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And when the Holy Ghost appear'd

It in ONE MIND was given.
So I was born, it must be known,

From her I did appear;
And though the MAKER of you all,

I call'd her Mother there.
Then Mother see if, she must be,

The Mother plac'd by HEAVEN,
If you weigh deep the TRINITY,

The Woman must be given;
To free you all from ADAM'S FALL,

Her PROMISE she must claim.
I made a Mother for you all,

And called so to Man;
Then know, the Bride must be applied,

That I have known so here,
To claim the Promise as I've said,

And then the PERFECT HEIR
She makes of me, all filesh shall see,

A MOTHER then for ALL!
So I'll appear the Son and Heir,

And now my Brethren call
For to go on as I began,

The Woman's TRUTH support, And say our Mother now is come;

For who her call can hurt?
When Christ before did so appear,

She's HONOUR'd by the Son;
Then sure the Bride can't be denied

To be receiv’d by Man.
So now see plain, ye sons of men,

The Wisdom in the Fall.-
You know when I did here come down
I did her MOTHER call ;


But how could she a Mother be,

If every thing stop there?
To bring such fatal grief on Me,'

My Mother none could clear,

that I who diell on high
Should call a WOMAN SO,
Who first did causė MY agonies,

And then no further go,
Without a Bride to be applied,

For to avenge the whole
On Satan's head, as I have said

My Tyrant so inust fall.
So BRETHREN here you must appear,

And your own mother see.
If I do make you Sons and Heirs,

And so JOINT HEIRS with MÉ,
Then she must come your Mother strong,

That I have nain'd the Bride;
Because by Heaven it first was done.

Now can she be denied ?
Her Promise claiın, I tell you MEN,

It is la free you all;
to now grow wise, I'll not disguise,

But tell you from the Fall,
If I at first the WOMAN plac'd.

A HELPMATE then for MAN;
Though she by Satan's arts was cast,

I did your Helpmate coine,
From Her at first, and now at lust

Your HELPMATE I will be,
If you go on as she 'th begun,

The PROMISE claim of ME;
Then sure the Bride must be applied

The MOTHER of you all.

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When I redeemn from hell and sin,

Her PROMISE she must call;
So she must claim, and I'll redeem,

As I did say at first;
The curse pronounc'd upon hiın there

Shall on the Tyrant burst,
So now to Man I bold shall come:

If I, that come from Heayen,
Did condescend for to come down

To have a Mother giyen,
I say, from Man My MOTHER came,

Then now MY BRIDe you see,
Will you not condescend the same,

To stoop as low as me?
I saiş'd her up, then Man must hope

I shall not leave her here,
Until I've made her Foe to drop,

And all her PROMISE clear,
So now discern how I do warn-

I honour'd her at first,
And if my sons you now will come,

My BRETHREN so must burst,
To say the same" we'll gladly come

" We see the Promise' clear:
"The Woman's Promise must be known,

" She is qur Mother here !
"Her Promise see the whole must free

4 Our God did stoop so low,
" To make a Mother first of SHIE

“ How dare we proudly go
** To swell so high, and her dery,

When God did so submit ?
" We say, from Heaves the Son was giv 0;,

And she did sure boar it ;

« Then God above did shew his love,

« To call her so at first.”_
So now let Men the Trial stand,

And they like Me must burst.
The Mother here they must see clear,

The TRUE MOTHER is come,
To claim the Son to be the Heir,

And free the whole for Man.
The lines are deep that I do speak

I made her the Mother first;
But if the Bride she's now applied,

To have her LORD be plac'd;
LORD over all is now her call,

Your every Foe to free ;
Then now my BRETHREN, you see all,

Your MOTHER she must be.
So now 'tis come to God and MAN,

The WOMAN doth appear
A Mother now for both become,

The Fall in all to clear;
Because by lies he did disguise,

Deceiv'd her at the first; And I should surely act unwise

Had I the Woman cast, Never to free from misery,

But still sugport the FoE, That did by subtle arts betray

And shall I let him go?
Unpunisb'd here shall he appear ?

No: I her cause will plead;
And now his Guilt he sure shall bear,

I'll bring it on bis Head.
So ponder on as thou'st began,

In all my Bible through ;


CONCERNING THE BRIDE. For as a CHAIN the whole doth stand,

When plac'd before your view:
So I'll appear, the chain is here

That now must join the whole ;
The Woman's Fall I now shall clear, :

And make her Foe to fall.
Then see the CHAIN that must remain,

The MOTHER and the BRIDE !
To bring in Man with me to stand,

For so't must be applied.
A Mother here she must appear,

A Mother now. for All ;
For Satan's guilt he' now shall bear,

And I shall free the Fall.
Then at the first as she was plac'd

You'll own it for your good,
That on the Serpent it was cast,

And so the PROMISE stood
Made strong to she, you all must see ;

And I have rais'd ber here,
To he a Mother first to me';

And so must Men appear,
To say" the Bride inust be applied

“ A MOTHER for us all ;
“ For she is ready, as 'tis said,

“ To claim it from the Fall ; “ Her PROMISE there, that did appear,

“ Her dying Lord to free, “ To bring him in the PEKPECT hair."

The KINGDOM is for me,
When Satan's head, as I have said,

Is bruised for the Fall;
Then MEN I'll free from misery

The MARRIAGE stands for all,

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