.
Jeel, jelly.
Jimp, neat, slender.
Kaim, comb.
Ken, know.
Keust, threw off.
Kippered, salmon salted, hung and

Kith, acquaintance.
Kittle, difficult, uncertain.
Kye, cows.
Laigh, low.
Laith, loth.
Lapt, enwrapped.
Leeve, live.
Leeze me, a term of congratulatory en-

Lift, the sky.
Loof, the palm of the hands.
Lowe, flame.
Lucken, webbed.
Lugs, ears.
Lum, a chimney.
Lure, allure.
Lyart, of a mixed colour, gray.
Mawn, mown, a basket.
May, maiden.
Mense, honour, discretion.
Mickle, much.
Mim, prim, prudish.
Mirk, darkness.
Mools, dust, the earth of the grave.
Mullin, crumb.
Mutch, woman's cap.
Naig, a castrated horse.
Neive, the fist.
Niddered, stunted in growth.
Niffer, to exchange.
Nip, to pinch.
Oons, wounds.
Opt, opened.
Outower, outover, also moreover.
Owk, week.
Owsen, oxen.
Paitrick, partridge.
Pawkie, cunning, sly.
Pleugh, plough.
Pliskie, a trick.
Rax, reach.
Rede, to counsel-advice, wisdom.
Reefer, river.
Reft, bereft, deprived.

Rocklay, a short cloak or surplice.
Roke, a distaff, also to swing.
Rowes, rolls.
Runts, the trunks of trees, the stem

of colewort.
Saughs, willow-trees.
Scowl, to frown.
Scrimpit, contracted.
Scroggie, abounding with stunted

bushes. Shanks-naigie, to travel on foot. Sheiling, a temporary cottage or hut. Sinsyne, after that period. Skipt, went lightly and swiftly along. Sleekit, cunning. Slockin, to allay thirst. Smoored, smothered. Soughs, applied to the breathing a

tune, also the sighing of the wind.
Sowdie, a heterogeneous mess.
Speer, ask.
Spulzien, spoiling.
Squinting, looking obliquely.
Staigie, the diminutive of staig, a

young horse.
Starn, star.
Swither, to hesitate.
Tane, the one of two.
Tent, care.
Tether, halter.
Teuch, tough.
Theek, thatch.
Thole, to endure.
Thraw, to throw, to twist.
Thrawart, froward, perverse.
Timmer, timber.
Tint, lost.
Toom, empty.
Tout, shout.
Tramps, heavy-footed travellers.
Trig, neat, trim.
Trow, to make believe.
T'yne, lose.
Wabster, weaver.
Wae, sad, sorrowful.
Warsled, wrestled.
Wat, wet, also to know.
Waukrife, watchful, sleepless.
Weir, war, also to herd.
Whilk, which,
Wysed, enticed.
Yate, gate.
Yeldrin, a yellow hammer.
Yird, earth, soil.
Yirthen, earthen.


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