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druggist, to Miss Parry, daughter of Mr. P. At Wilmslow, Mr. Bonksley, of Sheffield, -Mr. Joseph Spract, to Miss Ann Coy. to Miss Bower, eldest daughter of R. B. esq. Captain James Lea, of the ship Indian Trader, of the former place. of this port, to Miss Lyon, of Chester. Mr. At Womersley, Mr. R. Moore, of PonteBevin, 'to Miss Strettel, both of Chester. fract, to Miss C. Saul, second daughter of

Ac Tarvin, Mr. Robert Dilworth, to Miss Mr. S. S. of Stubb's Hall. Dutton, both of Duddon, in this county. Died.) At Gainsborough, Mrs. Clarke, re. Mr. William Meacock, of Chester, to Mar. lict of Mr. C. jeweller of York. tha, third daughter of Mr. Briscoe, of Kel. At Louth, of Mr. D. Armitage. sall.

LEICESTERSHIRE. Ai Great Budworth, Mr. T. Johnson, of One of the most elegantly-drawn petitions Wincham, to Miss Mary Gibson, of Allos. which we remember to have seen, was retock.

solved to be presented to Parliament in favour William Brocklehurst, esq. of Maccles. of Peace, at a numerous meeting late held a field, to Anne Coare, eldest daughter of the Leicester, in which presided John Coltlate W. C. esq. of Islington.

MAN, esq. an eminent manufacturer of that Died.] At Chester, Rowland Jones, esq. town. We wish we had room to give it en. one of the aldermen of that city: as a magis tire, but we recommend it to general notice trate he was highly distinguished, by the and imitation. uniform zeal and impartiality with which he The inhabitants of Leicestershire, if we discharged his official duties. Mr. Richard may judge from the remarks in the papers of Denson, of Pepper-street.--Miss Charlotte their county, seem not a little proud of the Sinclair, 22.

increase of their population; which, by the Miss Leech, of Knutsford, in her 294 year. returns, amounts in the last ten years to

At Hartford, Anne, wife of Mr. Thomas 20,358! Chantler, jun. and third daughter of Tho. As Mr. Pottifer's waggon was lately passmas Naylor, esq. one of the aldermen of ing, at seven o'clock in the evening, on the Leicester.

road in the parish of Ruddington, from NotAt Maryport, Mrs. Hudson, wife of Mr. tingham to Leicester, the waggoner, Thomas H. attorney-at-law.

Hensor, was assailed by some rufhans, who The Rev. William Steel, of Lower Peover, beat him about the head till his eyes literally Cheshire, 38.

flew out of their sockets! and he died on DERBYSHIRE.

the spot. A woman in the waggon gave thie Died.] At Chesterfield, after a long ill. alarm to the passengers in a coach, which ness, Mary Storrs, one of the Society of came by at the time, and thereby probably Friends, wife of Mr. J. S. She devoted a saved her own life, and prevented the waggon considerable part of her time, in endeavour. from being robbed. The murderers have hiing to better the condition of the poor, to therto escaped detection. wards whom she always felt much sympa. Married.] At Leicester, Mr. Bazley, to

Miss Holmes.-Mr. W. Richards, to Miss NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

Mary Reeve, all of Leicester. -Mr. Brown, Married.) At Nottingham, Mr. Alfred to Miss Clark.- Mr. J. W. Goodrich, of Lein Lowe, to Charlotte Octavia, daughter of Ed. cester, to Miss Carter, only daughter of Mr. ward Swann, esq. mayor.--The Rev. R. Al. R. C. of Fleckney. liot, to Mrs. Newham, of Nottingham.Mr. At Hoby, Mr. W. Webster, of Leicester, Stevenson, of Derby, to Miss Sarah Need, to Miss Goodacre, of the former place. daughter of Mr. N. of the Long Row, Nole At Loughborough, Mr. M. Ward, to Miss tingham.

Whitcruit.--Mr. William Taylor, to Miss Died.) At Nottingham, Mr. J. Chawner, Forster. 55.-- Sheldon, gent. 69.

At Bitteswell, Mr. J. Cross, of Scalford, to LINCOLNSHIRE.

Miss M. A. M. Cheatell, second daughter of A labourer, named Reckaby, was lately Mr. C. of the former place. convicted at Boston in the penalty of 40s. for Rev. T. Belgrave, rector of North Kil. barbouring a vagrant, having repeatedly worth, to Maria, widow of the late J. H. transgressed the law in that particular. This Holmes, esq. captain in the Leicester Micircumstance gives rise to a number of reflec- litia. tions. It may be the means of precluding At Prestwould, Mr. James Bryans, an emi. many a poor and honest pedestrian traveller nent builder, to Mrs. H. Hall, widow of T. from nocturnal lodging!

H. both of Burton on the Wolds. Married.] The key. Mr. Boston, of Cay. At Loughboroughi, Mr. John North, to thorne, to Jane, second daughter of W. Shield, Miss Ann Thornelow. esq.of Frieston.

Died.) At Loughborough, Mrs. Sugden. At Gainsborough, the Rev. G. Hall, of At Kettering, Capt. Edward Tomlin, aged Chesterfield, to Miss Eliza Bower, of the 59 years, 42 of which have been devo cd cu former place. Capt. J. Wilkinson, in the the service of his country. Gainsbro' Trade, to Mrs. Weite, of the same Mrs. Hextall, wife of Edward H. gent. of place.



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town, 20.


Mr. Samuel Gill, son of Mr. J. G. of this and of Church Eaton, aged 58. He was

brother to the late and uncle to che present At Melton Mowbray, aged 77, Mrs. La- Earl Talbot. tham, mother of the Rev. Mr. L. of Billing- Mrs. Eliz. Harrold, of West Bromwich, borough, and of Mr. L. attorney, of Melton. sister to the late Mr. Edward H. of the same

At Alford, Mrs. F. Gatehouse, widow of place. Mr. W. G. Custom-house officer, in her

WARWICKSHIRE, 101st year. She cut two new teeth about A new Union Mill Company is about to two years since, and retained her faculties till be formed at Birmingham within a few hours of her death.

The new Lecture Rooms of the PhilosoMr. William Edcock, of Melton Mow. phical Society at Birmingham were opered

on the 21st of October, and various Lectures James Vann, esg of Belgrave, 65.

delivered to crouded audiences. The Rev. Mr. Morgan, vicar of Rearsby. Married.) At Birmingham, John TomlinMrs. Davis, wife of the Rev. H. D. of son, of Bristol, esq. to Miss Blakemore, of Great Wigston.

St. Mary's Square, daughter of the late T. B. At South Kilworth, aged 16, J. T, Cham- esq. of West Bromwich.-Mr. T. Heeley, to bers, midshipman in the Navy, and youngest Miss C. Harper. --Mr. W. Wilcox, to Miss son of the Rev. C. C. of South Kilworth. Jones.--Mr. John Mander, jun. to Miss

Ac Barrow, aged 74, Mrs. Wright, re. Frances Whitehead. - Mr. Amos Taylor, Jict of Mr. Thomas W. and mother of Mrs. jeweller, to Miss Maria Jackson. Bruce, of Leicester.

At Coventry, Mr. Bradshaw, of WirksSTAFFORDSHIRE.

worth, to Miss Smith, only daughter of Mr. At Newcastle under Lyme, Earl Gower S. of Newhouse Park, near Coventry. 412.-J. F. Boughey, esq. 348-E. W. Boon At Harborne, T. Richards, gent. of Islingtle, esq. 107.

ton Row, to Charlotte, second daughter of Married.] G. Keen, esq. of Stafford, to Sa. the Rev. Robert Kell. rah, daughter of the late A. Campbell, esq. At Aston, G. Reading, to Miss F. Colling. M.D. of the same place.

wood, of Perry. At Wolverhampton, Mr. James Lawrence, Died.] At Birmingham, Mrs. Ann Lloyd, of Willenhall, to Miss Rebecca Butler, of of Exeter-row, aged 82. Mr. John Hawkes. the same place.

-Mr. Joseph Green.-- Misi Mary Wheeley, Mr. J. C. Lambert, of Bewdley, to Miss - Mr. William Horton, of John.street, and Kelsey, of Lower Wick, only daughter of Mr. late of London, 37.-In his 29th year, john K. of the former place.

Goode, of Lumbard-street.-Mrs. Eliz. Campbe At Lichfield, Mr. Stanway, of London, to den, of Bristol-strect, relict of Mr. B. C. Miss Burton, of Lichfield.

Samuel Harper, esq. of Solihull. At Tamworth, Mr. John Walthew, builder, Mr. Charles Shuter, of Bordesley.--Mr. to Miss Mary Pickard, of Higgington. Noel Smith, second son of W. S. esq banker,

Mr. Thompson, of Wolverhampion, to - In his 30th year, Mr. David Berry, of Miss Foley, of Terrenhall.

Milk-street. At Stoke-upon-Trent, Dr. Bent, of Basford, Ac Finedon, William Whitiark, quaker. to Frances, second daughter of Sir J. E. Mrs. Riley, of Spon-street, Coventry, 94. Heathcote, of Longton.

In the 93d year of her age, Mrs. Cradock, At Cheadle, Mr. Hordern, of Fole, to aunt of Sir Joseph Scott, bart, of Great Miss Follows, cldest daughter of Mr. F. of Barr. Broadley.

At Ashted, Mr. Myles Swinney, aged 74, At Wrockwardin., Mr. Evett, surgeon, of Dearly fifty years proprietor of the Birming. Wellington, to Miss Prichard, daughter ham Chronicle of the late George P. esq. of Adouaston-house, Mr. John Blogg, of Coventry, aged 70. Salop.

By his death, the indigent have lost a nuest Died ] At Newcastle-under-Lyme, aged valuable benefactor, and the rising generacias 40, Mrs. Mycock, relict of Mr. G. M. of chat an affectionate patron. place.

SPROPSHIRI. At Haunton, Miss E. Baker, sister to Mr. Another horrid murder was lately commit. B. of that place.

ted at Longford, a small village near Market At Walsall, Mr. Edward Lycett, 77. Drayton, (aboutten miles from the place wherc

Mirs. Hordern, of Shareshill, near Wolver. Mrs. Moray and her servantmurdered Mrs.M.') hampton

husband,) on Mr. Francis Bruce, a farmer, At an advanced age, Mrs. Hall, wife of and his house-keeper, who were both found Alr. T. H. of Fradswell.

in their kitchen with their throats cut; and Mrs. Winfield, of Hixon, 70.

the house rohbed. The Coroner's Jury sat, At Highfield, Harriet, youngest daughter but no discovery has been made of the of R. badnall, esq.

wretches; but it was supposed to have been Mr James Marsh, Wolverhampton. done before eight o'clock in the evening, in The Rev. C. Talbot, rector of Ingestrie, they generally retired early to bed. The


Blood had, however, been traced on a stile

XER EFORDSKIRL. and gate at Morton, a distance of about a A large and beautiful tessalated pavement mile.- A man has since been taken up and has been discovered, in digging the drain of committed.

the new parsonage at Bishopstone. Married.) At Ryton, Mr. J. Harding, of Married.] Ai Marstow, Samuel March Shifinal, co Isabella, eldest daughter of the Phillips, esq. second son of T. M. P. esq. of late John Cheney, esq. of Kingston, Surrey. Garendon park, to Claremile, second daughter

Mr. Pearson, of Bilston, tu Miss Moreton, of Charles Grant, esq. late M. P. for the of Ironbridge,

county of Inverness. At Torquay, Captain Ambler, of the Mr. Shepherd, of St. Dunstan's, London, Shropshire Militia, to Miss Lucy Clark, of to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Vaughan, of Chudleigh.

Brampton Cottage, near Hereford. Mr. R. Boycott, jun. of Newport, to Miss Thos. Auston, esq. of Whitton, to Sarah, Bold, of the Wood.

daughter of the late James Turner, esq. of Mr. S. Smith, of Birmingham, to Miss Ayrstrey. Eliza Wall, of Hales Owen.

Died.] At Hereford, of the scarlet fever, At Hales Owen, Mr. Samuel Smith, of at the house of Dr. Symonds, Mis, Symonds, this town, to Miss Eliza Whall, of the widow of the late James S. esq. and eldust former place.

daughter of the late Andrew Hacket, esq. of At Lullington, Mr. William Pakeman, to Moxhull-Hall. Miss Mary Moore, of Thorpe Constantine.

MONMOUTHSHIRE. Died.] The I ady of the Rev. Oswald Ley. Married.) At Caerlcon, Robert Jones, esq. tester, of Stoke-upon-Tern, in this county. of Newport, to Mrs. Priest, of the same

At Wrexham, Mrs. Chidlow, of Elles- place. mere, relict of Mr. T. C. of the former Died.] Suddenly, Mrs. Mutlow, wife of place.

T. M. esq. wine-merchant, of Chepstow. William Baxter, esq. of Weeg, late of

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Scavell, near Newtown,

An unusually high tide lately rose at Glom Aged 70, Samuel Sandford, esq. surgeon cester, which overflowed the meadows on the to the Shrewsbury Infirmary for the long pe banks of the Severn, and swept away 200 riod of 54 years.

sheep belonging to a gentleman farmer, all of Ac Drayton Lodge, Major-General Brod which perished in the flood ; many of the carhurst, nearly 40 years in the service of the

cases, being recovered, were taken to LydneyIndia Company.

market, and sold at reduced prices to the * Mr. John Morris, of Stan wardine.

poor. The same tide also inundated a great Mrs. Warwick, of Underhill Hall. part of the Earl of Berkeley's estate, breaking

Mr. Jones, of Chatford, near Condover; down the fences, and otherwise doing consia a truly worthy character.

derable damage. Mr. Fynney, of Newport.

At Gloucester quarter sessions, the Bench At Ludlow, Master E. H. Hamilton, passed a resolution to enforce, throughout the youngest son of the Hon. Mr. Hamilton. county the legal or Winchester bushel. WORCESTERSHIRE.

Married ] At Westbury, Capt. Witts, of Married.] In Worcester, Mr. R. Tours- the Marines, to Maria, eldest daughter of W. ton, of Rose Hill, Gloucestershire, to Miss Wood, esq. of Hanwood. Cummins.--Mr. Thomas Cheeves, of Wich

At Gloucester, Mr. Joseph Razrus, to bold, to Miss Mary Barton, of Dodderhill. Miss Levy, daughter of Mr. M. L.-Mr. R. At Handsworth, Mr. Tebay, eldest daugh

orth, Mr. Tebay, eldest daugh. Butt, to Miss Hair. ter of George Bick, esq. of Hanley Castie. At Stroud, Mr. James Evans, attorney-at.

- Died.] At Worcester, aged 54, the Rev. law, of Chepstow, to Miss Harriet Warner, George Osborn, upwards of 20 years Pastor of Gun-House, near Stroud. of the Society of Protestant Dissenters in that Mr. C. Hale, of Cheltenham, to Misa place; he was most highly esteemed as a E. B. Rollings, late of Bath. preacher ; and as a tutor he was eminently M r. Jas. Humphries, of Sandford, to Miss distinguished by his classical attainments and Ballinger, of Charlton-Kings. general knowledge. Ann, relict of John El- Mr. Wm. Longstaff, to Mrs. Harvey, re. lis, esq. of Claines -In his 69th year, Mr, lict of Mr. Robt. H. both of Chipping-Sode Edwin Davis, of Ledbury. Of an apoplectic bury. fit, in her 79th year, Mrs. Mary Blayney, At Westbury-upon-Trym, Mr. Wm. Winsister of late Rev. Dr. B. Canon of Christ. grove, surgeon, of Keyosham, to Miss Eliza church, Oxford.

In his 60th year, Mr. G. Bourn, auctioneer, Mr. John Turner, to Miss Tolley, eldest of Pershore.

daughter of Mr. T. of Twinning. William Stobles, second son of the Rev. Ac St. Mary de Crypt, Mr. Rd. Constable, Dr. Davis, rector of All Saints, Worcester. of Tetbury, to Miss Witcomb, of Brocktbrop Miss Wiggins, of the Tything,



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Mr. Wm. Cowley, of Tilldown-House, Oxford, compared with those of persons, who, near Dursley, son of Mr. C. of Slimbridge, to in consequence of the leisure they enjoy, and Miss Rich, niece of Mr. R. of Didmarton, the local advantages of academical establish

Died.] Mrs. Benson, wife of Mr. R. B. ment, may fairly be supposed to possess facis, fellmonger, of Eastgate-street.

and to discern arguments which were not In her 31st year, Mrs Yeates, wife of Mr. likely to have fallen under the observations Y. attorney, of Gloucester, and niece of the of those able, but less unbiassed, men! Rev. Dr! Whalley, of Mendip Lodge. Public characters, perhaps, are not the fittest

Mr. T. Shewring, of Chavenage near Tete to decide on ecclesiastical matters. These bury.

should be left to churchmen. Tu suppose Aged 28, Mrs. Bubb, wife of Mr. T. B. of that personal interest can have any weight in Upton St.-Leonard's.

forining cheir decisions, would be the extreme 'Aged 31, Mr. Kilmister, of Cheltenham. of injustice. And if any proof were wanting

In his 31st year, the Rev. John Morse, cu. of the charity and forbearance with whicho Tate of Tewkesbury

Universities are wont to contemplate differe At Cockrup, Coin St. Aldwin's, Mr. J. ence of opinion in civil or ecclesiastical matTombes, formerly surgeon of the Hillsbo ters, we refer to the temperate tone and unrough, East India-man.

prejudiced anxiety expressed in the present On the 25th of October, at the rectory- petition. The minority was larger than was house, Bromesberrow, Gloucestershire, in his ever known on a similar occasion!! 55th year, the Rev. Henry Gorges DubyAs Married.] At Alkerton, the Rev. J. C. Yate, LL.D. of Oxford and Cambridge, Pre- Townsend, rector of that parish, to Miss bendary of Hereford, and Procurator in con. Young. vocation for that county, rector of Bromesber- At Oxford, Mr. Underhill, to Miss Eleanor sow, Frethorne, and Easthatch, Deputy.Lieu- Scrivener, of Oddington. tenant for the county of Gloucester, and in the At Ambrosden, Mr. R. May, of Arncole, Commission of the Peace for the Counties of to Sarah, fourth daughter of Nir, Thomas, of Worcester, Gloucester, and Hereford. The Brill.-Mr. R. Cross, to Miss M. A. Croxton, deceased was uncle to Mr. Hony wood Yate, eidest daughter of Mr. Wm. C. of the same well known by his popular political writings, place. and the descendant of a very ancient and re- · Died.] Mr. William Whiteaves, of Headspectable family.


At Holiwell, Mr. J. Blandy, 48. A meeting of the Freeholders of Oxford- At Oxford, Mrs. Batc, of George-lane.-Su. shire took place at the Town-hall, Oxford, sanna, third daughter of Mr. H. Freeman, on Oct. 2. Mr. Coker moved a petition builder, aged 95.- Mrs. Eliz. Inolt, of Holsagainst the Catholic Claims, which was se- well-street, 77.-Mr. T. Foreman, of the conded by Mr. Ashurst, and supported by Botanic Garden, 40. Mr. Lockhart; after some observacions and At Thame, Mrs. Jemmett, wife of Mr. R. propositions, by Mr. Stratton, seconded by J. 34. Lord F. A. Spencer, Mr. B. Mostyn, Col. Mrs. Nicoll, wife of the Rev. Dr. N. of Curzon, and Sir. J. Throckmorton, who seve. Boddicot. rally opposed the inotion,which was ultimately

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. carried. The same question was agitated in the T he interesting daughter of Louis XVI. the University, on Nov. 12th, when petitions to amiable Duchess d'Angouleme, lies dangerboch louses of Parliansent, in opposition to ously ill at Hartwell. the claims of their Catholic fellow-subjects,

HERTFORDSRIRI. were severally read, and, though not without N. Calvert, esq. 363-Hon. E. S. Cowper a strong contest, finally carried. On this 315-Lord Cranborne 256. subject the intelligent Editor of the Oxford Married.] At Stantun, Mr. George Wyatt, Herald, makes the following remarks. «In. of Southwold, to Miss Snow, of the former consequence of the interest naturally felt on place. this subject, by a body professedly ecclesiasti. At the Hay, T. Ryder, 81. cal, the house was more usually crowded.

BEDFORDSHIRE. It was presumed, (how strangely presumed !!!) Married.] S. Enderley, esq. of the 294 by some of the opposition, that the question Light Dragoons, to Rebecca, youngest daugh of political expediency was on their side, be- ter of the late Rev. G. Davies, rec!or of cause it had met with the concurrent appro. Cranfield. bation of the greater statesmen of the present

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. day. But what are the opinions of those the following particulars of the extensive * statesinen, when opposed to those of the resi- robbery committed on the Leeds Mail, on dent * members of our learned body? What Monday evening, the 19th ult, and the sabare the names of Pitt, of Burke, of Windham, sequent apprehension and committal of some of Sheridan, of Fox, or of the Chancellor of of the parties, we believe will be found more

accurate than any yet published, the accounts * Resides animos, desuetaque corda, in the daily prints being, we understand, VIRG.

full of errors and misstatements. The robe



At Sandwich, Mr. J. Tetter, many years of Sir J. St. L. G. bart. a young man of great an officer of the customs, at that port. proinise. In the Cathedral Precincts, in her 87th

WILTSHIRE. year, Mrs. Duncombe, relict of the late Rev. Married.] James Hue, esq. of Timbers. John D., M.A. vicar of Herne, rector of St. combe, to Mary Ann, daughter of Abraham Andrews and St. Mary Bredman, Canterbury, Clarke, esq. of Holt. and one of the six preachers of the cathedral. At Castle-Combe, Mr. Sumsion, of coMrs. Duncombe was the daughter of Joseph lerne, lo Miss Ann Newman, eldest daughter Highmore, esq. who was eminent in his pro. of C. N. esq. of the former place. fession as a painter, and in habits of friend

BERKSHIRE. ship with the literary men of his age, from Dundas 1717 - Neville 1374 - Hallett which circumstance, Mrs. D., before and after 525; of course the two former were deher marriage with Mr. D, one of the polite clared duly elected. scholars of his day, became the friend and Married.] H. J. Amey, esq. paymaster of associate of the most celebrated authors of the 6th battalion, King's German Legion, lo her time. She lived beloved and respected, Miss Ann Innman, of Lambourn. and died lamented by all who had the hap. At Bray, Nicholas Hall, esq. of Truliegh, piness of knowing her. We shall be able to in the county of Sussex, to Miss Adams, of give a farther account of this lady in a future Maidenhead. number.

At Hanney, near Wantage, Mr. Charles

Hammons, of Garford, to Miss Lloyd, of G. H. Sumner 1932-Sir T. Turton 1017 East Hanney. -Sir Thomas Sutton 1791.

SOMERSETSHIRE. Died.] The wife of James Langdale, esq. An acre and a quarter of ground at Doyn, of Lavender-bill.

ton, near Bath, this year produced thirty At Esher, Edward Hoare, esq. 88.

bushels of wheat. SUSSEX.

Married.] At Bath, J. Joyce, esq. of A plan is in contemplation for the greater Freshford, to Maria, eldest daughter of Thos. improvement of the road from the central Joyce, esq. of Freshford house.-Tbe Rev. parts of the Sussex coast to the metropolis, George Wheeler, oi Steeple-Ashton, to Marforming a junction of the different lines to garet, second daughter of the late Charles avoid hills, and shorten the distance frotn Domville, esq. of Santry-house, Dublin five to seven miles; at the same cime to con county. nect the cross roads and form the military Died.] Edw. Creighton, esq. route.

DORSEISHIRE. The stupendous weathercock on Chicester Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Sir John Cathedral, which, from not having traversed Murray, bart. 617, --Righ Hon. T. Wallace of late, the Dean and Chapter contemplated 430,--Mr. Broadhurst 418,-Mr. Trail 403, to take down, was removed round by the late -Mr. Steward 313,-and Mr. Williams 300, gules, and it has traversed very well ever The first four were declared duly elected. sizce. It is a singular circumstance, that a Married! ] James Hole, esq. of Timberslight-horseman with his carbine, from the combe, 1o Mary, daughter of the late Abra. steps at the door of the Anchor Inn, some ham Clarke, esq of Holt. years back, shot and struck the cock, which At Weymouth, Mr. De Lizee, surgeon, of turned it round. The indent remaining, may Dorchester, to Miss Ruth Andrews, of the be seen with a good glass, although the spire is 299 feet high.

At Hinxworth, Herts, Robert Parison, esq. Married. At Southover, J. S. Bostock, of Dorchester, to Janc, one of the daughters esq. of Tunbridge Welis, to Barbara, fifth of the lare Robert Stickland, esą of Dor. daughter of the late J. Ingram, esq. of the chester. former place.

At Poole, Charles Driver, esq. to Miss Died. At Wortbing, aged 38, the Rev. H. Manning, eldest daughter of Thomas M. J Sydenham.-In his 81st year, J. Croft, esq. esq. of Parliament-streer, Westminster, and of Died.? At Weymouth, David John AckerSempting-house, Sussex.

ley, esq. commoner of Trinity College, UxHAMPSHIRE.

ford, second son of John H. A. esq. barrister Died.] At Southampton, aged 75, John at law, Grosvenor-place, bath. Burdeti, esq.

DEVONSHIRE. At Cowes, aged 24, William Fazakerley, Married ] At Pirmouth, Georg. Keen, esq. youngest son of the late J. Fazakerley, esq. of Stafford, to Sarah, daughter of the esg. of the Close of Saron.

late Archibald Campbell, M.D. At Great Salterns, in her 86th year, Mrs. Died.] At Exminster, the Rev. C. Chi!Stewart.

cott, for nearly thirty years the diligento ( 41 At Froyle, the seat of his grandfather Sir of Northmohon. Thomas Miller, bart., in the 19th year of bis At Coombpjns, Mrs. Eucllant, of Axe age, John St. Leger Gillman, esq. only son minster, 56.


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