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THE Third Volume of this work stands in need of very few observations from the Editor, for its success fortunately renders any remarks from him, in introduction of it, unnecessary.

He leaves it to make its entry without any preliminary flourish of trumpets, and hopes that the next ten or twenty volumes will do better still, and speak so well for themselves as to render it needless for him to say even a word in their behalf.

June 1, 1838.

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No. VIII. Dr. Ingoldsby's Story

IX. The Nurse's Story

The Golden Legend, No. I. A Lay of St. Nicholas

A Sporting Ramble in the Highlands

Papers by Old Nicholas :

Sonnet to Friendship

Sonnet in a Churchyard

The Reconciliation; or, the Dream

The Poet's Frenzy

The Portrait Gallery, by the Author of " Adventures of an Irish Gentleman"

Nos. V. and VI. The Cannon Family at Boulogne .

Two of a Trade-the Persian Barber, by the Author of " Hajji Baba"

Poems by Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson:

On contemplating the Heavens by Moonlight

Music is sweet

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No. VII. The Ruse, the Duello, and the Naval Sportsman .
VIII. The Battle of the Nile, the Dying Prisoner

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