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Sealers of leather to search tor shoes, 4c. made of bad leather, fcc.

l'enaly of 3

dols. & 34Cts. on sealers or leather who neglect their duty.

Curriers of leather to forfeit the value ofthe hides ■which lhall be marred by their ill workmanship.


Tanned lea-
ther not to be
&c. out of
this state.

Searchers, or any of them shall judge or suspect to be made of insufficient Leather; and upon any such Search to seize and secure all such Shoes, Boots and other Ware aforesaid, as they find, and judge to be made of such bad Leather; And if upon due Consideration and Trial thereof had and made, by four or six honest Men, skilful in Leather, as aforesaid, the same Shoes, Boots or other Ware shall be judged and certified to be made of insufficient Leather, then the same shall by the Owner or Owners thereof be forfeited; one third thereof to the Complainer, and two thirds to the Town Treasury ; Unless the Owner or Owners thereof shall give 0;'th that the same Wares were made of Leather sealed according to Law.

10. And if any Searcher or Sealer of Leather shall neglect'or refuse with convenient Speed to seal any Leather sufficiently tanned, wrought and dried, according to the true Intent and Mean* ing of this Act, having timely Notice thereof; or shall seal any.' Leather which shall be insufficient, that then every such Searcher antl Staler shall forfeit for every such Offence the Sum of Three Dollars and Thirty Four Cents, to the Use of the Town Treasury, and answer all Damages sustained by such Neglect, Refusal or Mis-doing: And for his Service in Sealing, as aforesaid, shall for his Fee be allowed and paid by the Owner for each Dicker of Leather he shall seal Twenty Five Cents; and for half a Dicker Seventeen Cents, and for a single Hyde Four Cents and Two Milks.

11. Be it further enaEltd, That no Person or Persons using, or that shall use the Art or Mystery of currying Leather, shall burn or scale any Hide or Leather in currying the same; but shall work the same in all Respects with good sufficient Liquor, both for Quantity and Quality, suitable to the Condition of the Leather dressed by him or them, on Pain of forfeiting for every Offence or Act done contrary to the true Intent and Meaning of this Act, the full Value of such Hide or Hides, or Skins marred by his evil Workmanship or Handling: Which shall be judged by two or more sufficient and skilful Persons, Curriers or others, under Oath given them for that Purpose, by any Assistant or Justice of the Peace.

12. And be it further enaEled, That no Person or Persons shall transport or send away out of this State, any tanned Hides, Skins or Leather, upon Pain of forfeiting such Hides, Skins or Leather, or the full Value thereof, One third Part to the Complainer, who shall prosecute to effect, and the rest to the County Treasury of the County where the Offence is committed.

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An Act for the Limitation of Prosecutions in divers Cases, civil and criminal.


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E it enaBed by the Governor and Council, and Havfe of Representatives, in General Court ajfembled, That no Person shall be indicted, prosecuted, informed against, complained of, or compelled to answer before any Court, Assist

Limitations; 273

ant or Justice of the Peace within this State, for the Breach of Complaints any penal Law, or for other Crime or Misdemeanour, by Reason ani' Prel«nN whereof a Forfeiture belongs to any Public Treasury, unless the ^'"jb,^1'8 .Indictment, Presentment, Information, or Complaint be made and within one exhibited within one Year after the Offence is committed. year.

2. And every such Indictment, Presentment, Information, and Or to be void Complaint that is not made and exhibited, as aforesaid, within and of none » the Time limited for the same as aforesaid, shall be void and of effect, none Effect.

Provided always, That this Act shall not extend to any capital Offence; nor to any Crime that may concern Loss of Member, or Banishment, or any Treachery against this State, -nor to any _ pilfering and Theft, the Value whereof is above One Dollar and rov"°" Sixty Seven Cents, nor shall it hinder any Person aggrieved, or injured by any Wrong done to him, or his Wife, Children, Servants, or Estate, real or personal; but that every such Person shall have Remedy as he might before this Act, any Thing therein ^ Contained notwithstanding.

3. And be it fur■>her enailed, That no Suit, Process, "or Action

shall be brought on any Bond, Bill or Note under Hand, given~To J(, for the Payment of any Sum or Sums of Money, not having any tians on bill",' other Condition, Contractor Promise therein but within the or bond in 17 Space of seventeen Years next after an Action on the fame shall years, or &c. accrue. Provided nevertheless, That the Time this State has been, or may be engaged in War, shall be expunged, and not computed in said Time of Limitation. But from all and every Action, Suit Dr Process, after the Time limited as aforesaid, each and every Person shall be forever debarred.

Provided nevertheless, That Persons over Sea, or legally incapable to bring their Actions for .their Debts aforementioned, may pravisd. bring the fame any Time within four Years after their coming from over Sea, or becoming legally capable to bring an Action, notwithstanding the Time limited, as aforesaid, be expired.

4. And be it further enabled, That no Action of Trespass, nor of Of trespass* the Cafe for Slander and Defamation, shall be brought but with- *c- inth«* in three Years after the Facts are done, or the Cause of Action ycarSdoth arise.

An Act in Addition to a Law of this State, entitled, "An Act for the Limitation of Prosecutions in di* ,e vers Cafes, Civil and Criminal."

[enacted In October 1785.J

BEit enacted by the Governor and Council, and House of Rep- actions resentatives, in General Court assembled, That no Suit or Rainst (heriffs Action, either in Law or Equity, shall hereafter be brought or &c. for negmaintained against any Sheriff, Sheriff's Deputy, Constable, or 'e^i10 be any other Person or Persons whatsoever, for any Neglect or De«


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years after, ite.

bro't within i fault of such Sheriff, Sheriff's Deputy, or Constable in their Office and Dutv, but within two Years next after the Right of Action shall accrue; and that where the Right os Action hath already accrued, no Action shall be brought or maintained as aforesaid, but within two Years from the rising os this Assembly; any Law, Usage,or Custom to the contrary notwithstanding.

Provided neverthel'ss, That nothing in this Act shall extend to, or affect any Feme Covert, or Minor under the Age of Twenty-one Years, during the Time of their respective Dilabilities ; but that thev may bring their Actions as aforesaid, at any Time within two Years next after the Removal of such Disabilities; any Thing in this Act notwithstanding.


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An Act for the direction of Listers in their Office and


Par 1 *' ena^l<^ t^te Governor and Council, and House of

JLJ Representatives, in General Court afemblei. That the several Towns in this State stiall, in the Month of December, annually, choose such Number of Listers as thev shall judge necessity and convenient, to make up the List of Polls and rateable Estates in such Town; who shall take the Oath prescribed by Law. Arid the said Listers fiiall give Warning to the Inhabitants of their reflective Towns, to give in the Lists of their Poll* and rateable Estates, by posting up a Notification in Writing, signed by the Listers in such Town, in the Month of July, annually, on the public Sign-Post, and some public Place in every Society in such Town ; thereby giving Notice to all Persons obliged ,by Law to pav Taxes, to give in their respective Lists, according to Law. Which Warning lo posted up as aforesaid, shall be sufficient Notice to such Persons to give in their List to the Listers.— And the Inhabitants being so warned, final 1 give in to the Listers in Writing, a true Account of all their listable Polls, and of all rateable Estate, being their Property, or belonging to them, on the twentieth Day of August following, at or before the tenth Day of September following; particularly mentioning therein all luck Things as are in this Act hereafter expressly valued, signed with their Names; which Accounts the said Listers shall accept, adding thereto, according to their best Judgment, a Value for all Things hereafter mentioned in this Act to be listed, that are not particularly valued, and make the whole into one general List.— And everv Person or Persons having anv Land or real Estate proper to be rated in anv other Town than where such Person dwells, shall give in to the Listers of such Towns where such Estate doth lie, a true List thereof, in the Manner before mentioned, without any Warning given by the Listers of the Town where such Estat* is liable to be rated as aforesaid; or on Failure thereof the same shall be added by the Listers: And in cafe the Town in which such Estate lieth be unincorporated, and not taxed, then laid Listers. 275

Estate to be given in to the Listers of the Town where such Per-
son dwells. And all the Lands not as yet laid within the Bounds
of any Town, those Lands, with the Persons and Estates thereup-
on, shall be assessed by the Rates of the next Town unto it; the
Measure or Estimation to be by the Distance of the Meeting-
Houses. •

2. That the Listers shall receive, make up, and transmit "to the t^nsn'tt'j ,0 General Assembly in October, annually, on or before the second the General Tuesday after the Meeting of said Assembly, the Lifts of such Assembly in Towns, with a Certificate from an Assistant or Justice of the October amiuPcace, or Town Clerk, before whom said Listers were sworn, that

they were sworn to a faithful Discharge of their Duty, before the pe t, first Day of July preceeding. And that every of the aforesaid Listers and Listers, who shall neglect his Duty herein, shall forfeit and pay Towns for to the Treasurer of this State, Thirty jour Dollars. And that if neglect, no such return of the List be made from any Town, or there be no such Certificate, such Town shall be doomed, by and at the Discretion of the General Assembly.

3. That the said Listers, after the rising of the General Assem

bly in Oclober annually, shall, and they are hereby required, care- spect'usts"]!! fully to inspect the said List till the last Day of December follow- the last day of ing, annually, and to add Fourfold for all the rateable Estate they December anshall find left out of the List, by any particular Person or Persons, nually, add the Property whereof did belong unto such Person or Persons, on ^r-*ol<l», the twentieth Day of August preceding, giving Notice thereof to the Persons fourfolded: And if any Doubt thereon shall arise, the said Estate shall be adjudged or reputed the Property of the Person assessed for the same, unless he can shew it to have been the Property of some other Person on the said twentieth Day of Augvjl; and also add to laid List fourfold for the whole rateable Estate of all such Persons as have given in no Lists at all, as a Penalty on the said Inhabitants for their Neglect; who shall pay Rates for the fame, according to their fourfold Assessments. And one Half of all such Sums arising upon such fourfold Additions, shall, by the Constable and other Collectors of Rates, that shall be made upon such Lists, be paid to the Listers as a Reward for their Trouble, and the other Half sliallbe for the Uses for which such Rates are made.

4. And the Listers shall transmit the Sum Total of all the Ad-To *.ransmi' ditions, agreeable to the Form aforesaid, which they snail so make, "je t0,al

1 A 6 1 A rr i_i ijr c 11 ■ u • r • • OI additions. t»

to the Geneial Aliembly in May following, on rain of incurring the General the fame Penalty for their Neglect thereof, as is provided in this Assembly in Act in Cafe they neglect to fend the Sum TotaL of ihe List to the MayGeneral Assembly in Oclober.. Penalty.

5. That (aidListers (hall, annually, sometime in the Month of

"January, deliver the List of the Polls and rateable Estate of the J° fge. \ •» 1 1 • r 1 • 1 i- r , Copy ot List

Inhabitants ot their 1 own, made out according to Law, to the with the

Clerk of the Town, taking his Receipt for the fame; which List Town Clerk.

shall contain the Name of each Person who shall give in, or stand

charged with any List,arrangedin Alphabetical Order, (each So

Listers. .

cictyby itself) with a Copy or Transcript of each Article, whereof his List is composed, together with the Amount or Sum Total neTect' thereof annexed, upon the Penalty that every Lister that shall

S neglect the same, shall pay to the Treasurer of such Town, the

Sum of Seventeen Dollars, to be recovered by Action, Bill, Plaint or Information.

6. And such Listers, in Addition to what they are already enCompensation titled by Law to receive, shall have out of the Treasury of the to Listens. Town to which they belong, after the rate of Thirteen Cents for

each Thousand Dollars included in the Sum Total, of the Lists of such Towns respectively.

7. That when and so often as any Person or Persons are over-, charged in their List, it shall be the Duty of the Listers to grant

Persons over- Relief in such Cafes only, where the Estate shall appear not to. charged in have belonged to the Person on the twentieth of August preceding, their lists to Qr t^at jt was not left out through his Wilfulness or Negligence, Jure relief. but from sufficient Ground to conclude the, Estate to have been!

lost or perished, and that so soon as he was sensible of his Duty, therein, he did offer his Estate bona Fide to the Listers, to be entered in the public List. But if such Listers will not give just Relief, then upon Application made by the aggrieved Party, to two or more Justices of the Peace, and three Select-men of the Town, notifying two or more of the Listers to shew Reasons, if any they have, why Relief should not be granted to such aggrieved Person, they shall consider the Case, and give such Relief as they shall judge just and reasonable ; and also in all Cases where any Person may be wrongly charged or over-charged by the Listers in their List as aforesaid: Provided such Application be made on or before the twentieth day of April, next after such overcharge complained of, be made. Abatements ta 8. And that all Abatements, which shall be mad?, shall be he lodged with lodged in the Town Clerk's Office, by the first Day of May foltown clerks, lowing. 'And the Sum Totafthereof, shall by the Listers in each,

to be transmit T ° be turned (with the Additions and Fourfolds) to the. ted to the gen- ' , . v ,,'

cral assembly. General Assembly in May, annually.

q. That when the Listers shall make a Mistake in casting the List of the Town, on Discovery thereof, they shall certify the. Mistakes in fame to the Treasurer, who is hereby authorized and directed, on fd b b the"'" such Certificate, to add to, or substract from the List of such Town,' hRet/ to^the the Amount of such Miscast, as the Circumstances, of such Case. Treasurer. shall require. And the Treasurer shall not accept nor allow any Bills of Abatement, save only where any Persons shall be found. Treasurer not according to the true Meaning of this Act, to have been really bate-T?entG un* over-charged or wrong charged: Or unless any Person charged in less Sec 's21^ List is deceased, or shall have absconded and departed out of this State, before the Time limited for the Payment of such Rate to the Treasurer, and hath not left any Estate whereon the same may be levied. And in every Bill of Abatement, made in either of the Cases aforesaid, stiall be certified the Reason of such Abate

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