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In Quebec, Major George Thessiger, deputy for England; but fell into a canal the evening barrack-master of Canada.

before his intended departure, and was drowAt the Brazils, the Prince Don Pedro, son- ed. His body was not found till nearly : in-law of the Prince Regent of Portugal. fortnight afterwards.

At Berlin, Dandon, master of lan- At Orange Valley Estate, St. Ann's, Ja guages, whose death was literally cau ed maica, Peter Blagrove, esq. third son of John through want. He gave instructions during B. esq. of that island, and of Ankeryke-house, the day, and solicited alms at night. 20,000 Buckinghamshire. crowns in specie were found under the floor. In Demerary, A. Macrae, esq. a member of of his apartment. He had no other heir than the Court of Policy of that colony, and chief his brother, whom he had refused to see for of the family of his name in the Highlands of $7 years, because he had sent a letter without Scotland. paying the postage...

At Trichinopoly, in the East Indies, Joha Lately, on his passage from Calcutta to St. Byng, esq. judge and magistrate of that dis Helena, (where he had been advised to go on trict, third son of the Hon. John B. and bioaccount of his health,) Major-general Macau. ther to Captain B. of his majesty's ship WatHe served in all the campaigns under Lords rior, aged 33. In his death the East India Cornwallis and Lake.

Company have lost a faithful and honourable At St Helena, aged 76, Major Wm. Pie servant. rie. He had spent the greater part of his life At Cuellar, aged 22, the Hon. Francis ). In the service of his country in Europe, Ame- Percy, captain in the 23rd regimert, sereath vica, and Asia.

son of the Earl of Beverley. At Berlin, Professor Wildenow, the cele. At Seville, Lieut. Colonel Colqubet; Capt. brated botanist.

Blackall, of the 53rd; Major Smith, of the On board the John, on his passage to Ja- 360h; and Capt. Jervoise, of their wounds. maica, James Hance, esq. of that island. In Portugal, Major-General Wheatley, of

At Gottenburgh, Mr. W. Gardner. He the 1st foot guards.--Mejor. General Hulse, had retuned from a difficult and dangerous of the Coldstream.-- Lieuc.-Colonel Offy, of journey to Riga and Petersburgh, through the King's German guards. Finland, and was to have embarked next day


WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arranged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South. :.. Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly as

thenticated, and sent free of Postage, are always thankfully received. Those are more particularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relative to eminent or remarkuble Characters recently deceased.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM tached to the young man. In his trunk was ON the 6th ult. a coal-pit, at Shiney-row, found a bloody shirt.

Durham, suddenly took fire by explosion Mr. Jobn Atkin, of Debden Walk-Mill, of the infiammable air, in consequence of planted a potatoe this season, weighing at which one man and six boys were severely 940%. avoirdupoise, which has produced the scorched. They are all, however, in a fair amazing quantity of 187 potatoes, weighing way of recovery. On the Saturday following 2st. Of ib. It shot forth 46 stems to full per: (Oct 10) the Harrington Mill Pit, distant fection, which occupied the space of 13 lect from the other about two or three hundred in circumference. yards, also took fire, most suddenly, by which Married. ] R. C. Pease, esg. of Kirk Ells, four men and nineteen boys were killed on to the daughter of John Brookes esg. of the spot, and many people severely wounded Sowerby. . and burnt; two boys are missing. This At Jarrow, Mr. John Halder, to Miss dreadful catastrophe was likewise occasioned Monkcaster, both of South Shields. by the explosion of fire-damp.

At Chollerton, Mr. J. R. Wilson, jun. A sailor belonging to Sunderland, has been tide-surveyor at Newcastle, to Mary, daughcommitted at Stockton on sispicion of hav ter of Robert Elliott, esq. of Ellwood House, ing murdered a young woman of the latter near Hexham. place. It appears that the clothes of the fe. Mr. W. Douglas, to Miss Esther Snowdon, male vere found lying by the side of the both of Rochbury. river, and, from the parties being seen toge Mr. W. Middleton, to Miss Crages, only ther late on the preceding night, suspicios at. daughter of Mr. George C. of Brignell.

At Ravenstonedale, Mr. R. Thompson, of At Yarm, Jane, relict of Mr. James Proc: Kirby Stephen, to Mary, eldest daughter of tor, one of the Society of Friends, 80. W. Elvetson, esq. of Sear Sykes.

At Witton Cactle, J. T. H. Hopper, esq. Anthony Compton, esq. of Carham Hall, to aged 40. Catherine, fourth daughter of T. Wood, esq. CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND, of Bamburgh.

The Carlisle Journal mentions that a dreada Mr. W. Wakeman, to Miss Mary Hesloy, ful accident took place lately in Arkengarthboth of Purham.

dale, which is so famous for its mines of leadAt Newcastle, Mr. John Martin, to Miss ore. By some means wind and water got vene Raisheck.--Mr. C. Nixon, to Margaret Wat into a long level, and drove the men, boys, fon, of Long Benton.

waggons, and horses, that were in it, for Mr. F. Dryden, co Miss Mary Table, both nearly a mile. The shrieks of the men and of Sunderland.

boys were dreadful; and the roaring of the At Stockton, Mr. J. Danby, to Maria, wind and water was louder than the noise of daughter of Capt. Mowbray.

the loudest thunder. The scene may be more At Sunderland, Lieut. Samuel George Car easily conceived than described. Three pere ter, 16th foot, to Miss Browne, daughter- sons were killed on the spot, some others are in-law of Lieut..col. Vernon, of the same re- not expected to recover, and a great number giment.

escaped almost miraculously. At Sterling, Capt. R. Greene, of the 70th A serjeant of the 74ch foot, has been foot, to Margaret, daughter of D. Stephen- preaching in regimentals to the methodists son, esq. of Newcastle. Captain G. is the of Kendal. The novel spectacle attracted a officer of whom such honourable mention was great audience. made in the public prints of 1806, for his writer in the Westmoreland Advertiser gallant defence of Port Armina, in Surinam, says, "Among the improvements and em. in November 1805 ; for which service he re- bellishments around Kendal, ought to be ceived the public thanks of the lieut.-gover- mentioned the extension of the plantation on nor, and the Court of Policy and criminal jus. the eastern side of the Castle, under the tice of the colony, and a present of a sword of auspices of Mrs. Richardson. The venerablo the value of 200 guineas.

remains which now appear with increased T. T. Walton, esq. his Britannic Majesty's beauty through the western screen, will in agents for packets at Gottenburgh, to Cuthe- a few years be rendered complete by this Tine Eliza, eldest daughter of T. Tudd, of tasteful addition. The rising plantations of Durham, esq.

Mr. Maude evince the capability of wood The Rev. J. Scott, dissenting minister, to growing upon our most scalpy and exposed Miss Elliott, grand-daughter of Mr. Corbet, knowls, and are filling up a part of the vale of Hexham.

that was nearly denuded, although, in the Died 1 At Dipton, near Corbridge, Mr. R. memory of man, it was covered with the giants lewett. aged 88. He was the father of 21 of the forest."--Several extensive tracts have children by three wives, and grandfather lately been sold under the Inclosure Act: to 73.

and the commissioner (Mr. Buttle), appointAt Harelaw, Mr. Robert Fairlam, aged 85, ed to divide the land, is loaded with complis 70 of which he was a member of the metho- nents for his judicious allotments. dist connection.

Married.] The Rev. W. Kilner, A.M. of The wife of Forster Charleton, esq. of Alu. Dufton, to Miss Robinson, daughter of Capt. dike, aged 50.

R. of Battleborough, near Appleby. Mr. John Bond, of North Shields, ship At Lindale, Mr. Rawlinson, of Walney. owner.

to Miss Dodgson, of Cartmel Fell. Mr. Wm. Spinks, of Sunderland, ship At Crosthwaite, J. G. Banshaw, esq. adju. owner.

tant in the Lancashire Local Militia, to Mrs. At Newcastle, Mrs. Dorothy Hepple, 72. Thornton, of Keswick. Mrs. Tate, widow, 90.

At Kendal, Mr. Joseph Crosby, to Miss In Gateshead, Mr. C. Charlton, 73. Eliz. Woof.-Mr. John Grainger, of Brough, At Norham Mains, Mr. J. Lee, 99. tu Miss Jane Lewthwaite, of Kendal.-M.

At Houghton-le-Spring, Mrs. Jane Nichols 6. Fallow field, to Miss Mary Yeates. Mr. son, 86.

David Moore, of Old Hutton, to Miss M. Mr. Thomas Wilson, of Bishop-Auck. Cloudsdale, of Kendal.Mr. George Luce, 10 land, 79.

Miss Gasgarth. at Alnwick, Mrs. Ann James, 78.

At Appleby, Mr. Thomas Greason, to Miss At Westne, Mary, youngest daughter of M. Rutter. Mr. E. Reed, shipowner, 16.

At Carlisle, Mr. Peter Bayle, to Miss S. At Wemergill Hall, suddenly, John Col. M'Nair. --Mr. Edward Peal, to Miss Mar pitts, esq. steward to the Earl of Strathmore. garet Fletcher --Mr. Joseph Bell, to Miss

John Glover, esq. of Staindrop, attorney Tamer Adamson. at-law.

At Ravenstonedale, Mr. J. Fothergill, to At the Shieldfield, the wise of Captain Ni. Miss Eliz. Stephenson. skolson,

At Windermere, Charles Parker, esq. R.N. MONTHLY MAG, No. 234


to Miss C. Allan, daughter of R. A. esq. of of Northamptonshire, we have, however, in. Edinburgh.

serted an article transmitted to us by a corAt Dearham, Capt. H. Harrison, of Mary. respondent, which professes to be a more acport, to Miss Winder, of Dearham.

curate report of that transaction, than those At Whitehaven, Mr. Samuel M'Gill, to which have appeared in the papers. After a Mary Brown, both of Whitehaven.

diligent investigation, it is supposed the money At Grasmere, Thomas Hutchinson, esq. of contained in the different letters stolen, Hindwell, to Miss Mary Monkhouse, late of amounts to about 15,0001. not any of which Penrith.

has yet been discovered or come in. At Kirkburton, Joseph Cullingworth, Tlie crop of beans, which is very large, reesq. of Manchester, to Miss Wright, of mained in the fields of the northern counties Holmfirth.

at the middle of November. The principal Died.) At Brough, snddenly, Mr. William part of the wheat crops has been housed Bailey, master of an academy there.

without sprouting. Aged 34, much respected, Mr. T. Simpson, Some large premises in Park Lane, Leeds, of Leece.

are converting into barracks for 1400 in. · At Terril, Mrs. Mary Slee, one of the So. fantry. ciety of Friends, 81.

The public will rejoice to hear that the At Penrith, Mrs. M. Atkinson, 30. murderers of Mr. Horsfall have been disco

At Edenhall, Mrs. Mary Sanderson, widow, vered. The following particulars are given 81.

in that interesting paper, the Leeds Mercury, At Egremont, Mr. Abraham Brockbank, as contained in a letter from Huddersfield, ao eminent builder,

dated Octcber 24.-"A very important event - At Whitehaven, Miss Addison, eldest happened here on Thursday last:-A man daughter of the late Rev. G, A. of Working- has been taken up and examined before that ton, 18. - Mrs. Selkirk, 84. Mrs. Piper, indefatigable magistrate, Joseph Radcliffe, widow of Mr. I. P. 71.

esq. and has at length received the offer of Mr. J. Jackson, eldest son of Mr. R. J. of his Majesty's pardon, and given the most Spout-house, near Garstang

complete and satisfactory evidence of the Suddenly, aged 55, George Welch, esq. murder of Mr. W. Horsfall. In consequence of Leck, near Kirkby Lonsdale. He was of this, the whole of the wretches concerned found lying in one of the fields, with his gun in that dreadful transaction have been taken loaded with powder, the ramrod out, and his and committed to York Castle, to take their two dogs at a short distance from him. trial. He was with the party (four in num.

Mrs. Sawrey, relict of Mr. H, S. of ber) wlien Mr. Horsfall was shot. They Hawkeswell.

were furnished with loaded pistols by At Workington, Miss Margaret Robertson, who ordered them to take their stand in the aged 17, daughter of the late Mr. J. R. of the plantation on Crossland Moor. Two others Customs at that port.--Mrs. Dorothy Smith, soon after joined them, and cook their station Jelict of Mr. J. S. pier master, 74.

about twenty yards below them. When the · Miss Polly Lonsdale, of Kendal, daughter unfortunate gentleman came up, two fired. of the late Captain L. many years in the ser. They then all fied across the fields, and vice of the India Company.

d d them all the way for not At Stainton, Miss E. Thompson, 55. firing their pieces. Two ran forwards to · At Springfield, Mrs. Ann Bowman, wife of Houlay, four miles off; and two more stopMr. W. B. late of Warwick Bridge, 32. ped at a place called Dungeon Wood, and hid

At Hollins, the Rev. Isaac Clark, late of their pistols at 's house there, in some Clithero, SO,

flocks, left their great coats, and ran imme. In Troutbeck, the wife of Mr. R. Birkett. diately in their jackets to Huddersfield, where • In Kentmere, Miss Dowthwaite, 32. the news of the murder had but just arrived.

At Thorpe Arch, aged 74, Richard Smith, The next morning all four met at the work. esq. of London, brother to the late Mr. Al shop of their employer, (a croppér,) and derman S. of York. --Margaret, wife of Mr. - produced a Bible, and made them all William Lockerbie, aged 48.-Mrs. Elizabeth swear not to betray each other. These vil. Beid, widow, 31.

lains have frequently been examined before,

but have always been discharged for want of The consecration of the parish church sufficient evidence. One behaved with great erected by the Earl of Aylesbury, on his effrontery till he saw , and then de estate, at East-Witton, in commemoration of changed colour, and gasped for breath. When his Majesty's entering into the 50th year of he came out, he said, D- that his reign, took place on the 1st of October, he has done me.' It appears that and The ceremony was performed by the Bishop of have been chiefs in all the disgraceChester.

ful transactions that have occurred in this The circumstance of the late robbery of the part of the country the last twelve months, Leeds mail is too generally known to require especially at Rawfolds, where the former was from us a minute narrative. Under the head Captain of the gun division, and the latter


of the pistol : - has thus made disco- bookseller and stationer, to Miss Eliz. Green, veries which will lead to the detection of a wood, both of Halifax. great number of those offenders."

Mr. Richard Jaques, surgeon, to Mrs. Married.] At Hull, Mr. S. Raynes, soli- Cockburn, widow of Mr. j. c. of Gras. citor, to Mrs. Favalli.-Mr. John Anderson, sington. to Miss Margaret W. Anderson, youngest Died.] At Ackworth, Ann, the second daughter of Captain A.

daughter of John Plowes, esq. of Leeds. At Whitby, Captain Joseph Taylor, to At Northallerton, aged 34, Mr. John Mrs. Ellerby.

Wood. At Pickering, Mr. William Barker, son Mrs. Maxwell, wife of Captain M. of of w. B. esq. of Whitby, to Miss Newton. Scarborough.

Mr. B. Hunter, to Miss Harrison, daugh Mr. Taylor, of Sheffield, well known there ter of the late Mr. B. Harrison, all of Whit- for having performed several astonishing by.

cures on the lame, the deaf, and the blind. AIr. Thomas Dixon, of Nunkeeling, to At Wakefield, in his 78th year, Mr. PeMiss Moore, daugh:er of Mr. W. M. of Burn ter Priestley, who has been employed about Butts.

the parish church near sixty years, twenty of Al Walkington, Mr. R. Webster,, of which he has been sexton, and twenty-five Nafferton, to Margaret, youngest daughter pårish clerk. of Mr. S. Shaw, of the former place.

Mr. Joshua Beckett, of Batley Carr, At Barwick-in-Elmet, Dr. Mussman, of clothier; one of the persons delegated on a Bradford, physician, to Mrs. Ramsbotham, recent occasion, by the manufacturers, to the of the former place.

Legislature, to state the effect of the Orders At Whitgilt, Mr. Thomas Sheriff, of in Council upon the Trade of the West Riding. Swinefileet, to Miss Ann Lister, of Stock He was a good husband, a kind parent, a sinbridge.

cere friend, and his loss can only be estiAc Sculcotes, Reuhen Craven, esq. to mated by those who had the pleasure of Eliza, only daughter of Lewis Gray, esq. all knowing him. of Hull.

Mrs Crowther, wife of Mr. Isaac C., merAt Thornton in Craven, Mr. John Wilson, chant, of Morley. of Hull, merchant, to the daughter of the At York, aged 75, Mrs. Aldridge, widow late Rev. Josiah Flemming, rector of the for of Mr. J.A.-Mr. Robert Wright, 85. He mer place.

served the office of sheriff for York, in the Ai West Stockwith, Captain John Ben. year 1797.-Harriet, second daughter of the nett, of the ship Venerable, to Miss Flowers. Rev. Joseph Whitely, of Leeds.

At Wakefield, Mr. Morgan, in the firm At Hull, Mr. William Terrington, 24, of Murgan and Lockwood, Borough, to Miss son of Captain T. late of Lincoln.- Mr. ThoWebster, daughter of Mr. J. W. of Wake. mas Smith, 79.-Aged 74, Mr N. Gordon, field.

thirty-eight years bucler at the garrison.At Watlass, Mr. Morland, of Leyburn, to Mr. Robert Alder, 81.-Mr. William Amers, Mrs. Richardson, of York.

82, of Hornsea --Mr. John Levelt, late of Mr. William Barker, son of w. B. esa, South Cave.-Mr. William Corlass, 66, wine of Whitby, to Miss Newton, of that place. and brandy merchant.--Elihu, the youngest Mr. ) M. Horner, to Miss Mary Scho.

son of E. Dickinson, esq. of Highflact, 28. field, of Leeds.

At Leeds, Mr. George Bischoff, 75.-Mr. AC Driffield, Mr. Richard Jennings, attor. James Linley.-Mrs. Mather, 56, widow of rey, to the daughter of the late Mr. R. Law Mr. A. M. many years a preacher in the Me. less, of Castle-street, London, attorney. thodist connexion.

Mr. Cantley, druggist, to Mary, youngest Ac Witby, Mr. Thomas Pyman, one of daughter of Mr. William Knapcon, of York. the agents of the Whitby Shipping Associa

R. C. Pease, esq. of Kirk-Ella, to Miss tion..Mr. Jonathan Storm, late master of Brooke, daughter of J. B. esq. of Sowerby. the ship Rambler.

At Tadcaster, Mr. Wilson, of Bramham, At Harrogate, Mrs. Scatchard, wife of W, to Miss Brearcliff, of Hutton. The united S. esq. of Morley. ages of the bride, bridegroom, and bride- Mis. Sarah Townsend, eldest daughter groom's man, are 220 years; and what is sin- (and the only surviving child) of the lateRev, gular, those three persons have only one eye S. Moult, of Rutherhan, and wife of the each.

Rev. J. Townsend, dissenting minister at Ac Leeds, Mr. W. D. Varey, printer, to Elland. Miss Birchall, of Bloom-street, Manchester Mary, the wife of George Moorhouse, esq. -Mr. Thomas Hindle, printer, to Miss Mary of Moorcroft, near Holm Grth. Lindsley.--Mr. Samuel Showter, of Purston, Eliza, wife of Samuel Lapage, jun. esq. to Miss Mary Baker.-Mr. Joseph Low, up. of Leeds, and daughter of Thomas Caister, holsterer, tó Miss Nancy Craven.- John esq. of Cacterick, near Manchester, Hirst, esq. of Bradley Mills, to Harriet, se.

LANCASHIRE. cond daughter of the late John Carelidge, esq. Married.) At Liverpool, Mr. John Maule, of Woodman-house.Mr. John Milner, surgeon of the Wilts Militia, to Catharine,


youngest daughter of the late Mr. J. P. But length, as a warning to those who are usatler, merchant. Mr. John Coppock, to Miss quainted with the manner of preventing the Short James Dixon, to Eleanor Carson. effects of noxious airs. It will be the meana Mr. William Wilkinson, to Mrs. Ann Grif. of making more generally known, the importfiths.-Mr. John Chadwick, to Miss Maryance of the discoveries of the late Mr. Ca. Roberts.-Mr. Morley, to Mrs. F. Morley, vendish, detailed in the miscellaneous part, of Desborough.-Mr. William Dowson, mer- of this number. On the 11th of October, chant, to Miss Moss, of Pleasant-street. Robert Armstrong, a joiner, residing at a

Anthony Eidsforth, esq. of Poulton Hall, public house at Martin, in Cleveland, asked near Lancaster, to Miss Grace Atkinson, of 2 companion to let him down by the bucket Shap,

into the well, about sixty feet deep, but Mr. Hargreaves, solicitor, of Blackburn, only two in water, to bring up two wooden to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Mr. dishes which had been in the well nearly five Robert Hargreaves, of Bury.

months. He had not been lowered more Mr. John Hubbers'ey, jun. of Burton, to than thirty feet, before lie fell out of the Dorothy, second daughter of Mr. James bucket into the well; his companion contiNewsham, of Wood Plumpton.

nued to lower the bucket, and called to him, At Preston, Mr. William Holmes, to Miss but received no answer. An alarm was Blackburn,

given, when James Ingledew, of Alartin, At Bolton, J. Isherwood, esq. of Marple, blacksmith, was lowered down in the bucket, to Miss Bancroft, daughter of the late Rev. without being tied to the rope, which he T. vicar of Bolton,

refused to have done, in order to save bis At Manchester, Mr. D. Ogden, :o Jane, companion Armstrong. He was scarcely second danghter of Mr. S. Button, of Man- lowered twenty feet before he fell in like chester.

manner. A ladder was then procured, and Mr. Richard Wroe, of Stretford, to Miss Joseph Tennison, of Martin, a labourer, Mary Chantler, of Manchester.

was immediately, at his own request, low. Mr. H. Scott, accorney, to Miss Nangles, ered by the ladder into the well, to endeaboth of Preston.

vour to save the other two; when he had Mr. John Bowness, of Sedbergh, to Elea. been lowered a few yards, he was observed nor, youngest daughter of the late Mr. T. to fall on the side of the ladder, senseless. Proctor, of Ulverston.

It now occurred to the bye-standers, that At Eccles, Mr. John Whitehead, of Al. the cause of these disasters arose from foul dersgate-street, London, to Miss Phillips, air in the well, when a fourth man, Wil. of Manchester.

liam Hardwick, of Martin, labourer, went At Penwortham, near Preston, Mr. Ralph down on the ladder, with a rope tied round Pritt, to Miss Isabella Houghton, of Clay. him. Hardwick had not gone down igore ton-le-woods.

than twelve feet, before he likewise became At Lancaster, Mr. Dewhurst, of Preston, senseless and fell, when he was immediately to Mrs. Gaskell, of Lancaster.

hauled up, and was black in the face, and Mr. Markland, of Manchester, to Miss apparently dead, but soon after recovered. Simpson, of Myerscough.

Every effort was now used by a number of Mr. William Muithead, of Manchester, to men with grapple irons, but without effect, Miss Phæbe Walker, daughter of Mr. J. W. to bring up the three bodies. A well-sinker of Salford.

was then sent for, who endeavoured to take Died. Af Liverpool, in her 85th year, out the foul air with which the well was fill. Mrs. Margaret Benson, sister of the late M. ed, but in vain. An improvement was taea B. esq.

· suggested and made in the grappling irons, Aged 50, after a very short illness, Mr. when, after much difficulty, the three boEdward Rye, of Manchester.

dies were brought up. A surgeon examined Mrs. Ana Shaw, 84, mother of Mr. S. them, and found them to have been dead for surgeon, of Liverpool.

some hours. A Coroner's verdict was, "ac. Mr. William Peel, printer, of Preston. eidental death by suffocation in the well from Mr. T. Walker, printer and bookseller. the foul air." Ingledew has left a widova Mr. Parker, attorney, of Clitheroe. and five children. To this melancholy air

At Seedley, aged 50, Mr. Thomas Olli- rative, it may be proper to add, tbat no pervant.

son should venture down a well of any depth Aged 41, Mr. William Nabb, of Man. before he tries whether a candle will bura chester, solicitor; a gentleman much re down to the water. If a candle will burs, spected.

he may go down with salety, if not, it ! Aged 53, Mr. Kite, well known as ma. certain death. The foul air, the carbonic pager of a company of equestrians.

acid gas of chemistry, is heavier than atmosCHESHIRE

pheric air, and always sinks to the bottom. An auxiliary Bible Society meeting was It may be drawn out of the wed by a bucket, beld at Chester, on the 18th November. in the same manner as water. We insert the following catastrophe at Married.] At Chester, Mr. Thomas,

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