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Convicts. Coining.


a black Staff, having a Head with the Arms of this State thereon; which Staff he (hall carry upon Proper Occasions, as a Token or Badge of his Office; which the Select-men of each Town are to take Care to provide at the Town's Charge ; upon Penalty of Eighty-four Cents for every Month's Neglect ; one Half to be to him 01 them that shall prosecute for the lame, and the other Half to the Town Treasury.

16. And in Case any Town, bv the Death or Removal of the Constable or Constables thereof, shall become wholly destitute of such Officers; such Town shall forthwith assemble, and proceed to the Choice of a Constable or Constables, to supply the Vacancy so made: who shall be sworn according to Law.

©n removal new constable* to be chosen.

No person convicted of any crime in a foreign country, &c. lhall be imported into this state, on penalty ot' 334 dol. uness, tec.

State's attorneys, and Grand Jurors to make presentment, &c.

An Act to prevent the Importation of Convicts.

[enacted In Octoblr 1788.J

Par T^"^ enatted by the Governor and Council, and House of ''Jld Representatives, in General Court assembled, That no Person convicted of any Crime, in any foreign Country, and sentenced therefot to be transported abroad, shall be imported into this State; and that any Person or Persons who shall, contrary to the true Intent and Meaning of this Act, import, or bring into this State any such Convict; or be aiding or assisting therein, knowing such Person so imported to be a Convict, and sentenced as aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay to the Treasurer of this State, the1 Sum of Three Hundred and Thirty-Four Dollars, for every such Convict, so imported as aforesaid. And whenever any Person or Persons shall be prosecuted for any Breach of this Act, such Person shall be adjudged guilty of the same, unless they shall make full Proof that they had lawful Right to import the same; and that such Importation was not contraiy to the true Intent and Meaning of this Act.

2. And it is hereby made the Duty of the several State's Attorneys, and of the Grand-Jurors in this State, to rnake Information and Presentment of all Breaches of this Act.

No person to

coin copper without permission, Sic.

An Act to prohibit the coining of Copper, without Per-
mission first had and obtained of the General-Assembly.

("enacted In October 1785.J
JT^JSif ena&ed by the Governor dnd Council, tmd House of Repre-

sentatives, in General Court ajjembled, That no Person whatever shall coin, or manufacture any Copper Coin of any Descrip, f tion or Size, without Permission first had and obtained from the aji'dg 1* ^ ° General Assembly, on Pain of forfeiting for each Offence the Sum J ' '' of Three Hundred and Thirty-Four Dollars: which Forfeiture

shall be, if sued for by a private Person, one Moiety thereof to the use of ;he Person prosecuting to «ffect} and the other Moiety

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thereof to.the Treasurer of this State, to and for the Use of this State; and (hall be recoverable by Action of Debt, or Information bsfore any Court proper to try the fame.

An Act to prevent passing counterfeit Bills of Credit, Coins or Currencies, and emitting and passing Bills on private Credit; and to prevent Injustice by passing counterfeit Bills, or Coins.

Par I ena^e^ Governor and Council, and House

''Jlj os Representatives; in General Court assembled, That when and so often as it shall happen, that any false, forged, alter- yte^u^ fi ed, or counterfeit Bill made in Imitation of, or purporting to be, (-ecure courii a Bill of Public Credit emitted by Authority of this State, or of terfeit bilis,any one of the United States, shall be brought to the Treasurer &c. of this State,' or offered to him in the Payment of Rates, or to be exchanged, he shall secure such Bill ; and he is hereby authorised to seize and retain the lame, entering on the Back, thereof the Name of the Person, in whose Possession it was ; and then deliver the fame into the Hands of some Authority, to be enquired into.

And every Assistant or Justice of the Peace is hereby autho

rized and empowered, to Seize and Take into his Custody, every ■

such false Bill which he shall See, observe, or have Knowledge of, t*-°Z r ■• . , n i r 1 L r T jultice may

and the same to retain, entering on the Backhdc thereof, the sejze Count»r»'

Name of the Person from whom he takes the Same; and at his feitsi &c.
Discretion to Cause the Person from whom he took such Bill, or
the Person from whom the Treasurer took such Bill, and lodged
with him, to be examined in the Premises; and to administer an
Oath to such Person or Persons to declare of whom he or they
received it; and thereon to proceed in his Enquiries,iii the man-
ner aforesaid, after the Author'of the Mischief, as fair as such Au-
thority's Discretion shall guide him.

, 3. Be it further enatlcd, That whenever any Person shall be the ■ . .

Possessor of any such false or counterfeit Bill (on. his discovering PosseffoT ?/ 1 ■ * * * ^ counteriCits

it tobe such) he shall deliver the same to some Assistant or Justice what method

6f the Peace; and inform him that he concludeth the same to be to take,
false, and counterfeit; andif such Assistant or justice shall sup-
pose the same to be false as aforesaid, he shall take the same, and
write the Name of the Person of whom he received it, on the back
of said Bill; and that it was delivered him as a counterfeit Bill.

4. And such Persons that so deliver up such Bill, or from whom

such Bill is taken, in either of the Methods aforesaid, may aster May demiijit such Delivery or taking go to the Person of whom he received the PacymS!it ot* same, and demand of him Pay therefor, informing him where such Bill is lodged.

5. And if any Person of whom he received said Bill, shall resusa or neglect to make him Satisfaction therefor 5 or without fitch Demand, Information or Refusal, (if need so require) may brinj

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On refusal his Action for Damage, in not paying him for said Bill, or so? may bring his putting off such Bill to him. before any Court, Assistant or Justice aAion, &c. o£ ^ pe-,cej proper to try the fame; alledging the lame to be taken or delivered up as aforesaid. ^

6. And in the Trial of any such Case, if the Bill be found to be false, forged or counterfeit, to the Satisfaction of the Court that

Trial by en- tries the fame, the said Court shall proceed to enquire into the <1nJ'rlnsll',nt00f Equity of the Case, by examining the Parties under Oath, and the cafe''&c° taking any other Evidences as they shall judge just and right: and upon their finding to their Satisfaction, that luch Plaintiff received the fame Bill of the Defendant for a true Bill, they shall give Judgment for the Plaintiff, for his just Damages and Cost. Provided always, Such Bill be delivered up or taken, as aforefsovU*. said, before the Plaintiff offered the same back to the Person of .. whom he received it.

Provided also, That no Person be prosecuted in Form as aforeJroviso. said., but within one Year after he puts off such Bill ; which Fact maybe enquired into in Form aforesaid.

7. Se it further enacted, That all and every Person that hath at anytime had any such Bill that shall be taken from the Possessor,

The remedy or ky the Possessor be delivered up, as aforesaid, and hath saextended, &e. tisfied the Person to whom he put off said Bill, for the same, shall;

have the like Liberty in prosecuting, and taking remedy, as aforesaid, against the Person of whom he received the same.

&. And thatevery Assistant or Justice, that shall have such Bill in his Hands, shall at the Cost of the Party, safely convey the BiH conveyed farne to any Court where the same mav be wanted in the Trial of Jo Court, &e. the Case.

9, And that if any Court, Assistant or Justice hath had theposTo be destroy- session of such false or counterfeit Bill, the space of one Year, he ed. shall destroy the same.

10. Se it further enacted, That if any Person, Society, Number of Persons, or Company within this State, without special- Autho

med^ium to'is- rltY ^rom Legislature, shall presume to strike, emit, or put out sue fremapri- anv Bills of Credit, on any Fund or Credit of any Person or Pcrvatefund. sons, Society or Company, to be used and improved as a general

Currency, or Medium of Trade, as, and in lieu of Money: such

Person or Persons, Society or Company, and every of them on

Conviction before the Superior Court, shall be whipped on the On penalty naked Body Twenty Stripes, and pay a Fine not exceeding Three 4te. 'Hundred and Thirty-four Dollars, for the Use of the Treasury of

this State, and be confined to any Work-House, or House of Cor* rection in this State, for a Term not exceeding Ten Years, at the

Discretion of said Court.

it. And if any Person shall commit the like Offence and bo Penalty for se-thereof convicted a second Time, he or she shall be whipped •end offence. Thirty Stripes, and be confined in such Work-House or House,.

of Correction,and there be kept to hard Labour during the Tern*

of his or her natural Life.

12. And if any Person or Persons in this State, shall utter,vend

or pass any Bill* or Note*, or any other Currencies whatever.

Counties. i a| -—i 'v ■——

which either have been, or hereafter {hall be struck, emitted or Forfeiture of put out to be used as aforesaid, on the Fund or Credit of any pri- Rouble theva. vate Person or Persons, Society or Company whatever, either in coveredTM*/0" this or the neighboring States: he or they so offending, shall for- 1 feit double the Sum or Value expressed in luch Bill, Note or other Currency : the one Half thereof to him or them that shall prosecute the same to Effect, and the other Half to the Town Treasury, when the Trial shall be before an Assistant or Justice ; and to the County Trealury when it shall be before the County Court.

13. Be it further enacted, That the Treasurer and Civil Authority be and they hereby are authorized and directed, to take the The same me, fame Method to discover, detect and secure all false and coun- 'hod to be ta. terfeit Coins made in imitation of any Gold or Silver Coins that counterfeit'6* are or may be current in this State, and to detect the Authors of co,ns

the Fraud, as is in this Act before provided and directed,in case of false or counterfeit Bills of Public Credit.

14. And any Person who hath or may sustain any Damage by , receiving any false or counterfeit Coin, or any false, forged, coun- Like remedy terfeit or altered Note, Security, Certificate or Order, made in im- of recovering itationof or purporting to be a Note, Security,Certificate or Order, over, as sneafo issued under the Authority of this State, shall and may have re- u^exfat medy for recovery of su<;h Damages, in the fame manner as is by'

this Act provided and directed in cafe of Damages sustained by receiving false or counterfeit Bills of Public Credit.

1-5.' And all Grand Jurors and Constables are hereby required Grand Jurors, to make presentment of all Breaches of this Act. &c- to present*

An Act for Stating, Limiting, and Naming the Coun- /m//@ ties in this State. s**/^*

_ TJ E it enacted by the Governor and Council, and House of

Ar. . Representatives, in General Court assembled, That the

Towns of Hartford, Berlin, Bristol; East-Hartford, East-Windsor, Hartford
Enfield, Farmington, Glastenbury, Granby,, Southington, Sufield, county.
Symfbury, Wet hers field, and Windsor, shall be and remain one Coun-
ty, by the name of the County of Hartford.

2. That the Towns o£ New-Haven, Branford, Chtsiirt, Derby,
DurltaHi, East-Haven, Guiiferd, Hamden, Milford, North-Haven, New-H*T**
Waitingsord, Waterbury, and Woodbridge, (hall be and remain one
County, by the name of the County of New-Haven.

3. That the Towns of New-London, Norwich, Boxrah, Colchefler, ^ , Franklin, Groton, Lisbon, Lyme, Montville, Preston, and Stonington, bounty " °B shall be and remain one County, by the nama of the County of


4. Tnat the Towns of Fairfeld, Danbury, Brooks eld, Green- Fa;rgejj toich, Huntingdon, New-Fairs eld, Newtown, Norzoalk, Reading, co'jnty Ridgtfitld, Stamjord, Stratford,and Weston, shall be and remain one County, by the name of the County of Fairfeld,

[blocks in formation]

Tolland county.


5. That the Towns of Windham, Ajhjord, Brooklyn, Canterbury, Windham Hampton, KillingLy, Lebanon, Mansfield, Plainfield, Pomfret, Stercounty. Ung, Thompson, Voluntown, and Wood/lock, shall be and remain one

County,'by the name of the County of Windham.

6. That the Towns of Litchfield, Barkhempfled, Bethlem, Canaan, I.itchfieV4 CoUbrook, Cornwall, Gojlien,' Hirwinton, Hartland, Kent, Newcoumy." Hartford, New-Milsord, Norfolk, Plymouth, Salfbury, Sharon, South

hury, Torringtm, Warren, Washington, Watertown, Winchester, and Woodbury, shall be and remain one County, by the name of the * County of Litchfield.

7. That the Towns of Middletown, Haddam, Chatham, EajtMiddlesex Haddam, Killingwerth, and Saybrook, shall be and remain on« C0U>Uy^2fJs' County, by the name of the County-of Middlesex.

8. And that the Towns of Tolland, Bolton, Coventry, Ellington, Hebron, Somers, Stafford, Union, and Willington, shall be and remain one County, by the name of the County of Tolland.

^ft&n Act for constituting and regulating Courts, and appointing the Times and Places for holding the fame.

Par 1 *' ena^e<^ Governor and Council, and House

x' JD of Representatives, in General Court assembled. That there shall be yearly twoGeneral Courts, or Assemblies, held in this State; the one at Hartford on the second Thursday iri May, and the other at New-Haven, on the second Thursday in October, (unless necessitated, by infectious or epidemical Diseases or otherwise, occasionally to remove to some other Place :) and the first shall be called the Court of Election; wherein shall be chosen from Time to Time one Governor, who shall be the Chief Magistrate of this State, and be stiled, his Excellency; and one Lieutenant-Governor, whose Title shall be, his Honour j and twelve Assistants or Counsellors; a Treasurer, and Secretary for this States.

v2. And whenever the General Assembly fhal.1 be about to convene, and from the prevalence of contagious Sickness, or the existence of other Circumstances, it would, in the Opinion of the Kess""gov'ernor Governor, be hazardous to the lives or health of the Members, te may convene meet at the Place to which the General Assembly stands adjournthegen.aflem- ed, or at which by Law they were next to meet, the Governor bly ut, &c. js ]ierev,y authorized, by Proclamation, to convene the General Assembly at-such other Place within thq State, as he shall judge proper.

3. And the said General Court shallbe composed of two BranGeneral court c^es' t'ic Governor and Council, and the House of RepresentatoconCstoftwo tives, who shall convene in different Apartments to transact the branches. Public Business: and any Act may be originated bv either Branch, but not be valid,Without the concurrence of both. The Governor, or in his Absence the Lieutenant Governor shall preside in Council: and when the Governor is present to preside, the Lieutenant Governor shall have a voice in Council; and the Governor, or Lieutenant Governor, and six Counsellors, shall be necessa

Two general' courts yearly.

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