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Then now to Man I so shall come; :

The truth from thee it came,
Like Job before, I'll answer here,

I did him justify;
And if his life he had condemnd,

His God he'd give the lie;
And so denied what I had said,

If he'd denied the whole.
But the first lines call thou to mind.

Thy word did hasty fall : Had he denied then I must lie

That upright he appear d.
And so to Men I now do say,

The same I'll answer here
Thy life hath been, to me 'tis seen,

Then fearing of thy God,
Which Men and Devils both condemn'd,

But let thein fear my rod : Because from thee the truth they'll see;

But Job's friends thou hast found. I know they've spoken so by thee,

Bat let them hear the sound,
When at the last the truth do burst,

And I in power appear;
I shall condemn thy every friend,

That act as Job's did there.
My Bible so all flesh shall know,

1 plac'd it for the end;
These wondrous things I order'd som

Because 'twas my intend,
When at the last the whole did bursts

To work my Bible through,
To shew the shadows from the first

The way I shall go through,
To clear the whole: and Men must fall

That will with Me dispute ;
The likeness I have shew'd in all;

So let mankind stand muter
For God or Man they must condemı,

In what was said before:
And will they answer from thy haud,

That Job the most did err?
If they say no: I'll answer so,

That silent all must stand;
Because with he do all agree,

And Men alike condemn;
As thou say'st here, I now shall clear,

The truth in all I know.
Sufferings that no one here could bear,

That thou hast all gone through,
Unless that I who dwell on high

Had strengthen'd thee in all. Therefore thy friends at first did lie,

When I to thee did call;


103 Because thy friends they did pretend

To act like Job's before ;
And thought to see it in the end,

That thou would'st answer here,
Some sin in thee must surely be,

That I'd afflict thee so :
For many ways I so disguis'd,

Thou knew'st not how to go;
Yet still in Me thy trust I see,

And so thy foes I'll shame;
Because the end 'tis my intend

That all shall know my Name.
The mystery here of Job' I'll clear

Should I afflict one Man
With grief too great for he to bear,

By Satan's artful hand ?
I tell thee no ; it should not be so,

Had I not ends behind,
Another day to show the way

The Tempter I should bind.
So from the word that's on record,

Satan did try the man,
Then every way for to betray;

But see how he did stand,
With words appear himself to clear,

As I had cleard before ;
And though he thought my rod was there,

The grief that he did bear
Came ali froni me, was judg'd by he,

And yet he did submit:
But now I'll chain the enemy,

And lay him at Men's feet.
One chapter there to thee I'll clear,

I say, the following day:
And other mysteries will appear,

I shall before thee lay;
Because to Man all Types must come-

The Type of Job stands deep;
After his fall, which came by llell,

He did in grandeur break;
And from his friends see what is penn'd,

They surely did repent;
Their boasting soon was at an end-

And so my mind is bent:
The just I'll free, as I did be,

And make their foes to turn ;
Because the end, they all shall see,

It just like Job's shall come." The xxxviii chapter, ver. 11, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further; and here shall thy proud waves be stayed.—The 13, 14, 15, verses. That it might také hold of the ends of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it, it is turned as clay to the seal : and they stand as a garment ; and from the wicked their light is withholden ; and the high arm shall be broken.

« Now, Joanna, thee I'll answer ;

Mark the words were written there,
That were spoken by thy Master,

When the whirlwind did appear.
Disputes at first, 'twas I that busst,

With Satan for a time;
Disputes with Men did then come on,

But no one knew my mind;
For silent there I ali did hear,

But then my silence broke
In thunder there for to appear;

But men disceru'd it not,
That for the last the thing was plac'd,

To shake the whole away.
And from the Seal ! Bow shall børst:

This is the House of Clay,
That I am come to seal in Man,

For Satan I'll destroy;
For his proud waves have been so stropese

My friends cannot enjoy
Their peace in me, I plain do see,

But now I'll shake the whole;
For his high hand shall never stand,

I'll make the foe to fall.
If he at first on Man did burst,

Then now I'll burst on he,
And plead like Jol to have him cast

A mystery none do see,
So I'll end here, and say no more,

The lines for all go deep.
The Type of Job doth here appear,

To make thy friends to weep;
Though some begin, as they had done,

And presents send to thee.
This is a shadow deep for Man,

T'hat every soul shall see;
So if they turn, as some have done,

I shall forgive them all
That do repent, and now relent,

They e'er condemnd thy call.
I shall reason with thee on the morrow.

Here ends Sunday night, Sept. 30, 1804.

* On Sunday morning we received a hamper with poultry, from Mr. Cole, a fariner, in Devon, who was Joanna's great opposer, and said she ought to be hanged, when she was in Devon; but now all the family are coine in strong believers; as the hardest iu Decou hoe awakenei miany



Monday, Oct. Ist, 1804. , * And now I shall come to answer the man, who wished thee to enquire of me concerning him. Let not his heart be cast down, nor his spirits grieved, at any arts or subtlety that the Devil may try to blast his comforts. But let him weigh deep the Book of Job, and see the judgment thou drawest from it, and the answer that I have given thee. For now I tell thee, Satan will try many, as he tried Job; but let men stand out like Job, and I shall arise to plead for man, as I pleaded for Job. But he that falleth by temptations, will fall on the corner stone, which is the foundation that was laid in the Fall; and then that PROMISE will break him off from obtaining it. But now is the time for that corner stone, and that PROMISE to fall on the head where it was laid, which was on the head of the Serpent, that is, the Devil : and it shall grind all his power, like powder. So now let men take care they do not fall on that PROMISE: that meaneth, not to believe it, and stumble at its fulfilment ; for then they may fall to be broken off, when the stone falls on the head of the woman's betrayer, and men's accuser. But now let the man stand stedfast in his faith, and he shall live for ever in me, whether in this world, or that which is to come. Now let him weigh deep the xli. ch. of Job. My answer to Job was never discerned by any man ; neither was it ever understood by man, what I meant in the following words "Canst thou draw out Leviathan with a hook, or his tongue with a cord, which thou lettest down? Canst thou put a hook into his nose, or bore his jaw through with a thorn ?" These are the words men never understood. The Leviathan meaneth the Devil ; and by his contending against Job, I drew him out with the hook of his words, and by the cord that I let down to give him the power, then I

put the hook into his nose, and bored his jaw through with a thorn, that he could never more condemn Job. But now do men vainly suppose this


was done for Job only? I tell them no: it stands a type for all men; and like the Leviathan in the sea is the power of the Devil against man, which man of himself can no more destroy, than he can destroy the Leriathan in the sea. But by my wisdom I shamed the Devil concerning Job, and confounded the Devil concerning Job, and I took Satan's power from Job, that he could no more accuse him, and no more condemn him ; as he tried to the utmost, and found Job what I said he was.And now I AN come the same to justify all men, that are longing for my coming; and shew Satan, it was their being dead to knowledge that made them clamour for my Blood, and put me to death : and so I fell on the CORNER STONÉ of the PROMISB : and though I was broken at that time to be put to death, yet when the fulfilment of the PROMISE comes, know it must fall on him, to grind him to powder. This is the fulfilment of the PALL. But if men fall on that PROMISE, BS the Jews did, they will fall to be broken off. But let them know, that I fell to rise again, to throw all his power, and cast the CORNER STONE on hin : for all men must know that that CORNER STONE meaneth the PROMISE that was made in the Fall. Now let the learned answer, what they make of that corner stone ? But I answer, they can no more explain it, than they can draw out the Leviathan with the hook : neither can they explain the mysteries of my Bible, in what manner, and for what purpose, all Types and Shadows were placed, and all these words were spoken.

So now to Man I bold shall come:

Read all my Bible through,
And just like thee, to ponder on

Wirat's laid before their view;
And let them see as deep as thee,

My wisdom's hid in all,
That to the end 'tis my intend

To bring you to the Fall;
Then I'll draw out with every hook

The teinpter that stood there.

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