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- Including Notices of IVorks in Hand, Domestic and Foreign. *.* Authentic Communications for this Article will always be thankfully received.

THE next Supplement to the Monthly tice. Above a century ago a law was

Magazine, will be distinguished, like enacted, having certain practical opera. i he two last, by the superior interest of tions, and addressed to certain acrive ive its contents. It will appear, as usual, on terests; its intention, as matter of law the FIRST OF FEBRUARY. On the sume and fact, was proved by the practice duy also will be published, the First which immediately followed it, and which NUMBER OF A NEW l'OLUNE--, conve. has continued tillately; but, on a sudden, nient period for the commencement of fresh a quibble has been raised in regard to the subscribers.

logical bearing of certain passages, the supIn a late Number we gratified the lie posed interests of the Universities have terary public by a statement of the pro- been identified with this quibble, and a portionate sale of the various monthly decision has been made that places the publications. We are now enabled to publishers of books in a situation wbich, present a similar statement relative to from its hardship, could never have been another class of periodical works, which, contemplated by the original framers of as collections of Essays, have within the Ari. The practice which closely these few years obtained currency. We follows an Act of Parliament is unquestimean the quarterly Reviews, of which, onable evidence of the intention of its an eminent bookselling house, in like authors; and our laws have lost all their mnamner, consumes about a fifth, in the certitude, if after a century the uniform following numbers:

and continuous practice, under an Act Edinburgh Review .

1500 of Parliament, is to be reversed by some Quarterly Review - - 750 refined construction of its terms. Every

British Review - - - 300 ingenious judge might thus render our We hope to be able to follow these lists laws and legitimatized practices of no by the numbers sold of the various Lon- effect, and make our Statute Book as don and provincial Newspapers. The changeable as the persons of the judges. aggregate will form a wonderful display On this general ground we protest against of the periodical circulation of knowledge the late decision, but we also object to it through this empire. If the sources of such as inexpedient, and as productive of copious streams of intelligence were un- greater injury to literature than it is incorrupted, they would produce an epochtended to produce of advantage. The distinguished by the ascendency of Truth, Act of Anne had three objects, one to seReason, and Justice--but how severe a cure copy-rights by penalties on those commentary are passing events on their who might invade them; to protect per. too general pollution!

sons against offending inadvertently, by a We have much satisfaction in being public record; and, as an equivalent for the able to state that, that excellently cone power of recovering such penalties, it imducted establishment, the General Poste posed the condition of giving copies to Office, has contracted with the Gase the warehouse-keeper of Stationers'-hall. Light Company for the illumination of Under these provisions, however, the the numerous offices and passages of that University of Cambridge have brought extensive building.

an action against the printer of HeyThe publishers and booksellers througlio wood's Remarks on Fox's Memoirs, for out Great Britain have lately heen agi- not delivering to them the copy, which, lated by a novel construction of the Act after entry, ought to be delivered to them of the 8th of Anne, made for the en- by the warehouse-keeper, as aforesaid; couragement of learning. The question and, after a trial and solemn argument, claims the notice of our Court of Lite- a judgment has been given against the rature, because the recent adjudication of printer. We think this a mistaken dea Court of Law lays a heavy tax on cisionliterature, which in many cases of small First. Because the act is not impeeditions of expensive books would have a rative on the proprietor to enter his book prohibitory effect on their publication, at Stationers'-[lall. and would annihilate small editions on Second. Because the entry is directed Jarge paper. Nor is this a mere literary to be made for a special purpose, that of and commercial question, for it involves warning pirators; and not for any general the general character of our judicial prac, or indefinite purpose.


Third. Because, as the entry is not same time we are persuaded, the public imperatively directed to be made, a pro. bodies themselves will oot persist in being prietor, may, if he choose, forego the plaintiffs in suits, which, it is evident from security of his copyright under the pe- the previous reasoning, cannot have their nalties of the Act.

basis in the Act of Anne, and must bave Fourth. Because, the delivery of the a deleterious effect on elegant literature. copies is to be to the warebouse-keeper We admit, notwithstanding, that the of the Stationers' Company, and not to practice is involved in confusion and perthe public bodies themselves; the al plexity, but the fault is neither in the ledged right, therefore, of those public law, nor in the parties concerned. It is bodies is consequent on the entry at Sta- a natural consequence of that judicial tioners'-Hall.

decision which made the common right Fifth. Because the section of the Act paramount to the enacted right, and which directs the delivery of the copies rendered the entry at Stationers'-hall of to the warehouse-keeper, does not so die no practical utility to the publishers. rect in regard to books printed and pub- Our unsophisticated reason always taught lished generally, but “printed and pub- us, that universal common right was moFished as aforesaid," that is, as so ene dified by an Act of Parliament, and tered at Stationers'-Hall for the purpose merged in its conditions ; and that to of securing the copy-right under the pe- enforce the conditions was the sole and nalties of the Act.

only use of an Act of Parliament, But, in Sirth. Because such was the under. this case, a court of law decided, that the standing in regard to the provisions and common and statute right were co-exobjects of the Act, at the time it was istent, however inconsistent and income passed, and for a century afterwards, as patible, and thereby rendered the prois proved by the proportion of entries at visions of the statute of no avail. An. Stationers'-Hall.

pul that decision, and the law and the Seventh. Because, Cowing to evasive parties will be again on their proper foot. booksellers entering a part only, and de- ing. Let there be no copy-right, as the livering such part only of their work as law itself directs, except in books entered an odd volume of a set, the others being at Stationers'-ball; and every valuable useless to a pirator,) it was found oecessary book will then and its way to the Unito explain the Act, by the 15th of Geo. III. versities; the option remaining as it ought, when the claim for copies was restricted with the booksellers to enter or not to to “ bouks that should be printed and enter, as heretofore. published, as had therein been mentioned," Mr. EDWARD Pugnt, of Denbigh, an and did not even in that Act, made for ingenious and well-known artist, proposes securing the full benefit to the public to publish by subscription, at three guibodies, extend the claim to books neas, in one volume, quarto, CAMBRIA printed and published generally.

DEPICTA; or, Picture of North Eighth. Because, in the 41st of George Wales. The work is to be enibel. II. wherein it is directed, that two lished with above erguty beautiful views, copies shall be delivered for Ireland; the drawn on the spot by himself; and claim extends in like namner only, to engraved in aquatint, in the first style of “ books which shall be entered in the elegance, and coloured after nature. register at Stationers'-Hall," which entry, Mr. ROBERT STEVENS, of Linyd's however, is optioval.

Coffee-house, is about to put to press an On this subject, the London booksellers Essay on some subjects connected with have held several public meetings to con- the contract of Marine Insurance. sider of the means of resisting this' Proposals have been circulated for respecialand novel claim on their property, printing in London, the French Mont• amounting, on new books and new edis Teur, verbatim et literatim, and the tions, to nearly five thousand pounds names of subscribers are invited at eight per annum; and we understand, they guineas per annuin. Among other rcaintend to apply to Parliament for an ex- sons, it is alledged that, “in regard to

planatory Bill. We wish them success; foreign news, the English press is now . but, if any supposed interest of the Uni- nearly in the same state of degradation versities, or any pertinacious legal in- as the press of Russia; that the foreign fluence should deprive them of a remedy intelligence is garbled and miserably in that quarter, we advise thein to try the translated, chiefly by one hand in a public question again and again, till some Jury office; that important facts are often supo will take on itself to decide on the law pressed, coloured, and distorted; tha of the case, as well as the fact, At the French Bulletins and other documents

are often kept back for successive days, origin to the present generation, by Sir for stock-jobbing and other corrupt pur. Robert Douglas, of Glenbervie, bart, poses; and, in fine, that few or no The whole revised and corrected, with a foreign papers now reach London, ex. continuation to the present period, by cept through Ministers, or Newspapers John Philip WOOD, esq. under controul." The Moniteur abounds Speedily will be published, Sicily and in literary and philosophical articles, and its Inhabitants, by WM. HENRY THOMPits republication in London would, we son, esq. in one vol. 4to, with engrashould think, be extensively patronized. vings from drawings taken on the spot.

The Rev. H. H. BABER, of the British Early in the present year, Mr. CorMuseum, bas completed his publication BURN, an enterprizing publisher, of Conof a Fac-Simile of the Greek Text of the duit-street, will publish an entire new Book of Psalms, as preserved in that most work, to be continued annually, entitled, ancient Manuscript of the LXX. Version The Literary and Scientific Calendar of of the Old Testament, the Codex Alex- the British Empire. It will contain: 1. andrinus.

The Dictionary of all Living Authors, · The same gentleman intends to pube announced for some time past. 2. A lish, by subscription, a Fac-simile of the similar Catalogue of Painters, Engravers, Pentaleych after the saine manuscript. Sculptors, and Musical Composers. S. He remarks, in his prospectus, that the A Register of all the Universities and Codex Alexandrinus is a Greek Manu. Public Schools. 4. An Account of ail script, comprising the whole of the Old the Public Societies, lostitutions, Libraand New Testament; and stands, with ries, and Exhibitions; with various other respect to its antiquity and internal ex. useful and interesting tables, &c. cellence, in the foremnost rank amongst The translation of CHATEAUBRIAND'S the Manuscripts of the Holy Scriptures. Beauties of Christianity, with illustrative

In consequence of an increase in the Notes, by the Rev. HENRY KETT, will establishment of the Royal Hospital for appear in a few days. seamen, at Greenwich, the directors have The third voluine of Gough's edition come to a determination to erect houses of Hutchins's Dorsetshire, will speedily and offices for the civil officers, on the be published. outside of the building; and a consider. At the late General Meeting of London able extent of ground, at present covered Apothecaries, held at the Crown and A1by houses, &c. eastward of the Hospital, chor, Strand, Mr. Burrows in the Chair, has been purchased for this purpose. it was resolved The intended building will extend nearly That the improved education of the regular the whole length of the east wall of the apothecary has much advanced the imporIlospital, to which it will run parallel, at tance and utility of his character, and been about thirty yards distant, and will be highly advantageous to the public; but that completelo detached and inclosed. The his services have been by no means sufficiently principal entrance will face the great east

remunerated, nor his respectability advanced gate of the Hospital, and is to have a in proportion.

That a large body of pretenders have as. colonnade to correspond with that in the

sumed the character and functions of the remarket. opposite the west gale; the front, gularly.educated apothecary, to the great denext the river, will consist of a range of triment of the public health. buildings, in form of a crescent.

That the executive of the Royal Colleges The Junior Departinent of the Royal of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Society Military College has been removed from of Apothecaries, be requested to concur and Great Marlow to Sandhurst, near Bay. unite in an application to Parliament for an shot; and the Senior Department from Act for the improvement and better regulaHigh Wycombe to Farnhain, in Surrey. tion of the Practice of the Apothecary

The readers of the Monthly Magazine throughout England and Wales. will perceive that we have this month That country practitioners be requested to commenced a report on the State and form distinct committees, to co-operate and

correspond with the London conimittee on the Progress of the active Science of Che

means best adapted to promote the general mistry which we hope to be able to contie

and local interests of the profession. nue with equal spirit and interest.

Mr. WILLIAM BULLOCK is arranging In January will be published, in two volumes in folio, with the arms of the the materials of a splendid work, relative peers, the Peerage of Scotland, contain to the most recent discoveries in Natural ing an historical and genealogical account History, with engravings, coloured from of the nobility of that kingdum, from their original specimens.

Tho The Rev. Mr. Eustace's Classical of capital, which càpital, making all allow. Tour, in two vols. 4to, will appear next ance possible for undiscovered claims, and, month. The work is the result, we on. including bonds, cannot exceed 230,0001. derstand, of much research and obser- and the money the committee were in. vation, exhibiting a comprehensive view powered to raise was 300,000l. A very of modern Italy, with its varied beauties large amount of compensations has been of natural scenery, and its numerous paid, releases executed, and deeds deliworks of art.

vered up. Very few claims remain un On the first of January, 1813, will be settled. Money is vested in Eschequer published, the first number of the Sunday- Bills to satisfy some primary claims, of School Repository, or Teachers' Maga- which it has not been possible to com. zine, to be continued quarterly.

plete the title and conveyances. Other Mr. Rusner, of Reading, is printing claims are in course of payment, and all a new catalogue, which is expected to be will be discharged, as the arrears of subready in February. It will comprehend scriprion are paid. This report is signed a numerous collection in the classes of by SIMUEL WUTBREAD, chairman. Ancient, Curious, and Rare Articles; in The Life and Administration of the English History, Biography, Arts and Riglit Hon. Spencer Perceval, by Mr. Sciences, and Theology.

CHARLES VERULAM WILLIAMS,, will apDr. BUSTON will commerce his Spring pear in June next. Course vf Lectures on the Practice of Mr. HEBB, of Worcester, has in the Medicine, at the London Hospital, about press a Translation of Corrisart's work on the 20th of January, 1813.

The Diseases and Organic Lesions of the Dr. CLUTTERBUCK will begin his Heart and great Vessels; in which the Spring Course of Lectures on the Theory author, after taking a philosophical and and Practice of Physic, Materia Medica, physiological view of his subject in a preand Chemistry, on Monday, January 18, liminary discourse, divides the diseases in the Crescent, New Bridge-street. of the heart and large vessels into fire

Dr.Merriman, Physician-Accoucheur great classes. The translation is made to the Middlesex Hospital, and the West from an enlarged and improved edition, minster General Dispensary, will recom- published by Corvisort, in 1811, and mence his Course of Lectures on Mid lately imported into this country. wilery and the Diseases of Women and The Rev. ROBERT WALPOLE is preChildren, on Monday, January 4, at the paring for publication, Memoirs on Eve Middlesex Hospital.

ropean and Asiatic Turkey, from the mA third edition of Dr. Wilson's Trea- nuscript journals of modern travellers in tise on Febrile Diseases is in the press, those countries. and will be published early in the Spring, Mr. MILBURN's expected book on in 2 vols. 8vo.

Oriental Commerce is in great forwardThe re-building of Drury.lane Theatre, ness, and will appear in January. It will with all expenses attendant upon its be illustrated with numerous charts by opening, was estimated by the committee, ARROWSMITH. in their report of October, 1811, at Among the curious puffs of the past 150,000!. The work has been accom.. month, deserves to be noticed that of a plished, and the whole expense, inclu- book auctioneer, who, having a large ding much additional decoration, and library to sell, has paid some of the news inany costly articles, which could not be papers to pledge theinselves that it is the foreseen, and a large stock of scevery, Library of Tailegrand Perigord, Prince properties, and wardrobe, amounts to of Benevento, sent from France to be 151,6721. 7s. 3. The whole of which sold, in consequence of Napoleon having is paid, and the committee announce that been stabbed, shot, poisoned, surroundthey do not know of any out-standing ed, or defeated, in Russia. Such are the unsatisfied demand whatever. The Act refinements in the art of falsehood to allowed one-half of the subscription to be which our London newspapers descend taken for the building. Much less than for half a guinea tbe paragraph. that sum has been actually so taken. Mr. R. WOODHOUSE has in the press a The Insurance Fund, and the sale of pri. new edition of bis Treatise on Plane and vate boxes for 21 years, have furnished Spherical Trigonometry, improved and the balance. Privare boxes remain, and enlarged. are lec for a rent sufficient to pay the an- Mr. FISHER has completed the See nuity to the new renters, the only charge cond Part of his Collections for Bedfordupon the new theatre, besides the interest shire,

A second

A second edition of the New Art of Messrs. Leigh, Cockerell, Foster, Baron Memory, founded upon the principles Haller, and Monsieur Linkt, at the Teintaught by Mr. Von FEINAIGLE, with some ple of Apollo Epicurius, Phigalis, evia important additions and improvements, dently one of the works of Phidias. It will be published in a few days. It will contains the two subjects of the quarrel be embellished with a portrait of the pro- which arose at the marriage of Pirithöos fessor.

with Ilippodamia, and the battle between Mr. MilLARD, of the Surrey Institu- the Ainazons and the Athenians. The tion, will shortiy publish a second edition whole formed the frieze of the interior of of his New Pocket Cyclopædia.

The Cella, wbich was of the Ionic order, A monthly Journal of last month, and the relievo is even bigher than that which professes to be the keeper of se. of the temple of Theseus. The opinion crets of the press, advises that the Rus. of its being the work of Phidias, indesian bulletins be reprinted in French, and pendently of the style of sculpture, is sent for distribution over the continent; strengthened by the circumstance of the but it recommends the choice of better temple veing built by Ictinus, who geneagents than were employed in a sinilar rally gave the preference to the above affair relative to the Gazette of the Bat- sculptor. tle of Salamanca, of which it says, Mr. JOHN CORMACK, of Forry, in the "10,000 copies were printed in French county of Caithness, has this season reara and German, and sent as far as Gottin- ed a few seeds of salmon oats. Five gen, where they now lie rotting in a grains were planted at the distance of cellar!"

six inches from each other; the product The Chancellor of the University of of which were 150 stalks, bearing 2,550 Cambridge has determined that a third grains! gold medal should be annually given for Speedily will be published, Observna the encouragement of English poetry, to tions on the Laws of Marriage, particula a resident under-graduate, who shall larly in reference to the case of Desercompose the best ode, or the best poem tion, or Final Separation; in which the in heroic verse; and the subject for the right of the injured party is supported by present year is COLUMBUS.

Religious, Moral, and Historical Evia The Seatonian prize for 1812, has been dence. adjudged to the Rev. FRANCIS WRANG

RUSSIA. JAM, M.A. of Trinity College, for his very interesting catalogue or list apa poein on “ Joseph's making himself known peared at Polotzki, shortly before the to his Brethren."

French invasion, containing the names At the missionary stations in India, and descriptions of all ihe members of the Scriptures are printing in almost the Society of Jesuits, in that empire, all the dialects of that continent : at down to the end of 1811. It is entitled, Canton, Mr. Morrison has printed the “ Catalogus Sociorum et Officiorum som Acts of the Apostles in Chinese, which cietates Jesu, in Imperio Russia." The is to be followed by the book of Genesis, General in Chief, since September 1805, &c. and numerous copies of the Scrip. has been Father Thaddeus Brzozwski. tures have lately been sent fron. this The society has several colleges, and bas country to Sicily, Tunis, Smyrna, Con- sent out various missions. The numstantinople, and the Greek Islands. ber of its members is three hundred

Shortly will be published, the third and forty-seven, who are of all could edition of Neal's Sacred History, in Famni. tries. liar Dialogues. To this edition will be a physician, at Moscow, named added the History of the Jews, in sixteen REUMAN, has discovered that the bark of letters, by the same author.

the poinegranate is a good substitute for In the course of the month will be Peruvian bark, in most cases, and para published, an Inquiry into the Propriety ticularly in intermittent fevers. He has of allowing the Parish Clerk to read the printed a treatise to demonstrate its Lessons of Scripture in the Church, with efficacy. Observations on some Parts of the

SWEDEN Service.

At Upsal there has lately been estaThe lovers of Grecian sculpture will be blished thirty-four exhibitions and at Lund pleased to learn that this country will sixteen, each of one hundred rix dollars soon receive a great and important acces. a year, to be given to as many students sion to its present stores, in a frieze in of thcology, provided they are also wila alto relievo, 100 feet long, found by Jing to qualify themselves as physiciats, MONTHLY MAG. No. 235,



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