The Step-mother, Band 2


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Seite 221 - I mean the blossoms — opening their. painted bosoms to the beneficent rays which give them their colour and their loveliness, welcoming the calm blessing of the light as if with gratitude, and seeking, in their tranquil state of being, for nothing but the good gifts of God, might well afford a monitory lesson — for everything in nature has its homily — to us, the eager hunters after fictitious enjoyment. How calm do they stand in their loveliness — how placid in their limited fruition of...
Seite 169 - ... to you. But, Sir, you shall not do it while I am living; nor, if I can help it, shall you rob your mother of such peace of mind as is left for her in this world. I have only one alternative for you, Sir " Sir Peregrine did not stop to explain what might be the other branch of this alternative. " Will you give me your word of honour as a gentleman that you will never again concern yourself in this disgusting pursuit?
Seite 363 - ... the streets of the town, though it was generally a gay-looking, bustling place, looked dreary and deserted in the misty dawn. The horse which dragged the vehicle, though at so early an hour, looked anything but fresh and ready for his work, and his pace, especially at first, was slow and tiresome.
Seite 148 - ... but yet it did not make him pause or hesitate. He only bestowed a little meditation upon the means of insuring himself as far as possible ; and consequently, when they came to the door of the desolatelooking building to which they went, he quietly slipped his hand into his pocket, drew out the two pistols, and, with the one in his right hand and the other in his left, followed Bill Maltby into the dark and narrow passage.
Seite 165 - ... a small one ; and we can prove the death by other means, though expensive ones, I fear. However, it is just as well to bring over an Italian priest and an English consul as to bribe a British thief too high. Don't walk upon commons too late any more ; for your head, I think, must show you by this time that a pitcher ' never goes so often to the well but it comes home broken at last.
Seite 61 - The night was not particularly dark ; vessels could be seen at the distance of about a quarter of a mile. At the same period, as is alleged, the Dutch vessel was descried about two points on the barque's weather bow.
Seite 274 - SEE, Saw, Margery Daw, Sold her bed and lay upon straw ; Was not she a dirty slut, To sell her bed and lie upon dirt ? CXXXII.
Seite 228 - ... and in a minute or two after he descended into a still more profound hollow, which, like a great furrow formed by some gigantic plough, extended straight across the moor for nearly a mile. On the left, in the direction of the mill, which was now no longer visible to Morton's eyes, and at the distance of about three quarters of a mile from the path which he was pursuing, the highway crossed the dell, and, looking along the hollow vista in that direction, the top and body of a post-chaise as far...
Seite 326 - Ton my life, you seem very well contented with your proceedings," rejoined the solicitor, "and put me greatly in mind of a certain Jack Homer who ' Put in his thumb, And pulled out a plum, And said

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