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DAMAGES, by cattle, &c. 191
by persons in the night, 326
by default of persons dam-

nified,not trespass, 455
of goods in ships, 291
Death,of party, not to abate writ, 22
sudden, cause to be enquir-
ed into, 134
Debtors, when to satisfy debts by

service, 34
abkonding, their property

how to be attached, 137
Poor,oath to be taken by, 221
Debts, by book, 135
when outlawed, 136
due to the State to be pre-
ferred, S30, «7»
due to persons who remain-
„.„ -cd with the enemy, 137
. Declaration of Independence, 9
Declarations, &c. amendable, 23
Deer, act for preservation of, 139
Defamation, punishment of, 141
of Courts of Justice, 142
Default, judgment by, 2/3
Deism, 183

Delinquents, bow tried and pun-
ished, 14&
costs .of prosecuting,how

;., .pa"! ,. M3). 144

capit^lyiTiaVchallenge twenty
Jurors, 183
aping from other states,21.8
s'of Witnesses, taken out
rt, when admissible, 434
prcciation, scale of, lOO
eputics, iee Reprcientativcs.
Deputy Sheriffs, their number lim-
ited,' 386
not to fill up writs^Sy
not to appear as

Attornics, 387
fee Sheriffs.
Deserters, to be apprehended, 145:
penalty for concealing, 145
Detainer, tried, 209
Distracted persons, how uilpo-

sed of,' 233, 23ft

Distress, fee Warrant.
Distribution, of Intestate

Estates, 166, 170

of Insolvent Estates, 170
of lands given by will, 255
Dristricts,of Probare, 132
Division of common lands, 3158,261,268
Dogs, how to be restrained, 145
mil'chievou>, to be destroyed, 382.
owners of, liable for damages, 383
Donations, for public uses, 25a
for the ministry, 317
for schools, 374
Dower,how set out, 1471 14^

to be kept in repair, 147
Draining of Lands, 378
Drunkennels, punished, 148
Duelling, act for prevention of, 148
Duty on writs, &c. 149
receivcisof^to aceount, 14*/

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of Senators and Represents

tives in Congress,
of Militia Officers,
of Town Officers,
of Guardians by Minors,
Embargo, how laid and enforced,
Encroachments on High-ways, &c.

how removed, 157
Entry, forceable, how tried, 209
on Lands limited, 254
on ungranted Lands of the
State, 256
Equi-vote, in Courts, &c. President

has a casting voice, 131
Equity, as to depreciation, 159
as to usurious contracts, 432
as to debts due to enemies, 137
Courts of, their jurisdiction
and powers, 128, 130,
proceedings of, regulated,
writ of error from,
Error writ of, how brought,

Judgment on, how rendered,
lies from decree in chancery,
on issuing, bond to be taken,
Errors, Supreme Court of,
Escape, of criminals from other

of Prisoners, Sheriff liable,
or County, if gaol be insuf-
Escheats, how disposed of,
Estate, how long holden by attach

real, how sold for taxes,
of deceased persons, how
fold for payment of
debts, 168, 170, 171

Estates, in tail become fee simple, 24
to whom grantable, 24
testate and intestate,how fet-
tled, 163
to be inventoried, 163
embezzlement of,

prevented, 164
administration on,'
how and to whom
granted^ 164, 16$


how distribu-
ted, 166, 17*
insolvent, how fettled and
disposed of, 170
confiscated, how disposed of, 172
Evidence, how perpetuated, 159
depositions of witnesses
taken out of court,
when admissible, 435

Exchange of lands, by towns,
by proprietors for

high-ways, 267
Executions, how levied, 174, 175
against persons out of
the State when to be
stayed, _ 25
to be stayed, in cafe off

insolvent eCjates, 17c
from justices, how lev-
ied on land, 24s
on criminalshow exe-
cuted, 143
\p be served by persons
specially deputed, in
certain cases, 176
ten sheep and a Cqw .
exempted from, ' 176
Executors, their duty, 163
to give bond, 168
not chargeable on parol
promise, 216
how to settle insolvent
estates, 27*
have action of account a-
gainstco-executors, 37
their sales of land, when

valid, 26/t
of collectors, may collect

how t»^r»ve wills,

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v Pase'

X* ASTING and thanksgiving,

days of, to be observed, i77

Fees, stated, 177, 181

for impounding, 346

of collectors, 356 Felonies, punishment of, 185,183

Female criminals, how confined, 186

Fences and fields, regulated, 187, 195

of Indians, 839

Fence-viewers, 190

Ferries, regulated, 195

fare of, stated, 198 Fields common, regulated, 187,195 Fines, the payment of, to be

enforced, 203, 420, 421 to what treasury paid, 202 Fires, not tojbe set on lands, 423 Fish, how packed, 243 Fisheries encouraged and regulated, 203, 209 Flour, inspection of, 243 Forceable entry and detainer, 209 Foreign attachment, AVC^Z^i '39 Foreigners, to have equal justice, 22 their rights secured, 211 not to hold lands, 212 Forgery, punishment of, 184 Form, of administration bond, 167 of writs, 212 of recognizance for prosecution, 215 of distress for rates, 215 of oaths, 328 j Fornication, punishment of, 216 Frauds and perjuries, prevented, 216 Fraudulent conveyances, void, 217 , penalty therefor, 217 Freedom of cities, how granted, 115 Freeholders, to ascertain loft,

bounds, 257

Freemen, to be enrolled, 217

how admitted, 217

their qualifications, £17 in what cafes, they may,

be disfranchised, 218 Fugitives, from justice to be,

remanded, 218

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AMING, prohibited '219

Gaols, may be used under the authority of the U. States, 224 when to be used as workhouses, 368 Gaols and gaolers, act for regulation of, 82» Gates, penalty for leaving open, 422 a-cross high-ways, when

allowed, 327 Gauge, of casks, 59, 242

General Assembly, powers of, 125 times and places *

of session, 124 petitions to, 340 members of, to be

free from arrests, 126 not to appear as attornies, 126 Goats, when to be impounded, 225 Goods, lost, to be registered, 405 talacn by execution, how

fold, 174 forfeited for manslaughter, 285 damaged in fliips, 291 brought from infected

places, 392 Governor, how chosen, 15a may convene General Assembly, 124, 125

reprieve malefactors, 183 commander in chief of

militia, 302 superintendant of marine, 326 to commission judges, 247 has the powers of a justice through the state, 247 Governor and council, how chosen,152 may grant briefs, 58 lay embargoes, 156 grant commits-' sions of sewers, 377 appoint fher

iffs, . 383 order in cafe of sickness, 391 Grand-jurors, how chosen, 225 . their oath, 331 duty, 225 to inspect taverns,


lo prevent profana-
tions of the sabbath, 370
Crants of lands, to be laid out ih

one piece,and in sui-
table form, 252
when to be laid out
by county survey-
ors, 269
made in town meet-
ings, confirmed, 261
by proprietors, con-
firmed, 262
Guardians, how chosen, 227
to give bond to account, 227
divide lands of minors, 258
when to be appointed by
courts of equity, 159

Guns, firing in night leason, 31

LARTFORD Bank i ncorpora-
ted 40
Hartford City, 61
Health Officer 390
Heiresses, land not to be sold with-
out their consent, 265
Hides, untanned, not tb be export-
ed, 231
High treason, punishment os, 419
High-ways,surveyors of,their duty,228'
how repaired, 227, 229

how altered or laid out, 229
encroachments on,removed,i57
nuisances in, removed, 327
purchased by proprietors, 267
Horse-racing, prohibited, 232
Horse-stealing, punishment of,'] 184
House, burning, sec Arson.

keeping, without family, 293
of correction, 363
Houses, of deceased persons, to be
kept in repair, 147, 169

of enteitainment, regulated,408
Hue and cry, 118

DEOTS and impotent persons,
how maintained, 232
their estates, how disposed
of, 233
Idle persons, to be put under over-
seers, 234
disabled to make con-
tracts, 234, 235
Impresses, how made, 237
mode of obtaining payment,420
Imprisonment, for want of bail, 14a
by Courts for contempt, 143
on execution for debt, 174,221
for fines and penalties, 202
for a fraudulent conveyance, 217
for rates, 353
for refusing to give evi^ ■

dence, 36, 143

for refusing to be sworn be-
fore a Court of Probate, 165
Incest, punished, 286
Independence, declaration of, 9
Indians, regulations concerning, 237
not to be sued for debt, 238
title to land from, void, 255,259
Infectious diseases, regulations to

prevent the spreading of, 388
Inhabitants, how admitted, 239
of other states, may be warn-
ed to depart, 241
poor, how maintain-
ed, _ 241,242,343
Inoculation prohibited,unlels,&c. 393
Inquest, of sudden deaths, 134


Inlolvent Estates, how settled,
Inspection, of provisions,

of pot and pearl ashes,
of tobacco,
of timber,
of ship-building,
of nails,
Inspectors, how appointed,
their fees,
tqjw-ve certificates,
may be appointed by
cities, 70,95

Intestate estates, how distribu-
ted, 166, 170
Inventories, how & when taken, 163
Judges, how appointed, 240

their duties and powers, 247 /
to determine matters of Taw
or apparent equity, ~
and matters of fact, in

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