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REMARKS ON TEXTS QUOTED BY B. H. 291 make yourself the liar ; which is to be seen in the fourth page of your reface, wherein are lies that you cannot answer to. Let a man not boast of wisdom, before he can assert what he publishes. He should have read my Books first, and heard what the Lord hath said unto me, and what grounds I had for, my Prophecies, before he began to draw such wild judgment; then he would have known the truth of my Prophecies, that they were copied off, and put. into the hands of ministers, from 1790 to the year 1801, so as they could be able to read them, ore. telling the events that would take place in those years. Besides lie would have known I told my friends of what was hastening on, as well as what I had written in ninety-two ; therefore a man should be clear in judging before he began to condemn, lest he bring his lies upon his own head; as the author of this book hath done. · These are his own words" she makes a scribbling upon some papers, " and delivers them to some of her followers, and “when any remarkable occurrence happens in the "world, she being possessed of a great degree of head "knowledge, with a retentive memory, goes to these “ papers, and pretends to read what has happened, “ in the same manner as if it had been previously in“serted in them; there is a person writes down “what she pretends to read, and then ic is publish“ ed." Here the author must have judged me another such as himself; for I make no doubt but such would be the conduct of him, if he could by arts deceive the world, by making a wrong interpretation of the Scripture, as he is now trying to do, that men may wrest them to their own condemnation: • for if his judgment be true in the oth page, where he says-6 that when our Redeemer finished the whole on Calvary, it gave the devil, the old serpent; at that time such a deadly blow on the head, that it destroyed him that hath the power of death, that is the devil.” Then there can be no more condemnna

tion to the devil, for then all condemnation of sin must come upon man's own head, he having no devil to tempt him to evil; as the world has been as sinful since Satan was destroyed, as before, then of what use can-his destruction be to man? or what honour and glory hath it brou ht unto the Lord ? for how few believe in a crucified Saviour ! how few give honour or glory to his name ! Oh, ye simple and unwise ! whose tongues go before your senses, without your taking a serious view, how soon the powers of hell worked in the hearts of men to destroy the d.sciples, in the same cruel manner that they put the Lord of life and glory to death. Then to what purpose is the destroying the power of the devil, if his power still retains the same in men ? But this is as false and mistaken a noiion, as it is for the inan to say, “I only pretend to read prophecies"-Poor, lying, ignorant man! though my handwriting no man can read before me, yet when I shiew them my letters and read the words to them, every man can then read then after me; for my handwriting is such, that it is impossible for me to diceive any man, when I so read it to thrm; so this man lius asserted a falsity, that he can rever inake good, and who can be proved a liar by more than forty or fifty witnesses, that have affirmed they can read every wora after me ; besides, I have learnt some to read my handwriting, and I have lent them my manuscript books, and they have taken out some of my communications, So this wise mechanic has erred as much in his judgment of my writings, as he has of the kingdom of Christ; for be blends all together with such ignorance, that no man upon earth can explain his meaning. He saith—" Christ's peaceable kingdom on “ earth, certainly is to take place; but it is not a “ literal or a temporal kingdom that is spoken of ; “ but a spiritual kingdom.” Now how can this man explain his meaning? Will he say that that spiritual kingdom took place when our Saviour was crucified

REMARKS ON TEXTS'QUOTED BY B. H. 293 and that his blessed and holy Spirit was then poured out upon all flesh? What then does he make of his SPIRIT? But if that spiritual · kingdom was to come upon earth, it must be temporal, as well as spiritual-when the Lord claims the kingdoms of the earth to be the kingdoms of the LIVING GOD, when HE will dwell in every heart, and at wliose Name every kore will bow. This wise man saith, " that it is past," and quotes Revelatioil xx. That it is 19 come, when Satan is bound and cast into the bottomle s pit, and during that thousand years Christ will in a more particular manner reign in the hearts of his prople on earth.” Now if u is is not a temporal as well as a spiritual rein, I know not wliat he can mean, unless he supposes the earth to be surer or in purity to the heartiis, and that they could not have fulness of joy there; and thai le uill destroy all that are living on earth in a remporal borly, and bring the sai: *s down from the havens for to reign in a partitular manner in their hearts, when on this earth ; but if these are the spirits of the saints ihat are to 1:ave the spiriiual kingduni, without any thing limpoTulin it, I ask how Satan, when he is let loose, is to go out and deceive these spiritual suirits a in? Now betore a man begins to take upon him to lay the Scriprures before the public, he should call reason to bis assistance, to know whether it is consistent with common sense ; or else, I think, as a mechan:c, he hd better follow his employment, than try to die ceive weak minds like himself: for if the whole temporal reign of man is to be cut off, Satan can have no nations to deceive. He hiniself allows that Satan is to deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years are accomplished ; yet if they are cut off, there are no nat on left to deceive at all; then how can Saran ever go out to deceive? or why is he confined that he may not deceive them, if there be no more te poral reign in man? I mu tisay of this man, as he hath said of me-he must himself know that he is

an impostor, unless he is quite out of his senses; but as to me, I can call heaven and earth to witness, I never was an impostor ; neither did I ever try to deceive any man *. Now this wise man says, the ministers are the • spiritual prophets ;” as St. Paul says " despise not prophecies ;” and this man speaks largely of prophecies, that he might go on in his publication with treating on prophecies ; now I must ask this wise man, if those who are called the ministers of the Gospel are influenced by the Spirit of God, and are called the spiritual prophets, why do the preachers differ so much in their preaching? and one preacher to write against another : There are some who erroneously say, that our Saviour was an impostor, which is blasphemy at the highest ; and yet they preach repentance of sin ! others wretchedly say—he was not the Son of God; yet they believe him to have been a good man! Now these are as ignorantasthe writer of the book: for how can any one vainly imagine that he was a good man, if he told them what was not true, when he said to them he was the Son of God? and before Abraham was he was? and that he came from God, and he went to God? and that he and HIS FATHER were one? Sow if he knew all this to be false, how could they call him a good man ? For He spoke as no other man ever spoke ; and he wrought miracles that no other man ever wrought; and he left all on record, for him to be worshipped as no other man was ever suffered to be worshipped. Then how can man vainly imagine the Lord God would give him power to work such miracles to be worshipped equal with HIMSELF, if he was not what is said of him in the Psalms-Thou art iny Son, this day have I begotten thec? Now if he was not what he said, His Mother must be a liar, and his Father the same; the wise men that came from the East the same ; and his Apostles the same į

• This was proved at my Tria!, 'ately published.

REMARKS ON TEXTS QUOTED BY B. Ħ. 299 for they said they saw the heavens opened, and the Holy Ghost descending like a dove, saying, this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. Now if this is false altogether, how can I believe the Gospel ? Yet such belief is in many of the prophets of this day, that this wise mechanic calls prophets; I mean tie preachers of different sects; for they are universal throughout the world : and is this the Spirit I am not to quench are these the prophecies I am not to despise! then to what pit of destruction must this wise mechanic lead me! I must retort back on his head his own words; he must know he is a bold impostor, who imposes on weak minds to believe such doctrine as this: because a man preaches repentance, that he hath the Spirit of God and is a prophet!!! for I have heard these very men, with the sentiments I have mentioned, preach repentance as much as any other men; the reason their pernicious doctrine is believed is, because they mix honey with their poison, and deceive the people by this preaching of repentance, and by which reason these false prophets are believed. There is another set of false prophets among the preachers, who profess to believe the Gospel of Christ in its truth concerning our Saviour being what he said he was, and believe ing him truly the Son of God, and yet they say He only died to save those whom the Lord had elected before the foundation of the world, and all the rest were ordained by the Lord to be lost !- And are these also the prophets I am to believe! when it is written-As I live, saith the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather in them that repent and turn : turn ye, turn ye, for why will you die, O house of Israel ! saith the Lord. Here the judgment of man must say, the Lord said what he never meant-to say he had no pleasure in their death, if he created them to be lost, and they could not be saved; then they must say it was his pleasure, create them to perish; and if the

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