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That Joab met his awful fate,

That he did just deserve;
Because his sins, thou seest, were great,

How he in vice did live.
The blood of men on him did comc,

That he by arts did slay; "
Yet still with David he went on,-

Pretend his friend to be.
A mystery here thou canst not clear,

But I shall clear the whole,
And tell thee plain of DAVID'S REIGN,

By man did surely fall ;
But now by ME 't can never be;

I shall not act like man;
Nor with the Joabs will agree

In any murderous plan.
No, no! to men, I tell them plain,

In justice I'll appear,
When I bring in a David's REIGN,

"T shall be in spirit here.
Then it shall stand by my command,

Though man did surely fall :
The greatness here that did appear,

I now do tell you all,
To Solomon that did become,

Who built the House to ME,
It is a type that's deep to Man;

Though I the David be, It is by Man it must be done,

When I my sons do make Like SOLOMON for to become,

The powers of Hell I'll sbake. Though he was cast, you know, at first,

'Twas but a shadow there ; But all shall see the end to burst,

The substance shall appear;
In every land my sons shall stand,

In wisdom great like he :
But not in sin for to begin

No: I shall come, the type to man

That did from him appear,
When he the house had built to Me,

Mark thou the number there
That he did slay of beasts that day-

And I shall slay the whole ;
Then the burnt offerings all shall see,

in peace and joy shall fall, Always to stand by my command,

And men shall all possess;
l'll fill with GLORY every land,

And I'll enthrone in PEACE;
Jo joy below shall blessings flow;

But, was it done by Mand

A Solomon, you all do know,

Did ne'er enrich his land;
No: 'twas to one the whole did come,

But I'll bring it to all
That do appear; my sons I'll clear,

When I have freell the FALL. 1 Kings, viji. 63. " And Solomon offered sacrifice of peace offerings, which he offered unto the Lord, two and twenty thousand oxen, and an hundred and twenty thousand sheep. So the king and all the children of Israel dedicated the house of the Lord.”

“ Now I tell thee, this type goeth deep. The shadow of the Beast was slain by Man: but those beasts could tempt no one to sin; but when I coine to establish my throne in righteousness, I shall slay the Beast, which is the Devil; therefore it is the number was so great.”

After this Joanna went on reading her Bible : and from the last chapter of the second book of Chronicles, found the words of the prophets were perfectly fulfilled : And the vessels of the house of the Lord were carried into Babylon, and the children of Israel were made captives there : and the house of Cod was burnt and totally destroyed. Yet in reading on, in Ezra, clup.'i. Cyrus king of Persia, the Lord stirred up to build the house of God, and Jerusalem again ; but when they were going on in the buildings, in the fourth chapter, see how the Devil stirred up the people, by subtilty and arts, that il might not be built. There the work was deferred, until the second year of the re gn of Darius king of Persia, and all their arts could not preyail on him to prevent the work ; for, in the 6th chapter, he commanded it to go on; and, in the Uth verse, whoever went to prevent the building was to be hanged. So the building was completed. Now the ponderings of Joanna were these : The different spirits that were in men shew plainly the different masters they are led by; and by s. btle arts the enemy

went to prevent the building, by falsehood and lies, and discovers clearly what the Devil is in substance, by the shadow that appeareth in men. But I was deeply affected in reading how inuch the children of Israel were delighted, and how much they were affected, in building again the house to the Lord; in the 10th chapter they had consented to put away their wives, that they had taken from among the heathen; in Nehemiah, 9th chapter, how the children of Israel confessed their sins and repented; in the 13th chapter, that they completed the whole ; and observed how Solomon's strange wives, or outlandish women, caused him to sin; so they determined not 10 follow aiter them. Then followeth Esther, by whose shut the Lord delivered the Jews, when Haman had designed for them all to be murdered. These wondrous workings of Providence deeply affected my heart, to see how the Lord delivered, when they turned unto him with all their hearts. But one thing strikes deeply upon me; the Lord only knoweth whether my thoughts are right or wrong: The first house that was built to the Lord by Solomon, appeareth to me in the pride of men ; for though the Lord had commanded him to do it, yet certainly Solomon was swelled with pride by all the grandeur that he kept up; and that pride, and the love of women, made him fall, and the house fell also ; but when the second house was built, it was through opposition, through persecution, through humble, ness of spirit, through a love to God, through a fear to God, (for see how they lamented of their sins, and confessed it was their sins that brought all the judgments upon thein, and they repented with fasting and prayer,) and then the house stood; and by Esther's petition the Jews had liberty to destroy all their enemies, that were in the land where they dwelt, that had decreed to destroy them.' Esther, ix. and x. Here my thoughts went deeply two ways; the one to see the mercies of God, when OF THE SECOND TEMPLE. -37 men torned humbly to him; and the other to see how humbly they did return, which makes me judge the Lord will do according to his promises, and pity the fallen state of men,, when they humbly turn to him. But see the different spirits of men ; one being hardened in the midst of judgments, and the other being humble and confessing their sins, and acknowledging the justice of God in their punishment, appears to me but a Type of Men and Devils : How Satan will be hardened and Man will be penitent. These have been my observations and reflections, and the ponderings of my heart, in reading; and that there is the same difference of men upon earth, Es there was in the angels in HEAVEN; and this will continue white Satan reigns, as long as he has power to make a division on Earth, as he did in Heaven. These have been the ponderings of my heart, and the Lord pardon me if my thoughts have been wrong in any thing, as I am ordered to pen the feelings of my heart: and greatly, did I feel in my heart for the Jews, at their sincerè repentance at the SECOND building of the house unto the LORD, which made me think he would have mercy upon them in the IND, as he hath promised in my writings.

"Vow, Joanna, I shall begin to answer thee, There is not a word in thy mouth, nor a thought in thy heart, but I know it altogether; and as thou 1:1 faithfully spoken, there is not a thought in thy learn, nor a word in thy mouth, that I blame ; for 101 I shall come to SOLOMON. As thou sayest the Ernise was built in pride, as well as obedience; it is ille; and the price of man fell; but as thou uyest the other house was built in humiliation and . repentance, which stood till the pride of man Leran to sell again :-But here I tell theç the Type anes deep. When Esther delivered her people, not they were scattered throughout the earth, and Heir Kings were destroyed, and they were delivered by the hand of 4 WOMAN. Here is a Type stands

deep for all men. When I had destroyed their Kings, I delivered them by the hand of a WOMAN, and made their enemies become their friends, by DARIUS, and by AHASUERUS, as neither of these were Kings of the Jews, but had declared themselyes their great enemies; and the latter was stirred up by Haman; but see what became of Haman, Now thou knowest I have told thee all things stand for Types and Shadows of the End; and here is a deep Type of the End : when a man's ways please the Lord, he will make his enemies at peace with him. And now I will tell thee how men's ways may please ME: when men begin to act like the Jews, who went the second time to build a house in my Name, they wept to see the ruins of the fall of what had been built and destroyed before

So now to all I thus shall call

The Type goes deep for Man;
Here is a shadow of the Fall,

When I at tirt began,
I sav, to lay the house of clay,

That I did lay in Man;
But he from Me did fall away,

Like Solomon become;
Soon tainted there he did appear,

As Satan's arts were so,
The Woman did his heart ensnare,

And that you well do know;
By Satan's art she felt the dart,

And did the Man betray:
Like Solomon he soon did come,

His glory fell awar..
So thus at first the Man was cast

Then by the Woman there:
Like Solomon his fall did come-

There's no man this can clear,
To say 't was not: I'll tell your lot

This was the Fall at first;
By Satan's arts :he Woman fell,

And so the Man was cast.
But now sec plain, ye sons of men,

The mystery of the Fall;
For now I tell thee, from his reign,

A PARADISE for all
I made at first; but Man was cast,

By Satan's artful hand:
You see the Woman so was plac'd,

The Serpent her trepand,

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