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Ten penny 6. Every Thousand of ten penny Nails shall weigh not more

■ail*- than thirteen Pounds, and e?ch Nail shall not be less in Length

than two Inches aud one half. Twelve pen- !• Every Thousand of twelve penny Nails shall weigh not more ny nails. than sixteen Pounds, and each Nail shall measure in Length not

less than three Inches.

8. Every Thousand of twenty penny Nails shall weigh not Twenty pen- more than twenty Pounds, and each Nail shall measure not less ny Mi s. >n Length than three Inches and one quarter.

9. Every Thousand of twenty-four penny Nails shall weigh Twenty four not more than thirty Pounds, and each Nail shall be made with a penny nails, flat Point, and shall Mealure in Length hot less than four Inches

and an half.

10. Beit enacted, That the Civil Authority and Select-men of t 'ani|aUselect" eac^ Town where Nails are, or shall be made, for Sale as aforesaid,men authori-" be an<^ aic hereby authorized, and required sometime in the Month zed to appoint of January annually, to appoint some suitable Person or Persons inspectors ot to be Inspector, or Inspectors of Nails within such Towns, who nails. shall be (worn by some Assistant or Justice of the Peace in the

fame County, to the faithful performance of his, or their Duty, according to the requirements of this Act ; and shall receive as Fees, from the Owner of luch Nails Thirteen Cents for every Cask Ins ector's °^ Nails so inspected, and it shall be the Duty of every Inspector feCs_ of Nails, appointed as aforesaid, carefully to inspect every Calk

• of Nails, made for Sale or Exportation in such Town or Place, and if he shall find the same are made conformable to the Assize, and Quality herein before directed, he shall brand the same with the

Castes of "nails Letters A. P. and the Weight per Thousand, and the Name of the how branded. Town or Place where he inspects the laid Nails, and the Inspectors Name shall be at Large on one Head of the Cask, containing the same.

11. Be it further enafeed, That if any Inspector1, or Inspectors of Nails appointed and sworn as aforesaid, shall be guilty of any

Forfeiture for Neglect or Fraud in inspecting Nails, contrary to the true Intent "n""*/brand" anC* Mean'ng °f Act, or shall mark with their respective

jngcasluof" Brands, or Stampsany Casks containing Nails made for Sale, which nails, he, or they have not actually and thoroughly inspected, he or they

shall forfeit and pay Fourteen Dollars for every Cask of Nails, so falsely marked or branded, to be recovered by Action of Debt in any Court of Record proper to try the same, by any Person who shall sue, and prosccu.e therefor, and every Cask, Parcel, and Quantity of Nails that shall be offered for Sale, or Exportation after the hi st Day of January next, and which shall have been wrought or made aster that Day, which shall not have been inspected, and the Casks brarded as aforesaid, shall be forfeited; one half of such Forfeiture, shall accrue to the Person, or Persons, ■who shall seize the same, by virtue of a Warrant to be issued by some Assistant, or Justice of the Peace, on proper information for * that Purpose, and the other Half to the Town Treasury «f the

• T«wn where such Nails may be found*

New-Gate Prison. 323

12. Be it further enacted, That if any Person, or Persons shall Penalty for knowingly put into any Cask, after the same has been inspected '^""j."^" and branded as aforesaid, any Nails which have not been examin- inspected and ed, and approved by the Inspector, or Inspectors of the Town branded, where such Nails were manufactured, and shall expose them to Sale, contrary to the true Intent and Meaning os this Act, he or they shall for every such Offence, forfeit and pay double the value of every such Cask, or Quantity of Nails to be recovered and appropriated as aforesaid.

. 13. And be itjurther enabled, That every Thousand of Nails shall

be computed, not less than Five Score to the Hundred, and all „"'.e for "f" ,T..r,., , .„ ,.01 - puting nails.

Nails which may be manufactured for bale, or Exportation a&

aforesaid, shall be made of Iron of a suitable and good quality well

wrought and rose headed.

14. And be it further enabled, That if any Manufacturer cf Nails

shall presume to sell any flails of either of the denominations Penalty for afore-mentioned not being of the Quality, and Assize required by felling nails this Act, he shall for every Thousand of Nails so sold forfeit, and c°TMr*W ** f pay One Dollar, and in. the fame proportion, for any less Quantity, JJ?^ ^nso to be sued for and recovered to the Ulc of the Prosecutor, in any Court proper to try the same.

15. Beit further enabled, That nothing in this Act shall be considered as controuling the Manufacture, and Sale of Nails, cut or made from gold. Iron: any thing herein to the contrary notwithstanding.

An Act constituting New-Gate Prison, and for regulating and governing the same.

Pa R l* ena&ed by the Governor and Council, and House of

1. Representatives, in General Court afefnbled, That NeTM-Gz\.

L J • /-. i_ i_ i • ^ prison consti

the Cavern in the Copper Mines in Granby, belonging to tuted.

this State, which has heretofore been used as a public Gaol and Work-House, shall be constituted and made a public Gaol and Work-House, for the Use of this State, and shall be kept and maintained in good and sufficient Repair, at the Expence of this State, and shall be called New-Gate Prison.

2. Be it further enabled^ That there shall be erected and kept in

repair over said Cavern, a Prison-Housc, fit and proper to keep such Prison-house Prisoners in asmay be committed to said New- Gate Prison, when 0Ter tne they are sick, and when brought up for the purpose of being put cavcrnto such Labour, as may be ordered by the keeper of laid Prison, and that such House (hall be so constructed as to form a DwellingHouse for the Keeper of said Prison, that the said Prison-Houle shall be inclosed with a Piquet so extensive, as that there may be built therein, proper Buildings or Apartments, for the Prisoners to labour in, at the Discretion of the Overseers.

3. Be it further enaEled, That there shall be three Overseers of Overseers and said Gaol and Work-House, appointed from Time to Time by the thtir powers* General Assembly,, as there may be occasion, who are authorised

[blocks in formation]

and empowered to appoint a Master or Keeper of said Prison, as often as shall be necessary. Which Keeper shall be subject to be removed at the pleasure of said'Overseers; and that said Master or Keeper shall be assisted, with such Number of. Men, not exceeding ten, as shall be ordered by laid Overseers, in lafe-guarding said Prisoners andkeeping them at hard Labour.'

4. Be it further enaEted, That the Master or Keeper of said Gaol and Work-House, shall receive-into the same all such Persons as shall be lent there bv Warrant from lawful Authority, and shall keep them to such Labour as they shall be capable of doing, and as shall be directed by laid Overseers for such Time as they shall be sentenced to remain therein, and may confine them at their Labour, or punish them by putting Fetters and Shackles upon them, andbv moderate whipping, not exceeding ten Stripes for any one Offence, which Punishment may be inflicted in caso they be stubborn or disorderly, or do not well and faithfully perform their Task, as they shall be reasonably required, or in caso they shall not submit to such Rules and Orders, as shall be from Time to Time established for the well ordering and governing the fame.

Master, his power and duty.

To account.

5. And said Master or Keeper (hall, whenever required by said Overseers render his Account to them of the Labour and Earn

Overseers to provide for

ings of luch Prisoners, and for the materials which he shall receive to be wrought by said Prisoners, or any Persons employed with them, and pay and deliver to i;iid Overseers the Amounts thereof.

6. Be it further enacted, That laid Overseers for the Time being, shall provide for such Prisoners, necessary and luitable Food and Cloathing : and also such Tools, Implements and Materials

the prisoners, as shall be proper fer employing and keeping such Prisoners to work: and shall also provide for the relief of any lick or weak Prisoner, and shall be paid for the same, out of the Earnings of said Prisoners, if the fame be sufficient, and if not, the surplus shall be paid out of the Treasury of the State, And the said Overseers shall keep true Accounts of their Conduct herein, and shall annually in May, se ttle and adjust said Accounts with the Comptroller of this State, or with such other Person or Persons as the To make rules General Assembly may from Time to Time appoint for that Purfpr governing pole, and eftener if they shall be thereto required. And said pn.oners. Overseers shall and may make all necessary Rules and Orders for governing and punishing such Persons as may be committed to said Gaol ; and such Rules and Orders shall bp of force, and shall be duly executed.

7. Be it further enabled,' That the Overseers of said Prison for To make rules the Time being, be, and they hereby arc authorized and directed for governing to make such Rules and Regulations for the Government and t e guard. Punishment of the Guard as they shall judge proper: Provided,

That no Puniihment shall be inflicted on any of them, by force of such Regulations, except amercement, and to an Amount not exceeding three Months Wages, and their Cloathing supplied by the State : and also to make such Rules and Regulations, relative to Spectators and others who may be admitted within the Piciucts^

To account.

New-Gate Prison. 325

or who shall be found lurking without the Piquets as the Cafe and regulamay require: and to enforce such Regulations by rendering the l'ons ^f'*t'vc Offenders liable to be apprehended, to be put under guard, to be"' turnedput of the Prison-Yard, and secluded from the Environs of

the Prison, or in case of obstinacy or an apparent design of assisting the Prisoners to escape either by Force or Fraud, to be confined in the Caverns, until they can be otherwise disposed of according to


8. Be it further enaBcd, That such Overseers and the Master of Compenfatien said Gaol and Work-House, and the Persons employed to assist t0 overseers, said Master shall oe allowed for their Labour and Service, such Master, &c. rewards as said Assembly shall appoint.

9. Be it further enaBed, That the Fees to the Sheriffs for com- sherjffs fees mining one Person to said Prison, shall be Thirty Four Cents per forcommitting Mile, for their Travel out, and for each additional Person, committed at the same Time Seventeen Cents per Mile, in lieu of all

Other Fees and Expcnces.

10. Be it further enaBed, That at the expiration of the Term of confinement for which any Prisoner is, or shall be sentenced to In what cases, New-Gate Prison, if it appear by the Warrant of Commitment, overseers may that ordered to stand committed until the Cost be paid, and \afet\icefot' such Prisoner shall not be able to pay the Cost, or to secure the payment of same, to the acceptance of the Overseers of said Prison, in such costs,

Cafe, the Overseers are hereby authorized and empowered to assign such Prisoner in Service, to some Inhabitant of this State, or of any of the United States,for such Term as they shall judge necessary,to pay such Cost.taking reasonable security of such Inhabitant to pay the same to the State; but if no suitable Person appear to take in Service such Prisoner the Overseers may direct the Master of the Prison to hold him in Service, within said Prison: and Or direct the for such Term as may be limited by the Overseers to pay such master to'hold Cost; who are directed to allow such Prisoner, customary Jour- ^m laser" neytnan's Wages for like Services; and the Master of the Prison shall have Power to confine such Prisoner at his Labour, so far as the iafe keeping of the Prisoners in general may demand. But if such Prisoner shall be unable to Labour, the Overseers, first taking the best Security for the Cost, that may be obtained, shall order the Master to discharge him.

11. Be it further enaBed, That if any Prisoner shall mnke his escape from said Prison and shall be retaken, and recornmitted,the necessary Expence of pursuit, and re-commitment, to be allowed Prisoners, that by the Overseers, shall be paid and satisfied, by such Prisoner, as escape and

is herein provided, for the payment of original Bills of Cost, tax- "e "xpenco!* ed by the Court; and the Overseers shall dispose of such Prisoner accordingly ; and in every case of re-commitment, the Time elapsed between the escape and re-commitmeut, shall not be computed as Part of the Term of Imprisonment for which such Piisoner is sentenced,


Night-Walkers. Notaries Public.


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An Act to prevent unseasonable Night-walking; and for punishing Disorders committed in the Night-season.

BE it ena&ed by the Governor and Council, and House of Representatives, in General Court assembled, That if any Persons that are under the Government of Parents, Guardians or Masters; or any Boarders or Sojourners shall convene or meet together, or be entertained in any Houie without the consent or approbation of their Parents, Guardians, Masters or Governors, after nine of the Clock at Night, any longer than to discharge the Business they are sent about; or shall meet together and associate themselves in Company or Companies in Streets or elsewhere, after the Time aforesaid; or shall make any Rout, or commit any Disorder at any Time in the Night season, each Person so offending shall forfeit One Dollar for such Offence.

2. And the Head of the Family that entertains or tolerates such disorderly Meeting in his or her House, shall forfeit the like Sum; one Half of which Forfeitures shall be to the Complainer, ths, other Half to the Treasury of the Town where the Offence is committed.

3. And whereas great Disorders and Injolencies are often commit-, ted in the Night, by disorderly Persons, to the disquiet and hurt os the good People of this Slate i

For the preventing and punishing whereof; Be it further enacted, That when and so often as any Disorders, and Damages are done in the Night-season, that upon Complaint speedily made thereof to any Court, Assistant, or Justice of the Peace, they are hereby empowered to issue forth a Writ or Writs for the bringing before him or them any suspected Person or Persons, and examine him or them concerning such Disorders and. Damages.

4. And if such suspected Person or Persons, upon such Examination, cannot give a satisfactory Account to the Authority before, whem such Examination is had, where he or they were when such Disorders and Damages complained of were committed or done, and that he or they had no Hand in doing the fame, he or they shall he liable to pay and answer all such Damages as the Person or Persons complaining shall have sustained or suffered as. aforesaid, and also such Fine or Punishment as the Court, Assistant or Justice, before whom the Trial is had shall see Cause to order; not exceeding the Sum of Seventeen Dollars,


An Act relative to the Marine, and to the Appointment of Notaries Public.

Par TOtBittnaScd by the Governor and Council, and House. to • XJ 0s Representatives, in General Court assembled. That

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