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“ The Type to man in thee is strong

'Tis time for all to fear That now in mockery do go on :

The Type for all stands here;
In thee 'tis plac'd, and so 'twill burst,

I tell them, strong on man.
Just as the shadows plac'd at first -

Did to my prophet come, .
And so 'tis here, the end I'll clear,

'Tis coine to thee the same;
Then let the sons of men take care,

That now do mock MY NAME! For I'll go on; MY BIBLE strong

From Types I plac'd before, And so the ending so shall coine,

Then let mankind take care
How they do mock the coming stroke.

That I have plac'd in thee;
And those that do so boldly mock,

Tell me how this could be,
That thou dost here this way appear,

Thy appetite so gone?
I told thee that in the tenth year

The Types would here be strong; And strong they be, they all will sea,

That I have plac'd this year, I say, in thee for all to see

What shortly will appear.
So weigh the whole and judge your fall,

If you this way go on,
It is a warning deep for all

That now do mock her hand.
Can you begin, ye sons of men,

To say from her 'tis done?
Her sufferings here that do appear,

And from herself do come,
To make it so ? vain mortals know,

Her mockery soon should end;
For I should strike a fatal blow,

She never should pretend
To feign the thing to have it seen

Doth like MY BIBLE stand,
And bring the mystery out to men,

How you may all command.
So now see plain, ye sons of men,

My prophet plac d before,
And now in her what shadows aro,

The likeness to appear;
Her weakness see your destiny,

She's suffering now for all;
And so will end your destiny,

If you do mock her call.
The shadows here you all may fear,

The substance it will come,


I tell you, in the following year,

If she be DEAD and GONE;
For I'll go on, from shadows strong,

Could ne'er be done by she.
I ask you, why not years agone

This sickness none did see
In her was plac'd, ye fallen race?

She fasted at the first;
Her appetite, 'tis known to ME,

With pleasure meat could taste;
But now 'tis gone, the end's near come,

She'th bear'd the load for all :
And those that in her faith do stand,

They need to fear,po fall;
For they'll grow wise, and I'll chastise

The unbelievers here.
Could things go on by her weak hand

As all doth now appear?
I tell you, No; they all shall know

The learned may dispute,
For I'll appear in .wisdom here

And strike their learning mute.
But I'll end here and say no more;

Thy weakness I do sec,
Thou knowest not how to persevere,

Or speak the WORDS of me!""

Continuation of the Bible, from Thursday night, Nov. 1.

Sunday evening, Nov. 4, 1804. “ Here I have shewed the likeness with they and the prophet. As in me there is no variableness, or shadow of turning, then why do 'nien seek out so many inventions, to say I must vary and turn from the whole, when I said I am God, and changeth not? Now let them answer from Ezekiel v. 1-Son of man, take thee a sharp knife, take thee a barber's sazor, and cause it to pass upon thy head, and upon thy beard ; then take thee a balance to weigh and divide the hair. Now as I know men are mocking the parables that I have ordered thee to put in print, and mocking the things I have ordered thee to do, by Sealing the People, for their protection, that now are looking to me for REDEMPTION; and ordered

EXPLANATIONS OF THE BIBLE thee to seal up Satan's destruction; now as all this appears foolish to mankind, and placed as types and shadows of things to come. Let them answer Me, from the prophet, whether these things, I have commanded thee to do, are more simple than what I commanded the prophet to do? Could I not bring all the judgments upon the people, that I threatened, without ordering the prophet to cut off his hair by two different instruments? Mark the chapter and weigh it through, what I commanded the prophet to do, and how I brought it as types and shadows to the people, of what I should do unto them. Tell Me, ye blind leaders of the blind, when I pronounced judgments by the prophets, without setting some type and shadow in them, to set signs before them? Now let this be answered by the learned, why I should do all these things at first, to set types and shadows, from what I should do at first, and vary from them at last? Now let them weigh Chapter viii. 8-Then he said unto me, son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me go in and behold the wicked abomination that they do here. Now let the learned answer me from this vision, what abomination did he hear from the creeping things or the abominable beasts? Yet from these things I shewed him the abomination that was in man ; but could I not tell him what abomination there was in the sons of men, without shewing bim the vision? Chapter x. 13-As for the wheels, it was cried unto them, O wheel : and every one had four faces.

Now let the learned men appear

And answer my demand, .
Whv all these visions I plac'd here,

That none do understand?
Yet know at first I so did burst,

And so I shall go on;
These visions all by me were plac'd

To shew the sons of men,


From Types at first my Bible's plac'd,

From Visions to go on, ,
And so, I tell you, at the last

From visions I shall come.
So here's a wheel beyond men's skill,

The way I shall go round; ..
And so at fușt they bruis d my heel,

The PROMISE shall be found;
For l'll go on from inan to man,

Till I have work'd all through; ;
The different faces, now command,

I unto all shall shew; :
The faces here I now shall clear,

'The cherub men shall see,
That now do come in heart to join,

And wish to dwell with me;
The face of men may now come on

To turn which way, they will, .
They'll find the lion now is come

The eagle for to kill. ,
So now take care, those that mock here,

The vision it goes deep;
My ways to man how could I clear

Another way to break ?,
Had I said then they should be slain,

And so fulfilld my word,
They'd say no prophecies remain d,
· The COMING of their Lord;.
For all was past, as it was plac'd,

But from the vision here,
These visions strong stand deep for man,

The ending now draws near.,
So learned men may now begin

These visions to explain,
And when their wisdom I have seen,

I'll answer thee again.
The chapters through I bid them go

And so explain the word;
But if they say they do not know,

Then let then own the LORD
He must appear the whole to clear,

Who gave them birth at First:
For men in wisdom they do err,

They know not how 'twill burst,
Por to fulfil the every wheel

That I'll work round for man;
I know it is beyond their skill

The way I've laid my plan.

Ezekiel xii. 2-Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel that prophesy, and say unto them that prophesy out of their own hearts, hear ye the words of the Lord : thus saith the Lord God, woe unto the foolish prophets, who follow their Osva spirits, and have seen nothing.

Now I'll appear to answer here,

The learned may dispute:
In their own spirits they appear,

But I shall strike them mute.
Nothing they've seen, to me 'tis known,

And nothing do they know;
Yet like the foxes they are come,

That in the desert go :
They'll riot appear the truth to clear,

And nothing will they see;
The gaps are breaking every where,

And down they all may be,
They'll not go up, nor will they stop

The dangers are before,
But still in blindness they do hope

Their dangers will be o'er.
Like Israel here do all appear,

And so their fall will come;
But when MY BATTLE doth appear

They'll find they cannot stand;
If they go on as they've begun,

In vanity to trust,
They'll find no rock to build upon

Men's wisdom must be cast.
I ne'er did clear men's wisdom here,

Nor will I at the end;
For then my Bible all must err,

Should I my Spirit send
From first to last, as it is plac'd,

If men in wisdom shine;
Then I'd no need to visit here,

If men did know my mind;
But they do not, mark what is wrote,

I've told them all before,
No wisdom in themselves they've got

To know when I appear;
Nothing they've seen, nothing they've known,

But judge their wisdom great;
But I this wisdom shall unthrone,

If they will not submit
To learn of ME, I now tell thee;

Though men do prophes y
They know the calling's not from ME,

And give thy pen the lie:
Then let them come now in MY NAME

And answer to MY WORD,
What have vou seen? what have you knowing

To prove it not from God?
Then where's the man that thus can come

And answer so to me?
Will they affirm a learned man

This prophet deep can be?

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