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grand-children, 180 great-grand-children, and nington, of Farnworth.--Mr. T. Williams, one great-great-grand-child: upwards of 100 Lord-street, 10 Jane, only daughter of Mr. of his children and grand-children, attended Newall, Union-street. Mr. W. Lewin, mer. his funeral on the following Sunday. The chant, to Jane, third daughter of the late . ages of himself and children run thus-John Fairhurst, esq.-Mr. T. Smith, to Mrs. Hig(the deceased) 100, his daughter Mary, 70, ginson.-Mr. Cæsar Simmons, to Mrs. M, Thomas 66, Martha 63, William 60, John Creighton. -Mr. J. F. Vogelar, merchant, to 53, Sam 50.-Total 462.

Miss Celia Tourner, daughter of Mr. Henry There are now living at Thurlstone, near Tourner. Penistone, seven persons in three houses, all Mr. J. Ollivant, to Miss Susannah Cot. under the same roof, the doors within seven grave, of Chester.- Mr. Henry Bellhouse, of yards of each other, the ages of 6 of them Manchester, to Miss Kaye, of Warrington make 448 years, and have all their faculties Mr. J. Gunnery, to Miss Anna Maria, and are capable of business.

youngest daughter of Evan Jones, esq.Mr. At Sheffield, T. Colley, 70, one of the So- T. Cattrall, merchant, to Miss Mary Anne, ciety of Friends.

daughter of J. Barton e.q.--Mr. J. Lancaster, At Wakefield, Joseph Burrell, esq. mer- of Bootle, to Miss Mary Richardson, os chant, 69.

Crosby Ravensworth.-Mr. J Perin, to Miss T. Hardy, esq. of Wakefield, 60, a man Alderson, both of Warrington.---Mr. James whose benevolence to the poor, will render Natham, to Miss Ligoe. his loss severely felt, and sincerely lamented At Manchester, Mr. B. Wroe, merchant, by numbers.

to Miss Ann Woolley, both of Salford. Ac Swillington, the Rev. John Gill, of Ai Lancaster, Mr. T. Mansergh, to Miss Doncaster, 25.

Elizabeth Williams Aç Knaresbro', Mrs. F. wife of Mr. Fair- John Ford, esg. of Ellel Hall, acar Lan. bank, solicitor.

caster, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the Mr. Alderman Rawson, of Ripon.

late John Lawson, esq. of Lancaster. In York, Mrs. Mary Morrit, 88, the last Died.) At Liverpool, Mr. R. Knipe, 66. surviving daughter of Bacon Morrit, esq. of Mrs. J wife of Mr. A. Joynson, RichmondRokeby Park

row.-Mr. J. Harrison, 51. At Beverly. Samuel Butler, esq. many Kitty Elizabeth, niece of Robert Kirkyears manager of the theatres at Beverley, patrick, of Lime Grove, esq. barrister-at-law, Harrogate, Ripon, Kendall, and Whitby, inspector general for taxes. -Mrs. H. Moss, Marmaduke Constable, esq. of Wassand, in Hanover-street. Mrs. E. Capper, Athertonhis 77th year, the last fifty of which he acted street, 74. in the commission of the peace, and a still At Lancaster, in the bloom of youth, Jonger period as receiver-general for the North John, the only son of John Doubiggin, esq. of and East Ridings of Yorkshire.-Mrs. M. 65, that place. relict of Hassell Moor, esg. one of the alder Miss Webster, sister of the late J. W. of men of that corporation.

Croxieth Hall, 77.-Mr. R. Swainson, 73. Mrs. B. wife of Mr. Brown, of Ganstead, At Nest, J. Walton, esq. master-miner, 68, in Holderness.

At Wigan, Mr. W. Banks, clerk of the Mrs. H. 75, wife of the Rev. W. Hague, parish church at Wigan for many years, 74. of Scarborough.

At Runcorn, Mr. Francis A. eldest son of Edward Cleaver, esq. of Nunnington, near Mr. Almarie, of Manchester. . Malton, late banker at Leeds, 72.

Mrs. Ann Houlgrave, eldest daughter of LANCASHIRE.

the late Peter Atherton, esq. At Liverpool, one and a half millions of At Upholland, the Rev. J. Braithwaite, yards of bounty goods were shipped lately, lecturer of St. George's Chapel, Wigan. worth 125,9406.; and, it is said, that two Mrs. H. wife of Joshua Hinde, esq. and a half millions of yards more are in pro

CHESHIRE. gress of embarkation. Within the interval The following account of the philosophic of a week after the alteration in the council behaviour of the men who were executed on orders, 12,0001. convoy duty. at four per the 15tb ult. has appeared in the county pacent, was paid indicating further shipments to pers :-The history of public executions can tne amount of 400,0001. The wages of the scarcely produce an instance where men have Lancashire manufacturers have also been met death with more apparent firmness, not raised about 2s. Sd. per week.

to say insensibility, than Thompson and TemThe first stone of two schools on the plan ple, at Chester. They walked from the of Dr. Bell, were lately laid in Manchester. castle to the cart at Glover-stone with a firm

Married.) At Liverpool, lately, Mr. W. and fearless step. In their way through the Shedrick, deputy engineer of the Liverpool city, they surveyed the immense crowd with Docks, to Miss Mary Edwards, of Liverpool. a smiling cunntenance, and an eye ot' seeming - Mr. Edward Hughes, to Miss Harrison, curiosiey. On their arrival in the city gael, both of West Derby. Mr. J. M. Shelling, before mounting the platform, they conversed to Miss Sarah Houghton, of Howlcott, freely together, and Thompson sucked two Mr. J. Hall, printer, tu Miss Alice Pen- oranges. It was agreed betweçn them that


Thompson should let fall a handkerchief as a Married.] At Leicester, 'the Rev. Henry signal for the drop to go; but he observed to Green, M.A. vicar of Broadhembury, Devon, Temple, “ when you feel ready, put your to Alicia, daughter of the late Rich. Stephens, foot upon mine." This the latter did the esq. of Leicester.-Mr. J. Bateman, to Miss moment they were tied up; Thompson Wood house, of Quorndon. Mr. Orton, to then threw the handkerchief from him in a Mrs. Basset. manner chat would indicate that he meant it At Hallaton, Mr. Wilson, to Miss Ward. as a challenge! They instantly dropt- -W. French, gent. of Oathorpe Lodge, to Temple scarcely stirred a limb; but Thompson Mary Anne, youngest daughter of the late was convulsed for about three minutes, ow. Capt. Vowe. ing to the noose slipping to the back of his At Cosby, Mr. Tho. Marriott, of Flower, Teck. Temple, who was a Roman Catholic, to Miss Eliz. Allen, daughter of Mr. A. died with a key upon one of his fingers. Nei. Died.] Mrs Carver, wife of the late Mr. ther of them uttered a word at the drop- they W.C. of Ingorsby. both seemed impatient to quit this sublunary Ac Loughborough, Mrs. Mary Seward, 3.1, scene of care and sorrow,

wife ot' Mr. James S. Died.] Ac Alvastan House, William Fos. Mrs. Peach, wife of Dr. P. of Loughboter, esq. 78.


Aged 73, Mrs. Reid, relict of Mr. Matthew Diel.) Mr. J. Corden, one of the constables R. of Leicester, owing to her being overturned of the borough of Derby, which situation he in a post-chaise, near Creaton. A perhad held upwards of thirty years.

son, the excellence of whose character Caroline, second daughter of the late Mr. rendered the termination of her life, even at W. Chawner, of Lees Hall.

an age when it could not have been regarded At Scarcliff, Mrs. S. wite of Mr. Scorar, of as premature, a subject, to her family and that place, 27.

friends, of deep affliction and regret. She At Mirfield, Mr. S. Son of the late D. died in the entire retention of her higher Shepley, esq. of Ockbrook

powers, although those of her body had in a NOTTINGHAMSIIRE.

great measure given way to the depredation of The town and county of Nottingham are time, and the more sensible encroachments of now in a state of the utmost tranquillity. a chronic maludy. Her infirmity was exclu.

Married. At Nottingham, Mi F. Braith- sively corporeal. There was no failure of waite, to Mes. Wilson Mr. John Pearson, feebleness of the intellectual faculties. Her of Chilwell, to Miss Mary Royston.

mental perspicacity, for which, in every forAt Papple wick, Mr. W. Hornbuckle, of mer period of her life, she was eininently Leicester, 1o Miss Elizabeth Webster, of the distinguished, betrayed not, even at the latest, former place.

any of the dininess of decay. She lived to Decal. Mrs. Chumasroe, aged 39, wife of illustrate and confirm, in her own person, an Mr. Isaac C. Parliament-street, Notting bam. argument upon which she often delighted to

At Kirklington, aged 25, Caroline Ma- dwell, in favour of the immortality of the tilda, wife of Admiral Frank, and youngest soul, which is founded upon its energies sura daughter of the late Capt. Barker, of Potter- viving, even in this life, the dilapidation of Newton, near Leeds.

the material frame. The moral merit of this LINCOLNSHIRE.

exemplary woman, was equally conspicuous Married. Ac Appleby, Mr. E Johnson, to with her other excellence. Her benevolence, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. W. Johnson. as well as discretion, was in no instance

At Gainsborough, Mr. Johnson, of Stur- more strikingly exercised and exhibited, thana ton in the Steeple, to Miss Nowell, daugh- in the government of the tongue. She not ter of Mr. N. officer of excise, of the tormer only shewed an extreme delicacy towards the place.-Mr Ridge, to Mrs. Brown, widow, feelings of those with whom she was conboth of Morton. Their united ages amount versing, but, if possible, a still more seru. to 161 years.

pulous and anxious tenderness to the good Died. At Lincoln, aged 81, Mrs. Hick name of the absent. An exquisite feeling of son, relict of J. H. esq. of Hull.Mr. C. E. regard for the character of others, constituted Holgate, eldest son of the late Edward H. of the most prominent, as well as estinuable, High Risby.

feature in her own. This quality was still At Brumby, Mr. William Bartle, 57. more praise-worthy and disinterested, her con

At Gainsborough, Barbara, wife of Samuel duct being, for the most part, so correct and Fisher, of that place, lace of Sheffield, at unimpeachable, that she seldom required for torney-at-law, and daughter of the late Wm. herself that candor, which she constantly exHoyle, esg. of Aughton, near Rotherham. ercised in the behalf of others. The predo. LEICESTERSHI2 E.

minant and pervading principle of her acThe rejoicings at Loughborough, on the tions, was the desire of doing what was right; news of the alteration of the Orders in Coun. and, if ever she was misled, to do wiat was cil, continued three days successively. All otherwise, it was from some accidental deis now activity aod cheerfulness in every part ficiency of knowledge, or some partial oba of this populous manufacturing cowsky scuration of judgment.

Mrs. Mrs. Dalrymple, of Burton-upon-Trent. Mrs. Harris, sen. of Coventry, 64.

At Hinckley, Mrs. Bristowe, relict of the Eliza, fourth daughter of Mr. Thomas lace Thomas B. esq. of Worksop.

Smart, of Warwick.

At Castle-Ashby, Mrs. Scriven, wife of
Married.) At Stoke-upon-Trent, Mr. James Thomas S. esq. 73.
Yates, of Shelton, to Miss Ridgway, of the At Birmingham, Mr. Richard Rayner, of
former place.

Newhall-strect. ---Mr. Vale, of St. Mary's At Wolverhampton, Mr. Phineas Bullock, Row, 74.--Mr. Philip Tranter, 64. Mr. to Miss Ann Brait. Mr. Nent, of North. John Fairfax, of Hospital-street, 26. wood-hall, to Miss Ebrey, of Newtown, near While visiting a pacient, David Rattray, Wem.

MD. of Coventry. Died.) At Tunstall, Mrs. Reade, wife of Ac Baddesley Ensor, Mrs. Clifford, 70. Mr. J. R. of that place.

Mrs. Micklewriglit, wile of Mr. M. sen. Aged 35, Mr. Edward Lynch, surgeon, of of Caventry, 25. Chaeole.

Ac Ivy-house, near Hanley, Ralph Badde. Aged 70, Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. James ley, esq. many years an eininent manufac S. of Sleighford.

turer of earthen-ware. Mrs. Howell, of Wolverhampton

Sg&OPSHIRI. At Line End, Mr. Wm. Plait, of Tean, 56. Married Mr. Kent, of Northwood. hall,

Mr. John Sowerby, of West Bromwich to Miss Evrey, of Newtown, near Wem. Heath.

At Alverbury, Mr. Andrew Mansell, of In his 80th year, the Rev. Thomas Shaw the Roukery, co Miss M. Higginson, of the Hellier, M. 1. cuiate of St. Jonn's chaped, Coidway." Wolverhampton, o: Claverley, in the county Mr. Beard, to Miss M. Griffiths, both of of Salop, and of Tipton, und ohaplain to the Oswestry. Righe Hon. the Earl of Stanford and War. At Madeley, Mr. £. Goff, to Miss Clark. kington.

Died.) Edward Stanier, esq. of the Abbey WARWICKSHIRE.

Foegate. The manufacturers of Birmingham are Mr. Edwards, printer and bookseller, of amongse the most prominent profiters by the Oswestry. abrogation of the Orders in Council. On Mfr. Joseph Cartwright, of the Forest of the return to Birmingham of Mr. Spooner, Hayes, near Westbury. and the deputation from London, upwards John Jones, esq, ot Black-hall. of 30,000 persons proceeded to meet them

WORCESTERSHIRE. at Camp bill, and waited several hours for The Rev. John Miller, pastor of a dissenttheir arrival, exposed to incessant rain. No- ing congregation, at Westmancote, has reco. thing could exceed the exultations withi which vered 401. damages, in an action brough they were received.

against several persons who had interrupted Married ] Mr Thomas Cropper, merchant, the congregation while assembling for worn ef Liverpool, to Margaretta Sophia, eldest ship. daughter of the late John Hawker, of Bir. The casing of that fine ancient structure mingham. --Mr. Jesse Parkes, to Miss Burch, St. Andrew's tower, supporting the muchall, of Rotton-park. Mr. Willianı Allin, of admired beautiful spire, at Worcester, is nour the Hay-market, to Miss Sarah Hurd, of nearly completed, the work being carried Birmingham,

within 8 feet of the battlements. The sum Mr. William Elliott, to Miss Ann Meigh, of 10621. was subscribed for this purpose, both of Coventry,

which, it appears by an advertisement, is At Shilton, Mr. William Orton, of Bara 6001. less than the expense. nacle, to Miss Wakelin, of Barnacle-hall. Married,] At Dudiey, Mr. I. Casswell,

at Tertenhall, Mr. William Led, of Brada jun. to Mrs. Sarah Evans, .of Lower Town, ley, to Miss Ann Lees, daughter of Mr. Dudley, Thomas L. of Gunston.

Ac Kineton, the Rev. Mr. Sandys, of Al Albrighton, Mr. B, Higgins, to Mrs. Southam, 10 Miss Webb, of the former place. Ann Lakin.

Died ) In Dudley, in the prime of life, At Aston, Mr. S. Tibbins, to Miss Horn. Maria Wright Crockett, wife of the Rev. blower.

Robert C. of Fordhall, Shropshire; a lady of At Old Swinfurd, Mr. M'Turle, of Stoure the most genuine piety, christian humility, bridge, to Miss Ann Scott, of the same place, and the most amiable manners.-dliss Perry.

Mr. John Smith, of Nuneaton, to Miss Mr, Hattil. Gater, of Coventry.

Mr, Adam Attwood, of the Ketch, near At Edgbaston, John, eldest son of Mr. Worcester. William Eline, 1o Eliza, eldest daughter of The Rev. George Shelton, one of the mic W. Groom, gent. of Cambridge.

nor canone of Worcester cathedral Died.] Ac Ulicxeter, Mrs. Wood, of that Ac White Lady Aston, Mrs. Elis. Bourne, place, 78.

at the very advanced age of 106! She retains Matilda, youngest daughter of Sir E. C. ed her faculties till she was 103 Hartopy, of Four-oaks-hall.

Miss S. Saunders, of Bromsgrore. ..



Charles Emerson, esq. of Bowldown-house, Ac Upton Bishop, the Rev. G. H. L. Gret, to Miss Anna Collings, of Aust. ton, to Miss Donne.-Mr. John Evans, of Mr. Richard Aston, of Bury.court, to Miss Ragland, to Miss Chadwell, of Treworgan. Hartland, of Great Lintridge.

The Rev. E. Hodgson, vicar of Rickmans. Mr. Wardman, to Miss Seldon, daughter worth, to Georgiana, third daughter of che of Mr. W. S. of Cheltenbam. late W. Franks, esq. of Beech-hill.

Mr. Ward, surgeon, of Leachlade, to Eliza, At Leominster, Mr. Thomas Edwards, of eldest dawghter of James Carpenter, esa of Ivington park, to Miss Sarah Brown, of Win. Backington. tercott..

Ar Tewkesbury, Mr. Hopkins, of Bath, Died.] At Leominster, Mr. J. Bayley, 75. to Eleanor, second daughter of Mr. William Joon H. Apperley, ens. of Witaington, 61. Thomas, of the former place. Mrs. Thomas, wife of Mri Ay I. of Ross. Mr. John Weaver, of Gloucester, to Mary -Aged 93, in full possession of her faculties, Anne, daughter of Mr. Tyler, of Cirencester. Margaret Hill, of Ross.

Mr. Richard King, cf Kempsford, to Miss MONMOUTHSHIRE.

E. Beach, of Quedgeley. Married.] Mr. E. Paull, to Frances, daugh. Thomas Jones, esq. of South Cerney, to ter of the Rev. Mr. Lewellyn, both of Mod. Miss Ana Cl.fford, of Newnham. mouth.

· Mr. William Bright, to Miss Sarah Smith, Mr. John Day, of Newport, to Miss Eliza both of Westbury-upon-Severn. Edwards, of Caerleon.

At Cheltenham, Mr. Francis Tucker, to William Powell Lorymer, esq. of Perthyre, Miss Elizabeth Hicks - Mr. William Phelps, to Cecilia, second daughter of the late Henry of Minsterworth, to Elizabeth, daughter of Addis, esq. of London.

Mr. Joseph Gardner, of Gloucester. At Lanwarne, Mr. Thomas Cooke, of Ať Elkstone, C. W. Lovesey, esq. of Ross, to Miss Elliott, daughter of John E. Charlton Kings, to Margaret Bennett, of the gent. of Ballingham,

Manor-house, Elkstone. Died. On the 25th of June, at Pen-pound Died.] Mary Anne, eldest daughter of house, Monmouth, Dame Anna Harington, John Brown, esq. of Salperton, aged 15. relict of Sir James H. bart, and mother of Sir At Gloucester, Mrs. Middleton, wife of Joha Edward H , tbe present baronet. Lady Mr. M. of St. Mary's-square.-Aged 9s, Mr. Harington was the daughter of James Ashen- W. Dyke, farber of Mr. J. D. of Westgatehurst, esq. of Park-hall, Staffordshire. street. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

Eliza, daughter of C. Neale, esg. of Hares During the past month, the public have field, aged 17. been interested by the progress of a contested The only son of the Rev. Ms. Morse, of election af Bristol. One of the candidates Tewkesbury. was a Mr. Hart Davis, banker, of Bristol, Ac the Boyce, near Dymock, aged 82, and the other Mr. John Hunt, an independent John Wood, esq. late of Preston court. country gentleman, of Hampshire. The local Mrs. Evans, of Bushley, aged 63. influence of Davis prevailed over the inde. Jane, wife of Charles Wathen, esq. of pendence of Hunt; but the latter gave the Rooksmoor. former much trouble, and put him to an ex- Mr. John Carless, of Newent, aged 69. pence which he may not think it worth Mrs. Vale, wife of Mr. Charles V. of while to repeat at a general election, when Arlingham. Mr. Hunt promises to renew the contest. Mr. Bolton, of Chosen.

The extensive clothing-mill of Messrs. Aged 95, Mr. John Brewer, of Cirencester, Brown and Co. at Railsworth, was lately de. where he had been a tradesman more than Hroyed by fire. The loss is nearly covered balf a century. by insurance.

At the very advanced age of 101, Mary The following fact may be considered as a Jones, widow, ot Berkeley. proof of the value of canal-property in some At Hygrove, aged 14, Lucy Maria, youngest parts: Frederick Page, esg, las disposed of daughter of Charles Evans, esq. his estate and interest in the navigation of A: Fairford-park, aged 21, Edward, young. the river Kennet, for 100,0001, to the Ken- est son of John Raymond Barker, esq. Bet and Avon Canal Company

At Almondsbury, aged 59, Robert Claxton, The Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Com- esq. an alderman of Bristol. pany liave come to a resolution of opening At Cerney-Wick, Mrs. Parker, relict of their capacious bason at Gloucester for the Capt. P. ose of the public.

OXFORDSHIRE. Married At Welford, Mr. Evans, of War. Married.] AC Oxford, Mr. Edmund Cham. wick, to Miss Bayliss, of the former place. bers, chird son of the late Rev. T. C. of Rad.

The Rev. Henry Cripps, second son of way, Warwickshire, tu Miss Williams, grand Joseph C. esq. M.P. for Cirencester, co Miss daughter of the late Captain Foriescue, R N. Judith Lawrence, daughter of William L. esg.

ice, dauehter of William Lu esa of Cookhill House, Worcestershire. Mr. of the same place.

James Gill, to Miss Ward, of George-lane.

Died,] Died.) At Oxford, Mr. I. Gardiner, 27. of William Hammond, esq. of St. Alban's Mr. A. Robins, late of Merton College, 23. Court, Kent.

Mrs. Viner, wife of Mr. V. wine-merchant. Died.) At Castle Ashby, in her 734 year, -Mr. William Salter, son of the Rev. W. Mrs. Scriven, wife of Thomas S esq. S. of Farwny, Devon.--The Rev. W. B. At Patrishall, Mr. William Waite, 74. Portal, B. D. rellow of St. John's College. At Cosgrove, aged 76, Mrs. M. Lowndes, The Rev. T. Winfield, rector of Finmore. sister to William Selby, esq of Wiosłow. Mrs. Cotton, wife of Mr T. C. of Banbury. E. Grant, esg of Litchborough. She has lett eleven children.

Agert 77, the Rev. William Raye, up. At Henley, in his 70th year, Peter Beu- wards of 50 years rector of Weldon. zeville, esq.

CAMBRIDGESHIRL. At Whitcliurch, the Rev. G.C. Lichfield, dreadful file lately broke out in the M.A. fellow of King's College.

village or Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire, at a BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

blacksmith's shop, and, for want of engines A society has been formed at Great Mar- and proper assistance, consumed twentylow, by gentlemen of considerable landed three houses. property, for the laudable purpose of pro. Dawson, the fellow who poisoned the rate treting the growing crops of bread corn from horses ar Newmarker, has been tried and being injured in the spring season by game, convicted. The judge sentenced him to and particularly rabbits. The main object death, and forbad him to hope for mercy. of this association is, to petition Parliament The old wooden bridge across the Cam, for a repeal of the Game Laws, that all per- called the Mathematical Bridge, lately fell sons may be allowed to destroy the wild beasts in. No persons were on it at the time. and vermin (hares and rabbits) which prey M arried.] At Wisbech, Mr. William Clifopon so great a quantity of the food of man! den, widower, aged 60, to Miss A. Bigas, The society bave published a series of reso- aged 99 lutions, which, in point of justice and feeling, J. Varley, gent. late of Long Sottor, aged are tfuly inimirable.

74, to Mrs. Ann Lunn, of Wisbeach, aged Married.] Mr. G. Bradford, of Bucking. 40; after a courtship of four days. This is ham, attorney-at-law, to Miss Frances Milla- the fifth lady that this gentleman has led u gan, of the same place.

the hymeneal altar. Died.] At Westhorpe House, Little Mar. Mr. Cetringhany, of Chesterford, to Mist low, Hannah, wife of N. E Kindersley, esq. Cottingham, of Warwiek. ayed 53.

Died.) At Balsham, in her 83d year, E. Penelope, the wife of Mr. Joho Brooks, soli. Ramsden, relict of the Rev. Dr. R., lare citor, Aylesbury, in her 31st year. Her ex- master of the Charter House. cellent endowments were universally admired,

NORFOLX. Dor was she less anviable as a mother, her meeting has been laeld at Norwich, fox death being brought on by an extreme anx the purpose of forming national sekool's in chat iety and attendance on a sick infant. Having city, and different parts of the county. been the daughter, as well as the wife, of an M arried.] J. Treneh Berney, esq. of Bra. attorney, her talent for business, bo:h in con-hall, to Miss Penrice, daughter of T. M. writing and che practice of the law, was such esq. of Great Yarmouth. as to render her an astonishing instance of Lieutenant H. Taylor, of the 65th foot, facility and judgment in an element scarce to the eldest daughter of B. Norton, Cay of ever before ventured on by a female. In her Bawbergh Hall. person she was beautiful, and in her man Died.] The Rev. R. Parr, 71, rector of uers truly engaging

At St. Leonard's, aged 81, Mrs. Ann The Rev. J. Ceyte, 64, rector of Cantley.
Baldwin, reliet of the late J. B. esq. of Ser At Reepham, Mrs. A. P. Laihe, 73.
jeant's Inn.

At Swaffnam, Mrs. E. Martin, 77.

At Lyon, Mr. Lockett.
Married.) Joseph Field, esq. of Harter's At Castle Meadow, Mr. E. Mann.
End, to Miss Hewett, of Fair Mile House, At New Buckenham, Mrs. Dodd, wife of

The Rev. E. Hodgson, vicar of Rickmans. Mr. D.surgeon worth, tu Georgiana, third daughter of the At Yarniouth, the Rev. Mr. Betts. late W. Franks, esq. of Beech Hill.

SUP FOLX. C. Wortham, esg. of Aspden, to Miss A. Married.] The Rev. J. Bickersteth, M. A. Flexney, of Littlecourt.

rector of Acton, Suffolk, to Miss Henrietta Died.] 41 Lilley, Mrs. Sowerby, wife of Lang, of Casterton, Westmoreland. 1. Sowesby, ecg.

The Rev. T. Holmes, of Bungay, to Miss

M. Tuthill, of the same place. Married.] Mr. W. Johnson, of Carlton, At Bory, Mr. B. Smith, to Mrs. Kersey. to Miss Frances Brown, of Fisher's-blouse. -Mr. Churchyard, to Miss Chandler, of

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Married.] John Nethenost, esq. of Hazel Mr. J. Smith, jun. of Griswell, to Min beech, to Charloite Jemima, thind daughter Godfrey, of Caldecott.


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