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A sacrifice they made of ME,

And they the Lamb did slay;
The Type before did then appcar;

The Hyffov and the Blood.
My chosen Men I then did clear,

When Pharoah felt the Flood;
So Pharoah see the Beast must be

The sin offering was there;
The peace offering must come from me

And now the Type see clear.
So by the LÀMB you now must stand:

It is his Brood must FREE,
To bring the peace offerings to Man,

If you will live in ME,
And now regain the PROMIS'D LAND,

And CANAAN's happy shore:,
It is in me you now must stand,

Your PEACE offerings are here.
For now from sin I shall begin

Tocleanse the WHOLE away;
Because the Brost shall now be seen

That all his Pureer I'll stay.
The shadows here shall all appear

A substance great for MAN.
From types and shadows I shall clear

The way the End shall come.
But thou dost begin to work within,

To ask what shadow here
That like the BIBLE can be seen

To have your PEACE appear?
Because that long thou'st ponder'd on,

It did with none remain;
Their peace to wars they soon did turn,

And often did complain
They were distress d and sore oppressid,

Then how can I go through,
To make My Bills at the last

A Type before their view?
But I do say to thee this day,

The Type in it:tands deep:
When I mi cloico call'd away,

And Pharoah linade sink,
Theo I went on, by Joshua's hand,

The heathens to destroy ;
And if they'd done by my command

They might the whole enjoy;
But I saw clear the Beast was there,

To work in every heart;
And so their ininds he did ensnare,

Till they did from me depart;
Then did begin their sorrows strong,

When they did wrong pursue;
But when the END to all is come

The sin offering i so,

The Beast be slain, not to remain,

Whereon I plac'd the Curse:
On Satan's head it first was laid,

And now he shall not miss
That curse on he pronounc'd to be

The offerings must be here ;
Wishing to slay the Beast with ME,

And let MY, PEACE appear;
Then peace offerings to Man I'!l bring,

And for them I'll atone;
And so the LAMB the Blood must come

To make your Peace be known;
Then it may stand by MY COMMAND,

When all my foes are ded;
As ISRAEL stood by Joshua's hand:

But know, when he was dead,
They did depart in mind and heart;

And this will ever be,
Till as a King I do begin ·

The eréry Beast to slay.
But Man would not, you see his lot,

And so his crown did fall
His KINGDOM then to David came;

That Type stands deep for all :
But here thy mind is deep confin'd

“ Did David bring in peace ?"
I tell thee, No; it was not so,

Neither did he release
The grief of Men, for it was strong,

And sin did then abound-
And when upon this Earth I came,

The same I heard the sound.
So David here I did appear,

In tumult and in war;
But now the end for all is near,

In Spirit I'll appear;
My Spirit strong shall be in Man,

For to destroy the Foe,
That works within to tempt to sin,

And then my peace you'll know. Joshua xx. 1, 2,3~ The Lord spake unto Joshua, saying, speak to the children of Israel, saying, appoint out for you cities of refuge; that the slayer that killeth any person unawares and unwittingly may flee thither : and they shall be your refuge from the avenger of blood. Chap. vii. part of verse 13—Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, there is an accursed thing, in the midst of thee, O Israel : thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until he take away the accursed thing from among you. Deutero


179 'nomy XXX. 15–See, I have set before thee, this day, life and good, and death and evil ; I have set be-, fore you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore chuse life, that both thou and thy seed may live.


Thursday, October 11, 1804. It is useless now to say he is not prepared ; for he has had time to prepare himself; and he must answer to his own letters'; so he is catched in a net by his own feet. I reinember his once saying to me, that if he were in my place he should be jcało is of the Spirit ; but if it was of God, he would work more powerfully for me. Now I see, by his jealousy, he hath brought upon himself shame and confusion of face; but as he hath acted so weakly and simply, and the WISDOM of The Lord is so powerful, that he can in no way shun his destiny now; neither could I shun mine; neither can the nation shun theirs. For the Type of ******* stands deep of the nation, to what disgrace they will bring themselves that mocked' the COMING® of the LORD, and his visitation to me. ... in

THE ANSWER OF THE LORD. " Now, Joanna, I shall answer thee. from what I said in *******'s letter. If he trembles to meet thee, as being a simple woinan, as conscious guilt must condemn him, that he hath mocked and despised thee, and dealt deceitfully with thee; how must all the nation tremble at MY COMING, that have mocked all my warnings, all my invitations, and despised MY LOVE, and destroyed the TRUTH of My BIBLE, as he destroyed the TRUTH of thy words : for they have as much destroyed the truth of My Bible, as he denied the truth of thy writings. -And now I shall come to the City of RepuGE. I have already told thee, my Bible stands for Types and Shadows of the End. Now the cities of refuge

were for those that committed a murder unawares and unwittingly, that they might fly for refuge; and now, I tell thee, the end is come for me to be the city of REFUge for all MEN ; and those that haye cominitted Blasphemy through ignorance, unwillingly, or unwittingly, may now fly to me for refugee

For I'll appear to answer here,

And tell what this doth mean ;
The refuge see it must be ME
* But many may complain :

« It is in sin our lives have been,
LI ,And we have mock'd His WORD .

“ But had we e'er believ'd the thing.

“ As coming from the LORD,
« We should not then, as sinful men,

" Mock'd on as we did say.
“ Unwilling here we must appear,

“No wit on us did lay ;
“ 'Twas not by wit we did commit

's The crimes that we have done;
« No: ignorance here our guilt must clear,

« Aud so we fly to shun;
« Our guilt appears, we now see clear,
. “ We had no wit to see
“ The way our Saviour murder'd were,

“ And we his murderers be.
“ As at the first, the Jews were cast;

“ But refuge they had none"
Because to me they would not flee,

And so their death brought on.
“ And now the same, we do blaspheme,

“ His murderers to appear ;
« For if we do discern the thing,

“ And see our Bibles clear,
« We all must sec, as plain as she, .

The Beast musí surely die
“ And his atoning Blood must come ;

“ Our REFUGE there do lic.
“ Then if 't be so, to him we'll go,

« For if we've murder d here,
« Unwillingly, we now must say,

“We in it did appear:
“ Because our minds we so do find,

" Our God we wish'd to know;
“He is the REFUGE of our minds; : :

« Then to him now we'll go :
To him well fee, our guilt to free,

“ As we can now appear;
“ We had no wisdom for to see

“ That we were murdering here."
So if men tly to me this way,

Though murder they did commit,
Their refuge I will surely be,

And they shall find it great ;


But if they'll not, I'll tell their lot,

The slavers will appear
To be destroy'd, if they enjoy

The guilt they cannot clear.
Because not one on earth can come

To sav thou writ'st from hell;
Nor yet from thee can ever be

Such wonders for to tell.
Then men must know that they do go

To sin against MY WORD;
And plain their murder they must show,

It is against the Lord.
So if they say they will not Ay,

To have the REFUGE come;
But willingly they now will die,

And willing will go on
Against my word that's on record,

Against my SPIRIT here;
If they go on with one accord,

Like murderers to appear,
To slav the whole that they might fall,

No refuge they will see;
Then there's no city they can call

That was design'd by ME.
So life and death is now set forth,

I say, before your view;
Choose which you will, I tell you still,

Refuge is in iny view;
If Men will fee this way to ME

They may chu se life and live!
But if they'll not, I'll tell their lot, A

They must choose death and gricic,
With sin to die, I now do sar,

The Root I shall destroy :
But if that Men will live in ME,

I shall them now enjoy.
The cursed thing must now be seen,

That kept yonr power so low;
It is the power of hell within

That daily wounds you so.
You cannot stand as I command,

While he do strong pursue; lle is accursid in every land,

And Men do feel his blow;
He weakens here, as doth appear,

The strength and POWER of MAN,
If in their hearts they harbour beio

That he must ever stand;
I tell you, No; it is not so;

The cursed thing shall fall,
And down to hell he there may swoll-

Men's refuge they may call
In me to TRUST, and him to cast,

Then you may face your foe :

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