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WISDOM OF SOLOMON, s. 147 fall into her. For she is the brightness of everlasting light, the unspotted mirror of the power of God, and the iinage of his goodness; and being but one, she can do all things : and remain, ing in herself, shę maketh all things new. Now th's was the wisdom of SOLOMON, that the Lord had given hiin, to know and understand what the Lord would do, by HIS WISDOM in the end. Now from my judgment, no man can understand, or believe, that all this wisdoin, knowledge, power, goodness, and truth, was in Solomon, or in any man, to accom, plish these things; for SOLOMON saith of himself I myself an a mortal man, like to all, and the off, spring of him, that was first made of the earth. Then he cannot say that he iş eniering into holy souls, to make them friends of Gud, and prophets; and that vice shall not prevail against wisdom. This could never be alluded to Van: it can be more, but the POWER of God in the WISDOM of his Son, who was without sin unto salvation; and in him was wisdom, goodness, and truth : whom it is clear that the Jews couated his life inadness, and his end to be without honour ; but how must they appear, when he cometh again in MIGHT, MAJESTY, and GLORY, to put on nghteousness as a breast-plate, and true judgment instead of a helmet, and his severe wrath shall he sharpen for a sword, and the world shall fight with him, against the unwise ? Then may they cry out, when they begin to see his power bringing in his GLORIOUS KINGDOM of peace-". How is he numbered among the children of God, and his lot among the saints! Therefore we erred from the way of truth; and the light of righteousn ssduas not shined unto us; and the sun of righteousness rose not upon 65. We wearied ourselves in the ways of wicked, 04-5; but the ways of the LORD we have not known. Wlat haih pride profited us? Or what good have riches, with our vaunting, brought us ?! Now this appeareth to me, that the wisdom of SOLOMON was given to him to discern the LAST DAYS; though none of the commentators ever placed it so; neither is the name of Christ even mentioned in the contents of the chapter. So it appeareth to me that the wisdom of Solomon, was the WISDOM God gave him, concealed from the world; a light shining in darkness to mankind; that now appeareth breaking out ; and the TRUE BELIEVERS, that rely wholly on the fulfilment of the Bible, of Christ's glorious and peaceable kingdom to be established, as promised, haụe already began to fight with him, against the unwise, that judge all things will remain as they are. But if no change is ever to take place, how can men believe changes ever did take place ? For the world to be once drowned ; the wonders that were. done in Egypt; Sodom and Gomorrah burnt; the Jews, that were so long a standing people, cut off and scattered throughout the face of the earth; the holy temple and Jerusalem destroyed; and the Gospel of Christ brought in. Now as all these changes have taken place, why not the change take place for the KINGDOM of Christ to be brought in to fulfil the Law and the GOSPEL? This is the pondering of my heart; and are my thoughts on the Wisdom of Solo mon ; if I am wrong, the LORD reprove me, and shew ine the error of my judgment; and now I am waiting for his answer,

THE ANSWER OF THE LORD, « And now, Joanna, I shall answer thee. The preparation of thy heart, and the answer of thy tongue, are both from the Lord ; and no more than men have discerned the wisdom of Solomon,'no more have they discerned the wisdom of MY BIBLE. So, if they cannot understand the widom of a Man, they cannot understand the wisdom of a GoD ; 'or that wisdom, which SOLOMON speaks of, was not in him to be pure and undefiled.

Now from thy dream I shall explain :

For there thc house did fall


The house of clay, to thee I say,

Ne'er rose to conquer all;
No; it was I, that dwell on high,

Fell by the wrath of Man:
Though in the sepulchre I did lie,

You know I rose again,
And perfect stood So now allude,

The house of clay must fall.
But it is I, that dwell on high,

Must rise again for all!
My standing sure shall now endure:

From SOLOMON you see,
The wisdom that I gave him here

He prophesied of me
And now to thee, all Aesh shall see,

The wisdom here is come;
That he did say should be in she-

And bring me now the Man,
That will appear the whole to clear

Thy pondering heart goes deep: :
Men by their wisdom they do err,

As he in sin did break.
Though WISDOM strong to him did come,

But did it him improve,
To live ir virtue all his life,

For to reward MY LOVE,
That I did come, and place so strong,

His greatness all miglit see?
But mark the way he did go on,

Till he fell back from ME;
Then boast no more of wisdom bere,

That it is plac'd in Man.
I tell thee, greatly all do err-

The Trial none can stand,
To say that Man did ever come

In wisdom so to shine;
In all the virtues there are plac'd

A warning to mankind.
From SOLOMON it now must come,

Your wisdom it must fall; .
No more than he, you all must see,

You so can boast at all.
So learned Men must now begin

To see their folly deep;
The visdom here of SOLOMON

Did of MY COMING speak.
Wisdom'in THEE was plac'd by ME,

His wisdom to discern;
That into him could never be

Such wonders to perforin; .
As wisdom there he said should clear

The wicked to tread down;
And make the nations for to fear--

Can this in Man be found :

I tell thee, No; it is not so;

Nor was it done by he;
Nor did they judge the Man a fool-

Let wise men answer ME, pot
If wisdom bere he so did share,

And all men judg'd him wise;
In grandenr great he did appear,

And so did end his days;
Then how can Man so simply come,

With him to place the WORD?
To say with maduess they compar'd

The steps that he had trod?
Or did they say, that very way,

That honour he had none,
When that his Life I took away?

My Bible none discern !!!
Did he appear (now answer here)

That as a BREASTPLATE he did wear

To judge the sons of men ?
The world with he, did they agree,

As it is mention'd there,
To say that they did fight with he,

And the unwise beware?
Pid he cast down, in every sound,

His thundering bolts abroad?
And from the clouds could he be found

To set the mark of God?
I tell thee, No; it was not so;

His hailstones could not fall,
Nor with his wrath to fly abroad

The raging seas to call.
No, no; by Man 'twas never done

He could not this go through:
And from the Life that he did run

Call all before thy viewHow he began to fall in sin,

And wrong built altars here:
Then how can inen allude to him,

What they can never clear?
No; 'tis from Me the whole must be,

For I shall so go on,
Until MY WISDOM all shall see

Is like his words become.
Ishall not stop, so all may hope

That wish ihe whole to see;
The wisdoin of his words to drop

And now fulfill'd in ME.
So 'tis not thee, all Aesh must see,

By wisdom draw'd it here:
No; it was I, that dwell on high,

Did in thy heart appear
To ponder on, as thou'st begun;.
1 My Law is written there.. '


Back to the standard all must come-

And let thy Life apuear;
When thou'st began in Prayer, 'tis seen,

To wrestle with thy God;
I said my Laws upon thy HEART,

Should sure be writ and know'd.
Then now see plain, ye song of men,

What Laws are written here! Then how, with her can you contend,

Without your wisdom clear,
That you can say another way,

The wisdom he did see
Was in himself? Can you now tell

It did not speak of ME?
I tell you vain, ye sons of men,

Your judgment must appear,
If you do say another way

In judgment she doth err,
The things to place, ye fallen, race,

That my wisdon it must come
These wondrous things to bring to pass

It ne'er was done by Man..
What mighty winds can you now find

From Man can surely blow?
What storms are here, like bows appear,

That Man by strength can throw
For to lay waste, the earth to pass,

Ill dealings cast away-
The mighty inen to overthrow,

Their strength to çast away,
That will not stoop, beneath MY FEET,

To wish my KINGDOM here;
And work with me the whole to see

That the unwise inay fear?
So now begin from SOLOMON , .

His wisdom you'll trace deep; '
And from the words to thee are seen i

I shall begin to speak:
A short time here I did appear

My Labour to go through;
And now the long time I shall clear,

For I'll fulfil it so;
Though hasty then, I say to men,

My Life was took away;
Because it was by wicked men

My Life they hastv sday'd:
But ne'er discern d what they had done ;.

And understood it not,
If their redemption ever came,

Then I their sins must blot.
To come at first and claim the last,

God's WISDOM all go through;
That as the PROMise first was plac'd,

Satan must feel his due.

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