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tive to the Marine Department, that may issue out under the Authority, and agreeable to the Laws of this State shall be in his Name, in the Stile of Governor and Superintendant of Marine for the State of Connedicut.

2. And be it further enacted, That the Governor may nominate, appoint and commissionate, one or more Notaries Public in this To appoint

Notaries puba State as the commercial Interests thereof may render it neceffary lie. or convenient.


An Act for preventing, and removing Nuisances in

High-Ways, Rivers, and Water Courses.
Par. 1.

E it enaĉted by the Governor and Council, and Houfe

of Reprefentatives, in General Court afsembled, That

Person or Persons shall block up or lay, or cause to be laid Persons cauí. in any High-Way, any Stone, Tree, or Trees, or Timber, or Thall ing nuisances by digging or any Means, obstruct, hinder, or endanger the Passage expence of reof Travellers in such Ways ; fuch Person or Persons, being there- moving. of duly convicted, shall pay the Charge of repairing, clearing, or filling up the same, and also incur the Penalty of Three Dollars

and a penalty, and Thirty Four Cents, one Half to the Treasury of the Town, and the other Half to the Informer who shall prosecute the same to Effect, together with the Charges of Prosecution.

2. And be it further enacted, That if any Person or Persons shall crect or set up any Gates, Bars, Rails, or Fence, upon or across Gates and othany High-Way, Country Road, or Street, or continue any such, er nuisances to the Annoyance and Incumbrance of the same it shall be deem- in high-ways ed a Common Nuisance; and it shall and may be lawful for

may be remo

any Person or Persons to pull down and remove the same as such.

Provided, This A& shall not be construed to the Prejudicc of such as have obtained Liberty, or fhall obtain Liberty from the County Court to set up Gates or Bars in High-Ways; but no Gate or Fence shall hereafter be set up or erected upon or across Proviso. the Public Poft Road in this State, leading from New York to New-London and New-Port, without Permission therefor first had and obtained from the General Assembly; and any

Gate Fence standing or being upon said Post Road by Virtue of Licence heretofore obtained from any. County Court, shall be deemed a Nuisance, and may be removed accordingly; any former Law, Ulage, or Custom to the contrary notwithstanding.

And whereas the damming of Rivers and Brooks, and turning of IVa. ter-Courses out of their natural and original Courses, is often prejudicial to many Towns, Proprietors and particular Perfons :

For the preventing of which; 3. Be it further enačted, That no Person within this State shall stop, dam, or obstruct any River, Brook, Stream, or Run of Wa- Nuisances in ter, out of its natural Course, without Liberty of the Town in rivers &c. whose Bounds the said Streams or any of them are.

may be reme. Person or Persons shall dam, stop, or obftrućt any River, Brook, Atream, or run of Water, or faall, by damming, digging or the like,


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turn them out of their natural Course, to the prejudice of any Town, Proprietors, or any particular Person or Persons; the same shall be deemed a common Nuisance, and may

be removed as such : and the Person or Perfons doing, or procuring such Nuisance to

be done, shall remove the same upon Penalty of forfeiting Eighty Penalty

Four Cents Week for every Week such Nuisance shall res main, after due warning given to such Person to remove the same one Half thereof shall be to the Compiainer and Prosecutor, and the other Half to the Treasurer of the Town where the Offence shail be committed.

Provided neverthelefs. That this A&, or any thing herein conProvifo.

tained, shall not be understood or intended to hinder dam for any Mill, or for other Use, in case no special damage accrue there." by to any Person.

Provided also, That if any Person or Persons shall remove, or

break, or injure any Mill Dam, as a public Nuisance, and it should Proviso. ultimately upon Trial at Law turn out. not to be such; the Per

fon 'or Persons fo offending shall, upon Conviction, pay to the Party aggrieved, double Damages, and double Colts.

4. And be it further enacted, That if any Person or Persons, who

shall pull down, remove or demolish any of the Nuilances aforeGeneral issue

said, shall be fued therefor, he or they may plead the general Issue; may be plead- and give this A& in Evidence.



An Aą for prescribing and establishing Forms of Oaths

in this State.

PAR. i.

Forms of eaths.



E it enačted by the Governor and Council, and House

of Representatives, in General Court assembled, That the several Forms of Oaths here following, be, and they are hereby established, to be taken by, and administered unto the several and respective Officers and Persons for whom they are appointed, as followeth,

For the Freemen, viz.

A. B. being by the Providence of God, an InhabiFree of the fame, do swear by the Name of the Everliving GOD, that

you will be true and faithful to said State, and the Constitution and Government thereof, as a free and independent State, and whenfoever you

shall be called to give your Vote or Suffrage touching any Matter which concerns this State, you shall give it as in your Conscience you shall judge will conduce to the best Good of the same, without respect of Persons or favour of any Man.

GOD. For the Governor, viz. 7. T. now chosen to be Governor over this State of

Conneclicut, for this Year ensuing, and until a new be chosen and fworn, Do swear by the Everliving GOD, to promote the public Good and Peace of the fame, according to the best of your skill; and that you will maintain the lawful Rights and

So help you

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Privileges thereof as a sovereign, free, and independent State; as also, that all wholesome Laws and Orders that are or shall be made by lawful Authority here established, be duly executed ; and will further the Execution of Justice, for the Time aforesaid, according to the Rules of God's Word, and the Laws of this State:

So help you GOD.
For the Lieutenant-Governor, viz.

this State of Connetticut, for this Year ensuing, and un-

Lt. Governor. til a new be chosen and sworn, Do swear, &c.-as in the Oath For the Governor, mutatis mutandis.

For the Afiftanis, viz.
U 7. H. being chofen an Alliftant over this State for

the Year ensuing, Do swear by the Everliving God, to promote the public Good and Peace of the same, according to the best of

Adiftants. your Skill; and that


will maintain the lawful Privi. leges thereof, according to your Understanding; and also aslift in the Execution of all such wholesome Laws and Orders as are or Thall be made by lawful Authority here established; and will further the Execution of Juftice for the Time aforesaid, according to the righteous Rules of God's Word and the Laws of this State.

So help you GOD. For the Judges of the Superior, and County Courts, mutatis mutan

dis, viz. 6. OU being appointed Judges of the Superior Court

over this State for the Year ensuing, Do iwear by the name of the Everliving GOD, that as Judges of the said. Court, you judges of fu. will faithfully and impartially administer Justice according to Law, perior and take no Bribe, give no Counsel in any Matter that shall come be- county courts. fore you, nor deny Right to any; but well and truly perform your Office of Judges, as aforesaid, according to your best Skill and Judgment.

So help you GOD. For Fuftices of the Peace, viz. 7. YOU

swear by the Name of the Everliving GOD, ding to the Commission given you, you will administer Justice equally and impartially in all Çafes, and do equal Right to the Poor and to the Rich, after your best Skill and Power and accor

Juftices. ding to Law: And you shall not be of Counsel in any Quarrel that shall come before you, nor let for Gift or other Caule; but well and truly do your Office of Justice of the Peace, taking only your lawful Fees. And you shall not direct or cause to be directed, any Warrant by you made, to the Parties, but


shall direct your Warrant to the Sheriff, his Deputy or Constable, or other Officer proper for the Execution of the fame, in the Councy, or to fome indifferent Person; and this you shall do without favour or refpect of Persons.

So help you GOD.

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Treasurer of the state,



For the State Treafurer, viz.

OU 7. L, being chosen Treasurer for the State of Con

necticut, for the Year ensuing, and until a new be chosen, Do fwear, that you will, according to the best of your Skill, attend the Place and Office of a Treasurer for this State, in sending out your Warrants for collecting all such Sums of Money as are due to this State, by Fines, Rates or otherwise ; and that you will pay

out of the fame in luch Suins and in such Manner
as you shall be appointed to by the Court, as you shall have it in
the cominon Treasury: And that you will, according to Law. sea,
the Constables make up their Accompts with you, or fine them ac-
cording to Law for their Neglect: and that you will render a true
Account of things concerning your Office when you are called
thereunto by the General Court.

So help you GOD.
For the Secretary, viz.

necticut, for the Year ensuing, and until a new be chofen, do swear, that you will keep the Secrets of the Court, and carefully execute the Place and Office of a Secretary according to the best of your Skill ; and truly and faithfully record all Ads and Orders of the Court, and deliver true Copies and Certificates when they shall be neceffarily required of you. So help you God.

For the Sheriff's, viz.
OU E. W. being appointed Sheriff for the County of
Diligence serve all such Writs and Attachments as shall be direct-
ed to you (and come to your Hand) by lawful Authority, and re-
turn them to the Court where they are returnable ; and also that
you will serve all such Executions, ranted by the Secretary,
Treasurer, or other Clerk authorized thereunto, delivered into
your Hands, and collect or levy the Goods you are directed to, ac-
cording to the faid Executions, whether it be for the public Treal-
ury or particular Persons ; and that you will with convenient
Speed, deliver such Goods as you shall levy as aforesaid, into the
Hands of the Treasurer or other particular Person or Persons to
whom they do belong: and that you will do and execute all such
lawful Commands, Directions, and Warrants as you shall receive
from the Governor, or any Magistrate, Magistrates, or Justice of
the Peace, Court or Couris, according to your Office ; and thus
during the whole Time you shall continue in your Office, you
will demean yourself without Respect of Perions, or Favor of any
Man: But in Case you meet with any Difficulty, which you can
not resolve, you may fufpend until you can have Advice therein
from Authority.

So help you GOD.
For the Deputies or Representatives, viz.

wherein you are to deliver your Vote or Sentence
any Criminal Offence, or between Parties in any

Civil Case, you will deal uprightly and juftly, according to your best Judgment without respect of Persons: and that you will according to your Skill and Ability allift in all other public Affairs of


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1 2.


this Court faithfully and truly, according to the Duty of your
Place, when

shall be present to attend the same.

So help you GOD.
For the Grand Furors, viz..
U do fwear hy the Name of the Everliving God, that

ment make of all Breaches of Law that shall come to your Knowl-

Grand.jurors. edge, according to your Charge (unless some religious Tie of Conscience surely bottomed upon the Word of God, bind you to Secrecy) the secrets of the Cause, your own and your Fellows you will duly observe and keep : You will present no Man for Envy, Hatred or Malice ; neither will

you any Man unpresented for love, Fear or Affection, or in hope of Reward ; but you will present Things truly as they come to your Knowledge, according to the best of your Understanding, and according to the Laws of this State,

So help you GOD.
For the Petit-Jurors, viz.
YOU [wear by the Everliving God, that without respect

of Persons, or favour of any Man, you will well and truly try, and true Deliverance make, between the State of Con. Petit-jurors. necticut, and the Prisoner at the Bar, whom you shall have in Charge, according to your Evidence, and the Laws of this state.

For the Furors in Civil Cafes,a viz.
OU swear that you will duly try the Issue or Issues


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So help you

to any

tiff and Defendant, or Plaintiffs or Defendants, according to the Jurors in civil Evidence given you in Court, and the Laws of this State ; and

cases, accordingly a true Verdiet give: Your own Counsel and your Fellow's you shall duly obferve and keep: You thall speak nothing

One of the Business and Matters you have in Hand, but among yourselves, nor shall


suffer any to speak unto you about the same, but in Court; and when you are agreed of any Verdiet, you shall keep it fecret till you deliver it up in Court,

So help you GOD. For the Fury of Inqueft, viz. 15.

FOU swear that you will diligently enquire, and true

Presentment make how and in what Manner A, B. Jury of in. (here lying dead) came to his Death ; and

you fall deliver up to quest. the next Aslistant or Justịce of the Peace a true Verdict thereof, according to fuch Evidence as shall be given you, and accors ding to your Knowledge.

So help you GOD. For Witneffes, viza 16. U swear that the Evidence you shall give to this

Court, concerning the Cale now in Question, shall be Witneffes. the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

So help you GOD. For Conftables, viz. 17.

OU A. B. fwear by the Everliving God, that for the

Year ensuing, and' until new be chosen and sworn, Conftables, you will faithfully execute the Place and Office of Constable, for

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