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Containing official Papers and authentic Documents.

corps arrived on the Vistula, at Elbing, and THE European influence of this vast Marienburg; the second corps at MarienT empire seems likely to be destroyed werder; the third corps at Thorn; the fourth by the weakness, corruption, and folly of and sixth corps at Plock; the fifth corps asits councils. The French emperor is sembled at Warsaw, the eighth corps on the about to strike it as with a thunder-bolt,

right of Warsaw, and the seventh corps at

Pulawy. and such is the infatuation of its govern

The Emperor set out from St. Cloud on spent, that it invites, rather than avoids,

the 9th of May; crossed the Rhine on the the blow, The double policy of Russia

13th, the Elbe on the 29th, and the Vistulą has brought so much mischief on its on the 6th of June. neighbours, that, if the seat of its despotic

. Second Bulletin of the French Army. governinent is again transferred to Mos

Wilkowski, Junc 22, 181%. cow, no loss will be suffered by Civiite All means of effecting an understanding zation or humanity.

between the two empires became iropossible, First Bulletin of tbe French Army. The spirit which reigned in the Russian ca.

Gumbinnen, June 20, 1812. binet hurried it on to war Towards tbe end of 1810, Russia altered Genozal Narbonne, aid de camp to the her political system-the English spirit re- Emperor, was dispatched to Wilna, and could. gained its influence the Ukase respecting remain there only a few days. By that was commerce was its first act.

gained the proof, that the demand, equally In February, 1811, five divisions of the arrogant and extraordinary, which had been Russian army quitted the Danube by forced made by Prince Kurakin, and in which he marclies, and proceeded to Poland. By this declared, that he would not enter into any movement, Russia sacrificed Wallachia and explanation before France had evacuated the Moldavia.

territory of her own allies, in order to leave When the Russian armies were united and them at the mercy of Russia, was the sine formed, a Protest against France appeared, qua non of that cabinet; and it made that a which was transmitted to every cabinet. matter of boast to foreign powers. Russia by that announced, that she felt no The first corps advanced to the Pregel. wish even to save appearances. All means The Prince of Eckmuhl had liis head-quarters, of conciliation were employed on the part of on the 11th of June, at Konigsberg. France-all were ineffectual.

The Marshal Duke of Reggio, commanding Towards the close of 1811, six months the second corps, had his head-quarters at after, it was manifest in France that all this Wehlau; the Marsbal Duke of Elchingen, could end only in war; preparations were commanding the third corps, at Soldass ; the made for it. The garrison of Dantzic was Prince Viceroy at Rastenburg; the King of increared to 20,000 men. Stores of every Westphalia at Warsaw; the Prince Poniatowsdescription, cannons, muskets, powder, am bi at Pultusk: the Emperor moved his headmunition, pontoons, were conveyed to that quarters, on the 12th, to Konigsberg, on che place : considerable sums of money were Pregel; on the 17th, to Insterberg ; on the placed at the disposal of the department of 19th, to Gumbinnen. engineers, for the augmentation of its forti- A slight hope of accommodation still refications.

mained. The Emperor had given orders to The army was placed on the war es- Count Lauriston to wait on the Emperor tablishment. The cavalry, the train of ar- Alexander, or on his minister for foreign aftillery, and the military baggage train, were fairs, and to ascertain whether there might completed.

not yet be some means of obtaining a reconIn March, 1812, a treaty of alliance was sideration of the demand of Prince Kurakin, concluded with Austria ; the preceding month and of reconciling the honor of France, and a treaty liad been conciuded with Prussia. the interest of her allies, with the opening of

In April, the first corps of the grand a negociation. army marched for the Oder, the second corps The sanie spirit wbich had previousl. to the Elbe, the third corps to the Lower swayed the Russian cabinet upon various pre. Oder, the fourth corps set out from Verona, texts, prevented Count Lauriston from accrossed the Tyrol, and proceeded to Silesia. complishing his mission; and it appeared for The guards left Paris.

the first time, that an anibassador, under On the 22d of April, the Emperor of circumstances of so much importance, was Russia took the command of his army, quitted unable to obtain an interview, either with St. Peremeburg, and moved his head-quarters the sovereign or his minister. The Secre. to Wilna.

tary of Legation, Prevost, brought this in. Io the commencement of May, the first telligence to Gumbingen; and the Emperor

issued orders to march, for the purpose of tie to Bonaparte; but under every obli. passing the Niemen. “The conquered," ob- gation to the people of Sweden. We served he, “ assume the tone of conquerors; are in possession of all the particulars of fate drags them on, let their destinies be ful. those negociations. filled." His Majesty caused the following.

SPAIN. Proclamation to be inserted in the Orders of Lord Wellington has advanced beyond the army:

Salamanca, on his way to Madrid! Soult “SOLDIERS! The second war of Po.

is uneasy in Andalusia, and the engageland has commenced. The first was brought to a clise at Friedland and Tilsit. Altisit. ments of Bonaparte in the North thay Russia swore eternal alliance with France

enable us to rescue Spain, particularly if and war with England.. She now violates our ministers have liberality enough to her oaths. She refuses to give any expla. support the rights and liberties of the nacion of her strange conduct, until the Spanish people. eagles of France shall have repassed the

CREAT BRITAIN, Rhine, leaving, by such a movement, our In our last, we expatiated on the allies at her mercy. Russia is dragged along wickedness of carrying on a war which by a fatality! Her destinies must be accom.

has no rational object, nor had any comprished. Should she then consider us degeserate? Are we no longer to be looked upon

prehensible purpose in its origin. We as the soldiers of Austerlitz? She offers us

were not then aware that an endeavour the alternative of dishonour or war. The to effect Peace, which we should have choice cannot admit of hesitation. Let us thought honorable in Great Britain, then march forward! Let us pass the Nie- had but two months before heen made men! Let us carry the war into her terri. by France. It grieves us, however, to wory. The second war of Poland will be as observe, by the correspondence, that, glurious to the French arms as the first; but as long as a certain malign influence the peace which we shall conclude will be

preponderates, the people of England its own guarantee, and will put an end to

most sulfer the miseries and the disa that proud and haughty influence which

grace of this war. That influence was Russia has for fifty years exercised in the af.

shaken by the death of Perceval, (whose fairs of Europe. “ At our head-quarters, at Wilkowski,

paltry skill in special pleading, and whose “June 22, 1812."

pettilogging politics, appear in the reply

in the French minisier;) but it again POLAND.

reared its head in the late decision on During the present month, this extin

Mr. Palmer's just claims, and in the guished kingdom has reared its head again,

Lords' vote on the CATHOLIC QUESTION. and the tyrants who united to destroy it,

to destroy "; We hope, notwithstanding, that the Reare, under the signal dispensations of

gent has opened his eyes; that he will Justice, making heavy retributions for shake it wholly off; that manly vigoar their crimes. A diet has been held at

and masculine integrity will predioininate Warsaw, and a constitution proclained

in his councils; and that justice alone which will establish, in the finest part of will characterize the future measures of Europe, a powerful empire, and open his

" his government. new scenes for the triumphs of civilia

On the following correspondence we zation and humanity.

shall briefly observe, that none but a mi. Bonaparte's favorite general, Berthier,

nistry composed of unprincipled lawyers aid, be the new king of Poland. could have quibbled about the obvious SWEDEN.

sense of the word dynasty. We never In nothing has the ignorance of our heard but one sense annexed to it, that newspaper writers been more conspi- of a line or succession of sovereigns; and cuous than in their speculations about it was evidently used in the manly over. Sweden. Bonaparte had no connection ture of the French minister, in contrawith the elevation of Bernadotte. Two distinction to the individuality of Joseph, agents left Sweden for France and Eng. the candidate king. If, however, the land at the same time, to solicit some lawyers, at that time at the head of the eminent person of either country to ac. British government, unused to read his cept the heirship to the Stredish throne, (ory and pursue liberal studies, did not The sagacious Perceval drove the agent really understand the meaning of the sent to England out of the country; but word DYNASTY, was it not enough to be who went to France negociated with send a messenger to France to ascertain

Bernadotte, and Bonaparte was no other. its purport, without annexing to their in, vise consulted thali to obtain his cono quiry a variety of ungracious and illarimed SR.. observar'.- r

versions or ignorance? The first para. lawyer unhappily at that time been the graph of their letter was sufficient for the Prime Minister of England! legitimate purposes of a philological in. And further--in the clause relative to quiry, and all that followed was calcu. Naples, where it is proposed to continuo Jated only to irritate, to show their cada the French sovereign, he is designated derous features, and to prolong the hors as “ the present monarch," not as a dyrors of war!

nasty or part of a dynasty, hecause no It is almost childish to lengthen an dynasty of the Bonapartes is yet formed, argument on such a subject--the vast and because the term dynasty could not interests involved, alone justify the tres. have applied to Joachim Murat, more pass on our reader's patience. The term than it could to Joseph Bonaparte! is presentor “ actual” dynasty, neces. Why then, say the faction, did not sarily implied the old Bourbon family. Napoleon answer our inquiry in regard It could not mean the future or pro- to the grammatical sense of the word blematical dynasty of Joseph Bonaparte. dynasty, and the logical sense of bis let. Did the English Ministers expect Napo. ter?-Because!_simply because, it is not leon to name and designate the Bourbon usual for dunces to get answers when dynasty? Have they no sense of deli- they ask questions in a tone of insocacy!--And did not actual dynasty, well lence! If Napoleon did not tear the and distinctly imply the Bourbon or old answer in pieces when he came to the Spanish family?

words “ the brother of the head of the “Again--the actual dynasty is to be French Government,” he is not the de. declared independent! What is its pre- cided character which the world have consent situation? A state of dependence in sidered hiin, and which bis repeated over. France on the will of Napoleon !-Did tures for peace have proved him.--The not this proposed emancipation indicate rupture of this negociation cannot, there. the dynasty intended-even had there fore, be fairly ascribed to an omission been two dynasties, about which a bona tu answer even a foolish question, but fide doubt could have been raised ? a question so put, that a man of honor

What then was the sett-off against this and spirit could not well have submitted concession? Did Napoleon propose to to answer it! restore Spain to its ancient condition, After all, it might be reasonably doubt. under an exasperated dynasty ?-No! I ed whether, on the perverted hypothesis will restore them, says he, io indepen- of the ministerial tools, the question in re. dence-"and (as my security) Spain shall gard to the person who might fill the throne be governed by a national constitution of Spain, ought to be made the foundation of her Cortes." Is it to be supposed, of a war attended by such extensive and should the first absurdity be insisted on, complicated miseries. Let it also be that he proposed to place his Brother borne in mind, that he who during a under the restraint of the Cortes ?-Of quarrel makes the first overture for re· course he proposed to restrain that dy. conciliation, concedes largely by that nasty which he conceived would be ini. act, whatever be his view of ihe terms; mical to France without such restraint , and an overture ought at least to be ce. not his Brother!

ceived and treated with respect, or hos. In the very next paragraph, relative tilities would be interminable. We toto Portugal, Napoleon amplifies on his tally differ therefore from Mr. Sheridan, proposal relative to Spain. “The inde who has been induced to lend himself to pendence and integrity of Portugal shall the pernicious purpose of declaring the also be guaranteed, and the House of letter of the French Minister" perfidious, Braganza sball bave the sovereign au- insidious, and insulting." In our last thority." Of course the word also means we candidly vindicated this gentleman in like manner ; it connects and draws a from calumnies propagated respectiug parallelism between the two projects, bim, but it becomes evident, that bis and places beyond all doubt the analo- mind is unhappily warped from that line gous design in regard to Spain. Evi- of rectitude which for many years distin. dent reasons occasioned the term actual guished all its decisions. We are aware dynasty to be preferred to House of, of the tenure under which he holds his Bourbon, in the first paragraph; but it seat, and we pity him; but Mr. Sheridan was equally precise, because no other ought to prefer the King's Bench to dis, dynasty exists in relation to Spain, and honor; and, rather than become a fire. no quibble could have arisen, had not a brand between nations, and involve the

happiness happiness of the whole human race to bave the same character of universality, pere gravfy a vile faction, his individual severance, and vigour. sacrifices ought to be without bounds. “ The peace of Amiens, if it had been obe We say all this without personal animo

served, would have prevented much consity to Mr. Sheridan, but with a design

fusion. to prevent the country from being de

"I heartily wish that the experience of luded by unfounded and unprincipled

the past may not be lost for the future.

“ His Majesty has often stopped when the assertions, which inight mislead, because

most certain triumphs lay before him, and made by a man of whoin we have on

turned round to invoke peace. other occasions taught our readers to

“ In 1805, secure as he was by the ade think with respect.

vantages of his situation, and spite of the As a practical commentary on the confidence which he might reasonably feel in above, it is proper to record, that, by anticipations which Fortune was about to

paper laid befire the House of Conde realize, he made proposals to his Britannic mous, during the present month, it ap. Majesty, which were rejected, on the ground pears, that the number of French and that Russia should be consulted. In 1808, Danish prisoners in Great Britain ex. new proposals were made, in concert with ceeds 54,000, many thousands of whom

Russia. England alleged the necessity of an have been eight or nine years in their

intervention, which could be no more than confinement! Probably also there are

the result of the negociation itself. In 1810, about half the number of English in

his Majesty, having clearly discerned thać

the British Orders in Council of 1807 rena France!

dered the conduct of the war incompatible Bat Perceral and his politics are no with the independence of Holland, caused more, and we hope soon to see him suc- indirect overtures to be made towards proteeded by an illustrious body of statesrnen, curing the return of peace. They were fruitcalled from among the ancient dynasties less, and the consequences was, that new of the realin; and we trust that they provinces were united to the empire. will instantly resume the broken nego « In the present time are to be found ciation, and not anticipate the results in united all the circumstances of the various the basis, vor speak of the most pow

periods at which his Majesty manifested the Erful monarch since the age of Char.

pacific sentiments which lie now orders me lemagne, merely as the lieud of the

again to declare that he is actuated by.

The calamities under which Spain, and French government. IN TRUTH, DOW the vast regions of Spanish America suffer, EVER, WE BELIEVE THERE WILL BE NO should naturally excite the interest of all naPEACE TILL TUE PEwPLE BEGIN TO PE- tions, and inspire them with an equal anxiety TITION FOR IT, AND TO REMONSTRATE for their termination. . LIUDLY AGAINST THE CONTINUANCE OF "I will express myself, sir, in a manner

which your excellency will find conformable py of « Letter addressed by the Minister of to the sincerity of the step which I am autho. tereign Affairs, to Lord Castleveagh, Secre- rized to take; and nothing will better evince lary of State for Foreign Affairs to his Britan, the sincerity and sublimity of it than the

precise terms of the language which I have Paris, April 17, 1812. been directed to use. What views and mo. “Sii-FLis Majesty, constantly actuated tives should induce me to envelope iyself in by rentiments friendly to moderarion and formalities suitable to weakness, which alone peace, is pleased again to make a solemn and can find its interest in deceit? sincere attenipt iu put an enj to the miseries “The affairs of the Peninsula, and the

Two Sicilies, are the points of difference " The awful circumstances in which the which appear least to admit of being adjusted. torld is at present placed, have induced a I am authorized to propose to you an arresolution in the mind of his Majesty, the rangement of them on the following basis :Tesalt of which has been to authorize me to " The integrity of Spain shall be gua. explain to you, sir, his views and intentions. ranteed. France shall renounce all idea of

"Many changes have taken place in Eu. extending her doininions beyond the Py. Tope for the last ten years, which have been rennees. The present dynasty shall be declared the necessary consequence of the war between independent, and Spain shall be governed by a Itance and England, and many more changes National Constitution of ber Cortiso will be effected by the same cause. The : « The mele pendence and integrity of Portugal Particular character which the war has as shall be also guaranteed, and the House of bra. fumed, may add to the extent and duration of anza sboll live the sovereign autlurity. these resalts. Exclusive and arbitrary prin- ". The sing don of Naples skuli renuin in pose ciples cannot be combated but by an oppo. session of the present monarch, ani obe kingdom tition without measure or end'; and the sys. of Sicily sball be guai antiod i she present fami's tem of preservation avid resistance, should of Sicily, MONTALY MAO. No. 230.


os As

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Lis Majesty.

of war.

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