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" Now in her Green Mantle," a Glee for Four a body of variegated and well chosen

Voices, as sung by Mrs. Vaugbar, Messrs. melodies, that do much credit to the W. Knyvett, Peugbon, and 7. B. Sale. selector's judgment, and will be found Composed by William Knyvett, esq. 15. 6d. highly acceptable to the public.

This glee, in which we find several A Solemn Hymn for Trinity Sunday. Composed appropriate and pleasing passages, is, by Henry Harington, M.D. 15. though slight in its texture, woven to. This hymn is composed for three gether with considerable ingenuity, and voices; and may be sung either by bespeaks much familiarity with this spe. treble, tenor, and bass, two trebles and a cies of coinposition. The four parts buss, or counter-tenor, tenor, and bass. are evidently intended for a bass, tenor, The inelody is soleinn and affecting, and counter-tenor, and soprano; why, there the parts are put together with a mastery 'fore, Mr. Knyvett has written the tenor thai' bespeaks a familiar acquaintance part in its proper chiff, and the counter with the secrets of good composition. tenor part in the treble cliff, we confess

TESS Haydn's Quartett, (No. 11.) Arranged for ourselves at a loss to conceive, since the P,

the Piano-forte, by Dr. Crotch. Ss. Gu. every reason, that we are aware of, that

The arrangeinent of this composition

The arrans could be offered for giving the treble lies so far within the large compass of cliff to the counter-tenor part, must be Dr. Crotch's professional qualifications, equally cogent for the adoption of the that we scarcely need say that all which same cliff in the tenor part,

real taste and science can achieve in An Anglo-Caledonian Air, with Variations for so humble a task, has been here accoms

obe Piano-forte. Composed and dedicated to plished. Miss Baillie, of Grosvenor-street, by 7. B. Three Senatas for be Piano-forte or Harpa Cramer, esq. 35.

Composed by F. Finillo. 85. Mr. Cramer bas produced, in the pre. These sonatas, which are interspersed 'sent emanation of his genius, an exer- with English, Welshi, and Scolish, cise for the piano-furte, from which the National Airs, are obviously designed juvenile practitioner will derive much for the practice of the juvenile finger. pleasure as well as profit. The general They are easy in their style, will prove style of the music of these pages is pleasant to the ear that is not lastidious, fiorid, free, and playful: the most is and are certainly calculated to improve made of the theme, which, if not sirik. the young practitioner. ingly sweet, is considerably attractive, « Our Arms were pild," a Song on the gloa and the aggregate effect is worthy the

rious and ever-memorable Battle of Barrosa, long-acknowledged talents of the com- 1s. 64. poser.

Of the zeal and loyalty of the music Number VII. of National Melodies, consisting and poetry of this song, (which are

of the most admired Airs of England, Ireo expressly dedicated to the army of land, Scotland, and Wales, Arranged as Great Britain), we can speak in terms Rondes, or with Variations for sbe Piano- of unqualified approbation. This, the muforte, 25. 6d.

sical poet, or poet-musician, may claim The present Number of the work of our justice; and our cundour will, contains the celebrated Irish Air of perhaps, be best shown by confining our “ Langolee." The variations are by remarks to these acknowledged merits. Mr. Augustus Mewes, and do credit to his laste and ingenuity in embellishment: Tue public are waiting with anxiety though we must say that Mr. M. some for the concluding Number of the first what too frequently, and too widely, series of Dr. Clarke's Handel. Wo digresses from his subject.

partake, we must confess, of the geneMusical Curiosities, or a Selection of National ral interest this important and highly

Songs and Airs, by Edward Jones, Bard useful work has excited, and hope that to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent. the scientific and ingenious Editor means 10s. 6d.

to prosecute his undertaking to its just Mr. Jones, of whose industry, as a conclusion, by going through all the gleaner of national music, we have often great and proininently-popular compose had occasion to speak, has furnished, in sitions of the great author to whom lig the present collection, a great number has been devoting his scientific labors. of popular, and some exceedingly curious, Dr. Hague, Professor of Music ta foreign and domestic airs. The whole the University of Cambridge, is circu. occupies forty-two folio pages, and formis lating proposals for publishing, by sub


scription, the Ode performed in the Mr. Guest, Organist of Wisbeach, Senate House at the late Installation of is distributing Proposals for publishing the Duke of Gloucester, The work by subscription, Four Fugues for the will be printed in score, with an adap- Organ. The subscribing price of the tation for the piano-forte or organ. The work is six shillings: it is to be printed subscription price of . cuinea and a on the best paper, and to be dedicated balf.

to the Earl of Rochford.




in two acts, as performed at the Lyceum Thesi HORTUS Siccus Granninæus ; or, a Collec. tre. 2s.

tion of dried Specimens of British Grasses, How to Die for Love, a Farce, in two with botanical illustrations. By Wm. Salis- acts, as performed at the Lyceum Theatre. bury. folio 31. 3s.

2s, A Practical Treatise on the Parturition of The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher, the Cow, or the extraction of the Calf, and with an Introduction, and explanatory Notese on the Diseases of Neat Cattle in general. By By H. Weber, esq. 14 vols. 8vo. 81. 8s. J. Skellet. Royal 8vo. 215.

The Mantuan Rivals, a Comedy, in five ANTIQUITIES.

acts, and Henry the Seventh, an historical Description of the ancient Marbles in the Tragedy, in five acts. By J. Chenevix, British Museum, with engravings. Part I. 8vo. 8s. tto. 253.


Observations on the Choice of a School. An Account of the Life and Writings of By the Rev. Charles Lloyd, LL D. 59. Lord Chancellor Somers, including Remarks Observations on the most important Sub. on the Public Affairs in which he was en. jects of Education, containing many userul gaged, and the Bill of Rights; with a Com. Hints to Mothers, buc chiefly intended for ment. By Henry Maddock, esq. of Lin- private Governesses. 12mo. 58. 61. coln's Ian, Barrister-at-law. 410. 11. 11s. Schools for all, in preference to Schools for 60.

Churchmen only. 2s. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Cen. An Introduction to French Grammar; par. tury; comprising Biographical Memoirs of ticularly adapted for those that are not yet aca William Bowyer, printer, F.S.A. and many quainted with the Rudiments of Grammar, of his Learned Friends; an incidental View and calculated to facilitate to Beginners the . of the Progress and Advancement of Litera. Study of the first Principles of the French ture in this Kingdom during the last Cen Tongue. By D. St. Quentin, M.A. 2s. 6d. tury; and Biographical Anecdotes of a consi. bound, third edition, improved. derable Number of eminent Writers and inge. The First Rudiments of General Grammar, aious Artists. By John Nicholls, F.S.A. applicable to all Languages; comprised in In six large volumes 8vo. illustrated with fif. Twelve Elementary Lessons; particularly cal. teen portraits. 61. 68. boards.

culated for the instruction of Children, and

adapted to the Abbé Gaultier's method of The History of European Commerce with teaching ; with three Analytical Tables. By India. To which is subjoined, a Review of the same. 35. 63, bound. the Arguments for and against the Trade with A Private Letrer, addressed to the Right India, and the management of it by a char- Rev. Dr. Porteus, the late Lord Bishop of tered Company, with an Appendix of authen. London, to propose a pian which might give a tic Accounts. By David Macpherson, author yood Education to all the pour Children in of tbe Annals of Commerce, &c. 460. with England, at a moderate Expense. Printed at a Map, 11. 16s.

his Lordship's desire. By John Haygarth, The Right of every British Merchant to M.D. F.R.S. and F.AS. Ed. &c. 2s. 60. trade within the Geographical Limits, defined

LAW. by the Charter of the East-India Company, A Vindication of the Law of England, vindicated; with important and hitherto un- shewing that the Levying of Distress for published documents, peculiarly applicable to Rent, by Middlemen, or Derivative Landa the question of a modified open trade to China. lords, is illegal. By H. O'Dedy, esq. By Thomas Lec. 2s. 6d.

3s. 6d. DRAMA.

An Answer to a Legal Argument on the Sons of Erin, or Modern Sentiment, a Co. Toleration Act, shewing that the Court of medy, in five acts, as performed at the Ly. Quarter Sessions have a Judicial Function, as Geum Theatre. By Mrs. I.efanu. 25. 64. to the Administration of Oaths to Persons The Castle of Sorrento, a comis Opera, offering themselves for Qualification as Pro



ruses of

testade Dissenting Ministers. By a Barrister Observations on the Disturbances in the of the Temple. 15. 6d.

Madras Army. By D. Malcolm. Two Parts. A Practical Treatise on the Law relative 8vo. 6s. to Apprentices and Journeymen, and to ex

MISCELLANEOUS. ercising Trades. By J. Chitry, esq. 8vo. Key to the Art of Ringing. 12mo. 75. 78. 60.

An Essay toger T aining a true Idea of An Abridgment of Penal Statutes. The the Chara' wardroi of King Charles I. fourth edition, with additions. By Sir Wilo and the hersee V: Civil War. By M. liar Addington. To which is added a Conti. Towgoca. 3. va. buation of the Statutes to the 51st Geo. III. The Bioscope, or Dial of Life explained, 4to. 21. 2s.

fc. 12. The Practice of the Office of Sheriff and The New Annual Register, or general Re. Under Sheriff. Third edition, with conside- pository of History, politics, &c. for 1811. rable alterations and improvements. By John 8vo. 10s. Impey, of the Inner Temple, author of the Annual Register, or a View of History, Pon, Practice of the K.B. and C.P., and Modern litics, &c. for 1810. By – Dodsley. 8vo. 165. Pleader. Royal 8vo. 11. 2s.

Fables for the Fire-sise. By Dr. Lettice. Singular and Important Trial, in an Action cr. 8vo. 55.-fine paper 7s. for Debt, between the Right Hon. C. J Fox, Treatise on Human Nature, and on Liberty plaintiff, and John Horne Tooke, esq defen- and Necessity, with a Supplement. By dant, 1792. 4s.

Hobbes. A new edition, with Notes. By The King v. Daniel Isaac Eaton. The Mr. Philip Maller. 12mo. 12s. Speech of John Prioce Smith, esq. Barrister Hints on the Laws and Customs of ancient ai-Law, in behalf of the Defendant, in Mitin and modern Nations. 12mo. 55. gation of Punishment, before the Court of Three Dissertations on the pernicious Effects King's Bench, at Westminster, on Thursday, of Gaming, Duelling, and on Suicide. By April So, 1812. Taken in short haud; with W. Hey. 8vo. 6s. Notes and Extracts from Paine's Age of Rea. The Journeyman Carpenter's and Joiner's gon, part III. and his Essay on Dreams. 3s. Book of Prices for Task Work Labour only, MATHEMATICS.

carefully revised and corrected up to the preAlgebraical Problems, producing simple sent lime, 1812. By W. Arndell, measurer. and quadratic Equations, with their Solutions. 2s. 6d. By R. Bland. Royal 8vo. 155.

The Case of Richard Graves, of the Royal Astronomical Computations, comprising Navy, who was passed over by Lurd Spencer, Dew Tables of the Sun's Longitude, right in the promotion of fag officers in January,

Ascension and Declination, for 1812. By Dr, 1801, addressed to his brother officers, and the · Kelly. 8vo. 54.

service in general, 25. 6d.

The West Indians defended against the Physiological Reflections on the destruc- accusations of their calumniators; or Facts tive Operation of Spirituous and Fermented versus Prejudices. By a Gentleman. 8vo. Liquors on the Animal System. By J. Forster, 2s. 6d. *s. 63.

Calamities of Authors; including some InTreatise on the Influence of Climate on the quiries respecting their Moral and Literary Human Species. By D. Pitta. 8vo.

Characters. By the Author of Curiosities of An Explanation of the Causes why Vacci- Literature. 2 vols, post 8vo. 165. pation has sometimes failed to prevent Small Essays on the Principles of Political Philo. Pox; and also the description of a method, sophy, designed to illustrate and establish confirmed by experience, of obviating such Civil and Religious Rights of Man. By T. causes. By Edward Leese. 8vo. 25. 6d. Finch. 8vo.

Observations on some of the principal Dis. Classical and Biblical Recreations, containe eases of the Rectum and Anus; particularly ing a Commentary, critical and explanatory, Sisicture of the Rectum, the Hemorrhoidal on the Germany of Tacitus; remarks on the Excrescence, and the Fistula ia Ano. By Hippolytus and the Prometheus; strictures on Thomas Copeland. 8vo 5s.

the editions of Professor Monk and Mr. Transactions of a Society for the Improve- Blomfield. By E. H. Barker, esq. Trin. ment of Medical and Surgical Knowledge. Coll. Camb. 8s. 6d. in boards. Vol. I. Vol. II. 8vo. 145.

Geographical, Commercial, and Political Pharmacologia ; or, the History of Medical Essays, inciuding Remarks in Humboldt's Substances, in order to enable the practitioner Travels, and other s milar Publicacions, a to prescribe them with efficacy and elegance, statistic account of Ragusa, and of La Plata, and to cispense them with accuracy. By John some curious Details relative to the Civilizce Ayrton Paris, M.B. FL.S. 12mo. 85. tion, Policy, and Commerce of the Russians, MILITARY.

&c. &c. 85, 6d. in boards. A Treatise on the acknowledged Superiority

NOVELS. of the French over the English Officer in the Self Indulgence, a Tale of the 19t1> Cen Field. By Walter Bromley, 1s. 6d. fury, 2 vols. 195.



- Friends Unmasked, or Scenes in real life, of Sussex, in the House of Lords, on the founded on Facts. By Miss A. A. Hutchin- Catholic Question, April 21, 1812. 38. con., 3 vols. 12mo. 205.

Letters of Vetus, from March 10, to May Cottage Sketches, or active Retiremont. 10, 1812. 3s. 2 vols. 93.

Letter to the Right Hon. G. Canning. By Raphael, or peaceful Life. By Mrs. G. Spencer. 18. Green. 2 vols. 10s.

A serious Call to the Electors of Great The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Volumes of Britain, on the approaching Dissolution of Tales of Fashionable Life. By Miss Edge. Parliament. 25. 60. worth. Vol. 4, 5, 6. 12mo. 11. 1s.

Letter to the Members of Parliament of Sepse and Sensibility: a Novel. By & the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Lady. S vols. 15s.

Ireland. By J. Carson 1s. Oby Sedgwick, or Country Conversations. Speech on the Motion of the Right Hon. By Epsilon. 12mo. 3s. 60. sewed.

H. Grattan, in the House of Commons, Things by their Right Names: a Novel. April 24, 1812. By J.C. Hippisley. 2s.6d. By a Person without a Name. 2 vols. 12mo. Bellingham's Defence defended, or the

The Milesian Chief: a Romance. By the Trial retried. 1s. author of " Fatal Revenge," and the “ Wild Appeal to the Generosity of the British Irish Boy." 4 vols. 215.

Nation, on behalf of the Family of tạo Ellen; or, the Young Godmother: a Tale unfortunate Bellingham. By Mr. Chalfor Youth. By a young Lady. 12mo. 3. 6d. mers. 1s. bound.

Speech, delivered at a general Court of The Adventures of Dick Distich. Write Proprietors of East-India Stock, May 5, Den after the manner of Fielding, Smollett, 1812. By R. Jackson. %s. and Cervantes. S vols. 12mo. 18s.

Thoughts upon the immediate Means of A Sequel to Calebs; or, the Stanley Let meeting the Pressure of Want. By a Lon. ters: containing Observations on Religion don Merchant. 1s. and Morals; with interesting Anecdotes, An Address to the landed and commercial founded on Fact, royal, 12mo. 35.

Interests of Great Britain, on the present Velina, a Moral Tale; 2 vols, small 8vo. State of the Manufactures, and the Impor. 10s. 6d. By Alexander Whyte, esq. bar. tance of cultivating the Waste Lands of the rister.

Empire. 25.

The Protests of the Directors of the East Hypocrisy ; a Satirical Poem, with copious India Company, against the Continuation of Notes and Anecdotes, Political, Historical, Sir G. Barlow in the Goverument of Man and Illustrative. By the Rev. C. Colton, dras. 2s. 6d. M. A. Fellow of King's College, Cambridge ; View of the Causes and Consequences of $70. 12s.

the present War with France; exemplified Enchiridion Clericum ; or the Preacher's by extracts from Lord Erskine's justly ceGuide: a Satirical Poem. 8vo. 6s.

lebrated work on that subject. 23. 6d. Poems and Translations. By Reginald Substance of a Conversation with J. Bel. Heber, A. M. small 8vo. 6s. boards. lingham, the Assassin of the late Right Hos The Quest of Gain, a Poem. 48.

norable S. Perceval. By the Rev. ). Wil. Tribute to the Memory of the Right Hon. son. 25. Spencer Perceval. Ss. 6d.

Popular Opinions, or a Picture of real Elegy on the Death of the Right Hon. Life, exhibited in a Dialogue between a Scot3. Perceval. By W. Hughes. 15. 60. tish Farmer and a Weaver. 8vo. 33.

Giant's Causeway, a Poem. By J. Drum. Facts relating to the Care of the Poor, and Dond. 8vo. 12s.

the Management of the Work house in the A Season at Harrowgate, in a series of City of Norwich. By J. Rigby. 8vo. 4s. poetical Epistles. 8vo. 4s. 6d.

A Letter to the Right Hon. G. Canning, Simple Minstrelsy. By Mrs. Cockle. on his proposed Motion in favor of Catholic frown 8vo. 10s.

Emancipation. Zs. 6d. Miscellaneous Poems. By Miss Lyon. A Commentary on the Military Establishe Brown. 10s. 6d.

men's and Policy of Nations. Vol. Il. By A Critique on the Poems of Robert Burns. the Hon. Henry Augustus Dillon, colonel of 8vo. 10s. 6d.

the 101st regiment of foot. Religionism; or Popular Preachers: a Familiar Letters on the Real Argument Satire. 8vo. 45.

Peculiar to the Question of Catholic EmanPOLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. cipation. Addressed to the Right Hon. the

A few plain Questions and Observations Earl of Donoughmore. By Peter Moore, on the Catholic Emancipation, for Men who esq. M. P. 6s. dare think for themselves, in the Nineieench An Inquiry into the Progressive Value of Century. By Walter Bromley. 15. Money, as marked by the Price of Agricul

The Crisis, a Word to the plain Under tural Products; with Observations upon Sir standing of Englishmea. 2s.6d.

George Shuckburgh's Table, deduced from a Speech of His Royal Highness the Duke variety of Authorities not before collected, MONTILY MAG. No. 280.

proving proving the Non-Depreciation of Paper. By Protestant Rights contrasted with Catholio Arthur Young, esq. F. R. S. ; Ss. 6d.

Claims. 1s.

The Child's Sunday Book, in twelve proo
A Sermon, preached March 17, 1812, gressive Lessons. 1s.
before the Reading and Berkshire Auxiliary Sermon before the Hon. Society of Lin.
British and Foreign Bible Society. By the coln's Ion, May 31, 1812. By the Rev. J.
Rev. W. Marsh, M. A. vicar of Basildon, Van Mildert. 2s.
Berks. 25. 60.

A View of the Case of the Roman Ca. Calvinism Unmasked, in Answer to Mr. tholics. 18. Tucker's Tracts, called “ Predestination Cursory Remarks, occasioned by the hors calmly Considered," and " Arminianism Dis- rid Assassination of the Right Hon. S. Per sected." 12mo. 35. 6d. boond.

ceval. 18. Essays on the Prophecies of the Messiah, Six érief Letters, occasioned by the Instis from Genesis to the Psalms of David. By tution of an Auxiliary British and Foreiga the Rev. J. Robinson. One thick volume Bible Society, at Chelmsford, Essex, Marcha 8vo. 12s.boards.

23, 1812. 15. Social Virtue the Basis of National Pros A Country Clergyman's Reasons for not perity, an Address delivered at Salem Chapel, attending the British and Foreign Bible SoLynn. By Thomas Finch. 1s.

ciety, in a Letter to Mr. Vansittart. 2s. 6d. Scriptural Christianity Recommended, a The beneficial Influence of Christianity on Sermon preached at the New Chapel, Lyna che Character and Condition of the Female By Thomas Finch. 23.

Sex; a Sermon preached April 8, 1812, io The Doctrine of New Jerusalem respect. Behalf of the Society for the Relief of Neces. ing the Lord. Translated from the original sitous Widows and Fatherless Children of Latin, printed at Amsterdam in 1763. Protestant Dissenting Ministers. By Robert demy 8vo. royal 8vo.

Aspland. 1s. 6d. An Inquiry into the Moral Tendency Family Sermons for every Sunday in the of Methodism and Evangelical Preaching. Year, and for Christmas-day and Good-Fri. By William Burns. The second Part. day. Selected, by the Rev. G. B. Mitchell, Svo, 4s.

from the works of Archbishop Secker; with The West Indians defended against the a life of the author. By Beilby Porteus, Accusations of their Calumniators; or Facts D.D. late bishop of London. % vols. 8vo. versus Prejudices. By a Gentleman. 8vo. 11. 15. boards. 2s.6d.

A Brief Description of all the Different A Letter from a Clergyman to the Common Professions of Religion; from the beginning Council of the City of London, chiefly on the of the Antediluvian Churches to the Present Sin of Schism. 18. 6d.

Day. This work also contains a refutation of Letters to the Right Honorable Sir Wil. the arguments which the Jews in all ages Tiam Drummond, relating to his Observa. have advanced to show that Christ was not tions on parts of the Old Testament, in his , the Messiah, and proves that a Messiah can. recent work, entitled “Edipus Judaicus." not now come, agreeably to the positive de. By George D'Oyley, B.D. 38. 6d.

clarations of Scriprure. By John Bellamy. Brief Rules for the Holy Communion, and 59. 60. large p. 95. 60. Behaviour at and after it. 4d.

TOPOGRAPHY. Serious Enquiry into the Nature and Effects Observations and Remarks during four Ex. of modera Socipianism. By W. Freeston, cursions made to various Parts of Great Bri. 13. 60.

tain in 1810--11. By J. Webb. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Martyrs, or the Triumph of the Christian Illustrations of the Scenery of Killarney, Religion By M. Chateaubriand. Trans and the surrounding Country. By J. Weld. lated from the French, by W. J. Walter. Royal 8vo. 259. 9 vols. 8vo. 215.

Account of the Island of Madeira. By D. Occasional Considerations on various Pas. Pitta. 8vo. sages of Scripture. 8vo. 58. 6d.

Geographical and Historical Dictionary of Sermons. By Bishop Horsley. Vol. III. America and the West Indies. By J. Thomp. 8va, 10s.

son. Vol. I. 410. 313. 6d. To be com. Bampton Lectures, delivered before the pleted in five volumes. University of Oxford in 1812. By the Rev. Ancient Reliques, or Delineations of mo. J. Mants. 8vo. 129. .

nastic, castellated, and domestic Architeclure Remarks on the present State of Religion Vol. I. fc. 20s. or 8vo. fine paper. 32s. and Morality. 6d.

TRADE AND COMMERCE. Recovery from Sickness; containing see Letters on the East India Monopoly, ori rious Reflections, Resolutions, and Devo. ginally published in the Glasgow Chroni tions, suitable to that Occasion. By M. cle. 4s. Towgood. 4th edition. 6d.

Right of every British Merchant to Trad A Letter to a Friend ; containing some within the geographical Limits defined b Observations on Mr. Falkner's Critique on the Charter of the East India Company, via the Dissonance. 1s.

dicated. By J. Lec. 2s. 6d..


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