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If I appear the whole to clear,

The Foxes to destroy;
Then where's the man with Me can stand

That won't the whole enjoy?
So now appear, the sword is near,

That will destroy my Foe;
The valiant Men expert in war

Must now in valour go,
Till they bring in their EVERY KING,

Where Wisdom strong is plac'd;
For every victory they shall win,

And all my GOODNESS taste.
So come with Me, you all shall see

What wonders will appear,
When I from Lebanon do coine,

My SPOUSE in all to clear * :
My SPOUSE you'll see is join'd with ME;"

My sister, and my BRIDE;
And MY BELOVED, all shall see,

Doth in MY TRUTH confide,
Till I shall come to dwell with them,

As it is said before ;
Because their LOVE I now shall prove

My heart hath ravishd here
Better than wine, behold the time

That all these things did come;
And every age call you to mind,

And see if c'er 'twas done,
Like sisters here for to appear

Espous'd in Love to me,
Wishing to bring MY KINGDOM herc,

That they may dwell with me:
But I am thine, and thou art mine,

Is now their every cry.
Now tell me if there was a time,

My chosen friends were nigh,
For to appear, as these do here

Invite me to come down,
Into the Garden to appear?

This Earth shall so be found;
For as at first it so was plac'd,

I'll make it so for Man;
Like PARADISE the whole shall burst,

When I do end MY PLAN.
My spices here shall then appear,

And strongly fly abroad:
And in the Spirit I am here,

To let Men know their LORD
Is come to clear the Bible here:

For all I'll now make TRUE.
I tell you all 'tis time to fear,

That mockery do pursue.
For now see plain, ye sons of men,

The way my Cuurch is plac'd;
Chap. iii. 7, 8.

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| Verali,

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It is of WOMAN, I'll maintain,

To make MY LOVE to burst.
My SISTERS here and SPOUSE appear-

Mark how the whole go through ;
Then how the Church can you now clear,

To prove 'tis done by you";
When you stand out so full of doubt,

And all the TRUTH deny?
The mysteries no man did find out,

Why that the Church did lie
So to compare with WOMEN here-

My Spouse and sisters too.
See how their love to ME is dear,

Bring all before your view;
Then you must say another way-

“ We cannot here dispute:
« We see their love for Christ doth lie,

“ To sirike close to the root
"That did begin to bring in sin,

« That Men might God despise;
" But now we see the hearts of them,

“ They've surely done more wise;
“ Then can we clear he is not here,

*Their every hearts to draw?
“ Then sure his LOVE, we now must prove,

“ Doth with these Women go."
So I'll appear the whole to clear,

The Church I'ın come to call;
And see if they will join with ye,

And full of Love be all.
Now if't be so, MY LOVE they'll know

I equal shall return;
For where I see your Love to flow,

Mine is more trong than Men's.
So now appear my voice to hear,

Apd open to the sound;
For as the words are mention d here,

They're in these Women found.
Then how can Men the Trial stand,

That do the truth deny,
When you do see the ways of ME

Do like my Bible lie,

to all this is the call,
My KINGDOM is at hand?-
And as the words are mention d here

The perfect truth does stand:
The Vision see, was shewn to thee

Wet with the dew I'm come ť;
Thou knowest my hair did so appear,

And I no coat had ona
So every way, I now do say,

The likeness doth appear;
Tho'ı saw'st the sweat upon my face,

With wet disorder'd hair.
See the Vision in the Book printed at Stourbridge, by the Ren
Mr. Foley, in 1804, p. 109.

Chap. v. 2.

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With tears within thou dost begin,

My Perfect Love to see:
And I thy Love wouid stronger wia,

But weakness I do see,
When I impart to thee MY HEART,

How it in Love is come
To waken all, to hear the call,

That unto Me will turn.
Under thy head my Hand was laid,

My Breathing thou didst feel;
And so I'm come to rescue Man,

The Woman's Fall to heal.
Then Women here must first appear-

And first they did beyin;
And now at last they so are plac'da

When I come to explain
My Bible here, to prove it clear,

How every thing has stood;
And thy BELOVED thou didst fear

Had left thee, as A GOD,
When Satine strong to thee did come

Let all Men hear the cry-
“ That MY BELOVED be is gone;

“I knew not where he lay" Till I again in Love did turn,

And in thee did appear;
Then thy BELOVED must be known,

is strong in Spirit here. Then now let Men in Love begin

To ask thee where I'm gone, That in the Spirit thou hast seen,

And felt MY POWER strong?
But 'tis not so, thou well dost know;

I always do abide
In POWER STRONG, as I did come,

Though in me thou'st confide;
Because that here I do appear

In Spirit now with thee.
But if too strong 1 here should come,

It is too strong for thee
Always to bear, I tell thee bere,

Therefore I lead thee on,
A gentle manner thou can'st bear;

But let MY POWER be shewn, What I shall do, they all shall know,

When to the purpose come, The words are now before thy eyes,

I'll answer here to lan : Under thy head MY HAND was laid,

My left hand did appear; My ŘIGHT HAND see embraced thee,

When Breathing strong was here. Then now sec plain, ye sons of men, The

way I've led all on:

It was to WOMEN, not to MEN,

I in this Power did come.
Now tell me plain, ye sons of'men,

What WOMEN do appear
That on the LORD so strong do lean

When all are baffled here:
I've rais'd thee up; so all may hope,

The end for all is near.
The apple tree was shewn to thee

Thy birth did so appear ;
As from the fruit, let all be mute,

The orchards did abound,
Wherein thy birth I did bring forth,

Let all men judge the sound:
The nuts to thee were shewn by ME,

Thou knowest, in ninety-two.
The Garden here I mean to clear,

The Orchard in thy view,
Wliere thou didst see the puts to be,

But then that fruit did fall;
The Vineyard then I shew'd to thee,

The Vines should flourish all
That did appear; I told thee there

The BUD was on the VINE;
Or on the trees that joined were

In Hand and HEART with MINE.
So weigh the whole, then men must fall

That with thee do dispute ;
My Bible must surprise them all

I've fix'd thee to the root
That is to come of AGEs strong -

I ask them who is she
That's looking for the morning here,

These wondrous things to see?
Fair as the moon she now is come,

For all her words are fair,
The power of darkness to unthrone ;

For now her light I'll clear,
Light in the darkness it hath shin'd;

But yet conceal'd from Man:
But now I'l further tell my mind,

Her light as clear is come,
As Satan's first, when he did burst

The Woman toʻbetray:
But now as fair, I tell you here,'

Her Promises do lay.
Clear as the sụn her light is come;

And terrible 'tis heref,
To overthrow her every foe.

So all these lines weigh deeps
Judge if a WOMAN so could go,

Without the Lord did speak;. Chap. ii. 3. † Ver. 40 # Chap vi. +

That is of love, th nopeshati prove,


161 I tell you plain, ye sons of men,

You've drawn your judgment wrong;
For when you see the lines of she,

Yourselves you must condemr.;
Or, you must blame your God to shame,

This way to raise her up;
These wondious visions for to see,

To strengthen all her hope;
And sickness here that did appear

Like one condemnd to die;
Then why her sickness should I clear

To fill her with a lie?
If'twas not true, before my view,

The vision she bath penn'd,
I'd ne'er let her to go through

Still leaning on her FRIEND;
Judging 'tis me, they all shall see,

Thy HAND and HEART resign,
T'hy life and all give up to Me

And now I tell thee, mine
Shall be the same!--50 know MY NAME,

To rescue thee I'm come.
So WOMEN here in LOVE appear,

You'll find MY LOVE is strong
To free you all from ADAM'S FALL:

If Eve brought in the first,
Of sorrow here that did appear,

Then I'll bring in the LAST ;
Foy joy shall come the same to MAN;

So now the WOMAN see!
My Church upon her it must stand,

As WOMEN join'd with me.
So I'll end here, and say no more;

But let your songs abound;
For you may sing, your God and King

Will for you now be found:
So 'twas the Song of Solomon

And songs I've made for all
That now will see the mystery,

And judge from whence the Call
So learned men, if they contend,

They cannot answer here;
But by the Woman in the end

My Church must sure stand fair.
The shadow see was plac'd of she,

And so I've brought the end;
And now the learned let them see

Which way their minds will bend. Here ends Solomon's Song, for the present.- Friday night, October 5, 1804.


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