Ti-ping Tien-kwoh: The History of the Ti-ping Revolution, Band 1

Day & son (limited), 1866

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Seite 43 - All human beings in the whole world are produced and sustained by me; they eat my food and wear my clothing, but not a single one among them has a heart to remember and venerate me; what is however still worse than that, they take of my gifts, and therewith worship demons; they purposely rebel against me, and arouse my anger. Do thou not imitate them.
Seite 170 - Shanghae, this afternoon, I proceeded to one of the chapels belonging to the London Missionary Society, where I commenced preaching to a large congregation, which had almost immediately gathered within the walls. I was descanting on the folly of idolatry, and urging the necessity of worshipping the one true God, on the ground that he alone could protect his servants, while idols were things of nought, destined soon to perish out of the land — when suddenly a man stood up in the midst of the congregation...
Seite 43 - ... As he left the sedan, an old woman took him down to a river and said, — 'Thou dirty man, why hast thou kept company with yonder people and defiled thyself? I must now wash thee clean.
Seite 48 - are certainly sent purposely by heaven to me, to confirm the truth of my former experiences ; if I had received the books, without having gone through the sickness, I should not have dared to believe in them, and on my own account to oppose the customs of the whole world ; if I had merely been sick, but...
Seite 44 - ... put on his clothes, left his bedroom, went into the presence of his father, and making a low bow said, 'The venerable old man above has commanded that all men shall turn to me, and all treasures shall flow to me.
Seite 44 - ... father felt very anxious about the state of his mind, and ascribed their present misfortune to the fault of the Geomancer in selecting an unlucky spot of ground for the burial of their forefathers. He invited therefore magicians, who by their secret art should drive away evil spirits; but Siu-tshuen said, "How could these imps dare to oppose me? I must slay them, I must slay them ! Many many cannot resist me.
Seite 148 - It is the established custom of our nation in no wise to interfere with any contests that may take place in the countries frequented by our subjects for commercial purposes. It is, therefore, totally out of the question that we should now in China lend the services of our steamers to give assistance in the struggle. Of the lorchas hired by the...
Seite 298 - ... musing and weeping over the terrible desolation that reigns around. Together with such scenes, the number of dead bodies that continually met the eye were indescribably sickening to the heart. It must not be forgotten, however, that most of the burning is done by the imperialists before the arrival of the insurgents ; and that what is done by the latter is generally in self-defence, and that more lives are lost by suicide than by the sword. Though the deeds of violence perpetrated by the insurgents...
Seite 150 - Tae-ping for the information of you English, so that all the human race may learn to worship Our Heavenly Father and Celestial Elder Brother, and that all may know that, wherever our Royal Master is, there men unite in congratulating him on having obtained the decree to rule. " ' A special decree, for the information of all men, given (under our seals) this 26th day of the 3rd month of the year Kweihaou (1st May, 1853) under the reign of the Celestial dynasty of Tae-ping.
Seite 100 - I, the General, in obedience to the royal commands, have put in motion the troops for the punishment of the oppressor, and in every place to which I have come, the enemy at the first report have dispersed like scattered rubbish. As soon as a city has been captured, I have put to death the rapacious mandarins and corrupt magistrates therein, but have not injured a single individual of the people, so that all of you may take care of your families and attend to your business without alarm and trepidation.

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