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C O N N E C T I C U T,

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ABATEMENT and amend- Page.
ment of writs, &c
Abatement of taxes,
Absconding Debtors, remedy

against, . U Cf(T

Abstract, of rights and privileges,
Account, action of,
Accounts, public how kept,

and settled,
Actions, civil regulated,
against Sheriffs,
of Trespass before

Justices, by communities, Administration, to whom

grantable, Administrators, to inventory Estates,

to account,
to-give bond,
how to settle In
solvent Estates, 170

si 1



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Adultery, punishment of,
Age, to diipose of estates,
to choose Guardians,
Alarm false, punished,
Ambassadors, right secured,
Amendment of writs, dec-
larations &c.
Apparel of one sex not to be

worn fey the other, Appeal, from Justices, 26, 30, 142 from County Courts, 28, 30 from City Courts, lee Cities, from Courts

of Probate,
no appeal from judgment
on award of Auditors,
»or on Suits
on receipts given by or

to Sheriffs, 385, 383

Appraisement, of Estates; 163171 of land taken by

execution, 175 of property of Selectmen &c. taken for taxes, 354 Apprentices, 293 Appropriation of funds for schools, 31 Arbitration by rule of Court, 33 Arrest and Imprisonment, 34 Arrest, members of general Court

freed from, • 126

Arson, punishment of, 182,185

133 37

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BAIL, when taken, 3I special, when given, 39 when liable, 39 no bail in Treason, except Sec. 420 Ballast, 39 Bank, Hartford, incorporated, 40 Middletown, 44 New-Haven, 47 Union in New-London, go Barbery bushes, destroyed, 53 Bar-Iron to be stamped, 54 Barratry, punished, 54 Barrels, their assize, 50,24a Bastard Children, how maintained, s4 murdered, rule of evidence, 321 Bastardy, ~ Beef, how packed, 2j| Page. 1 , Pase-

Beggars, sturdy to be sent to workhouse, 365 Bigamy, how punished, , 287

.Bills of credit, not to be issued on private fund, 122 continental, scale os, j6o Binding, to the peace and good

behaviour, 337 in service for debt, 34 for costs of prosecution, • 144,32S for damages in Theft, 413 for fines, 202 Blasphemy, how punished, 183 Boats, used without leave, penalty, 55 Bond, on appeals, 28, 30, 134 to be given by Administrators, 1S7 by Heirs, 167 by Executors, 168 for prosecution, when

taken, 24, 29

payable to adverse party, 28 Book debt, action of, regulated, 135 . auditors allowed, 37 OHt-lawed in six years, 136 BoundSjof land and of Towns, to be .erected and renewed, 56 lost, how ascertained, 256 Bribery, punished, 153, 1,55

Bricks,affize of, 55 Bridges,how erected and repaired, 57 defective,towns to forfeit, 57 Briefs,for charitable contributions, 5b Buildings, on Estates of deceased

persons to be kept in repair, 147,169 Burning of buildings, 182, 185

of magazines &c.


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CANOES, taken without own-
ers leave, penalty, 55
Capital and other felonies, 182, 183
Cards, playing with,prohibited, 219
Casks, assize of, 59, 242

Cattle &c. to be marked, 59 doing damage,owners to pay, 191 Impounded, 345


Challenge of Jurors, in capital

trials, 183 Charitable donations, secured, 252 for lupport of schools how

managed, 374 for support of Ministry, 317 Charter, of antient Colony, 1 Children, how to be educated,

poor, to be bound out, 343 stubborn to be bound out or lent to the house of correction, 60 not to meet on nights, 326 corrected for Sabbath

breaking, 37O their fines to be paid by parents &c. 3<s8, 347 Cities, may grant freedom of their

corporation, "5 City, of Hartford, constituted, 61 annual meeting of, 62 Power to tax, 63 to make by-laws, 69, 71, 115 to appoint firemen, 72 City Couit and Jury, 63, 61 City, of Middletown.constituted, 73 annual meeting of, 74 Power to tax, ■ 74 to make by-laws, 80,83,115 City Court and Jury, 75, 77 City, of New-Haven constituted, 83 annual meeting of, 84 Power to tax, 85 to make by-laws, , 91,115 to erect a work-house, 94 to appoint fire Companies, 94 City Court and Jury, 86, 88 City, of New-London,constituted, 95 annual meeting of, 95 Power to tax, 96 to make by-laws, 102, 115 City Court and Jury, 97, gey 1 Citv, of Norwich, constituted, 105 annual meeting of, 106, 11 5 Power to tax, 106 to make by-laws, 112, 115 City Court and Jury, 107, 110 Civil authority &c.

to choose Jurors, 24 inspect Schools, 37 nominate Tavern-keepers, 4 inspect Taverns, . 4

make rules to prevent the sprea

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ing of contagious Sickriels,39i
Execute the Laws against .

vice, 43°
tax County to build Gaols, 220
Appoint inspectors of •
produce, 244
of Nails, 322
Clerks, of Courts, by whom
appointed, 129, 131

may sign writs, 24
of Towns, their di^ty, 416,418
of proprietors, 263
of Societies, 402, 403

of owners of Sheep, 381

Collectors of taxes, their duties and
powers, 349
their fees, 356
Commissioners, on Insolvent

Estates, 171
of sewers, 377
Common fields, regulated, 187, 195
Common land, fee proprietors.
Communities, how to sue and

defend, 116
how to be notified of a
suit, 116
Comptroller, his powers and

duties, 116,420
Confession, for debt, how taken, 248
Confiscated Estates, how

disposed of, 172
Congress, Senators and
Representatives in
how chosen, 154
Conservators, of Ideots &c. 233
Constabics,their Office and duty, 118
to warn freemen's mee-
tings, . *5}> 152> »55
to summon Juries, 249
to inspect Taverns, 411
to apprehend Rioters, 362
Constitution, of the State, 21
of the United States, 11
Contagious diseases, regulations to

prevent the spreading of, 388
Contempt of Court, punished, 143
Contrasts, with Indians, when not
valid, 238
with persons under

overseers, 234, gi

of Minors and Servants, #)3
usurious, 431
fraudulent, 217


parol, 216

Controversies settled by arbitration.33
Convicts, penalty for importing, 120
Copper, penalty for coining il-
legally, 120
Copy-right, secured to authors, 282
Corporations, fee cities, communities.
Costs, when no mnre than damages, 29
not allowed to plaintiff in

error, 1G1
in capital cafes, how paid, 24
of delinquents, how paid, 144
Counterfeit bills and coins, regula-
tions to prevent passing, 121
Action for passing, 121
Countcrfeiting.punifhed, 184
reward for detection of, 185
Counties, constituted and named, 123
when liable for escapes, 223
how taxed, 220,224, 13')
Court, general, times and places

of their sessions, 124
their powers, 125
members of, to be free
from arrests, 1 26

not to appearas Attornies, 12I}
Court, supreme of errors, juris-
diction and powers, 127
times and places of their ses-
sions, 1 27
reasons of their judgments to
be committed to writing, 127
Court, superior, jurisdiction and

, powers of, 127, 161

Jpftimcs and places of sessions, 12b
<S how to be adjourned, 1 28

appoint clerks, 1 sq

special, how convened, 128
Judges of, to assign their rea-
sons in writing, 129
may disfranchise freemen, in

case, &c. 218
grant prohibitions, 347
determine writs of error, 1O1
Courts County, jurisdiction and

powers of, 129

times and places of their ses-
sions, 130
how to be adjourned, 130

to appoint their Clerks, 131
to appoint County Treasurers, 131
may tax the County,in cafe, 224
to appoint County Surveyors, 40O'
licence Tavern-keeepers, 409

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