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OR A Plain Proof of the Falfhood of what the Principal Quaker Writers (especially Mr. R. Barclay in his Apology and other Works ) do Teach

CONCERNING The Necessity of Immediate Revelation in order

to a saving Christian Faith; the Being, Nature and Operation of the Pretended Universal Light within ; its Striving with Men, moving them to Prayer, and calling them to the Ministry ; Regeneration, Sanctification, Justification, Salvacion and Union with God; the Nature of a Church;

the Rule of Faith; Water-Baptism; and the Lord's-Supper, Diverse Questions also concerning Perfection,

Christ's Satisfaction, the Judge of Controversies, donc. are briefly stated and resolved.

By THO. BENNET, M. A. Rector of

St. James's in Colchester, and late Fellow of St; Fon's
College in Cambridge.

CAMBRIDGE: Printed at the University Press, for Edmund Jeffery Bookseller in Cambridge, and James Knapton at the Crown

in St. Paul's Church-Yard, LONDON. 1705.

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Cannot but think Quakerism one of the

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our unhappy Nation has ever been infected with. And therefore I am heartily grieved, that altho' my Brethren, the Clergy of the Established Church, have written with Great Learning and Accuracy upon most other Points, yet the Quaker Controversies have been (almost wholly) neglected by them.

'Tis posible, some of those Great Meng who have sa frequently triumphed over other Adversaries, are of Opinion, that the Quakers are below their Notice, and that the Conquest of 'em would prove Inglori.

Now 'tis true, this Sect, when it first appeared in the World, distinguished thema selves by such an incredible Variety of Enthusiastic Freaks, as made their persons utteriy Ridiculous. Their Books also were then stuffed with such prodigious Quantities of Ribaldry and Jargon, of Bitterness,



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