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DESCRIPTION OF A PAPER-DRYING AP very tight, and well soldered; because,

on account of the great distance from

the bearing required by the driving RIAL PAPER-MILL OF PETERHOFF, IN

riggers and valve for escape of conRUSSIA, INVENTED BY MR. WILLIAM

densed water, they would be apt to REED.

get slack. I likewise screwed copper (Concluded from our last No. p. 275.)

screws through the tube and brass

end, and they are now as firm as the D is a section of the thin copper first day. At the delivery from the rollers, which are only hammered by clarionet-valve there is a small tube a good coppersmith. Brass ends, with a hole in its side to guide or turned and soldered in the four roll prevent the water splashing or weters carrying the endless felt, have ting the paper as it falls into the edges cast on a little lower to allow trough marked No. 10. The steamthe double edge of felt to rest on, as rollers, felt-drum, reels, &c., are all it requires guide wheels-three pair driven by straps from the machineon each side-to keep it stretched. cylinders marked No. 1. The reels E are round or square, as required (Alat reels we have thrown

The cost of a set of such steamaway).

rollers is about £250, without the

boiler; copper in sheets being ild. When the dry paper is wound about per lb. and cast-brass 16d. to is. 8d. 500 times, we cut it off from the reel with knives made of handsaws, backed with a piece of sheet-iron to keep them

I should have mentioned that the stiff.. Four at a time in use will last

cast-iron forked bearings, No. 9, have a year, if good.

on the top a piece of iron with a

stout wire pin to keep the roller in its It may be as well to notice, that in place, and likewise a small funnel for making the first pair of copper rollers, holding suet-it not being so soon marked No. 2, the copper must be melted. If the rollers get dry they full a quarter and sixteenth brazed

soon cut. and hammered true; otherwise, in turning, the slide-tool will find its

I am, Sir, way through it before it is round.

Your obedient servant, The brass-tube gudgeons are let in about two inches into the end; drove


per lb.

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MESSRS. BRAITHWAITE AND ERICSSON'S to be enveloped by fame, you will be BOILER.

of opinion that a blast might be applied

to that boiler without producing any SIR, --The last attack upon me by

other injurious effect, than the early your good-lempered and disinterested

wearing of it out. Should any part of correspondent, “ F,” affords the most

the tubes become accidentally not perfect illustration that I ever met with

covered with water, as was the case of that homely proverb, which says,

with “Tbe Novelty," no fears need be 6. There are none so blind as those

entertained on that account for personal that won't see.”

safety. But the safe application of a In spite of common sense, and the

blast to boilers baving steam chambers most self-evident truths, “F” persists

of large capacity, is one of great diffiin endeavouring to deceive the public

culty; and I have no hesitation in apinto the belief, that the boiler in Messrs.

pealing to the good sense of your pracBraithwaite and Ericsson's carriage

tical readers, that the manner in which did not give way, notwithstanding all

the blast is applied to Messrs. Braiththe hot water and steam were forced out

waite and Ericsson's boiler is as bad as of it, through an aperture produced by

it can well be, which results from the the excessive heat to which that part of

form of the boiler. In boilers of the the boiler was subjected ! and that the

more common construction, the current blast which is solely used for augment.

of heated air and flame is greatly weaking the temperature of the furnace, had

ened in its effects before it impinges no effect whatever in producing the disastrous result, which occasioned “The

upon any particular point, owing to the

flames taking a longer course in a direct Novelty" being withdrawn from the

line before they are turned by a bend late Railway contest! Now, I would

in the flue, in another direction ; but inquire, whether it be possible to utter

in Messrs. Braithwaite and Ericsson's more gross and palpable nonsense ?

boiler, it will be perceived (on a referAnd, I would ask in what light ought

ence to the section given in a previous we to regard the conduct of "F," who

number of the “ Mechanics' Magacharges me with " substituting fiction

zine') that the strongest flame from the for fact," and in “ persisting in thrice

furnace makes a sudden turn horizonrefuted error most pertinaciously," be

tally, close above the fuel, and the heat cause I bave maintained (and shall ever maintain) the contrary to have been the

is in consequence chiefly concentrated

at the part of the boiler marked a, on fact. If « F" be a man of any experience blow-pipe. Every sensible man must,

which it impinges in the manner of a in the matter on which he writes, he

I think, admit this to be a great defect must also know well that wherever

in Messrs. Braithwaite and Ericsson's blowing as paratuses have been previ.

arrangement, which is otherwise well ously ernployed for exciting the fires of

calculated for making the utmost of steam-engine boilers, they have uni

fuel, and in this respect it certainly deformly been discarded, on account of their occasioning such a rapid oxidation

serves every commendation. I hope, Sir, of the metal. Patch after patch has

should any of your numerous Corbeen“ most pertinaciously" laid over

respondents do me the favour of corthe same hole, until the general weak.

recting any errors that I may have fallen

into, that he wili have the kindness to ness rendered farther patching impossible. This was found to be so trouble

put bis nume to it; because we shall

then be able to see if the statements of some and expensive, and to increase the

the anonymous “F," and the “ reliability to explosion so considerably, as to lead to the general abandonment

spectable Engineer" in ambuscade, of blowing machines. I do not mean to

(whom you quoted in the note appended

to “F's." letter) meet with any support assert that it is impossible so to manage

from PRACTICAL MEN. a blast as to render its destructive tendepoy nearly uniform over the whole

I remain, Sir, respectfully, your obe

dient servant, surface of the boiler, and by such ar

L. HEBERT. rangement oblain advantages for many

20, Palernoster-row, purposes, which would more than com.

Dec. 7, 1829. pensate for the early wearing out of the boiler ; and I think, Mr. Editor, when you shall bave observed the manner in (We have before expressed an opinion which Messrs. Anderson and James's that it is our respected contemporary, boiler is fixed, and that the draught of andis ot his opponents, who have taken air is so managed as to cause every tube a w pig view of this case; and we must


THE BRITISH ALMANAC AND THE COMPANION FOR 1830. 293 say we see nothing in his present reason the wrong days; they put ihe 1st of ing to induce us to change that opinion. Nisan on a wrong day; and they only The accident which happened to “The make thirteen days between the 1st 'and Novelty” is precisely analogous to one the 15th. Excuse me, Sir ; these people of every-day occurrence in common life. may make Almanacs for you, Gentiles, Place a copper kettle, with waler in it, but we, Jews, are not to be thus hum. on a strong fire, and while there is wa bugged out of our monies. ter in it no perceptible injury will en

I am, Sir, yours,
Place the same kettle on the fire,

NATHAN EMMANUEL. without any water in it, and a hole will

24 of the month Chisler, be burned through it in an instant.

Charles-streel, Hounsditch. Would Mr. Hebert say that it is the kettle which is in fault here? We do not suppose he would ; and yet it is an absurdity of precisely the same kind for TAE BRITISH ALMANAC AND THE which he contends in regard to “ The COMPANION TO THE ALMANAC FOR Novelty."-ED. M. M.]

"! The Queen of Night with vast command

Rules o'er the sea and half the land,

And over inoist and crazy brains

In bigb spring-tides at midnight reigns."

HUDIBKAS. Sir,- I thought that you was too hard upon the Society formed for the Diffu

We promised our readers we should sion of Knowledge and Encouragement

return to Mr. Lubbock and his dealings

with the tides; and, as the question at of Literature, by underselling the booksellers, and leaving them nothing to do;

issue does not merely involve the scientibut I have now found to my cost that

fic capabilities of tbat geotleman, and the you are right. In the advertisement

fairness of the strong opinion we bave about their Companion to the Almanac,

pronounced respecting them, but is one I saw a little mention of a Jewish Ca

of great interest to all men of investilendar, which I thought I should like to

gation, we now hasten to redeem our possess.

pledge. I said to my neighbour,

We know not whether Mr. Lubbock Reuben Coben, ‘ Do you think it will be all right, and worth the monies ?' *Fear

was appointed to undertake this reconnot that,' replied he : ' is there not a

dite inquiry by those who sit in authoCommittee of Superintendence, to which

rity at the head of the Knowledge Difbelong Isaac Lyon Goldsmid and Benja.

fusion Society, and who decree to each min Gompertz, both tçue men of our

his province in the common toil." nation ; yea, Israelites indeed ? Well, Or whether with a spirited determinathen : I bought the Companion, think tion to outshine Newton and others who ing half-a-crown would be well laid out have dived into the intricacies of this to have all our Peasts correctly ranged matter- he comes self-devoted to the in print for the whole year before-hand. task. But in either case the result will But, Sir, I now find, too late, that my be found equally honouruble to Mr. monies are gone for nothing, that the Lubbock's intellectual powers, and to Society is not the Diffusion Society, but the Society in whose behalf he has thus the Fudge and Delusion Society, and signally exerted them. that my two Israelitish brethren have We must confess that at first we were slept at their post. And now, though thrown into some dismay by the for. it be the warning of an indignant bro. midable exbibition of mathematical ther, let me remind them, that when King symbols with which Mr. Lubbock Ahab suffered himself to be seduced by makes bis advance into the field. We false prophets, he was slain at Ramoth brushed off the dust and cobwebs from Gilead; yea, and the dogs licked up his Lecroix sur " Le Calcul Differentiel et blood. Sir, will you believe me when I de Calcul Intégral," determining to assure you that in the Jewish Calendar, surmount all the difficulties which page 31, of the said half-crown book, thwarted us twenty years ago, and to there are three mistakes, and one feast show that we too would reduce the tides omitted, in thirty-four lines? These to our beck, flourish abont “ integrales people, Sir, cannot count the number of indeterminées,” “ données explicitedays in our month Thebeth ; they omit ment ou implicitement." and summon our Festival on the 15th of Shebal; they to our aid Taylor, D'Alembert and LAput the 7th and the 10th of Thebeth on grange. But on second thoughts we

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