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ftrument in Writing under his. Hand, to alienate any of the
Claims or Rights above described, in any such Manner as is above Persons at.
declared to be void, and ineffectual in the Law, or shall receive any tempting to
Conveyance thereof to him or them; shall forfeit one Halt of the give or receive
Value of the Lands attempted to be alienated, as aforesaid. To any such frau-

dulent writing be recovered by Bill, Plaint, or Inforination, in any.

Court proper &c.
to hear and determine the fame : Whereof the one Half shall be
to the Informer that shall prosecute the same to Effect, and the
other Half of the Penalty to the Treasury of this Colony.

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An Act for enabling the Proprietors of the common and

undivided Lands, «declared, by an A& of this Aflem-
bly, made at Hartford, the ninth Day of May, A. D.
1723, to belong to the Proprietors, and not to the
· Towns) to make Rates to defray the necessary Char-
ges arising in the defending, protecting or managing
the same: also to make Exchanges of said common
Land for the procuring needful and convenient High-

Par. 1. B in

E it enaEted by the Governor and Council, and House of Proprietors of the said Common or undivided Land in any Town Proprietors to in this Colony, are hereby fully empowered at any of their legal defray necess Meetings, by their major Vote, to make a Rate or Rates as occa- fary charges, fion shall require, for the defraying the necessary Charges arising &c. on said Propriety, and to appoint Collectors for the gathering in the same ; who shall be invested with the same Power as the Collectors of Town Rates are by Law invested with, and shall make Payment of the Money by them collected, to the Proprietors appointing-them, or to their Order, on the same Penalties, and to be under the same Regulations as the Collectors of Town Rates are.

2. And it is further enacted, That the said Proprietors are hereby fully empowered at their Meetings, as aforesaid, to make Ex

Proprietors to changes of any of the common Land, for needful and convenient Highways in said Town or Place, with any of the Proprietors, In- ges of the comhabitants, or Owners of such Land, as shall be judged most con- mon land, &c. venient and needful by the Proprietors aforesaid, which exchan. ges shall be entered in the said Proprietors Buok of Records, and shall be held good and valid, to all intents and Purposes, to the use of the Person or Persons receiving the same, and to his and their Heirs and Asigns forever. And all Exchanges heretofore made for the End aforesaid, shall also be held good and valid to all Intents and Purposes." Always provided, That the major Part of the Proprietors (to be

Proyilo. computed by their Interest of such common and undivided Land)

make exchan.

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do not protest against such Exchange, and enter their Proteft with
the Clerk of such Propriety within forty Days after such Ex-
change is granted.

An Act for the preventing Disputes which might arise

in the Partition of Lands.

Errented May 5733.


THIS A fembly observing that Disputes do or may arise, whereby
Pathe Partition of Lands whereof there are many Proprietors, may

ry much perplexed for want of a fixed and determinate Period wherein

the Right and Property of faid Lunds are changed from a common to
a particular Interest, by Means of Entries which may be made thereone
either by Strangers, or any of the Proprietors in common, after an a-
greement to make Partition, and before the actual Surveys are made
and recorded in the feveral Towns where the Lands lie.

Which Inconvenience to prevent :

Eit thereforeenacted by the Governorand Council, and House of Re-
Partition of

Lands aforelaid, shall not be deemed and looked upon as perfect
lands not
compleie, till and coinplete in the Law, until the Surveys, as aforelaid, are actu-
survey'd and ally made and recorded as aforesaid ; and shall be esteemed as an
recorded. Estate in common and undivided in the Hands of the Proprietors,

Probate to or-
der sale of

An Act for the Sale of Lands belonging to this Staté,

Par. 1. Bei enacted by the Governor and Council, and House

of Representatives, in General Court assembled, That
the several Judges of Probate under whose Administration, or
lands belong- within whose Districts, any Lands belonging to this State are now
ing to the unsold, may, and they are hereby authorized and empowered to
State. give Orders for the Disposal of such Lands, at private Sale, in the

Whole or by Parts, or at Public Vendue, at discretion, as shall be
fcund moit convenient, and beneficial for the State.

2. And said Judges of Probate respectively, are hereby autho-
To execute

rized and empowered in behalf of this State, to make and exe-

cute deeds of Conveyance, with Warranty, of such Lands in due
form of Law, and the same shall be good, authentic, and legal Ev- .
idence of Title of such Lands to the Grantees, in the several
Courts of Law in this State.

3. And all such Land, already agreed to be fold by Order of
Judges of pro. Law, and Deeds not yet given, may be confirmed to the Purcha-
bate to receive fers by Deeds executed by the respective Judges of Probate, as by

this Act is provided. And said Judges of Probate shall receive
Payment for all such Lands in Specie, or liquidated Securities of
this State for Lawful Money, on Interest, and fhall render an Afu

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Lands. Laciviousness.


count thereof to the Treasurer of this State within one Year from the Time of such Sale.

4. The Lands in New Haven, New-London and Groton, ap- Reservation. propriated for building Forts, &c. for defence of this State, to be reserved for that Use, any Thing in this Act notwithstanding.

5. And be it further enacted, That said Judges of Probate shall call to Account all Persons in their several Districts, who by Virtue of any Law, or otherwise have had the Possession of any Eltate for the Use of this State, and not duly accounted for the same,

Call lefsees

to account. and receive Payment as aforesaid, and pay the Balance that shall be due into the Treasury; and in Case any Person accountable as aforesaid, shall neglect or refuse to render an Account, it shall be the Duty of such Judge of Probate to proceed in a due Course of Law against such Perfon, in the Name and Behalf of this State, to final Judgment and Execution for recovery thereof.

An Act limiting and directing the County Surveyors, respecting their laying out Grants of Lands in Towns.

[ENACTED IN OCTOBER 1733.] E it enacted by the Governor and Council, and House of RepreProprietors in any Town shall refuse or neglect to choose Persons to lay out any Grant of Land heretofore obtained from the Town County furor Proprietors of such Town, since the Year of our Lord One veyors to lay

out grants of Thousand seven Hundred and Twenty, and not yet laid out; or if land when such Persons be chosen, and do neglect the Space of one year, af- proprietors reter being desired to lay out any of the Lands aforesaid by the Per- fuse or neg.. fon concerned, then in such case, and no other, the County Sur

lect. veyor of that County in which said Town shall lie, fhall (if thereunto required) lay out any such Grant ; which laying out shall be good and valid to all Intents and Purposes, as if the Committee chosen, as aforesaid, had laid out the same.

An A&t for the Punishment of lascivious Carriage and


FOR the preventing of lascivious Carriage aad Behaviour, against and for the Punishment of which, (in Regard of the Variety of the Circumstances) particular and exprefs Laws cannot be eafily suited and Preamble. made.

Therefore :
E it enated by the Governor and Council, and House of Rep-
refentatives, in General Court assembled, That the several and

Persons guilty respective County Courts within this State, shall be, and are here- of lascivious by empowered and directed to proceed against, and punish such carriage and

behaviour, to

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be fined, or Perlons as fhall be guilty of lascivious Carriage and Behaviour; imprisoned,

either by imposing a Fine on them, or by committing them to the sent to the house et çor.

House. of Correction, or by infli&ting corporal Punishment on rection, or cor- them, according to the Nature and Aggravation of the Offence, porally punand according to the Discretion of such Court : That such feahed. fonable and exemplary Punishment may be inficted upon Offenders.

in that Kind, that others may hear and fear,

PAR. 1.


trade of tan

An A& concerning Leather ; and for regulating the

several Artificers concerned in Working or making up the same.

E it enaĉted by the Governor and Council, and House of

B No butcher to cut or gath any no Butcher whatfoever, by himself or any other person, shall hide. or cut any Hide or Skin of Ox, Cow or Calf, in fleaing thereof, or

otherwile, whereby the same shall be impaired or damaged, on pain of forfeiting to the Owner the Sum of Eleven Cents, for every

. fuch, gash or cut; and of paying the Damage occafioned thereby in any such Hide or Skin

2. And for the better preventing of Deceits and libufis by Tanners, Curriers, Dressers, and Workers up of Leather.

Be it further enaĉted, That no Person whatsoever shall set up tha.

Trade or Myitery of tanning of Leather in this State: or for that No person to End ere&t or set up, or make any Tan-vats, or other Place to tan Set up the

in; nor carry on, or use that Trade or Mystery, except he do.. ning without manifest his Skill therein to the County Court of that County Jiberty from wherein he lives, and obtain

a Licence from luch Court to set up the C.court, and manage that Trade ; on Pain that every Person fo offending

fall forfeit the Sum of Sixty-fiven Dollars : One Moiety to the County Treasury, and the other to him or them who shall prosecute the same to EffeEl.

3. That no Person or Persons what?oever that now doth, or No tanner to hercafter shall use the Art, Trade or Mystery of Tanning, shall at put off any any Time offer or put to Sale, any kind of Leather which shall be leather in fuf- inlufficiently or not thoroughly tanned; or which hath been over sciently tanned,

limed, or burnt in the Limes ; or which shall not after Tanning be well and sufficiently dried, upon pain of forfeiting fuch Leath? er, or the full Value of it, or lo much thereof as by any Searcher, or Scaler of Leather lawfully appointed and sworn, shall be found insufficiently tanned and dried as aforelaid : One half of which Forfeiture shall be to the Complainer, who all prosecute to EFfect, and the other halfto the Town Treasury of that Town wherein such Tanner dwells.

4. Nor shall any Person using the said Art, Trade or Mystery, Nor l'uffer said

suffer leather to go

any Leather tanned by him, to go out of his Custody before out of his cur. said Leather be searched and sealed by the Sealer of the Town in tody, till

which such Tanner dwells, upon the Penalty of forfeiting the healed. Sum of Ten Dollars for cach Hide or Skin fo disposed of, or luffers

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vats on tan

ed to go out of his Cuitody before Sealing : One half to the Com-
plainer, as aforesaid, and the other half to the Town Treasury of
the said Town.

5. That no Person using the said Trade, Thall set any of his Vats
in Tanhills, or other Places where the Ouse, or Leather put there. Nor set his
in to tan, shall or may take any unkind Heats ; nor Thall put any

hills, &c. Leather into any hot or warm Ouse whatíoever, on pain of forfeiting Forty-feuen Dollars : To be recovered as aforesaid, for the Uses aforesaid,

6. And no Person or Persons whatsoever Thall cause, or suffer
any Leather by him or them tanned, to be wrought up by any Penalty of 19
Shoe-maker employed either by himself, or by any other Person dols. to work
or Persons for him; nor shall he work up the fame himself before up leather ben
luch Leather be viewed and sealed, as afore faid, on Penalty of for- fore it be
feiting the Sum of Seventeen Dollars for every Hide or Skin, so as
aforesaid, by him or them wrought, caused or suffered to be
wrought up before sealing as aforesaid : To be recovered as afore-
said, to the Ules aforesaid.

7. And for effecting the Purposes aforesaid,
Be'it further enacted, That every Town in this State, where

One or two need shall require, shall choose one or two honest Men, skilful in honeft men to Leather, within their Township, who shall be sworn to a faithful be chosen by discharge of their Trust, who shall make Search and View within each town to the Limits of their Town, as oft as they fhail think it needful, view and seal

who shall have a Mark or Seal prepared by such Town for that
Purpose: and with the said Mark or Seal they shall seal such
Leatherin faid Town as they shall find in all Points sufficient, and
no other.

8. That if the said Searchers or Sealers, or any of them, find a-
ny Leather fold or offered to be sold, or any way disposed of,
which shall be either tanned, wrought, converted or used contra- Leather offer.
Ty to the true Intent and Meaning of this Act, it shall and may ed to sale, noč
be lawful for the said Searchers or Sealers, or any of them, to seizc, well wrought,

to be seized. or procure to be seized, all such Leather, and retain the same in their Custody, until such Time as the Matter be tried by such

Triers, and in such Manner as in this Act is appointed ; That is to Jay, When any Leather is feized as being forfeited, as aforesaid, the Officer so seizing the same, Thall within three Days, inform fome Affitant or Justice of the Peace thereof; who shall forthwith summon four or fix Men, honest and skilful in Leather, to view the same, in the Presence of the Party, (who shall have timely Notice thereof) or without him in cafe he do not appear : Which Men being duly sworn for that Purpose, shall upon their Oaths certify to the said Assistant or Juftice the Defect of such Leather: And if thereby it appears the said Leather is forfeited by Virtue of this A&t, the faid Afiftant or Justice shall give Judgment accordingly; and order the Disposition thereof as in this A& is provided :

9. And every of the said Searchers and Sealers of Leather, shall be, and are hereby empowered to search for all such Shoes, Boots and other Ware made by Shee-makers or Cordwainers, as the faid

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