The New York Medical and Surgical Reporter, Band 1


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Seite 414 - Learn well to know how much need not be known, And what that knowledge, which impairs your sense. Our needful knowledge, like our needful food, Unhedged, lies open in life's common field ; And bids all welcome to the vital feast.
Seite 256 - Resolved, That it is expedient for the medical profession of the United States to institute a National Medical Association, for the protection of their interests, for the maintenance of their honor and respectability, for the advancement of their knowledge, and the extension of their usefulness.
Seite 253 - Whereas, It is believed that a national convention would be conducive to the elevation of the standard of medical education in the United States, and Whereas, There is no mode of accomplishing so desirable an object without concert of action on the part of the medical societies, colleges and institutions of all the states, therefore...
Seite 273 - It has cost me twelve years of study and research, to trace out the source of this incredible number of chronic affections, to discover this great truth, which remained concealed from all my predecessors and contemporaries, to establish the basis of its demonstration, and find out, at the same time, the curative medicines that were fit to combat this hydra in all its different forms.
Seite 253 - Resolved, That the New York State Medical Society earnestly recommend a National Convention of delegates from medical societies and colleges in the whole Union, to convene in the city of New York, on the first Tuesday in May, in the year 1846, for the purpose of adopting some concerted action on the subject set forth in the foregoing preamble.
Seite 257 - That it is desirable that a uniform and elevated "standard of requirements for the degree of MD, should be "adopted by all the medical schools in the United States.
Seite 363 - Whether, if there be no spinal tenderness or pain, the soreness of the abdomen be superficial or deep-seated, which may be ascertained with tolerable certainty in all cases, by an examination directed to that end. And whether, if both superficial and deep-seated, as it usually is in peritoneal inflammation, gentle, steady, pressure with the flat of the hand can be easier borne, than with the points of the fingers. In pain and soreness from affection of the spinal nerves it commonly can be so borne,...
Seite 319 - ... cases of peritonitis, (in all 629 cases,) spread over a period of eight years, all the cases, except the fatal ones, (27 in number,) were slight, and such as would have seemed to us hardly requiring treatment of any kind. In fact, according to all experience, such could not be the case. But, independently of this a priori argument, we have sufficient evidence to prove that many of the cases of pneumonia, at least, •were severe cases. A few of these cases are reported in detail by Dr. Fleischmann...
Seite 273 - ... hemoptysis, hematuria; metrorrhagia, asthma and phthisis ulcerosa, impotency and sterility, deafness, cataract and amaurosis, paralysis, loss of sense, pains of every kind, &c., appear in our pathology as so many peculiar, distinct, and independent diseases.
Seite 163 - She returned home, and used the whalebone several times ; it produced considerable pain, followed by discharge of blood. The whole secret was now disclosed. Injuries inflicted on the mouth of the womb by these violent attempts had resulted in the circumstances as detailed above. It was evident, from the nature of this poor woman's sufferings and the expulsive character of her pains, that prompt artificial delivery was indicated. As the result of the case was doubtful, and it was important to have...

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