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Welcome, welcomo, ye dark blue wares !

And, when you fail my sight, Welcome, ye deserts, and ye caves!

My native Land Good Night !"

Written in passing ibe Ambracian Gulpb,

November 14, 1809.. Through cloudless skies, in silvery sheen,

Full beams the moon on Acliuin's coast : And on these waves for Egypt's queen

The ancient world was won and lost. And now upon the scene I look,

The azure grave of many a Roman; Where stern Ambition once forsook

His wavering crown to follow woman. Florence! whom I will love as well

As ever yet was said or sung) (Since Orpheus sang his spouse from hell)

Whilst thou art tair and I am young; Sweet Florence! those were pleasant times,

When worlds were staked or ladies' eyes: Had bards as many realms as rhymes,

Thy charms might raise new. Anthonies. Though Fate forbids, such things to be,

Yet, by thine eyes and ringlets curla! I cannot lose a world for thee,

Buc would not lose thee for a world!

Clouds burst, skies Alash, oh, dreadful hour!

More fiercely pours the storm!
Yet bere one thought has still the power

To keep my bosom While wand'ring through each broken path,

O'er brake and craggy brow; While elements exhaust their wrath,

Swecc. Florence, where art thou ? Not on the sea, not on the sea,

Thy bark hach long been gone:
Ob, may the storm that pours on me,

Bow down my head alone!
Full swiftly blew the swift Siroc,
5. When last I pressed thy lip;
And long ere now with foaming shock

Impellid thy gallant ship.
Now thou art safe : nay, long ere now

Hast trod the shore of Spain;
'Twere hard if ought so fair as thoa

Should linger on the main. And since I now remember thee

In darkness and in dread,
As in those hours of revelry

Which mirth and music sped ;
Do thou amidst the fair white walls,

If Cadiz yet be free,
At times from out her lattic'd halls

Look o'er the dark blue sea ;
Then think upon Calypso's isles

Endear'd by days gone by,
To others give a thousand smiles,

To me a single sigh.
And when the admiring circle niark

The paleness of thy face,
A half torm'd tear, a transient spark

Of melancholy grace,
Again chou'lt smile, and blushing shun

Some coxcomb's raillery ;
Nor own for once thou chought'st of one

Who ever thinks on thee.
Though smile and sigh alike are vain,

When sever'd hearts repine,
My spirit dies, o'er mount and main,

And niouras in search of thing.


STANZAS Composed October 11th, 1809, during the

night ; in a thunder-storm, when the guides had lost the road to Zitsa, near the range. of muuntains formerly called Pindus, in

Chill and mirk is the nightly blast,

Where Produs' mountains rise,
And angry clouds are pouring fast

The vengeance of the skies.
Our guides are gone, our hope is lost,

And lightnings, as they play,
But show where rocks our path have crost,

Or gild the torrent's spray.
Is yon a cot I saw, though low?

When lightning broke the gloom-
How welcome were its shade Imah, no!

'Tis but a Turkish comb.
Through sounds of foaming waterfalls

I hear a voice exclaimi
My way worn countryman, who calls

Un distant England's name.
A shot is fir'd-by foe or friend?

Another is to tell
The mountain-peasants to descend,

And lead us where they dwell.
Oh! who in such a night will dase

To tenipt the wilaerness?
And why 'mid thunder peals can hear

Our signal of distress?
And who that heard our shouts would rise

To try the dubious road?
Nor rather deem trom nigboy crios.

Thas outlaws were abroad.


Written at Arbens, January 16, 1810. The spell is broke, the charm is flown!

Thus is it with life's fitful fever: We madly smile when we should groan ;

Delirium is our best deceiver. Each lucid interval of thought

Recalls the woes of Nature's charter, And he that acts as wise men ought,

But lives, as saints have died, a martyr.

Writton after swimming from Sestos to Abydos,

May 9, 1810.
If in the month of dark December

Leander, who was nightly wont (Whal maid will not the tale remember?)

To cross thy sucam, broad Hellespont !

jf when the wintry tempest roard

At the sound of my trumpet, breaking He sped ro Hero, nothing loth,

Your sleep, oh, join with me! And thus of old thy current poured,

And the seven-billd city seeking, Fair Venus ! how I pity both!

Fight, conquer, till we're free. For me, degenerate modern wretch,

Sons of Greeks, &c. Though in the genial month of May, Sparta, Sparta, why in slumbers My dripping limbs 1 faintly stretch,

Lethargic dost thou lie ! And think I've done a feat to-day.

Awake, and join thy numbers But since he cross'd the rapid tide,

With Athens, old ally! According to the doubtful story,

Leonidas recalling, To woo, and Lord knows what beside,

That chief of ancient song, And swam for Love, as I for Glory;

Who sav'd ye once from falling, *Twere hard to say who fared the best :

The terrible! the strong! Sad mortals! thus the Gods still plague you!

„ Who made that bold diversion He lost his labour, I my jest ;

In old Thermopylæ, For lie was drown'd, and I've the ague.

And warring with the Persian

To keep his country free;

With bis three hundred waging
Zán mã, rás ayawa.

The battle long be stood,
Maid of Athens, ere we part,

And like a lion raging, Give, oh! give, me back my heart !

Expir'd in seas of blood. Or, since that has left my breast,

Sons of Greeks, &e. Keep it now, and take the rest ! Hear me vow before I go,

Translation of tbe Romaic Song, zón pă, các draws.

" Mhevä Mas 76 crépláre

“ 'pallal. Xándi, &c. By those tresses unconfind, .

The song from which this is taken is a Woo'd by each Ægean wind;

great favourite with the young girls ar By those lids whose jetty fringe

Athens.-The air is plaintive aod pretty. Kiss thy soft checks blooming tinge ; I enter thy garden of roses, By those wild eyes like the roe,

Belov'd and fair Haideć, Zán mã, cás araw.

Each morning where Flora reposes, By that lip I long to taste;

For surely I see her in thee. By that zone-encircl'd waist;

Oh, Lovely! thus-low I implore thee, By all the token-flowers that tell,

· Receive this fond truth from my tongue, What words can never speak so well; Which utters its song to adore thee, By Love's alternate joy and woe,

Yet trembles for what it has sung ; Zara , các cydõ. .

As the branch, at the bidding of Nature, Maid of Athens! I am gone :

Adds fragrance and fruit to the tree, Think of me, sweet! when alone.

Through her eyes, through her every feature, Though I Ay to Islambol,

Shines the soul of the young Haidee. Athens holds my heart and soul.

But the loveliest garden grows hateful Can I cease to love thee? No!

When Love has abandon's the bowersZa Mỹ, các da.

Bring me hemlock-since mine is ungrateful,

That herb is more fragrant than flowers. Translation of tbe famous Greek War Song, The poison, when pour'd from the chalice, Δεύτε παίδες των Ελλήνων,

Will deeply embitrer the bowl ; Written by Riga, wba perished in tbe attempt to But, when drunk to escape from thy malice, revolutionize Grecte.

The drauglit shall be sweet to my soul. Sons of the Greeks, arise!

Too crue! in vain I implore thee The glorious hour's gone forth,

My heart from those horrors to save : And, worthy of such ties,

Will nought to my bosom restore chee?
Display who gave us birchi.

Theo open the gates of the grave!

As the chief who to combat advances
Sons of Greeks ! let us go

Secure of his conquest before, jn armis against the foe.

Thus thou, with those eyes for thy lances, Till their hated blood shall Row

Hlas pierc'd through my heart to its core. In a river past our feet.

Ah, leil me, diy soul! must I perish Then, manfully despising

by pangs which a smile would dispel ? The Turkishi tyrant's goke,

Would the hope, which thou once bad'st inc Let your country see you rising,

cherish, And all her chains are bruke.

For torture repay me too well? Erave shades of chiefs and sages,

Now sad is the garden of roses, Behold the coming strife!

Peloved but false Haidcé! " Hellenes of past ages,

There Flora all wither'd reposes, Oh, start again to life!

And mourns o'er thine absence with me END OF VOLUME XXXIV.




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ABBE, anecdote of a French .. Badajoz, particulars of the storming of 'I
Aberdeen, riots ató.

Balloons, experiments with air .. 15%
Abergavenny, charity school at ... Bank notes, on forged ....
.........., recovery of the cargo of the 184 .........., on indorsing . .. 316
Abraham, an epic poem, account of

Bankruptcies announced 68, 259, 263, 351,
Absolution, fees for

446, 542,
Accidents 81, 89, 371, 453, 462, 463, 466, Baptisms, proportion of .. 153

Bark, substitute for Peruvian

Acid, on the acetic

Barley, on drying ..

Acts of parliainent, abstract of 66, 156, 256, Barrows in Wiltshire, discoveries in 441

Barytes, on the muriate of

Ærostation, instance of .

| Bastardy, remarkable case of

African Insaitution, proceedings of the 141, Bazing, William, account of .. 461

526 Bees, on the natural history of 26, 111,
Affairs, state of public 70, 161, 256, 353,

451, 545 ...., method of driving

Agricultural reports 95, 190, 285, 381, 477, Beetle, account of the turnip

573 Beggars in London, numbers of .. 459
.......... societies, proceedings of 2 Bell, description of an alarm

| Bengal, on the husbandry of

Agriculture, report of the board of

| Benefit societies, defects in
......, on the utility of

Bible, vindication of the
Air, on the velocity of ..

1...,on errors in the Oxford 298, 483
Alarm bell, patent for an

.... societies, institution of 65, 188, 244,
Ambergris, observations on

458, 466, 555, 567
America, war declared by 74, 262, 358,

Binnacle compass, on lighting the 331
......, geography of north

Bird, description of a singular 223, 510
......, revolutions in south .. 358 ...., a nondescript

Ampelopsis, account of the plant

Birmingham, philosophical society at 468
Anglesea, improvements in ..

Blair's class book, originality of
Animals, on cruelty to

Blindness, remarkable cure of
Animalcules, to ascertain the origin of 248 Boat, account of a metallic life

Animal heat, on ..

246 ...., description of a new steam
Annesley, Dr, account of .. 10 | Boling broke, on history, remarks on 99
Annuities, on the doctrine of


Bones, discovery of remarkable ... 407
Antiquities, discovery of $4, 277, 304, 344,

Bonfire, account of a literary .. 521
,. 367, 378, 441, 469, 535

Books, high prices of .. ..
Aphorisins on wealth, &c. .. 27 Booksellers, meeting of the London
........ of Claudius ....

Booth, extraordinary account of
Apoplexy, case of . ..

Boston agricultural society, account of
Apothecaries, meeting of London

Botanical report .. . 189
Apiarian society, account of the

111 Bread, method of making rice
* Apparition, a remarkable ..

...., account of the assize of

Apple tree, an extraordinary ....

..., economy in making .. 313, 398
...,, on the canker in the . ....

..., improved mode of making 480, 489
Apprentices, on the statute concerning 507 Brick work, improvement in . 140
Arches, on the equilibrium of in 208 | Bricks, improvement in closure 376
Arkengarthdale mine, accident in

Bridges, accounts of new 82, 91, 177, 185,
Aromatic vinegar, on preparing 16, 26

360, 378, 559
Arsenic, on the effects of .. 239 ....., passengers on the .
Arthur, christening of Prince .. 381 F......, proportions of the
Arts, proceedings of the society of

Brighion, large fish taken at ..
.... , observations on the fine . 736 Bristol election, account of 87, 180, 376
Astronomical hints .. .. 495 | Britain, state of affairs in 71, 167, 261, 359,
Automaton, account of a speaking

458, 553
Aylesbury, earl of, builds a new church 464 ......, population of 193, 302, 413
Aylesford, account of the earl of - 461 ....., account of the mineral strata of 198,
Bagon, method of preserving

310, 393, 480


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Brown, a ecdotes of count

Colours, on the harmony of
......, Mrs. character of

......, effrets of light on

Broussonet, M. memoirs of...

Coluxorus, original letter of

.. 306
Buckinghamshire association, account Compt, observations on the

..., account of a new

248, 432
Buildings, improvement in
140 Commerce, defence of

· Buonaparte, description of

444 Commercial reports 94, 187, 283, 380,
Buoy, account of an improved 173, 370
Burckhardt's lunar tables, account of Compass, on lighting the binnacle 331
Burgos, account of the siege of .. 454 ......, on the variation of the

Burton, Jonathan, euguiry concerning 319 Confucius, life and works of ..
Butler, epitaph on bis hog .. 314 Conquest, Dr. account of

Burton, new church consecrated at 275 Conscience, on courts of

Caloric, observations on

207 Constellatious, on the .. . 495
Cambridge, questions of the university Copper, its use in ship building

.. 152, 535 Cork jackets, utility of 16, 287, 479
........, new prize medal at

Corn, on the consumption of ..
Canal property, value of ..

re., on the scarcity of ..
Candles, observations on wax ..

Cornbury, Lord, account of ..
Canine madness, on ...

Cora muils, on the establishment of 515
Canker in apple trees, on the no Corrosive sublimate, effects of .
Canterbury, charitable institution at

Corruptions, on northern

Canute, anecdote of ..

Cosmogony, on the Mosaic 17, joo, 122,
Carlisle, charity school at ..

Carniarthen, improvements at .. 91 Cotton, Sir C. account of
Carriages, improvements in 139, 150, 175 Courts of conscience, utility of
........, deficiency in the number of 76 Cow, a remarkable
Carter, Mrs, anecdotes of . 108 | Cranes, improvements in the construc.
Catholics, on the employment of 221

221 tion of ..
........, petitions against the 470, 559, Crawford, Mrs. remarkable account of

564 Creams, on making ice ....
Cavendish, memoirs of Henry

416 Criticism, on the abuses of ...
........, character of Frederick 171 | Crocodile, discovery of a petrifie?
Caverns, remarkable ones in Yorkshire 490 Crumbie's syntax, observations on
Celestial globe, alteracions in the 307, 495 Croup, on the
Cellar kitchens, on .. . 505 Cube root, new method of extracting the
Cervantes, account of the family of 327, 328 | Currency, aphorisnis on ..
Charnwood forest, description of 437 Cyder, on the making of
Charities in London, State of 203, 397 | Dalkeith farming society, report of
Chemical report .. . .. 574 Dampier, Dr. account of
Chemistry, on the progress of in 430 Dandon, M. character of
Cherry, account of the perfumed i 459 Daniell, Sam. account of
Chesnuts, origin of .... 423 Dartington, charity school at
Chester, contest at

561 Davies, Mrs. character of ...
Chichester cathedral, description of the Davies, John, account of ..
weather-cock on ::

473 Dawson, execution of ..
Child, account of a remarkable

246 | Dean, improvements in the forest of 180, 273
Chimneys, on curing smoaky .. 428 D'Ancraigues, murder of the count and
China, on opening the trade to

81 countess of
Chinese logic, specimen of

43. Dell, William, enquiry for ..t9, 490
Christ's hospital, management of 205 De Luc, W. A. account of
Church, on secession from the

Sur Deluge, on the . .... 45, 132
Clairon, Madame, memoirs of
227 Derbyshire, tour in ..

* 293
Clanfy, Dr. account of ju.

135 Derby, petition from ..
Claudius, aphorisms of

232 Detonating substance, an extraordinary 496
Clerk, J. account of ..

| Devonshire, on the rates in
......, anecdote of a parish

........, improvements in
Clothes, mode of washing

Dialect, on the northern
Coade's stone manufactory described

Diodorus Siculos, character of • "101 -
Coals, method of conveying 88, 139, 175 Diseases, monthly reports of 97, 186, 283,
.... pit, explosion of a.. ..

379, 474, 570
Cobalt, on preparing

1...... , effects of the passions on 217.
Colchester, contested eleccion at

Dissenters, on the increase of .. SHE
Cold, on the nature of

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Dogwood a cure for the tooth-ache 489 Folkinghan, singular circumstance at 275
Dollars, a test for bad

još Forbes's, professor, logical system
Dorset, on the meteorology of .. 203 Forged notes, remarks on -
Dovedale, description of

390 Forgery, an extraordinary case of 178, 276
Downing college, election for .. 279 Forster, E. account of ...

Dram drinking, on . ..

187 Foundling hospital, on the management
Dress, on female .

2161 of the
Drowning, on preventing 16, 203, 287, 479 ............., vindication of the 283
Drury-lane Theatre, account of 264, 359, 554 Fouquet, Nicholas, account of .. 327
Duncombe, Mrs. account of .. 473 Foxes in Cumberland .. i 367
Durham gaol, remarkable prisoners in 558 France, state of education in .
Dynasty, on the word .. ..

ri.., political state of

357, 458
Dyspepsia, remarks on
asia remarks on

......, population of in...
Dysentery, a remedy for the .. 15 French army, report of the .. 163
Eagles, Mr. account of ..

...... government, on the proposal of
Eagles, discovery of nests of, ..


Eamont, bridge across the river

...... genders, on the ...
Earth, changes on the surface of the 346 Frigoric, a new principle
East India trade, on opening the

......, observations on
Earthquake in the West Indies

Galt, Mr, correspondence of
........ felt in Scotland

474 Gamage, lieut. melancholy fate of
Eau Medicinale, on the .. 21 Game laws, association for repealing the
Ecclesiastes, on the word

Gamlingay, fire at ..
Economy, on the nature of

Gardening, on ...
Education, improved system of

Garthshore, Dr. account of ..
Edinburgh, charity school at ..

| Gastrodynia, on .


Efluvium, on a self-existent

Genders, on the French ..

Egypt, on the geography of

Genesis, vindication of the book of 294, 299,
Election, on the general
261, 357

Elliot, account of a medal of .. 327 | Genius, instance of early
Ely, account of the bishop of
79 Geographical discoveries

Elephant's tusk found in England

Geography of India, on the .. : 127
Electricity, on the power of

Geological observations
Empires, on the decay of ..

........ theory, remarks on the
England, Richard, account of

363 ........ phenomena, on the 291, 405, 497
English synonymy, contributions to 14, 209, German proverb

...... newspapers ...

...... literature, state of 59, 341, Gesner, Conrad, account of a
Enthusiasm, instance of

Ghost story, remarks on a ...
Epitaph on Daniel Lambert ..

Gill, Elizabeth, account of
..... on Bishop Butler

Glasgow, improved state of the manufac.
Equilibrium of arches, ou the ...

cures at

... 569
Er, on the termination .... 21 Globe, alterations in the celestial
Essex club, meeting of the

182 Gloucester canal, state of the ..
Europe, calamities of the sovereigns of 315) ........, high tide at .. 469
....., effects of the war in

385 Gold, high price of . ..
Executions 84, 169, 181, 275, 276, 565 | Gordale scar described ..

. 491
Experiments, philosophical .. 212 Gospel, account of the naked
Ewe, a remarkable ...

272 | Gout medicines, observations on 214, 491
Eyebright, supposed virtues of the 216 Grain, on the loss of
Falmouth church enlarged .. 568 Grammar, remarks on Murray's 107, 317
Felling colliery, accident at .. 81 | Grates, improvements in stove .. 423
Female attire, observations on .. 16 Great Britain, political state of 71, 167, 261,
Ferber, John, account of


357,458, 553
Ferreira, a Portuguese poet, account of 492

..., population of 193, 302, 412
Fig trees in France, cultivation of

........, on the strata of 198, 310, 393.
Fine arts, on the ..

Finances, on the state of the

Grecian sculpture, curious specimens of $35
Finch family, incidents in the

Greenwich hospital, improvements in 533
Fires, remarkable 83, 87, 89, 180, 182, 247, Grenville, Mr. on the improved piano-

264, 358, 462 forte
Fish, a remarkable .....

370 Grey, lady Jane, letters of
Flattery, instances of

Grievesen, Mrs. account of
Fleurieu, couni, memoir of

319 Haggai, on the prophecy of ...
Fly, on the turnip

22 Halifax, depredations at .





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