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object of millions of shrugs and reproaches ? the daughter of the late M. Martin, sg. of That this Protector of the Arts had named a Lockusog, N. R. wretched foreigner bis historical painter, in ). W. Payler, esq. of Heyden, to Mrs. disparagement or in ignorance of the merits O'Callaghan, of Cadogan-nlace. of his own countrymen! That this Mecænas J. Romsay, esq. of Ol Broad-streci, to the of the Age patronized ro a single deserving youngest daughter of the late A. Moisier, esq. writer! That this Breather of Eloquence of Hull. could not say a few decent extempore words, At Gibraltar, Viscount Malpas, eldest son --if we are to judge at least from wliat be of the Earl of Choimondeley, to the second said to his regiment on its embarkation for daughter of Lieut.-Gen. Campbell. Portugal! That i his Conqueror of Hearts was Mr. T. Hudgkinson, of New Bund-street, the disappointer or hopes! That this Exciter to Miss Martin, of Piccadilly. of Desire (travo, Messieurs of the Post! Major Minto, R. M. Artillery, to Miss this Adonis in Loveliness, was a corpulent gen. Little, Grove hill, Camberwell. tleman of fifty! In short, that this delight. - Mr. J. Day, of Fawkes-buildings, to the ful, blissful, wise, pleasureable, honourable, niece of J. Clements, esq. of roticbam. true, and immortal Prince, was a violator of At Chelsea, the Rev. N. Carey, A.M. late his word, a libertine over head and ears in debt fellow of Pembroke-college, Oxford, to Hare and disgrace, a despiser of domestic ties, the riet, widow of the lace W. 0. Macgregor, companion of gamblers and demireps, a man major of the 77th regiment of foot. who has just closed half a century without The Rev. T. P. White, fellow or Queen's one single claim on the gratitude of his College, Cambridge, to Miss Channing, only country, or the respect of posterity !"-Ms. daughter of the late John C. esq. of GoverBrougham urged, in defence, that no reflec- street. tion was intended on the Prince by his client, The Right Hon. George Knox, to Harriet, who wrote the article in reply to some ex youngest daughter of the late Thomas Fortestravagant praises which covered the object cue, esq. of them with ridicule. "The Jury, after re. The Rev. Thomas Carr, to Miss Morgan, tiring a quarter of an hour, found both the piece to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of defendants guilty.

Limerick. - On Wednesday the 16th, the Marquess of At Hampstead, Mr. Jacob, to Miss S. Byass, Sligo was tried at the Old Bailey, on the daughter of the late Rev, W. Byass, of Stopcharge of having seduced some seamen from ham, Essex his Majesty's ships in the Mediterranean, By special licence, at Bellevue House, to navigate his yatche to England. This Guernsey, Capt. Butler, son of J. Butler, esą. trial was considered of so much importance of Kirby-house, Newbury, to Eliza, only child that Lord Ellenborough and Baron 'Thompson of Capt. Dobree. were called to the assistance of Sir William C. Lyons, esq. to Miss Harwood, daughter Scott, the Admiralty judge. The trial jasted of the late Rev, T. H. rector of Shepperton, from 11 in the forenoon till 2 o'clock in the Middlesex. morning of the following day, when the Ai Clapham, Major Eyers, to Frances, Marquess was found guilty. On Thursday he daughter of John Bolland, esg of Clapham. was brought up for judgment, and sentenced At St. James's church, Joan Hodgson, esq. to pay a fine of 50001. and to be imprisoned of Charles-street, St. James's-quare, to Mrs. in Newgate four months.

Sophia A. Hodges, widow of the Rev. Henry

H. of Embleton, Northumberland.

Mr. John Jollie, son of the publisher of the At Edmonton, the Rev. W, Wise, B.D.

Carlisle Journal, to Miss Mary Hind, of Can

non-street. ficar of St Lawrence, Reading, to Ann, eldest

At Bonnington-Lodge, N. B. Lieut.-Col. daughter of J. Henlock, esq.

Napier, of the 52d foot, to Margaret, daughter T. Marshall, esq. of London, to Miss Cha

of J. Craig, esq. ter, of Wethersfield, Essex.

At Chelsea, Lieut.-Col. Wall, of the WorThe Rev. V. Edwards, vicar of Broomfield, Essex, to Jane, second daughter of R. Tindal,

cester Local Militia, to Eliza, youngest daugh

ter of the late John Binns, esq. banker, of Leeds €99. of Chelmsford. * At St. George's, Hanover-square, Capt. H.

Ralph Nicholson, jun, esq. of Tottenham P. Davison, to Miss Charlotte Doyle, youngest

Hi to Saran, eldest daughter of the Rev. Robert

Ellison, of Siangbain, Berks, daughter of the late W. E. D., esq.--Lieut.- W. Parkes, esg. of Great Russel-street, Col. Warre, to the youngest daughter of the Bloomsbury, to Sarah, eldest daughter of T. late C. T. Maling, esq. At Henley-upon-1 hames, Mr. Phillips,

Barber, esq. of Barston, Warwickshire

At Newiarton, Wa. Reetes, esq. to Miss paper maker, ut West Wickham, to Miss Jane Elizabeth Lamb, Paulin, of Henley. upon-Thames. 1. Hensleigh Allen, esq. of Cresselly,

George Morgan, esq. of Wadham College,

Oxford, to Lady Hotham.
Pembrokeshire, to the youngest daughter of
Lord Robert Seymour.

In Paris, Baron Mourin, gen. of brigade, to Middle Temple, and formerly of York.

Aged 62, Christopher Wightman, esg. of the


Aged 66, the Rev. T. W. Morley, of Easby respected and beloved for his useful henero House, Richmond.

lence and hospitality. He was formerly its At the house of her father, Curzon-street, representative in Parliament, and has been Miss E. Stanhope, second daughter of the for nearly fifty years an active magistrate and bon H. F. RS.

chairman of the quarter session. Mrs, Mircbell, wife of - M. esq. of At Hoxton, in bis 731 year, Dr. Jobs E... Hornsey.

wards, late of Llandilo. At Cheltenham, aze: 74, the Very Riv. At Hackney, Mr. W. Heatler, chart-selG. Wm Lätti, L. L D. Dean of Wells, Recler and stationer, in Leadenhall-street. tor of Felbrigh, and Aylmerton, Norfolk, Aged 40, Catherine, wie of Mr. R. H. and half-brother to the lace Right Hon. Wm. Kendal, formerly of Ludgate-street. Windham,

DEATHS ABROAD. Mr. F. Moon, of Salters' Hall, attorney. Lately on-board the Amethyst, in Stangate

In Newman-street, in the 68th year of Creek, on his return from Malta, where he his age, the Rev. Dr. Gossel, a well-known had been for the recovery of his health, saliterary character.

muel Edward Lloyd, esq. of Bristol, eldest In Londos, a ter a long and painful illness, son of Samuel Andrews L. esq. of Newbury, Hen, Sbirley, 689. of Jamaica, lale member in the county of Kerks. Few young mca of the A tbly and Custos for Trelawny. have been more distinguished for excellence

On Han) Common, aged 72, Lord Viscount of heart and amiableness of manners, and his Torrington.

loss will be long and severely teit by his nuAt Fitzroy farin, I ward Simeon, esg. one merous relations and friends. of the Directors of the Bank of England,

A: New York, Dr. Edward Miller, editor At Hammersmith, aged 81, R. Loveday, of the New York Repository. He was affected esq.

for some time with a catarrh, which suddenly In Charlton-street, Somers'-Town, aged assumed the typhoid character, attended with 71, Mr. A. Mills, sen.

delirium and extraordinary prostration of F. Chorbam, esq. of Falcon-square,

strength. After these appearances he soon The Lady of R. Meux, esq. of blooms. expired. In him the profession and the pubbury-square.

lic have lost a valuable member; amiable and Mrs. Pierce, of Kirby street, Hatton-gar. highly respectable in character, zealous in den.

promoting professional improvement, ardent Capt. R. W. Fairfield, lace of the 59th and strenuous in the cause of science, and the

Montbly Magazine one of its friends ant valued In Carlisle-street, Soho, the widow of Dr. correspondents. At the same place, Mr. Farquharson.

George Cooke, the celebrated actor. He had In Abingdon-street, aged 80, Mrs. P.Whit- just completed his 57th year. His friends tan.

and acquaintance are requested, without furAt Isleworth, aged 93, T. Wale, esq. ther invitation, to attend his funeral, trom

Suddenly, in a fit, in Fludyer-street, Mr. the Mechanics' Hall, to-morrow a'teruloon, Ress, one of bis Majesty's Messengers. precisely at half-past four o'clock."-The dis

The wife of Capt. G. Lawson, of Ken- order which closed the career of this eminent sington Gore; and a few days after, Marian performer was a dropsy and a scburrous liver. Elizabeth, their eldest daughter.

He had married again in America, a circumSir Alexander Purves, of Purves, 74. stance which proved very fortunate for him,

In London, aged 21, Mr. 7. S. Brooking, of as it enabled him to experience through his the navy-office, son of Nicholas B. esq. col. illness unremitted attentions from his new lector of the customs, Dartmouth.

connections. As an actor, bis merits and deAl Castle Ward, in the county of Dawn, fects are too well known to require any par. the Hon. Edward Ward. He served some ticular comment." time as a representative in the Irish parlia At Madrid, of a fever brought on by fament.

tigue, Ensign Fidlor, or the 43d Light InAt Stockwell, W: Wilmot, esg.

fa'itry. At Chelsea, 7. Meakins, esq. solicitor, of Ai Batavia, a victim to the unhealthiness Hare-court, Temple.

of the climate, aged 27, Mr. I. Morley, At South Shields, the Lady of Sir Carb- youngest son of the late D. H. M. of Cock. bert Heron, bart.

spur-street, London. Mr. W. Mosey, forAt Edinburgh, the Rt. Hon. Lady Helen merly of the Free Mason's tavern, Bristol, 45. Dalrymple, relict of Hugh D. esq. of For At Quebec, in the prime of life, of a de. dell.

cline, Capt. Wm. Irwin, of the ship Barrick, At Windlestone, Durham, in his 720 year, of this port. Sr Jobn Eden, bart. eldest brother to Lord Al Malta, J. Bray, esq. of the Dock yard, Auckland and Lord Henley. His loss will a valuable and diligent servant to the public. not only be much lamented by his afili-ted He served under Sir Sidney Smith at Acre; family and friends, but will also be felt by and was the builder of the Dock at present the whole county, in which lic has long been forming by government at Malta.


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WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South. ** Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly an.

thenticated, and sont free of Postage, are always thankfully received. Those are more prlicularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of uny Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relative to eminent or remarkable Characters recently deceased.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. Edinburgh, to Cecilia, daughter of Mr. James A BIBLE Society has been established at Neilson, merchant, America. Herham.

At Monk wearmouth, Mr. J. T. Gregson, It is said in the Tyne Mercury, that to Miss Mitchell, both of that place. « there are at present confined in Durham At Gateshead, Mr. T. Elliott, of St. gol, a prisoner for felony, at the age of · Anthony's, to Miss Dungett, of the former 10 years; another nearly 90; and a female, place. Mr. Matthew Ryle, of Shiney Row, possessed of 130,0001. for stealing an article to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Mr. not worth more than eighteen pence!" John Cookson, of Herrington Bourne.--Mr.

Married.) At Newcastle, Mr. Robert John Brown, ship-builder, to Mary, daugh. Boaner, to Miss Martha Graham.Mr. ter of Mr. W. Crozier, all of MonkwearWilliam Newton, to Miss Elizabeth John. mouth. SOD.-Mr. William Harrison, to Miss Eleanor Mr. T. Minikin, to Miss Ranson, both Watson.-Mr. Henry Fisher, to Miss Mar- of Sunderland. garet Dewlap. Mr. Archer, to Miss Mary A t Bridlington, James Ramsay, esq. of Lowrey.--Mr. Dewar, surgeon, Morpeth, Old Broad-street, London, merchant, to Miss to Miss Davies, niece to Mr. James Daven- Maister, youngest daughter of the late Arport.-Mr. William Wilkinson, of High thur M. esq. of Hull, and sister of Mrs. Al. Friar-street, to Mrs. Jane Charlton, of the derman Reed, of Newcastle. Tuthill Stairs.--Mr. William Walker, Wood- Died.] At Newcastle, Mr. James Jeffreys, lesford, near Leeds, to Ann, only daughter 76, many years agent to the late R. A. Cox, of the late Mr. C. Davison, of Leeds. esq. at the refinery, Bill Quay.--Aged 84,

Ai Earsdon, Mr. T. Thompson, co miss the wife of Mr. William Chicken, Quay-side. Graham, both of Seaton Sluice. -Mr. T. William Ormiston, esq. of Hagburn. Taylor, master mariner, of the same place, Sir Cuthbert Shatto, of Bavington, Nor. to Miss M. Armstrong, of Hartley. - John thumberland, knight, 76. Adamson, esq. of Newcastle, solicitor, to In Durbam, Ann, daughter of the late Mr. Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Hutn waite, Blagdon, of North Shields, ship owner. esq. of Seaton Delayal.Mr. T. Ridley, of Margaret, widow of Mr. Ralph Child, 82. Seaton Sluice, to Jane, daughter of the Rev. AC Rainton Hall, Benjamin Dunn, esa. John Parkin, of Newcastle

aged 80. Mr. M. Clark, to Miss Mary Miller, both John Ridley, esq. of Lincoln Hill, near af Berwick.

Chollerford. At Durham, Mr. M. Walker, to Miss Ann A t North Shields, 35, Mr. Henry Barnes, Walker, of Cornforth.

late of Jamaica.--Mr. Thomas Cowey, of At Marton, in Cleveland, Thomas Radd, Huward street, 70. esq. of Solesby, to Miss Eliz. Barker, of the At Hylton Ferry, 74, the widow of Mr. eme place.

W. Potts, ship builder. Mri Jolin M.Meikan, merchant, in Sıran At Berwick, Mr. John Hill, formerly a raer, to Mary, second daughter of the late salt officer, 85.-The wife of Mr. James John Bell, esg. of Gallowhill.

Begbie, 62.-Mr. Richardson, 63.-Mrs. At Tynemouth, Mr. John Arkley, of Mary Forster, formerly of Bambro, 81. . North Shields, to the daughter of Lieu- In Hexhamshire, 92, the Rev. Abraham tenant Frazer, of the royal navy.

Brown, nearly 50 years curate of Whitley At Aisgarth, John Fryer, eg. of Askrigg, Chapel. to Elizabeth, only daughter of William Puro A t South Shields, the wife of Mr. Richard chas, esq. of West Burton, in Wensley- Forster, master mariner.Mr. Thoipas Wiidale.

sen, 75.. At Bishopwearmouth, Mr. Thomas Har- Aged 81, Jane, aiother of the Rer. John rison, of Tynemouth, to Miss Walker, of Mason, of Sunderland. the former place. Mr. Elwin, to Miss Rob. Aged 83, Mrs. Jane Knox, widow, of 800.-T. Hopper, esq. of Hendon, to Miss Bishop wearmouth. Eliza Hopper.

At Bishopwearmouth, Mrs. Ann ArthAt Stonehouse, Mr. Thomas Oliver, printer, strong, mother of John A. M.D. 50.


At Theathwaite, Castle Sowerby, Mrs. T. Liverpool, to Mary Frances, eldest daughter Strong, 103.

of John Eccles, esq. of Ashton. At North Sunderland, Mr. Edward Tindall, At Spennithorne, Mr. E. Ward, of Leyburn, late of Chathill, 84.

to Miss M. Coltman, of Harmby Town Head. At Staindrop, Mr. Brooksbank.

Died.) At Kendal, Mrs. Owen, 67.-Mar-
At Sunderland, Mr. William Duck. garet, relict of John Wakefield, esq.
At Knitsley, 87, Mr. Robert Mitchinson. At Ravenstonedale, Mr. John Ralph, 75,

At Alnwick, Mr. Peter Crowbar.-Mrs. brother of Mr. T. R. of Kendal.
Curry.--Maria, second daughter of Lieut. At Thringill, Mr. M. Robinson, 80.
Reed, of the Northumberland militia.

At Appleby, Mr. G. Patterson, 92.

At Carlisle, at an advanced age, Mr. Joha CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. Veve.--Mrs. Eliz. Mitchell, wife of Mr. w.

The foundation stone of the new bridge M., 57-Mrs. M. Smith, widow, 70.--Mr. over the Eden, connecting Carlisle and the J. Fisher, 57. village of Stanwix, was lately deposited with At Sand-hill, Mr. Robson, 98. the usual formalities. The foundation is rock. At Little Bampton, Mr. Joseph Relph.

Lately, some workmen employed in a Mr. J. Barnes, of Bolton-by-the Sands, 96. quarry at Byker-bill, on splitting a huge At Whitehaven, Mrs. Jane Watson. block of freestone, nearly three tons weight, found a living load in the middle of it. The

YORKSHIRE. cavity that contained the animal, to which The editor of the Leeds Mercury, in nethere was no passage, was the model of its ticing a meeting of the clergy of the archfigure, and was lined with a black substance, deaconry of York, convened to petition Parsuffused with moisture.

liament on the subject of the Catholic Claims, Mushroom-hall, belonging to the Earl of says “ We hope to set a magnacimous examLonsdale, is urdergoing a complete repair, forple to the Clergy of this kingdom, by shewthe accommodation of the judges, during the ing ourselves superior to those petty jealouassizes; and as his lordship's residence, when sies which disgraced the ecclesiastics of in Carlisle.

fornier ages, and to petition the Legislature for A machine for working hay, upon an im the removal of that intolerant system of ex, proved principle, ha lately been niane, by clusion which hus so long divided the British Mr. J. Brown, of Moreland, near Penrith, empire. It is a singular fact, that in popish which is calculated, with the assistance of a France, disqualifications from serving the horse and boy, to perform as much work as State on account of religious opinion no longer bixteen men.

exist, and that in protestant England, a cry Married. At Kendal, Mr. James Airey, is now raising, chiefly amongst the Clergy, to Miss M. Crosfield, both of this town.-- to perpetuate :uch disabilities !" Mr. Harrison, to Miss Gibson, daughter of It has been determined to appoint a Special Mr. C. G. all of this town. Mr. J. Blamire, Commission for the trial of the persons ac. of Kendal, to Miss M. Coudsdale, of Natland. cused of the murder of Mr. Horsfall, and of -Mr. William Whitehead, to Miss Holden. The Luddites now confined in York Castle, to

Mr. R. Dennison, to Miss Emma Hinde. the number of between 40 and 50. Mr. John Dodd, to Miss Ann Davis Mr. ]. The rioters in the neighbourhood of Huda Atkinson, to Miss Ann Fawcett.

dersfield, continue their nocturnal depreda. Mr. T. Wilson, to Miss Ann Woof, both of cions, which now assume the shape of open Old Hutton.

and systematic robbery. Mr. Richard Stalker, to Miss Lawson, both Married.) At leeds John Horncastle, esq. of Staveley.

to Miss Taylor, daughter of B. T. esq. of At Grasmere, John Harrison, esq. to Mrs. Bridlington -W. W. Brown, esq. son of J. C. Jackson, of Ambleside.

B. esp. of Leeds, to Miss M B. Duncan, At Jedburgh, Joseph Pringle, esq. o. Fur only daughter of the late B. D. esq. of Phi ney Green, Windermere, late his Majesty's ladelphia. consul general at Madeira, to Miss Somervilie, The Rev. J. Crosse, M. A. Vicar of Braddaughter of Dr. S. of Jedburgh.

ford, to Miss Hopkinson, of the same place. At Penrith, Mr. John Monkhouse, to Miss - Mr. S. Audsley, of Bradford, to Miss Ann Lockerby. Mr. Mark Noble, of Great Mary Elsworth, daughter of Mr. E. of Kirk. Malton, Yo: kshire, to Miss Jane Maughan, stall. of Penrith.

At Almondbury, Mr. Stocks, surgeon at At Carlisle, the Rev. S. Hudson, rector of Holmfirth, to Miss Shaw, second daughter Hutton, to Miss Scort, both of Carlisle.-Mr. of the late J. S. esq. of the same place.

John Carnaughin, to Miss Sarah Lewis.-Mr. At Sutcon, Mr. E. Coales, of Stoneferry, • T. Carr, to Miss S. Ivison.

to Miss H. Clappinson, of the former place. At Wetheral, the Rev. Mr. Ireland, of Mr. J. Newsham, to Miss Hindle, both of Irthington, to Miss Jane Young, of Scorby. Preston.

Mr. John Laricaster, of Moss End, to Miss Mr. J. Topham, of Croom, to Miss H. Mary Pearson, of Great Corby.

Tibthorp. Ai Winwick, James C. Lynch, M.D. of At Doncaster, Mr. J. Rothwell, of Man. MONTNLY Mag. No. 235.


chester, chester, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Wm. Mr. John Hook, son of the late Mr. J. H.Payne, esq. of Frickley.

In his 85th year, Mr. Thos. Williamson, late At Marton, T. Rudd, esq. of Tolesby, to book and music-seller, and 55 years one of the Miss E. Barker.

waits of the corporation of this town.Mrs. At Knaresbrough, Mr. Gardner, of Lon- Rickard, wife of Mr. T. M. R. merchant. don, to Miss Ann Atkinson, of the former At Sedbury, aged 67, Mrs. Hildyard, the place.-Mr. William Patrick, of London, to eldest surviving daughter of the late Sir RoMiss Barker, of Bedale.- Mr. John Loocock, bert H. of Winestead, bart. of Blubberhouses-Bar, near Otley, to Miss At Boghall, aged 78, Mr. Robert Ord ; and Jane Young, of that place.

on the 22d Jane, his daughter. At Cliffe, Mr. Tho. Robinson, of Ilutton- At Craike, Miss Waniey, daughter of the Hall, to Miss Brown, of Aldborough. late W. W. esq. of Ripon.

At Huddersfield, the Rev. G. Wright, Mr Richard Wade, of the house of Wade A. M. of Trinity-College, Cambridge, to and Sons, Ferry bridge. Miss Stables, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Aged 90, Mr. John Boville, of Whitby. S, of the same place, solicitor.

Mr. Joshua Becket, of Batley-Car. Mr. R. Ellis, of Sculcoates, merchant, 10 Aged 72, Mr. John Holden, music-seller, Miss Mary Ann Joy, daughter of the late of Wakefield. Dr. J. of Leeds.

At Rutherham, Walter Morgan, of that At Church Fenton, T. Sissons, esq. of place, aged 99. This veteran fought under Biggin, to Ruth, third daughter of Mr. G. General Wolfe, at the taking of Quebec. Howard, of the former place.

Rooert Ramsbottom, esq. of Birk's-hall At Brandsby, Mr. W. Radcliffe, of Stearsby, near Halifax, 73. to Miss Rawling, of Clince.

Mr. Nicholson, of Chapel Town, father of Mr. B. Mallorie, of Howden, to Miss of T. N. esq. of Roundhay. Hannah Smith, of Leeds.

At Longthorpe, in the prime of life, the At Bridlington, James Ramsay, esq. of Rev. Christopher Hill. London, to Miss Maister, daughter of the Mrs. Kettlewell, wife of Mr. S. K of Hea. latc Arthur M. esq. of Hull.

lam House, and daughter of the late Wm. John Horncastle, esq. to Miss Taylor, Dagget, esq. of Pickhill. daughter of B. T. esq. of Bridlington

Ai Whitby, aged 77, Mr. Thomas Pyman. At Elland, R. Stringer, esq. of Enley one of the agents of Whithy shipping associaWoodhouse, to Hannah, the eldest daughter tion. of the late J. Cartledge, esg. of Woodman In her 81st year, Mrs. Bentley, relict of House, near Elland

Mr. J. B. of Bradford, attorney-at-law. At Hull, Mr. J. Watson, to Miss M. Bur. Aged 72, Mrs. Rebecca Dixon, of Morley. sell, of York.--Mr. William Fields, to Miss She has left 10 children, and 47 grandBurton, only daughter of Mr. B. of Gainsbo- children. all settled in Morley, and who all sough.

frequent one place of worship there. All her At Beverley.Minster, Francis Edwards, children, and 26 of her grand-children, atesg. of Thearne Cottage, to Mrs. Carter, oftended the funeral. Sculcoate, widow of Capt. R. C.

LANCASHIRE. Died. At York, Mrs. Marshall, wife of Married | At Liverpool, Mr. T. Worrall, Mi. J. M. aged 57.-Mrs. Coke, wife of the to Miss Ellen Leavy.--Mr. D. Carrans, tó Rev. Dr. C. She was a woman of the deepest Miss Mary Ball, second daughter of the late piety, and of the most amiable manners. Mr. W. B. Cheapside.--Mr. J. Swift, to Miss Mr. R. Shaw, late a Lieutenant in the 51st M. Bellis, daughter of Mr. P. B. Norih foot.

Shore. -Mr. T. Maxwell, of Wigan, to · At Leeds, Mrs. Blagborough, daughter of Mary, youngest daughier of the late R. MarsMr. S. B.-H. A. Keck, youngest son of B. den, esq. of Haigh.-Mr. J. Bowness, of A. K. esq. a youth of superior attainments. Sedbergli, to Eleanor, youngest daughter of

At the house of her son-in-law, Dr. Thorp, the late Mr. T. Procter, Ulverston.-Mr. R. . Mrs. Grant, aged 78, relict of Dr. G. G. Naybours, to Miss E. Griffiths --Mr. S. Sherphysician in Edinburgh, and sister of the late ratt, to Mrs. Julian Roberts. --Mr. W. Payne, Sir A. Grant, of Monymusk.-Aged 75, late of London, to Miss Mary Hardock. Mrs. Crouch, sister to the late Dr. Priestly: Mr. W. Wharmby, to Miss Beaman, daugh

At Ackworth, aged 55, Miss Osborne, ter of Mr. B.--Mr. R. Gill, to Miss M. Har late of Pontefract, bookseller.

rison. At Market-Weighton, Mary, the wife ofAt Bentham, Mr. Timothy ThistlethLieut. W.O. Garrard, of the late Royal Gar. waite, to Miss Betty Dansam, both of Beerison Battalion.

tham. At Alne, Mrs. Hall, 86.

At Preston, Mr. J. Feather, of Liverpool, At Hull, aged 99, Mrs. Wray, mother of to Mrs. Salthouse, of Prescon. Mr. W.-Aged 91, Mr. John Gelson.-Aged. At Lytham, Ralph Reynolds, esq. of Wi, 72, Mrs. Hessey, widow of Mr.' W. H.- gan, to Miss C. Cookson, daughter of Mr.T.C. Mrs. Cobb, wife of Mr, c, master-mariner, of Helhome-place.

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