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Died.] At Bury, the third daughter of Mr. At Sandwich, Edmund Forvle, esq one of Wenn, solicitor.-Mr. John Baynes, of Thorpe the Jurats of that town and port.. Hall, 8S.

At Wye, aged 83, the Rev. P. Parsons, At Harwich, aged 57, Mrs. Simmons, rector of Eastwell and of Snave, in this coun. widow of Lieutenant S. of the Signal station, ty, and for upwards of fifty years perpetual who died only a few days before.

'curate of Maidstone. At Syleham, W. Mann, esq. 74..

At Faversham, Dr. Buffa, of Upminster, At Halesworth, the third daughter of Mr. Essex, late physician to the furces. White, attorney, 20.

At Folkestone, Mrs. Bateman, wife of Mr. ESSEX.

John B. surgeon, 26. The spire of Rayleigh church was struck Mrs. Saunders, relict of Mr. Robert S. Doby lightning in one of the late storms, and ver, 90. the lead with which it was covered was strip- At Broadstairs, the lady of Robert Brown, ped off, and the rafters left bare. This happen, esq. ed just as the congregation were assembling. At Brambling, Mrs. Philpot, 86.

Married.] At Wakes Colre, . Sampson, At Margate, Mrs. Mary Philpot, 59. son of the Rev. W. S. of Down, to the third At Elham, Mrs. Susannah Lynce, 70. daughter of the Rev. C. E. Stewart, late of At Deal, Mrs. Mary Forernan, 39. Melford.

At Maidstone, Mrs Parker, relict of R. Died 1 Ac Colchester Barrachs, Captain P. esq. of Rochester, 88. Durant, of the Ind West York Militia.

At Tunstall, the Rev. Nehemiah Nisbett, Ar Thaxted, Mr. J. P. Brand, formerly of rector of that parish, 64. the Park Fariy.

At Smallhithe, Miss Ann Ralfe, 18.

At Saltwood, the Rev. B. J. Bridges, broThere are two clauses in the Margate Mar- ther of Sir Brook W. B. bart, and rector of bour Pill, of much importance to the inte- Saltwood cum Hythe. rests of the inhabitants of the Isle of Thanet At Boughton under Blcan, Mrs. Cook, and its neighbourhood. By the first, "a 73. drawback is allowed of two shillings upon At Sundridge, Mr. Robert Brown, in the every chaldron of coals sent out of the pa- 66th year of his age; he had been a faithful rish;" so that such consumer will now pay servant to the Right Hon. Lord Frederick six-pence less duty per chaldron than was im- Campbell, upwards of forty years, (but had posed by the last act. And by the other lately retired from that service.) A kind clause, there is a power to remit one half of husband, an indulgenc father, a steady and the rates and duties payable under the provi. sincere friend, beloved and respected by all sions of this act upon all goods, wares, or who had the pleasure of his 'acquaintance, a merchandize, consigned to persons resident out strictly honest man), and whose loss will lorg of the limits of the parish."

be regretted by his family, and those friends Married.) At Canterbury, Mr. Wm Stred- who were best acquainted with him. wick, to Miss Tilbee.-Mr. John Jenkins, of

SUSSEX. Margate, to Miss Gore, only daughter of Mr. The mackarel fishery at Brighton, has this G. of the same place.

year produced the great sum of 20,0001. At East Grinstead, Mr. Charles Honeysett, Died.] At Brighton, aged 94, Mr. R. of Tunbridge Wells, to Miss Boulding, of Humplireys, the oldest inhabitant of that Cranbrook.

place. His death was occasioned by an acci. At Tunbridge, Mr. Wm. Eldridge, to Miss dent which he met with about two years ago, Betsy Jewhurst, both of that place.

that of treading on the iron teeth of a rake in Mr. Markham, of Maidstone, to Miss Sa- "his garden, the pressure upon which occasi. tah Hatch, of East Peckham.

oned the handle to strike and bruise his face, Mr. Isaac Hatch, of East Peckham, to Miss which generated a cancer. Broomfield, of Shoreham.

At Findon, the widow of John Calland, Mr. William Allen, of East Peckham, to esq. 78. Miss Eleanor Hatch.

HAMPSHIRI. At Woodchurch, Mr. Richard Button, to At Sindgewood Green, in the Isle of Wight, Mrs. Mary Streeter.

a lad, apprentice to Mr. Hill, a shoe-maker, At Folkestone, Mr. Robert Baker, to Miss murdered his mistress, by knocking her down Mary Toms - Mr. Wm. Bennett, to Miss with a hatchet, and cutting her throat. On Ann Cullen, daughter of Mr. R. C.

his trial, at Winchester, it appeared that he At Ickham, Mr. - Kelsey, to Miss had acted under the influence of religious faCooper, of Brambling-court.

naticism. He behaved with perfect indiffe At Herne, Mr. John Wadham, to Miss reice, and referred to the Book of job for his Peirce - Mr. Samuel Bird, to Miss Sidders. justification. He has been executed.

Died.] At Canterbury, Mrs. Skinner, wife Married.] Capt. Dickings, to Miss Thompof Mr. 5. 65.--Mr. John Piddock, 80.--Mr. son, of Southampton. Isaac Terry, 55. Mrs. Pittman, 79.--Nirs Died.) At Portsmouth, Mr. J. Pierson, of Mary Knocker, eldest daughter of Wm. K. the Ulysses, 17. etą solicitar, Dover, 18.

At Newport, Mr. Godwin, 100.-H. Den. MONTHLY Mag. No. 230.



nett, esg.. of Newport, 78 - Leigh Trattle, Green, of the Bombay Establishment.--Mrs. esq. one of the aidermen of the borough of Reilly, wife of Mr. R. of the York-House. Newport, 86.

At Nettleton, at a very advanced age, Mr. At Southampton, aged 16, Lætitia Jane, Nicholas Beaker, who, about the year 1773, eldest daughter of G. W. Ricketts, esq. of held the office of church warden to St. Peter Twyford. --Thomas Russell, esq. captain in and Paul, Bath, and caused two additional the East Essex militia, aged 62, youngest son bells to be placed in the tower-the ringers of the late W. R. esq. of Barningham Hall, then promised him that a muffled peal should Norfolk.

be rung at his death, which was faithfully J. Foster, esq. storekeeper of the victualling and mournfully performed The Rev. Ms. office department at Portsmouth.


At Bristol, Mrs. Skinner, wife of the Rev. Married.] The Rev. R. D. Godfrey, of John S. rector of Camerton.--Mr. Jeremiah Leigh-de-la-mere, to Miss Maria Ward, se Phillips, merchant.- Mrs. Clayfield, wife of cond daughter of Samuel W. esq. of Hampton- E. R. C. esq. wine-merchant, and daughter of hill House

James Ireland, esq. of Brislington - Mrs. Died.] At Corsham, Mrs. Podmore, lady of Raymond, wife of Major-Gen. R. H. P. esq. late of Middle Pickwick House. At Taunton, aged 24, Frances, the wife of

The Rev. John Brathwaite, of Milton. Captain Charitie, of the King's Guards, and

At Chippenbam, aged 18, Ensign John daughter of the late Gen. Douglas, of TaunAshe, of the 41st reg. and son of the late Rev. ton. The beauty of her person, the elegance S. A. rector of Langley-Burrell,

of her manners, and the accomplishments of Mr. Wm. Neate, of Broadhinton.

her mind, rendered her to all who knew her BERKSHIRE.

an object of admiration and regard, and to her Married.] Mr. J. E. Langton, of Maiden- immediate connections singularly dear. bead, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. W.

DORSETSKIRI. East, of Wooburn,

. Married | At Martock, Mr. Incledon, of Mr. W, Strange, to Christian Ann, eldest Taunton, to Ann, only daughter of Mrs. Ham. daughter of Mr. J. Tomkins, banker, of lyn, of the former place. Abingdon.

At Bridport, the Rev. G. Laurie, of Bud. Died.) At East Hanney, Mrs. Pruce, 79. leigh, to Miss Forbes, of Camberwell. SOMERSETSHIRE.

At Stourpaine, the Rev. George Augustus Robert Wring, of Wivelisconibe, aged 68, Seymour, A.J. rector of Ewerne Courtney à noted cudgel-player, who for upwards of and Burton Bradstock, to Miss Bastard, 20 years has been blind in one eye and 11 in the only daughter of John B. esg. late of the other, lately returned thanks to God, be- Blandford. fore, a numerous congregation in the church Ac Melcombe, Mr. Jacob Galpine, of at Wiveliscombe, for his restoration to sight Wyke, to Miss Elizabeth L. Swver. by Mr. Sully, at the public infirmary.

Died.] Mr. Gidley, of Crewkerne. Married.) At Bach, Major Waller, to Mrs. At Brownsea Castle, Charles Sturt, esq. forMoore, of Portland Place. The Rev. Dr. merly M P. for Bridport, 49. Walsh, of the Circus, to Miss Eleanor New. Suddenly, at Musbury, Mr. John Ashford, come, daughter of his grace the late Lord 88. Primate of Ireland. --Ferdinand M Vengh, Mss. Messiter, wife of Richard M. esq. of esq. of Meath, to Charlotte, eldest daughter Shafesbury. of Henry Brooke, esq. of Bath --J. B. Hale, Ac Doydean, Mr. Robert Hart, sen. 77. esg. of Alderly, to Jane Eliza, eldest daugh Ac Piddletown, Mr. IVm. Ayres. ter of Joshua Powell, esq. of Brislington, Miss Dredge, of Stoford, 42. . Mr. John Denie, jun of Northgate-street,

DEVONSHIRE. to Miss Glover, of St. Helen's, Lancashire. One of the inost horrid murders which

At Kilmersdon, the Rev. Win. M. Hoblyn, stain our annals was committed at Plymouth of Southfield-house, son of the Rev. Mr. H. on the 7th of July. Mr. John Hyne, fout. of Bach, to Laura Frances, daughter of John merchant, of Old Town, murdered his wife, Paget, esq. of Newberry-house..

two cbildren, and himself!!! He came At Brislington, Mr. Francis Coaker, of down stairs, and having ordered the servant Coway, to Martha, eldest daughter of T. to go out with a letter and a parcel, proceeded Foord, esq. of Queen Charlton.

te his wife, from whom he took the infant Died.) At Bath, Mr. Latham, London child, and then with a pistol shut her, after newspaper agent for that city, 71.-Mrs. which he cut the throats of both children, Leake, relict of James L. esq, one of the al- and put an end to his own existence by anoc dermen of Bath; formerly one of the paten- ther pistol; Mrs. H. is not dead, the ball was tees of the Theatre-Royal Covent-Garden. - extracted from between her shoulders. Insa. Capt. Edgecumbe. He was an officer wlio nity is said to be the cause of this occurrence. attended the great circumnavigacor Cooke, Diel; At Crediton, John Lambert, 659. on one of his perilous voyages.--Helen Ann, member of the corporation, 64. youngest daughter of the late Major W. E. Mis. White, of Kentisbeer.

In Exeter, "Miss Harriet Calder, niece of being erected at Bonar Ferry, over the Dore Admiral Sir Robert C. and grand-daughter of noch Frith, and will connect the counties of Lady Strickland, of Hildenly.

Ross and Sutherland. It is a singlé arch, of · At Tiverton, aged 71, J. Nixon, esq. A.R.A. 150 feet in span. limner to his Royal Highness the Prince Re. A gentleman in the North lately contracted gent, and principal miniature painter to her to deliver in London 17,000 tons of Swansea Royal Highness the Duchess of York. culm, the greater part of which has been al

H. Partington, esq. collector of the customs ready shipped. at Shoreham.

Married C. W. G. Wynne, esq. of Mrs. Luscombe, wife of Mr. E. L. of Stone- Voelas-hall, Denbighshire, eldest son of the house, 29.

Hon. Charles Finch, to Sarah, the daughter Mr. Matthew Brickdale, second son of John of the Rev. Henry Hildyard, of Scokesley, B. esq. of Stoodley.

Yorkshire. At Marpool Hall, Mrs. Negligan, mother At Wrexham, Mr. Edward Evans, to Misa of Mrs. Hull.

Kempster, both of that town. At Exmouth, aged 92, Mr. John Min- Mr. Townsend, jun. of Neath, to Miss nifie, one of the oldest masters of the British Charlotte Williams, youngest daughter of the Davy,

late T. W. esq. of Court Herbert, Glamor. At Shebbear, the Rev. J. Herring, 38.. ganshire. At Exeter, W. Buller, esq.

Mr. Thomas Bevan, of Carmarthen, to At Aylesbear, near Exeter, aged 85, Mrs. Miss Elizabeth Mathias, second daughter of ". Parker, widow of the Rev. Henry M. the late D. M. esq. of Fishguard. CORNWALL.

Mr. Wm. Higgon, of Drim, near Nar.

berth, to Mrs. Bowen, relict of J. B. osq. of Married. At Madron, John Scobell, esq.

Lieutenant-colonel of the 4ch regiment of
Corywall Local Militia, to Mrs. Linton, of

L. Lewis, esq. of Builth, to Miss Daniel, of

Shobdon. Yorkshire.

The Rev, 'D. M. Lloyd, of Pale, to Miss At Kenwyn, Betsey, the daughter of Jonas Taylor, daughter of James L. T. esq. of Cocke, esq. of Truro, to James Nicholls, her Church-hill House, Keni. faiter's footman.

At Hen Eglwys, Mr. Grindley, to Miss Jane Died.] At St. Ives, the Rev. W. Jones, fu

Evans, second daughter of the Rev. T. E. rec. late pastor of the independent church in

tor of that parish. Columb, He expired while performing his

At Pipe, Mr. James Floyd, to Miss Amc. duty as a preacher.

lia Davis, youngest daughter of Mr. R. D. WALES.

of Landoo. A Lancastrian School, on an extensive At Llanbedrgoch, the Rev. G. B. Lewis, plan, is about to be formed in Abergavenny. son of Thomas L. esq. of Mount Hazel, to

There are upwards of 120 French offi- Jane, daughter of the late Rev. W. W. rector cers now on parole ac Abergavenny, and of Bottwnog. about Su more are expected. They behave Mr. R. Jones, of Birmingham, to Anne, remarkably well, and are treated with the second daughter of R. Roberts, esq. of Dolsegreatest civility by the inhabitants.

rey Ucha. The act has passed for making a new · Died.) William Macdonald, esq. of Parkbranch of road from Carmarthen to Lloughor, wern, near Swansea.-Mrs. Joseph, wife of and another branch from the Great Mountain Mr. E. J. of Swansea. to Llandilo; the effict will be the substitu. Mr. Edward Elias, of Plas-yn-y-Glyun. tion of roads perfectly level for the present At Cowbridge, Mr. C. Bradley. billy and inconvenient communications, with At Llanfyllin, Mr. E. Evans, 86. the additional recommendation of abridging In her 87ch year, Mrs. Elizabeth Howells, the distance from Swansea to Carmarthen of Swansea, wlio had practised midwifery upfour miles, and to Lländilo nearly six miles, wards of 50 years. The mode adopted for raising a fund for this Mr. George Tetherley, of Norton, near truly beneficial purpose is perfectly novel, Swansea. and will, we trust, be embraced in all situa. At Padstow, Mrs. Biddulph, the only survi. tions where it can be applied; the fund is to ving daughter of the late c. Townsend, esq. of be created by the sale of part of the waste Gwernllwynwith. lans on the Great Mountain, 500 acres of wbich, At Penlan, Miss Hurd, the only daughter it is presumed, will yield a sufficient sum. of James II. esq.

A cast-iron bridge, on a new and improved Ac Carnarvon, Mrs. Morgan Humphreys, plan, is now reared for public inspection by aged 55. Mr. Hazledine, in front of his foundry at Matthew Stephens, esq. of Nannerch. Plaskynaston, where it forms a new object of At Chepstow, Ms. Samuel Luff, 65. attraction and wonder to the visitors ut Llan At Cliruw, T. W. Maddy, esq. of the Salen Vale and the Aqueduct. This stupen- Welsh Hay, to Miss Margaret Bright, of the vous bridge is constructed for the purpose of Bronith.

N 2


At Builth, aged 72, Mrs. Butts, widow of At Lemberg, Prussia, aged 116, John T. B. esq. of the Rhewye.

Urssulak, a silk-weaver. He had had six At her house at Wrexham Vahan, Mrs. wives; and by the last, who survives him, Elizabeth Davies, relict of the late Rev. had a son cwelve months ago. He was exEdward D, rector of Llanamin Dyffryn Ceo. tremely healthy and active, and walked 6 miles riog, aged 61. Let each proud, self-justified, the day before his death. upstart pharisee, in the mild renor of her At Berlin, M. Villart, merchant. After diffusive benevolence, contemplate the ge- being ill a few days he died on the 9th of Feb. sluine principles of true christianity "*learn On the third day after, whilst his friends to love mercy and walk humbly with his were assembled to perform the funeral rites, God.”-For,

on taking a last look they perceived the linen 6. Large was her bounty and her soul sincere,

at his feet agitated, and in a few minutes Heav'n did a recompence as largely send, : symptoms of returning life. In about half an She gave pale Misery's frozen heart to cheer,

o cheer. hour M. V. opened his eyes, recognized those She gain'd from Heav'n her utmost wish

wisha about him, but complained of excessive drought friend.”

and weakness. For some days he remained in

a doubtful state, and at length expired. IRELAND. Died.) At Richmond, the seat of James

Near Geneva, Mr. Albanis Beaumont, forBurke, esg. county Galway, Mrs. Belinda merly an engineer in the service of the King Crawford, at the very advanced age of 115

of Sardinia, celebrated for his splendid travels years. She was eighteen years old on the in the Rhatian, Maritime, and Lepontine 22d of April, 1715, which day she recollected Alps ; and who for several years assisted in perfectly to the hour of her death, by a total the education of the Duke and Princess Sophia eclipse of the sun, during which, we are histo

• of Gloucester. rically informed, of ihe darkness being so

Aged 66, the Landgrave of Hesse Rottengreat, that the stars faintly appeared, and the

burg. birds went to roost in the morning about ten

At Jamaica, Ann Wignell, a free black o'clock.

woman, at the advanced age of 146 years. She In Dublin, aged 85, Gustavus Hume, esq.

was imported from Africa when 12 years of the eminent surgeon, father of Arthur H of age, and about 14 years previous to the de. the Treasury, Ireland, and of Dr. T. H. physi

struction of Port Royal by the great earth. cian to the forces in Portugal. The Hon. quake in 1692. She had been bedridden some Mrs. Herbert, relict of Counsellor E. H. sis

time before her decease, but retained ber ter of the late, and aunt to the present Earl of senses until the last. Dysart.--Major Irwine, Donegal militia.

At Bilanyoorah, the celebrated Mahratta Suddenly, George Dowdall, esq.

chieftain, Juswunt Rao Holkar, In Rutland-square, Dublin, Macthew Forde,

In Portugal, aged 19, E. H. Glasse, esq. on esq. of Seaford, county Down.

the staff of the British commissariat, and son Rev. Wm. Meade Ogle, of Merion-square,

of the late Rev. G. H. 6. rector of Hanwell. Dublin.

At Hobart's Town, Van Dieman's Land, At Grenville, Limerick, J. Massey, esq.

New South Wales, G. P. Harris, esq. deputy formerly Treasurer of that county, 93.

surveyor general of that colony, and the eldest Ac Cork, H. Furtescue, esq. 76.

son of the late Mr. Henry B. H. of Exeler. Ac White Point, near Cork, John Edward

At Badajoz, of the wounds which he reO'Donnoghue, esg. lieutenant in the gallant ceived in the assault, Capt. James, of the 48th regiment. Though a young officer he

officer he 81st regiment, and assistant Adjutant-Genehad shared the danger and honors of some of ral to Major-General Colville's brigade of the late most brilliant actions in Portugal and

and his Majesty's army in Portugal. This proSpain.

mising young officer was the eldest son of Sir At Drogheda, Lient-col. John French, late

W. J. james, bart. and nephew of Earl Cam. of the 71st Highland regiment.

den. Although born to afluence be chose a DEATHS ABROAD.

military profession, and, although only 24 At Vienna, aged 24, the Prince of Auers years of age, he had seen service in the West perk, who, in September, married the eldest Indies, in Denmark, in Egypt, at the battle of daughter of Prince Lobkowitz.-Field Marshal Maida, and in the Peninsula, and had been Baron de Stutterheim.

successively Aid-de-Camp to Sir James Craic, At Messina, Licut. col. Ainslie, of 4th or

Sir John Stuart, Major - General Meade, queen's own dragoons.

Lieut. Gen. Cole, and the Earl of WellingOn his passage home froni Curaçoa, James

ton. Major-Gen. Colville, in whose brigade Van de Spiegel, esq. collector of the customs

Capt. James served, was severely wounded, for that island, 30.

and wrote, after the assault, to the Earl of 'Thrown overboard by the mizen stay-sail. Wellington, on the following terins : " When sheet, and drowned, while looking out on the totally disqualined myself from giving superenemy, oft Corfu, Lieut. B. Virtue, of his ma

intendence, I was delighted to see the exer. jesty's ship Eagle.

tions of Capt. James, assistant Adjutant-gene

ral, to maintain order and bring on the croops, * Her favorite expression.

and whatever duty I had to employ him up

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on." The remains of this gallant young offi. In Bengal, Major George Eagle. cer were interred, by the leave of the Gover. At Madras, aged 19, Ensiga John Stanley Dor of Badajoz, in the bastion, close to the Smith, ist batt 17th regiment Madras Native breach he was one of the first to ascend. Infantry, and also a student of the Military

At Minorca, Mr. G. Brydges, of his Majes. Institution there ; he was the eldest son of ty's ship Malta, third son of Sir E. B. of Lee Mr. S. of Bleanslow. Priory, near Canterbury. Though only four- At the Island of St. Vincent, the Rev. H. teen years and four months old, he had served Rogers, late curate of Bumpstead Helion, at sea five years and a half, principally in the Essex, and formerly of Magdalen college, Mediterranean.

Cambridge. He was sent out as a missionary At Port Mahon, H. R. Lloyd, of his Man to the Island of St. Vincent, by the society jesty's ship Warspite, midshipman, youngest established in London, but died soon after him son of the Rev. T. L. of Peterley House, arrival. Bucks.








REPORT OF DISEASES. In the Practice of a Physician, in Westminster; from the 20th of June, to the

20th of July 1812. CATARRHUS

... 3. Tussis cum Dyspnea .... Pertussis ..

Phthisis. Rubeola

S Asthenia ...... Variola ..

2 Palpitatio ....... Dentitio...

2 Lumbago ...... Purpura ....

1 Cephalalgia ... Erysipelas ....

1 Paralysis..... Hepatitis, c. ...

i icterus .... Anasarca ..

Febris Intermittens ..... Hydrocephalus

| Lumbricus .. Cholera ...

Scorbutus ... Diarrhea ......

Porrigo ......... Colica ....

Psora. Dyspepsia .....

Amenorrhea... Gastrody nia ......,

2 Menorrhæa .... Enterodynia ........

3 Leucorrhea.... Rh umatismus ........

5 From the 26th of June to the present period, (July 92,) the quantity of rain that has fallen is 1 inch tob. Barometer highest 304. July 7th, 8th, and 9th, lowest 995, June 26th. The greatest height of the thermometer was on the 10th ani 18th of July, when it rose to 790; the lowest 320, on the 27th of June. The prevailing winds have beca from the N.E., E., and S. E. On the 21st and this day, we had thunder, with heavy showers. The hygrometer, during this interval, has indicated considerable dryness in the atmosphere, The season allogether has been cool.

None of the diseases in the present Report, appear to have been influenced by the state of the weather. The district under iny immediate notice is very healthy. Measles, smallpox, and hooping cough, have appeared, but have not spread. The rheumatic affections, with one exception, were slight; and coughs and catarrhs have nearly di appeared.

The case of colic was interesting, from the signal success of the remedy employed. The patient, a young man, had worked among lead, was usually of a constipated habit, and had been affected with the complaint before. The symptoms were those of colica pictonum, or Devonshire colic, which is an improper term, because the disease is neither peculiar to Desonshire, nor confined to painters. In the present instance, the young man had been ill some days before I saw hin; had taken large quantities of aperient medicines without effect, and, at the time of my visit, was writhing with agony." His stomach retained noibing, and the case seemed ainiost hopeless. I chiefly relied upon blood-leteing, as inflam. mation of the bowels threatened. He fainted upon losing twelve ounces of blood, but soon recovered from the syncope. A blister was applied upon the abdomen ; enemata were administered; saline mixture, with small doses of opium, and pills of calomel, and cathartic extract, which before could not remain in the stomach, soon produced the desired effect; and the following day he appeared much recovered, at least free from any danger. But the day after, he was stized with an alarming attack of cholera. This probably might have been induced by the drastic purgatives he has taken when the bowels were under the influence of the lead, which, while it excites pain, and even inflammation, in the intestinal Canal, renders it very insensible to the action of cathartics. Before the torpor is induced, several attacks of pain are experienced; the lead, in the first instance, stimulates, had thea produses corpor and paralysis.


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