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With occasional Notices of important Judicial Decisions.

C AP. LXXXIV. “An Act for ma. letter under an ounce, three-pence: and for U king allowances in certain cases in every ounce in weight, and for every packet subaltern officers of the militia in Great not exceeding an ounce in weight, four-pence; Britain while disembodied."- 1st July, and so in proportion. Letters by the post to 1812.

and from Ireland, single letter one penny, The annual allowances herein mentioned,

double letter two-pence; treble letter threebesides the pay to which they are entitled pence : ounce in weight four-pence, and so during annual exercise, shall be made to

in proportion.-Letters to and from Plantalieutenants, surgeons, and ensigns ; that is to tions in America, single letter an additional say, to a lieutenant or a surgeon twenty-five rate of two-pence; double letter four-pence; pounds eighteen shillings and sixpence, being

treble letter six-pence: an ounce in weight, at the rate of one shilling and five pence per

eight-pence, and so in proportion for every diem, for three hundred and sixty-six days;

other letter or packet of greater weight than and to an ensign twenty-one pounds seven

an ounce. And for letters by the post to shillings, being at the rate of one shilling

and from parts beyond the seas, whether and two-pence per diem for three hundred and

within his Majesty's dominions or not, single sixty-six days but not to extend to persons

letter, an additional rate of two-pence: dogqualified for a captain's commission, or being

ble letrer, four-pence ; treble letter, six. an adjutant or battalion clerk, or deriving

pence : ounce in weight, eightpence, and so from the public any other income, or being

in proportion for every other letter of greater on full or half pay in the army.

weight than an ounce. -Rates not to extend

to Guernsey, &c. -Rates for letters containCap. LXXXV. “ An Act for raising is

Act for raising ing patterns of goods : for every cover con. the sum of twenty-two millions five hune

taining patterns of cloths, silk, stuff, or dred thoueand pounds, by way of annui samples of other goods or other sort of thing, ties." - Ist. July, 1812.

not exceeding one ounce in weight, if the Contributor entitled to 1201. in Reduced same letter, or packet, or cover, shall be Annuities, and 561. in the Three per Cent. closed or not open at the sides, an additional Consols. for every 100l. contributed

rate of two-penice for every such letter, pack. Cap. LXXXVI, “ An Act for raising

et, or cover: and for every letter or cover the sum of five millions by Exchequer

containing one or more paper or papers with

patterns, or containing one or more pattern Bills, for the service of Great Britain,

or patterns of cloth, silk, or stuff, or one or for the year one thousand eight hundred

more sample or samples of any other sort of and twelve.”-9th July, 1812.

goods, or one or more piece or pieces of any Commissioners of the Treasury may raise

other sort of thing inclosed therein, or affixed 5,000,0001. by Exebequer Bills,... in like thereto, though not on paper, if the sanie do manner as is prescribed by 48 Geo. iij. c. 1.

not weigh one ounce, an additional rate of ' Cap. LXXXVII. “An Act in repeal one penny for every such letter, so as every the several Duties under the care of the such letter, packet, or cover, shall be sent Commissioners for managing the Stamp

open at the sides and without any letter or Duties in Ireland, and to grant new

writing in, upon, or with such packet or coDuties in lieu thereof; and for trans.

ver other than the name or names of the per

son or persons sending the same, and the ferring the management of the Duties on

place or places of his, her, or their abode, Playing Cards and Dice from the Com.

o and the prices of the articles contained there

in or affixed thereto.-Rates not to extend missioners of Stamp Duties."--9th July, to letters sent by or to seamlen and soldiers 1812.

under 35 Geo. iii. c. 53.-Money ari ing by This Act refers to Ireland, and contains a the rates to be an addition to the revenue.long schedule, which cannot be abridged for separate account oi the rates to be kept for this work.

ten years. Cap. LXXXVIII. « An Act for Cap. LXXXIX. "An Act for charg. granting to his Majesty certain additional ing an additional duty on copper imported rates of postage ini Great Britain."-9th

into Great Britain, until cbe expiration July, 1812.

of six calendar months after the ratificaAdditional rates of postage granted, viz. tion of a definitive treaty of peace." for letters by the post within Great Britain, 9th July, 1812. above the distance of twenty miles from Additional duty of 201. to be paid for every office to office, single letter, one penny; dous ton of copper imported On exportation, ble letter, two pence; treble letter, or other drawback of the duty allowed. To be levicd




and paid as the duties and drawbacks granted March, 2814. Recited Acts further con and allowed by 49 Geo. III. c. 98, until six tinued. months after a definitive treaty of peace. Cap. XCII. "An Act to continue,

Cap. XC. “An Act for raising the until the first day of August one thousand Sum of five hundred thousand pounds by eight hundred and thirteen, certain Acts treasury bills for the service of Ireland, for appointing commissioners to inquire for the year one thousand eight hundred into the fees, gratuiues, perquisites, and and twelve."-9:h July, 1812.

emoluinents, received in several public Cap. XCI. "An Act to continue, offices in Ireland; to examine into any until the twenty-fifth day of March, one abuses which may exist in the same, and thousand eight hundred and fourleen, an into the mode of receiving, collecting, Act made in the Parliament of Ireland, issuing, and accounting for public inoney in the twenty-seventh year of his present in Ireland."-9th July, 1812. Majesty, for the better execution of the The Act 44 Geo. 111. c. 106, as amended, law and preservation of the peace within is further continued, and 2,0001. are to be counties at large."-91h July, 1812. issued out of the Irish Exchequer for the

The Irish Acts, 27 Geo Jn. and 36 Geo. payment of clerks, officers, and oiber ex. III. are continued until the 15th day of pences.

ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced between the

17th of November, and the 16th of December, extracted from the London Gazeltes. N. B.JBankruptcies in and near London, the Attornies are to be understood to reside in Leades;

And in Country Bankruptcies at the Residence of the Bankrupt, except otherwise expressed.

Alla ley and


BANKRUPTCIES. (This Month 225.)
(The Solicitors' Names are between Parentbeses.)
APPLEYARD J. Queen Adve freet Weft, bookseller.

Arton w. Cheltenbam, carpenter (Meredith and co.,

Atkinsou T. Dorset ftreet, Salisbury Square, bricklayer.

Arteton J. Hi Liverpool, apothecary
Allan W. Throsmurton firect, insurance broker. (Kear.
Andrews T. Church passage, Cateaton Atreet, Blackwell.

hul fafor Farten
Arranill J. Noble @reet, merchant. (Monbey
Allardice. Conduit freet, linen draper. (Langley
Arnold J. Rawstone (reet, Bruinpton, carpenter (Wil.

liamson and Co.
Parker C. Pimnico, ironmonger. (Cuppage
Bal: E. New East Greenwich, victualler. (Ledwich,

Bu E. Chatham, upholferes. (upp, London
Boftock ). buugeley, Stafford, milliner (Meddowcroft

Buckley J. Oldham, Lancaster, cotton spinner. (Hurd,

Bailey J. Brentford, fage coach mafter (Robinroa,

Brown G. Scuthampton mews, St. Pancras, builder.

Jeanneret and C.
Bather S. Aldborough, Suffolk, builder. (James,

Bradley 1. Armitage Fold, Yorkthire, clothier. (Battye,

Bennett R. Little Dean, Glouccher thire, nopkeeper.

(Brace, London
Burtun J. Tower ftreet, wine merchant, (Kcarley

and con Brown H, Tynemouth, Northumberland, thip owner.

(Cordales and co. London Brown M. Little Maddox Otreet, Hanover square, tailor

'Pike Balis W. A. Thington, vi&tualler (Taylor Biewert J. New sun pa flage, St. Clement Danes, hat

maker. (Taylor Buckley S. Stockport, Cheshire, hardwareman, (Sher

win and co. London
Brown H. Wycomb Marth, Bucks, founder. (Chondless,

Brentuell A., and w. Cross, Derby, grocers. (Curzon
Barais G. Wetbury, Wit, woolltapler. (Wood and co.

I ondon
Blar hard R. Aldenham, Herts, dealer. (Palmer,

Bafdell i. Addletone, Surry, smith. (Taylor and co.

Barker T. Heckmond wicke, York, and I. Barker, Bread

freet, London, carpet macufia uiers. (Kurd,

Blundell M., D., and S., Holborn, haberdashers. (Sweet

and co.
Balfut J. Bafinghall Arett, Blackwell,Hall factor. (Wilde

Blakeley G. Wood ftreet, warebon feman (Hartley
Barker J. T. Dover, draper. (Within and Co., London
Boyce J. Pendile üreet, Rotherhithe, carpenter. We
Bickers J. J. and W. Buck ersbury, warehousem.c.

Collins ). Hampead road, scavenger. (Lockett and
Clark W. Fair kreet, Tool y treet, Chet femorger.

(Day Carpenter M. High freet, Wapping, victualler. (Thack.

Crundall J. South Lambeth, timber merchant. Holhip,

Chiffinch T. J. High Areet, sc. Giles's, pawnbroker.

Clores and R. Robinson, Hounftitch, box and packing

cafe makers. (Meymoto M'Crindell G. Pope's Head alley, inferance bruker, (Har

vey and co. Capes'T Eait Rutford, Nottingham Mire, money icrivenet.

(Beetham, iundon
Carcbluve L. Wheering, Southampton, builder. She ton,

Cowie R. Bartholomew lane, merchant. (Burt and co.
Childs ) illiter lane, wine merchant. Mainerten
Cohen J. New Broad freet, broker. (Dawe
Clark D. Newington Butts, coachmaker. Ledwich
Conway J. and T. Davidfun, Liverpool, merchants,

(( ooper and co. London
Coleman J. Hordfey row, Illington, money fcriveper.

(Nicholls Capes T. Eaft Retford, Nottingham, money forivenei.

(Beethan, London
Camps w, Worcester place, Thames Areet, tationen

Cole G. Whitcomb freet, Leicester square, music felles

! Spike
Chapman, Bath, carpenter. (Pearfon and co. London
Cooper c. Langley-ball, Sutton, Culd held coal mater.

Sherwin and co, London
Cook J. Fenchurch ftreet, fatinner. (Smith
('ropiey R., Muenaker. Bigroid and co.
Clouch 1. Manchester, brewer. Milne and ce. London
Colville ). London, and D. Shildon, Manchester, ku

facturers. (Hankin, London
Cook J. Spe' for freet, Brunfwick quere, furge».

Drake I. Market hill, shadwell, bricklayer. (Shethed,

Day '. jun, West Cowes, The of Wight, wise merchant.

(Jenkins and co. London
Dark 1. Skipper ftreet, haberdother. (Sweet and co.
Deane M. Fardiogham. Kent, fadler. (Clarke, London
Davis I. and T.H. Lloyd, Hol, Wilts, clothers. Trou,

Dickenson w. Coventry, filkman. (WHmot
Dobson D. City road, jeweller. (Conçanan
Dakin J. Manchester, Manufacturer. Walker
Drape i Wiston, Cumberland, mercer. (Glaizer
Dickin G. Ud Jewry, wine mercbant. (Bourdo

aud cu.
Du Bois G. London Wall, merchant. (Reerdon and C.
Dalby D. Leeds, York, dryfalter (Bactye, Lone
De Berat D. jun. spant's buildin8", Panela, cause 446
chapman, (2 hoias

Evans T. Kidderminfter, brazier. (Baxters and co. Lifter S. Sheffie'd, draper. [Blacklock and co. London London

LOGC Cicur. YorThire, merchant. [Battye, London Entwille J. Manchelter, manufacturer. (Buckley

Lamhert w. Cheptow Munmuth, Printer. [Bailey Faraday w. Birmingharn, dealer. Stubbs and co.

Luxmore T. St. Mary Axe, dealer. (Wegener Fowler ). Orikirk. Lancashire, printer. (Houghton Leal y Portrea, thampton, dealer. [allen, London Flynn M. Wardour freet, Soho, painter (Vizard

Lloyd T, St. Ja' es's ftreet. haberdasher. [Cuppage and co.

Landon H. Billater lane, wine merchant. [Hamerton Towler D, and A. Anttie, Gracechurch Atreet, merchants. Layland T. Alhton under-Line, Lancaster, grocer. (Ellis (Lano

and co. London Turnace G. Newcalle upon Tyne, grocer. (Mergiloos Major W. Woolwich, matter ITariner. (Ledwiche and co. London

London Tortter ).. Liverpool, liquor merchant. (Tarrant and Marks W. Wilton upon Wye, Hereford, corn for. Co. London

(Wilians, London Ford J. E. Bidhapsgate Arcet, wool dealer. (Highmoor Mitchinson J. Carine, merchant. [Blow and co.

MU Inford W. Daventry, Northamptonthire. f Oakden Goddard E, Upper Eat Smithfield, victualler. (Templer Marin W. Strand, jeweiler (Briggs and co.

Martha T. Louth, Lincoln. grocer (Parker Gilbert ). Radford, Staffordshire, coal merchant. (Col. Mackee J. Kingston upon Hull, Jipen draper. (Corf Bins and co.

worth Goula w. Sath, perfumer. (Netherfule and co. Lon. Morris S. Taunton, builder. [Vizard and co. don

Meeds s. stickney, Lincoln, miter (Ludington and Goddard J. Gutter lane, filk manufacturer. (Tames

co. London Gowing G. Holborn bridge, fta'ioner. (Harman

Noye H. Sloane freet, carpenter. [Mills Burdon A. and C. Church Areet, Soho, tailors. (Ri. Newton W. and Auber, Cannon Atreet road, timber chardson and co.

merchants. (Welchinan Greenwood J. and 1. Hamer, Knowlwood Bottom, Lan. Newman T. s. Friendly piace, Old freet, dealer in lace, catter, cotton spinners. Wiplesworth. London

Mowbray Gil G. Charles treet, Berkeley square, sauler (Greco ORE R Upper Smith treet, Gofwell Areet, merchant wuod

Carrow Gray W. G. Ivy lane, warehou feman (Brown

Pack J T. Athford, Keut, grocer. (Debary and ca. Giles C. Brifol, currier. (Prew and co. London

London Gummer W. and J. Rendal), High ftreet, Newington, Patterfon W.F. Great Pultney treet, Golden Square, bill plumbers. (Marron

broker. (Walls Grant ). Hatton ftreet. merchant. (Shaw

Penning J. Blandford Forum, Dorset, cabinet maker. Gall W. H. Gutter lane, fik manufacturer. (Bourdillon

(wilson and cr. London and co.

Finkerton T. New Broad ftreet, merchant. (Healing Geldart W. Durham, butcher. (Wilson, London

Towning W, Penryn, Cornwall merchant. Richards Grill C. Dunfter court, Mincing lane, inerchant. (Crow Payne T. Sidmouth freet, Gray's inn lane, buildcr. der and co.

(Chartley Hayword J. Witney, Oxfordshire, cabinet maker. (Pike, Pooke H. T. Torners, Devonshire, irunmonger. (Sbepe London

herd and cu. London Harper T. Jun. Crane court, Fleet Areet, printer. Parker R. Manchetter, drapes (Morgan (Pearce

Pratt R. Liverpool, druggiit. Cuwen and co. London Hale j. Ironmonger lane, Cheapfide, merchant. (Chap Platt J. Kensington Gravel Pits, hay salesman. (Tucker man and co.

Pafte J. Gray's-on Jane, Holborn, Itable keeper. (Husey Henderfon J. Curfitor @reet, tai'or Chapman and co. Polfreymap G. Crare Works, Chetter, calicu printer. Nellings N. and w. C. Stebbi & Delahoy ftrect, Wef min.

(Milne and co. Londos iter, taylors. (Bembridge and co.

Poole J. and T. Gray, Whitehaven, linen drapers. (Cune Hemmerick J. W. Liverpool, dealer. (Windle, London liffe, Manchetter Hal c. Charlotte arcet, Fitzroy fquare, cabinet maker.

Poppleton T. Boton, [incoln, draper. [Hallway (Sheffield

Robinson G. Cannon row, Wellminder, upholderer. Heathern C. Malukone, Kent, lime burner. (Dabary (Evans, Kennington Cross and co. London

Roberts T, Cheapfide, filversmith (Robinson and co. Halley T. 8. Frodtham, Cheshire, apothecary. (Philpot Rye w. Oxford forcer, linen draper. (Gregory and co, London

Rumsey w. Dunftan's hill, Tower strect, hoop vender. Hayne J. Pater nofter row, Araw hat manufacturer. (Mowbray (Wilde

Robinson G. Lunning. Cumberland, dealer. [Mounsey, Hornley J. Rockliffe, Stockport, Chefter, grocer. (Davie London and co. London

Rance H, Worceter, linen draper (Gillam Hobfon J. Deal, Kent, linen draper. (Bice and co. Roche T. White Horse yard, Drury Jane, victualler London

(Sheerman Harry ). Kings Caple, Hereford, dealer in cattle. (Jen. Rutherford J. Newcaftle upon

ip owner. [Meg. kins and co. London

eiros and co. London Holmes S, White Horse, Fetter lane, hotel keeper

Sizeland l. Wimpole street, tailor. (Richardson Haymen T. and W. Croft, Honduras Atreet, and T. Croft Smithies W. and j. Sewardtone Mills, Elx, suik manu. Manchetter, me chants. (Hurd, London

facturer, Barrow, London Bunter A. Grear Rudel Areet, merchant. (Crowder Saudle W. Paternoster row, Manchester warehouseman. and co.

(Pike Hopkins w. Swansea, Glamorgan, thopkeeper. (08.

Stevens w, Petticoat lane, victualler. (Templer and co. borne and co. Bristol

Schutt J. H. Poplar, fail inaker. (Heard Helliwell ). Elland Halifax, woollen manufacturer. Smeeton G. St. Martin's lane, printer (Sherwin and co. (Wiglei worth, London

Spuith J. Vere kreet, Oxford Itreet, victualer. (Reardon Hart H. Portsmouth, navy agent. (Nart

and co. Hopwood w, Weabourne, fellmonger. (Johnson and Co. Smith A. Tipton, Staffordshire, baker, (Williamas, Chichester

London Hardey G. N. Liverpool, merchant. (Black Rock and Smith Ji jun. Denton freer, St. Pancras, carpenter. co. London

(Antice and co. Hurt T. Great Wild Greet, Lincoln's-inn-fields, victualler. Shillito J. Scrouby inn, Not inghamshire, irnkeepers. (Saunders

Wood and co. I ondon Iones S. St. Paul's Church yard, ribbon manufacturer. Size T. Oxford Atreet, mercer. [Bordillos and co. (Willis and co

Sherlocks ). Crumpe!, Manchener, dealer. (Halftead Joges P. Fither freet. Red Lion Square, taylor. (King

and co Johnson J. Eat India Chambers, Mip owner. (Phipps Smith M. Milbank dieet, Weltminier, victualler. Johofon J. Carmarthen, dealer in giars. (sweet and cu. (raylor London

Sutterby F. Turton freet. Wef miaster, carpenter. [Pofon Iles J. Princes Areet, Red Lion Square, carpenter. Turner E. Wedusesb ry Staftoralire, coal dealer. (in(Kerkmao

pey and co. London Jones J. Staverton, Wiltshire, clothier. (Berkeley

Traveis R, Manchetter, brewer, (Ray James E. Portsmouth, eroeet. (Sweet and co. London Tingey T. 'ells, Norfolk, Jives draper. [Preland Jenks J. Biliton, Stafford, currier. (Impey and cu. and co. London London

Tomlin C. leal. Kent, tailor. [Egan and co. London Tablder J. Bond court, Walbrook, merchant. (Burn

Thomas J. Altet, Warwickshire, timber merchant Jones R, Birmingham, hoenaker. (Devon and co. (Birkett London London

Taylor J. Cheapfics, draper. [Chapman and co. Ingai E. Great Ruffel Krect, linen diaper. (Collins Thompton W. GicenGde, Dear Whefield, whitefinitha Jones J. Commercial road, Middie sex, mariser. (Cour.

(Wright, I oncon seen

Tolley R. Glouceiter, corn dealer. (Whitcombe and Joues W. and R. Taylor, wilm Now, Chefter, cotton spin

Co. oudon ners. (Longdell and co. London

Underdown T. Coleton, Devon, rormonger. (Luxmore, King S. Gosport, shoemaker. (Briggs, London

London Knightley T Cheshunt, Herts, bricklayer. (Reynolds Veiffere J. son ftreet, Bishopfgate &rect, currier. (Evict Keate . Weftmifter bridge road, Surry, carpenter.

and co. (Watson

Wigglesworth P. Church Areer, Shoreditch, grocer Kaapten R Nicholas lane, Lombard ftreet, bill broker. [Cocker (Birkitt

We ninck J. G. Plymou'n, merchent. (Darke, London Ksicht M, Prospect place, Middlesex, vidualler. [Tia. Wiliams L. Fenchurch ftreet, inerchant. iscott chetr

Worboys W. Butt lane, Leptford, med drapor. (Sher. King C. Britof, cabinet reaker, (nayr on

WooC, London MONTHLY MAG, No. 235,

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Parke T. Halton W1
Pownell P. Piccadilly
Page R. Luticy, Worceller tre
Pycroft J. Jan. St. Mary An
Pulley J. Capel court
Vratten C, krittol
Parke T. Pickering. York
Robfun M, Albemarle treet, Piccadang
Rusby J, Skinner ercet
Richmond T, G, Church Arect, Bo.

tharhithe Redhead R, Amtle Newhall, dorthus

Routh J, aut in Friers
Kooke T, Bengco
Richerds F and w, Bond, Upper

Thasnes Kreet
Rig W, jun. Rochetter
Robertfon R, Stourbridge, Worcedes
Swendall R, Brittal
Sparrow J, East India Chamber

Lendenhall treet
Shillitve J. Great Tower frect
Stables W. Great Rollel &reet, Blocar

bury Stiacy r, and Co. Princes' Areet Smitha J, Blue Anchor lane, Bese

mandfey Stelling R. Norton, York Sowdon ), and ), Hodgson, Leedan

Yorkhire Stead ), Fofter lane Sheffield », Aldgate High treet Stonebridge w, Colcheter Squire w, Leeds Shelton L, Great Grimsby Steriker R, Epfum Smith T, Admiogion Sheppard T, ACW Ranelagh, Miliban Sacpherd T. North Audley areet Siggs J, W, Avelex, Edex Smith T, 'R, and J, Stein, den

Smith, Fenchurch ftreet Seaborne G, W, Ratslitte Croce Steight ), Richmond, Serty Simpfon 1, New Malica, York Statham S, ana E, and H, Garte

Nottingham Tribe R, Mambledon, Southampton Tatlios J, Well Sunithaeid Thomson T, Sen. Walthain Holy Crofs,

Edex Thackray R, Burton Leonard, Yes

thire Soulmin 0, Efex freet Thomas P, Hatfield freet. Surty Turner R, Kingiton upon Bull Tugwell T, Horsham Vaichtner, Angle court, Throsoortes

Street Vifick w, Mildhurit, Suflex Varica A, Founders court White R, Cradley, Herefordthire Wainwright 6, and w, Ward, Back

hill, Marton garden Watson T, Ipfwich Whire E, s, Chamber Arcet, Goode

mans fields Worhall ), and J, Thyron, Catherine

itree. Strand Warren L, and L. Smith, Afin Fran Wood . Brightbelmitone, Super Whitehead A. jun. Halita, Fortis Wildpoole C. Gloucher Wulmott , D, Dunker Wright T. Queen Alreet, Cheapfide Wrigh: R, Thorverton, Deus Walker H. H. und N. Sunderlasd, A



Containing official Papers and authentic Documents.

last moment. On the 14th September, THE most calamitous campaign re- seeing the French army march towards him,

I corded in history terminated, by he took his resolution, and evacuated the the march of the allied armies from Mos

position, passing through Moscow. He cow into winter quarters at Wilna, Kow

crossed through the city with his headDo, Grodno, Konigsberg, &c. and by the

quarters at balf past nine o'clock in the Emperor Napoleon setting out for Paris, it an hour after noon.

morning. Our advanced guard passed through on the 5th of December, after giving

The commandant of the Russian rear the command to the King of Naples

guard requested to be allowed to defile in during the winter. The Bulletins re. the city without firing-it was allowed him; cord the chief facts : our reflections but in the Kremlin, the canaille, armed by would fill a volume were we to indulge the Governor, made a resistance, and were in them.

immediately dispersed. 10,000 Russian solThe cost of a single campaign, in men

diers were the next and following days col. and money, to try the question, Whe.

lected in the city, into which they were ther Rusia shall keep hier ports shut

brought by their thirst for plunder; they against English commerce, according to

were old and good soldiers ; they augmented

the number of prisoners. the treaty of Tilsit, may be estimated as

On the 15th, 16th, and 17th of September, follows:

the Russian general commanding the rear To FRANCE and bin killed - 30,000

guard said, that they should fire no longer, her ALLIES, -disabled

that they ought to fight no more, and talked - 30,000

much about peace. He marched upon the prisoners - 40,000

road of Kolomna, and our advanced guard

placed itself five leagues from Moscow, upon Allied M:n 100,000

the bridge of the Moskwa. During this

time, the Russian army left the Kolomna Their equipments, at 301. each 3,000,000

road, and took that of Kalouga, by cross In artillery, magazines, &c. 1,500,000

roads. He thus made the half tour of the 40,000 horses, at 351. each – 1,400,000

city at six leagues distance.

We quickly perceived the enemy's march. Allied Property lost £5,900,000

The Duke of Istria marched to Disna, with

a corps of observation. To Russia, in soldiers killed . 45,000

The King of Naples at first followed the disabled . 45,000

eneiny upon Podol, and afterwards marched prisoners 40,000

upon their rear, threatening to cut them off Soldiers-Total

from the Kalouga road. Although the King 130,000

only bad wish him the advanced guard, the OF inhabitants burnt at Moscow, 2

{ 70,000

enemy only allowed themselves time to eva. and destroyed in different ways s

cuate the entrenchments they had con

structed, and marched six leagues in the rear, Russian People 200,000

after a glorious battle for the advanced The equipments lost -

guard. 3,600,000

Prince Poniatowski took a position behind Provisions. &c. of all the armies 18,000,000 the Nara, at the confluence of Isha. Artillery, horses, and ammunition 2,500,000

General Lauriston having, on the 5th Oct. 100,000 houses burnt by the loro

.by the 25,000,000 gone to the Russian head-quarters, the comRussians, at 2501. each S

munications were re-established between our Their furniture, &c. at 2001, each 20,000,000

advanced posts and those of the enemy, who, Merchandize, crops, granaries, 24.000.000 between themselves, agreed not to attack cattle, &c.

each other without giving three hours' notice; Public works, churches, pa. 245.000

par 15,000,000 but on the 18ch, at seven o'clock in the laces, &c. by the French S

morning, four thousand Cossacks came out of

a wood, situate within half, cannon-shot of Russian Property lost £108,100,000

General Sebastiani, forming the extreme

left of the advanced guard, who had neither Twenty-sixth Bulletin.

been occupied nor inspected that day. · Borowsk, Oct. 23. They irade an attack upon this light ca. After the battle of Moskwa, General Kun valry at a time when they were on foot, at tusow took a position a league in advance of the distribution of meal. This light caMoscow; he established several redoubts to valry could not torn but at a quarter of a defend the towD; he remained there till the league at furthest. Whilst the enemy pene

. trated

4 A 2

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