Undine [tr.] from the Germ. by the author of 'Night'


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Seite xi - He saw; but blasted with excess of light, Closed his eyes in endless night. Behold where Dryden's less presumptuous car Wide o'er the fields of Glory bear Two coursers of ethereal race, With necks in thunder clothed, and long-resounding pace. Hark, his hands the lyre explore! Bright-eyed Fancy, hovering o'er, Scatters from her pictured urn Thoughts that breathe, and words that burn, But ah! 'tis heard no more — Oh ! Lyre divine, what daring Spirit Wakes thee now! Tho' he inherit Nor the pride,...
Seite 47 - Our blush is as deep as the rose of thy bowers, Then call us not weeds! we are Ocean's gay flowers, Not nursed like the plants of a summer parterre, When gales are but sighs of an evening air ; Our exquisite, fragile and delicate forms Are nursed by the ocean, and rocked by its storms.
Seite 19 - IT is now about eight days since I rode into the free imperial city, which lies yonder on the further side of the forest. Soon after my arrival, a splendid tournament and running at the ring took place there, and I spared neither my horse nor my lance in the encounters. " Once, while I was pausing at the lists, to rest from the brisk exercise, and was handing back my helmet to...
Seite 66 - ... had been so displeased with her, as entirely to withdraw from her their protection, though not before giving her a generous portion. The fisherman, too, had received a handsome gift, and had, the evening before, set out with his wife for his peninsula. "I would have gone with them...
Seite 26 - Part of the day he wandered about with an old cross-bow, which he had found in a corner of the cottage and had furbished up, watching for the birds which flew over his head, and, when he could manage to hit them, carrying them back to the kitchen to be roasted. If he brought such booty with him, Undine scarcely ever failed to scold him for so wickedly robbing the dear creatures of the air, sailing...
Seite xv - ... The emerald turf on which it was built extended far into a broad lake, and to an imaginative mind it seemed as though the promontory, enamoured, strove with all its force to penetrate into the beautifully blue limpid stream, while, on the other hand, the water, actuated by mutual passion, endeavoured to encircle in its embrace the lovely spot, with its undulating grass and flowers, its waving trees and cool recesses.
Seite 101 - ... must, indeed, but to a cold one ! " he heard a voice, choked with sobs, repeat from without ; and then he saw in the mirror, that the door of his room was slowly, slowly opened, and the white wanderer entered, and gently secured it behind her. " They have opened the fountain," said she in a low tone, " and now I am here and you must die.

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