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and file, killed ; 4 captains, 5 lieute miles in front of their main body, and half nants, 9 serjeants, 112 rank and file, that distance from Cabeçon.

wounded; 2 rank and file nissing. On the 28th they extended their right, and Total Portuguese loss-8 rank and file endeavoured to force the bridges of Simancas

killed; 1 ensign, 2 serjeants, 41 and Valladolid, the former of which was de. tank and file, wounded; 2 rank and file fended by Colonel Halkett, with his brigade missing.

of the 7th division, and the latter by Lieute. General Total-1 major, 1 captain, 1 nant-general the Earl of Dalhousie, with the

lieutenant, 1 ensign, 3 serjeants, 89 semainder of the 7th division. At length Col. Tank and file, kiled; 4 captains, ğ Halkett,being hard pressed, blew up the bridge. lieutenants, 1 ensign, 4 serjeants, 160 He at the same time detached the Brunswick rank and file, wounded ; 4 rank and Oels' regiment to 'Tordesillas, towards which file missing.

quarter the enemy detached troops on the (Signed) S. A. GOODMAN, D.A.A.G. evening of the 28th. As soon as I found that

Names of the Officers killeci and wounded. this was the case, I thought it proper to break Killed on the 18th of October, 1812. up from the Pisuerga and to cross the Douro, Coldstreata Guards-Captain Harvey. which object was effected without difficulty

19th October, 1812,- Coldstream Guards and on the 20th instant, by the bridges of Puente Ensign Burgess.

Douro and Todela. 1st Line Batt. King's German Legion The bridge of Tordesillas was destroyed on Lieut. Bothmer.

the enemy's approach to that town, on the 2d Ditto, Ditto Major Wurmb.

evening of the 28th, and I had sent orders to Wounded, on the 18th of October, 1812,- the regiment of Brunswick Oels to take posc Sd Foot Guards-Lieutenants Holborn and on its ruins in such manner as to prevent the Knox, severely.

enemy from repairing the bridge. I had the Coldstream Guards, 1st Batt. - Capt. the mortification, however, of learning, on the Hon. W. G. Crofton, slightly ; Capt. the Hon. night of the 29!h, that this regimert had J. Walpole, severely,

been obliged to abandon its post, and as I had 1st Line Batt. King's German Legion seen the enemy's whole aimy in march tue Capt. Larouche, dangerously.

wards Tordesillas on chat evening, it was ob20 Ditco, Ditto - Lieutenants Hesse and vious that no time was to be lost. I thereQuade, severely.

fore marched the army at an early hour yes5th Ditto, Ditto-Captain Backmeister, terday morning to their left, and posted the severely, right arm amputated; Lieut. Schlae. troops on the heights between Rueda and ger, slightly.

Tordesillas, immediately opposite, and n-ar (Signed) S. A. GOODMAN, D.A.A.G. the bridge of Tordesillas. We found the Extract of a Dispatch from the Mar. bridge nearly repaired on our arrival, but the quess of Wellington,dated Cabeçon, Oce enemy have made no attempt to pass it, and tuber 28, 1812.

they have now no large assembly of troops in Since I wrote to your lordship upon the this neighbourhood. 26th, I have had an opportunity of seeing I learn that some of them marched last the enemy's whole army, as they placed night towards Valladolid, and others towards themselves opposite to us. on the Pisuerra, Toro. yesterday. They are certainly io very great

I have received letters from Lieut-general strength. The army of Portugal has re. Sir Rowland Hill, of the 29th. ceived a reintorcement of ten thousand men, The Tagus was every where fordable, and including cavalry, from France; and I have the enemy had passed a small body of troops trason to believe that there are cwo divisions over at Fuente Dus..s. of infantry now with this army belonging to

Sir Rowland Hill had collected bis troops the army of the North. The cavalry of the on the Jacamalı. He was likely to receive army of the North is certainly with the army my orders to inove upon Anvalo on the Ocho of Portugal, and they have at least five chou.

Rueda, Nov. 3, 1812. sead good cavalry.

I take the opportunity of the reiurn of the No event of importance has occurred since messenger Myers to Corunna, to inform you - addressed your lordship on the 26th. The that the army have continued in the position enemy formed their army in the plain in our in which I placed them on the Soth of Octafront yesterday. They have cannonaded dif- ber; and the enemy have made no attempt to ferent parts of our line without doing us any pass the Douro. The bridge of Tordesillas is injury, excepting thar Lieut. colone: Robe, repaired, and they are employed in the re. of the Royal Artillery, was wounded severely, pair of that of Toro. Their troups are exbut not dangerously, yesterday.

iended along the Duuro, from the latter place Rueda, Oct. 31, 1812. to Valladolid. The enemy crossed the Carrion on the In the mean time, the troops under Lieu. 26th and 27th, and formed their army on the tenant-Gen. Sir Rowlani Hiid will arrive heights near Cijales, on the last of those days, this day and tumorrow on the Adaja. The opposite our position on the left of the Pic General received my orders to break up from buered, and their advanced guard, about to his position on the jacamat on the 29ch, and



he intended to carry them into execution on twelve in number, were tried hy a mi. the morning of the 30th. He had intended litary commission; and on the 30ch were to destroy the Puenta Larga, but the mine shot. This unhappy ebullition of resente failed; and, the enemy having coilected a ment in three or four discarded officers, large body of troops between the bridge and served the venul London papers howe Aranjuez, they immediately attacked our

ever, as a pretext for reviving all their post on the bridge, but were repulsed with

old stories about a counter-revolution considerable loss by the 2d battalion 47th segiment, and a detachment of the 95th, un.

in France, and abusing the public creder the command of Colonel Skerrett. Ühave , dulity for twenty days in succession. not received the return of our loss upon this

GREAT BRITAIN.. occasion, but I understand it is about forty The new Parliament assembled on the men. No officer was touched. Lieutenant 24th instant. They have since been Gen, Sir Rowland Hill mencions in high engaged in swearing in the members, terms the conduct of the troops. These cir.

and in choosing a speaker in Mr. AB. cumstances delayed the march from the right

BOTT. of Lieutenant Gen. Sir Rowland Hill's posi. tions till the evening of the 30th, and he has

The only domestic event of importance since continued it without being at all mo.

is, the Regent's appointment of LORD lested by the enemy.

· Morra to be Governor General of IndiaThe building called La China, in the Re. an arrangement which appears to indicate tiro, and all the guns, stores, &c. wbich the probable duration of the malignant that work contained, which had not been care influence that all good patriots have de ried away, 'were destroyed before the troopsplored-and which removes from the were withdrawn from Madrid.

seat of government that bead and heart, The Spanish divisions of Don Carlos d'Es. on whose expected ascendency in the pina and Comte de Penne Villemur are with public councils, all intelligent and virtuLieutenant-Gen. Sir Rowland Hill.

ous men had fondly built their hopes! A small body of the enemy's troops were

India inust therefore be considered as at Val de Moro on the 31st, and entered Ma.

more fortunate than Europe! drid at len o'clock on the morning of the 1st instant.

Very severe and remarkable sentences I have accounts from the North, stating

have been passed witbin the month by the that Longa has taken a convoy escorted by

Court of King's Beocli, on Mr. DANIEL 500 men, near Victoria.

Lovell, of the Statesman Newspaper, FRANCE.

for a libel; and on two individuals for A sort of Despard conspiracy evinced the novel criine of buying guincas at 23. irself in Paris on the 28th of lictober; on and 245. each. the 29th the parties concerned, about


Ilith Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceasedo

THE inauguration of Geo. SCHOLEY, Esq.

Lorel Mayor, was this year celebrated with more than usual magnificence. There was considerable noveliy insie land procession. About 1,500 persons, (niany of distinction,) dined in Guildhall.

A meeting was lately held at Perry's Dock, Blackwall, to consider the means of forming un Auxiliary Bible Society, for the eastern districts of London. Earl Moira presided. · The building specula'ions at Somers' Town, Pancras, &c. have been carried on to such an extent, that they have involved many of those engaged therein in ruin. The annual ients of the new houses on the Bedford estate have lutely, 110m the increase of buildings in that quarter, been lowered from ten to wenty per cent!

The list of the navy enumerates the fol.
Bowing numbers of officers, viz.

Admiral of the ficet............ 1
Admirals of the red............ 23

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Admirals of the white..........

Vice-admirals of the red...


blue ....... Rear-admirals of the red.....

- -white ......

blue .......
Superannuated rear-adinirals.
Superannuated and retired captains.
Posi-captains ................
Commanders .................

595 Retired commanders ......... 50 Lieutenants.......

.........3997 During one of the late extraordioary high winds, a lamplighter, many years in the employ of Mt. Patrick, of Newgate-street, wbo was lighting the lamps on the east side of Blackfriars'-bridge, was, by a sudden gusto blown into the river, in presence of his seu, a child of ten years old and drowned The Crown leases having fallen in


throughout the city of Westminster, re, Mr. P. Berdenave, of Freeman's-court, Dewals are now granting by the Lords of the Cornhill, to Miss Finlay, of Streatham. Treasury, so as to increase the revenue of Mr. T. Hutchinson, of Cannon-street, to these Crown estates more than 100,000 per the cnly daughter of N. Graham, esq. of annum.

New Barnes, Kent. On the 31st of October, the corner stone Lieut. Col. Napier, 52d foot, to the daugh. of the Highgate archway was laid, by Ed. ter of J. Craig, esg. ward Smith, esq. This arch will form the Mr. Perrin, of Aldermanbury, to the el. principal entrance to the metropolis, from dest daughter of Mr. J. Smither, of Pen. the northern roads, is to be 36 feet high, tonville. and 18 feet wide, surmounted by a bridge J. Gunston, esq. of Uppet Thames-street, traversing the valley, over which the Horn- to the widow of the Rev. J. Comins. sey road is to pass. The valley is to be L Dumlisson, of Newington, to Miss A. planted on each side.

Haison, of St. James's.street. In 1803, Mr. Martin estimated the num. J. King Walker, esq. of New Millman. ber of beggars in the metropolis at 15,288; street, to the daughter of the late W. Wila of whom he stated 9,288 to be children, and braham, esq. of Dominica their maintenance, levied on the public by R. Nicholson, esq. jun. of Tottenham, to mendicity, at 42,4761. 10s. per annum. The the eldest daughter of the Rev. R. Ellison, number of the sum now collected by begging of Slangham, Sussex. is supposed to be at least double!

J. Wells, esq. of Philpot-lane, to the No fewer than 111 persons died of the only daughter of C. Blissett, esq. ut Bernardsmall.pox within the short space of 14 days, as street. appears from the late Bills of Mortality. At Kilkenny, the Hon. C. Butler, brollier These are mostly the children of the poor, to the Earl of Ormond and Ossory, to Lady who have unhappily conceived an absurd S. Butler, youngest daughter to the Earl of prejudice against vaccination.

Carrick. The perpetrators of the nurder of Lieut. At Chertsey, Mr. Smith, surgeon, to Johoson, of the navy, which was conmit. Maria, second daughter of T. Marriott, esq, fed five or six years since on the Deptford of Old Broad-street.- Mr. R. A. Reynolds, Toad, near the Five Bells, there is great reaé of Christ Church, Middlesex, to Miss Mary son to believe will soon be brought to pa- Ann Beddall, daughter of W. B. esq. of nishment. Individuals are committed on this Bardfield Saling. account.

At St. George's, Queen-square, the Rev. A footpart stopped and robbed a gentleman T. Fry, rector of Emberton, Bucks, to Miss on the road leading from Wandsworth to Pale Middleton, of Brunswick row, Queen-square ney. On an alarm being given, the thief The Rev. E. Paley, second son of the late was pursued, and, finding himself certain of W. P. D.D. Subdean of Lincoln, to Sarah, apprehension, drew a pistol and shot himself. the youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Abu The body was removed to Wandsworth. thorp, Prebendary of Finsbury. where an inquest was held on Monday, at the At Chiswick, Janies Davison, esq. of that George Inn, and the Jury returned a verdict place, to Miss Duncan, of Drury-lane Thea -Felo de se. The deceased proved to be a tre. Journeyman book-binder, who had constant Captain Welby, of the 2d Life Guards, employment, and earned on the average 30s. son of Sir Wm. W. Bart. to Mrs. Penton, 2 week.

widow of H. P. esq. formerly member for MARRIED.

Winchester, &c. J. Webb, esq. to the Hon. Miss Monck, J. M. Lloyd, esq. M. P. for Steyning, to sister to Viscount Monck.

Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of the Rev. T. Smith, esq. of Peckham Rye, to the Colston Cart, of Ealing. fourth daughter of the late W. Bonsfield, At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Edward esq. of Vauxball.

Parker, esq. Major of the 29th ligne draAt St. Pancras, T. K. Walker, esq. to the goons, second son of the late ). P. of Browsedaughter of the late W. Wilbrabam, esq. of holme, esq. to Grace- Isabella, second daughDoarinica.

ter of Mrs. Jane Strode, of KensingtonThe only son of Sir T. Turton, to the se. palace. cond daughter of Major-Gen. Browne, of the At St. Ann's, Westminster, Mr. James Sussex District.

Tunstall, surgeon in the Navy, to Miss Mary Mr. W. Hardy, to the eldest daughter of Ann Thompson, daughter of Mr. P. T. FrithMr. C. Farrington, Kent Road.

street, Soho. Mr. Jacob, of Hampstead, to the daugh At the King's Chapel, Gibraltar, on the ter of the late Rev. W. Byass, of Stopham, 20th of October, Viscount Malpas, eldest

son of the Earl of Cholmondeley, to Caro. J. Achouty, esq. of the Bengal Civil Es line, second daughier of his Excellency tablishment, to the only daughter of P. War Lieutenant-General Campbell, Lieutenantkn, esq. of Henricold-screet.


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Dr. Robinson, of London, tò Ellen, daugh- ther to the late Sir W. J. and uncle to the ter of the late Benj. Goode, esq. of Worces present Sir G. J. bart. of Cottessey in Norf Atka ter.

At Bedwell, Cottessey, aged 81, Sir Ciale Samuel Wall, esq. Lieut.-Colonel of the ling Smitb, bart. He was private Secretary Worcester Local Militia, to Eliza, youngest to the late Lord Clive, when Commander daughter and co. heiress of the late John Bion, in Chief in India, an office which gave him banker, of Leeds.

the honourable means of accumulating the Wm. Irving, esq. of Great George-street, handsome fortune he possessed. He is suc. Westir inster, to miss Burton, of Leomin- teeded in title and estate by his only son C C. ster.

Smith, late Under-secretary of State in the Mr. Richard Blachford, jun. of Lombard. Foreign Department. street, to Miss Hankin, eldest daughter In Hinde-street, Count St. Martin de Froet, of T. H. esq. of Newlands, Hertford. Ambassador from the King of Sardinia abuve DIED.

30 years. At the Dowager Countess of Erroll's apart At Bright, Sir C. Talbot, of Chart Park, ments, Hampton-court Palace, Lady Harriet Fane Hay, fourth daughter of James Earl of At Harleyford, aged 11, the youngest Erroll, and sister to the present Earl. daughter of Sir W. Clayton.

Mr. Wulfon, a resident in, and deputy Aged 64, the wife of 7. Sewson, esp, of treasurer of Chelsea Hospital, as he was Islington. transacting business at one of the offices in P. Tilser, esq. of Gower-street, the Hospital, he was taken with an apoplexy At Keonington, the wife of 7. Cookes, 19. about one o'clock, and expired between three In York-street, Portman square, the eldest and four o'clock in the afternoon,

daughter of the late Sir G. Dunbar, of 'At Wilsden-house, Middlesex, the wife of Mochrum. G. Welbank, esq. of St. James's-place.

At Wexford, the widow of the late Hea, and At Richmond, Surrey, obe Countess Dowa. Rev. M. Crosbie. ger Kingston ; by whose death great family Aged 63, the wife of W. Orme, «3. of estates in the Counties of Cork, Tipperary, Dulwich Common. and Limerick, descend to her son, the At Chelsea, y. Meakins, esp. of Harepresent Earl, one of the Irish Representa- Court, Temple. tives.

At Hertford, aged 12, Baroness Dinsdak. At Isieworth, T. Wall, esq. at the ad 9. Harper, esq. vanced age of 93.

In Leicester-square, Mr. 7. Fisher. At Teddington, in his 74th year, J. Wal. At Ashford, aged 83, Z. Foxall, esq. mer, sen. esq. late principal Proprictor of Mrs. M. Taylor, of Cumberland-street, « The Times” Newspaper.

Shoreditch. At an advanced age, at his house in Ber Mr.y. Calar, of Chaingate, Borough. mondsey, Mr. Dewsberry, late surveyor of J. Barton, esg. Hon East India Company's his Majesty's customs of the port of London. Service.

Colonel Cockel, son of Doctor, and brother In St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, the Dorto tle late Mr. Cockel, Serjeant at Law. ager Countess of Meath, aged 48.

Aged 74, Richard Smith, esq. oi London, Mooley Meer Abdol Ali, Professor of Oribrother to the late Mr. Alderman Smith, of ental Literature at Hertford Coilege. York.

At Kensington, Capt. A. F. Fenning, 221 In Grosvenor-place, Miss Whirwortb, sis. foot, only son of G. E. F. ter of the Right Hon. Lord Whitworth, in At Keith Hail, the Rigbe Hen. Wiliar his 6sd year.

Keitb, Earl of Kintore, Lord laverary, and At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Lady Jane Lord Falconer, of Haulkertown. He is sucMackenzie, last surviving daughter of the late ceeded in his titles and estates by his eldest George Earl of Cromarty.

son Anthony now Earl of Kintore. At Edgware, F. Aickin, esq. aged 76 years, At Heston-House, Middleses, 7. Fraser, formerly a well knowil actor.

esg. in bis 70th year. Lieue-Gen. Richard England, late in com. On the 19th inst. Mr. N. Mercer, of West mand of the Western districts, Lieut-Gover. Drayton, Middlesex. Zealous in the prose. nor of Plymouth, and Colonel of the ich re- cution of his concerns, he was inspecting his giment of foot.

premises, when a sudden gust of wiod forcing At Stockwell, James Arthur, esq. late an open a door he tell against a railing, which eminent tea-broker.

giving way, precipitated him a height of la Grosvenor-square, in her 85th year, twelve feet. He lingered three hours, and Mrs. Eliz. Baldwyn, heretofore relict of Ben- then expired. jamin Palmer, esq. of Olton, in the county of At Grove Cottage, Fulham-road, aged 40, Warwick, and afterwards of Charles Bald. M. H. Lynch, €59. late of the Guards. wyn, esq. of Aqualate, Stafford.

Mrs. Caroline Hodgsor, aged 65, mans In Green Street, Grosvenor square, in the years an inhabitant of Lambeth. 7öth year of his age, E. Jerningham, esq.bro. As Castlerosse, the Right Hex, 7. Browe,

Earl of Kenmare, Viscount and Baron Cas- and practised every virtue that can adorn tlerosse. He is succeeded in his titles and the character of a wife, a relation, or a posressions by his eldest son, Lord Castlerosse. friend; and by all who were acquainted with

At Edmonton, M, . Abell, aged 77. her, will ever be most tenderly and affcc

In his 56th year, Lieut.-Gen. Donald Mac- tionately lamented. dorald, Colonel of the 55th regiment.

At his seat at Packington, from a sudden In Dartmouth-street, Mr. James Fox, book attack of gout or apoplexy, soon after he had seller.

retired from his family to rest, the Right. Hou, Suddenly, Mr. W. Baging, of Narrow. Hereage, Earl of Aylesford, in the 6%d year Wall, Lambeth, timber-merchant, most of his age ; one of the Counsellors under the sincerely lamented by his relatives, and nu. Regency Act, Colonel of the Warwickshira merous friends, to whom his many virtues, Yeomanry Cavalry, a Trustee of the British and estimable mental acquirements, had de Museum, and a Fellow of the Royal and Ana servedly endeared him. He was in cheerful tiquarian Societies. This nobleman was enconversation with some of his friends, view- dowed with a strong and highly-cultivated ing the new engine-house of the Lambeth understanding, and adorned with the purest Water-works, adjoining his own premises, principles of religion, moral rectitude, and ho, when he dropped down, and almost instantly nour. As a gentleman, he was a scholar, an expired.

encourager of the polite arts, possessed great Mr. W. Hewlett, late of the Strand. taste, was well skilled in music, and drew

At Auberries, near Sudbury, the seat of with the fingers of an artist. As a useful his brother-in-law, C. Greenwood, esq. in member of the community, and in particular. his 66th year, Tbomas Hammersley, esq. ban of the county wherein he resided in his parish, ker, of London.

he was the constant and careful guardian and At the house of his son-in-law, William protector of the poor ; as a Trustee for Rugby Burnie, esq. Russel-square, in his 78th year, School, and other charitable institutioni, nie Dr. James Lind, F.R.S. late physician at was active and unremitting in the discharge Windsor. He spent a long life in the pure of his trusts. For nearly twenty years be presuits of science, and the profession of physic, sided as chairman of the Quarter Sessions for with honour to himself, and advantage to the the county of Warwick; to the discharge of public.

which duty he brought a inind so well inAt Mile-end, aged 62, John Edwards, esq. formed, that those Gentlemen of the Bar

The wife of Leny Smith, esq. of Hackney, who practised under bim will cheerfully teswick.

tify, that his knowledge on those subject, At Hampstead, Miss M. Clark, daughter of which are peculiarly discussed in that Judica. Mr. David C.

ture, was scarcely interior to their own. He was Mrs. Minors, relict of the late Daniel M.' no politician, but from early life was attached esq. of Chancery-lane, surgeon.

to the household of his Sovereign, first as one At Chelsea, aged 83, Mrs. Paulin. of the Lords of his Bedchamber, then as a

At Lambeth, Mrs. Wood, relict of Henry Captain of the Yeomen of the Guards; and, W. esq. of St. Margaret's, Westminster. lastly, as Lord Steward of his Household.

In Portman-square, William Atrwick, esq. This last office he beld for nearly eight years,

The wife of James Maude, esq. of Loin and, in February last, it being separated then bard.street.

from its immediate actendance on his MaIn Fitzroy-square, in bis 21st year, the jesty, he resigned bis wand of office, but Hon. J.W. Dillon, youngest son of Vis. his situation as Counsellor to his Majesty, count D.

though an office of no profit, he still relained, At Hammersmich, in his 78th year, An and retired to his scat at Packington. Netlony Ten Broeke, esq.

vertheless, he did not relax from the duties át Fulhain, in' his 57th year, Rees Wild of his situation ; for, though removed at che hams, esq. of Aberpergwyn.

distance of more than 100 miles from WindIn Upper Berkeley-street, Mrs. Sheriff, sor, he never once omitted his monthly attendwidow of General S.

ance there. He has left a wife, the eldest At Limehouse, Mrs. Surman, relict of w. daughter of the late, and sister to the present S. esq. of Tooting.

Marquess of Bath, and 13 children to deplore In Newgate-street, Mr. Massingbam. his loss. His successor in his titles is, 'He

In Queen-square, Mr. T. Peacocke, former. Deage, Lord Guernsey, a young man of an ly of Aldersgate street.

excellent disposition and am able manners, la Ely-place, T. Richardson, esq. late of St. now serving with the British army in Domingo. Jessie Aspasia Campbell, the wife of Fred.

DE ATI3 ABROAD. w. c. esq. of Barbreck, and of Woodlands, W. H. Pearson, esq. of Kingston, Jamaica, Surrey. She was daughter to W. T. Caul. late clerk of the Council there; to which fieid, esq. of Rahandaff, in Ireland, by place lie was appointed on the death of his Jessie, daughter to James, the third Lord uncle, T. Harrison, esq. who heid that office Ruthven Through life, she possessed upwards of 20 years."


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