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Cartridges, 400,000lbs. of gunpowder, to Paris. We add here a statistical account 400,000 lbs. of saltpetre and sulphur. 1: was of Moscow, which was found among the Bot till the 19th, that the powder, saltpetre, papers of the palace. and sulphur, were discovered at a fine esta It appears chat Rostopchin has emigrated. blishment, half a league from the city ; this At Voronovo he set fire to his castle, and is a matter of importance: we are now supe left the following writing attached to a post: plied with animunition for two campaigns. "I have for eight years embellished this

We every day discover cellars full of wine country house, and I have lived hapsy in it and brandy.

in the bosom of my family. The inhabitants Manufactures were beginning to fourish at of this state, to the number of 1720, quit it Moscow. They are destroyed. The confia. at your approach, and I set fire to my house gration of this capital will throw Russia 100 that it may not be polluted by your presence. years back.

Frenchmen, I have abandoned to you my two The weather is becoming rainy : the great- Moscow houses, with furniture worth half a est part of the army is in barracks, in Moscow. million of rubles; here you will only find Twenty-second Bulletin.

ashes."+ Moscow, Sept. 27.

“ Count Fidor RoSTOPONIN." The Consul General Lesseps has been ap- « Voronova, Sept. 29. pointed Intendant of the Province of Moscow. The palace of Prince Kurakin is one of He has organised a Municipality and several those which have been saved from the fire. Commissions, all composed of the inhabi- General Count Nansouty is lodged in it. We tants of the country. The fires have entirely succeeded with great difficulty in withdrawing ceased. We every day discover magazines of from the hospitals and houses on fire a part sugar, furs, clothes, &c. The enemy's army of the Russian sick. appears to retire upon Kalouga and Toula. There remain about 4009 of these wretched Toula contains the greatest manufactory for men. The number of those who perished ia arms in all Russia. Our advanced guard is the fire is extremely great. upon the Pakra. The Emperor is lodged in We have had, for the last eight days, a the Imperial Palace of the Kremlin. We warmer sun than is experienced at Paris at have found in the Kremlin several of the or. this season. We do not perceive that we are naments used at the coronation of the Em- in the North. perors; and all the flags taken from the Turks The Duke of Reggio, who was at Wilna, for che last hundred years. The weather is has entirely recovered. nearly the same as at the end of October at The enemy's General in Chief, Bagration, Paris. It rains a little, and we have had some is Jead of the wound which he received at white frosts. We are assured, that the the battle of Moskwa. Moskwa and the rivers of the country are not The Russian aray disown the fire of Mosfrozen over before the middle of November. cow : the authors of this attempt are held in The greater part of the army is cantoned in detestation among the Russians. They conMoscow, where it recovers from its fatigues. sider Rostopcbin as a sort of Marat. He has Twenty tbird Bulletin.

been able to console himself in the society of

Moscow, Oct. 9. the English commissary, Wilsun. The advanced guard, commanded by the The Staff-Major will cause the details of King of Naples, is upon the Naia, twenty the battles of Smolensk and Moskwa to be leagues from Moscow. The enemy's army printed, and point out those who distinguished is upon the Kalouga. Some skirmishes have themselves. We have just armed the Krene taken place for the last three days.

lin wich 80 pieces of cannon, and constructed The King of Naples has had all the ad- chevaux-de-frize at all the entrances of it. It vantage, and always driven the enemy from forms a fortress; bake-houses and magazines their positions.

are established in it. The Cossack, hover upon our Aanks. A

Twenty-fourth Bulletin. patrole of 150 dragoons of the guard, com

Moscow, October 14 manded by Major Marthod, has fallen into an The General Baron Delzons has advanced ambuscade of the Cossacks, between the road on Dmitrow. The King of Naples has his adof Moscow and Kalouga. The dragoons sa- vanced guard on the Nara, in presence of the bred 300 of them, and opened themselves a enemy, who is occupied in re-organizing his passage ; but they left 20 men upon the field army, by completing it with the militia. The of battle, who were taken, among which is weather is still fine, the first snow fell yesthe Major, dangerously wounded.

terday. In the course of twenty days it will The Duke of Elchingen is at Bohoroduck. be necessary for us to be in wiocer quarters, The advanced guard of the Viceroy is at The forces which the Russians had in Mole Troitsa, upon the road to Dinitrow.

The colours taken by the Russians from They have returned. the Turks in different wars, and several cu. f In truth, he set fire to his country rious things found in the Kremlin, have been house, but this example has but few imi. sent off for Paris, We found a Madona, enotators. All the houses in the neighbourhood riched with diamonds. It bas also been seas of Moscow are intrenched.

davia have joined General Tormassow. Those of artillery 100 baggage waggons, and made of Finland disembarked at Riga, and they about 100 prisoners. came out and attacked the 10th corps. They The King of Naples, mounted on horses were defeated, 3000 men were niade prisoners. back with the cuirassiers and carabineers, and We have not yet the official account of this perceiving a column of light-infantry, of four brilliant combat, which does so much honour battalions, which the enemy sent to support to General d'York. All our wounded have the Cossacks, he charged it, broke it, and cat beer conveyed to Smolensk, Minsk, and Mo- it in pieces. General Dezi, aid-de-camp te hilow; a great number have recovered and the King, a brave officer, was killed in this joined the corps. A great deal of private charge, which honours the carabineers. The correspondence between Moscow and St. Pe- Vice-Roy has arrived at Fomenskoe. All tersburgh informs us of the situation of this the army is in march. empire. The project of the incendiary of Marshal the Duke of Treviso has remained Moscow was kept secret; most part ot' the at Moscow, with a garrison. nobility and the inhabitants carried nothing The weather is very fine, like that in off. The engineers have taken the plan of France during October, perhaps a little the town, and marked out the houses which warmer ; but on the first days of November have been saved from the incendiary; from we may expect colds. which it results, that there has not been Every thing indicates we must think of saved of the town but one-tenth pait, nine- winter-quarters, our cavalry particularly retenths exist no more.

quire it! The infantry refreshed themselves Twenty fifib Bulletin.

af Moscow, and are very well.

Noilskce, Oct. 20.

The castle of Burgos having fatally dea All the sick who were in the hospitals of tained the Marquess Wellington froni the Moscow left them on the 15th, 16ih, 17th, middle of Sepieoiber to the 22d of Oc. and 18th inst. for Mojaisk and Smolensk.

tuber, the French arinies of the North The artillery caissons, the ammunition taken,

and South had abundant line to combine å great quantity of curious things, and two frophies, were packed up and sent off on the

their operations. The consequence has 15th.

been, the re-occupation of Madrid, Val. The army received orders to bake biscuit ladolid, &c. by the French, and the re for twenty days, and hold itself in readiness to treat of the English forces towards the march ; in effect the emperor lett Moscow on Frontiers ot Poniugal. The English Gethe 19th. The head-quarters were on the nerai's report is contained in the followsame day at Disna.

ing dispatches: On the one side the Kremlin has been

Downing-street, Nou. 17, 1812. armed and fortified, and at the same time Dispatches, of which the following it has been mined, in order to blow it up.

Some think the emperor will march upon * The veritable Russians have sung Te Deums Toula and Kalouga, to pass the winter in about this skirmish with the French advanced chese provinces, and occupy Moscow by a guard. They say, the French Aed eleven garrison in the Kremlin.

miles, losing 2000 killed, 1100 prisoners, Oihers suppose the emperor will blow up 38 pieces of cannon, &. &c. Such exagge. the Kremlin, and burn the public establish. rations are perhaps justifiable within an ine ments which remain, and that he will ap- vaded empire, in which it is necessary to sti. proach within an hundred leagues of Poland, mulate Tartars. Samojeds, and other barbato establish his winter-quarters in a friendly rous nations, by reports of victories. The country, and near to receive every thing venal London papers, however, mock the Enwhich exists in the magazines of Dantzic, glish people, and treat them as mere Siberians Kowno. Wilna, and Minsk, and recover from when they serve up such Muncbausons, week the fatigues of war; the latter observe, that after week, in a dizon different garbs. These Moscow is distant from St. Petersburgh 160 agents of the war-faction, would indeed lead lcagaes of bad road, whilst Wit-psk is only us to suppose that the French armies had been 130 from Petersburgh; chat from Moscow to annihilated, by these paper victories; if the Kiow is 218 leagues, whilst from Smoiensk evidence of maps did not show that the Rusto Kiow is but 112 leagues;' from whence sian capital, in the very centre of the empire, they conclude, that Moscow is not a military has been destroyed, and that their frontier position, or chat Moscow possesses no longer towns and finest provinces, are now quietly political importance, since that town is burned occupied as winter quarters by the Frencia and ruined for 100 years..

armies. Yet the venal papers insult our pa. The enemy shewed many Cossacks, who triotismu, by calling a campaign, attended by annoyed our cavalry; the advanced guard of such results, brilliant and glorious! These cavalry placed in advance of Veukovo, were misrepresentations more expressly call for re. surprised by a horde of Cossacks, they were in prehension, because they are the means used the camp before they could mount on horse- by ibe wur-faction of deluding the people into back. They took of General Sebastiani's park acquiescence in their peruicious projects.


are extracts, have been this day received Brunswick Legion. In this affair Lieute. at Earl Bathurst's office, addressed to nant-Colonel the Honourable Frederick Ponhis Lordsbip by General the Marquess of sonby, who commanded at Monasterio, was Wellington, dated Cabeçon, 26in and wounded, but not severely, and I hope I 28th October, Rueda, 31st October and

shall soon again have the benefit of his as

sistance. 30 November, 1812.

I had long had reports of the enemy's inCabeçon, Oct. 26, 1812. tention to advance for the relief of the castle I have been so much occupied by the of Burgos, with the army of Portugal, reinmovements and operations of the army since forced by troops recently arrived from France, the 18th instant, that I have not been able and with that part of the army of the to write to your Lordship.

north which was disposable ; and they did The operations of the Castle of Burgos advance in considerable force against the continued nearly in the state in which they post at Monasterio on the evening of the were when I addressed your lordship on the 18ch. The subaltern of the Brunswick 11th instant till the 18th. Having at that Legion, who commanded a piquel in St. time received a supply of musket ammuni. Olalla, disobeyed his orders in remaining tion from Santander, and having, while in that village upon the approach of the waiting for that necessary article, completed enemy, and he was taken with his piquet. a mine under the church of St. Roman, The enemy consequently obtained possession which stood in an outwork of the second of the heights which command the town of line, I determined that the breach which we Monasterio, and our out-post was obliged to had effected in the second line should be retire on the morning of the 19th to the stermed on that evening, at the moment Burgos side of the town. this mine should explode; and that at the assembled the troops, excepting those same time the line should be attacked by necessary for carrying on the operations of escalade.

the siege, as soon as it appeared, by the The mine succeeded, and Lieutenant-colo- enemy's movement of the 18th, that tbey nel Browne lodged a party of the 9th Caça- entertained serious intentions of endeavour. dores, and a detachment of Spanish troops ing to raise it, and placed the allied army on of the regiment of Asturias in the outwork. the heights, having their right at Ibeas, cu A detachment of the King's German Legion, the Arlanzon, the centre at Rio Vena and under Major Wurmb, carried the breach, Magaradas, and the left at Soto Pallacio. and a detachment of the Guards succeeded in The enemy's army likewise assembled in escalading the line ; but the enemy brought the neigbbourhood of Monasterio. They such a fire upon these two last detach- moved forward on the evening of the Och ments, from the third line, and the body of with about ten thousand men, to drive in our the castle itself, and they were attacked by outpost at Quintana Palla and Olmos. The numbers so superior, before they could re- former withdrew by order, but the latter ceive the support allotted to them, that they was maintained with great spirit by the were obliged to retire, suffering considera. Chasseurs Britanniques. Seeing a fair opble loss. Major Wurmub was unfortunately portunity of striking a blow upon the enemy, killed.

I requested Lieutenant-General Sir Edward It is impossible to represent in adequate Paget to move with the 1st and 5th divisions terms my sense of the conduct of the upon the enemy's right flapk, which moveGuards and German Legion upon this occa- ment, having been well executes, drove them sion; and I am quite satisfied, that, if it had back upon Monasterio, and our posts were been possible to maintain the posts which replaced in Quintana Palla. they had gained with so much gallantry, On the morning of the 21st, I received a these troops would bave maintained them. letter from Sir Rowland Hill, of the 17th, Some of the men stormed even the third in which he acquainted me of the enemy's line, and one was killed in one of the em- intention to move towards the Tagus, which brasures of that line; and I had the satis. was already fordable by individuals in many faction of seeing, that, if I could breach the places, and was likely to become so by an wall of the castle, we should carry the army. place.

The castle of Chinchill had surrendered Anotber mine was commenced under the on the Och instant. second line from the church of St. Roman, The enemy's force in Valencia was supof which we remained in possession.

posed to amount to not less than seventy The evemy had on the 13th moved for thousand men, a very large proportion of ward a considerable body of infantry, and which, it was expected, would be disposable six squadrons of cavalry from Briviesca, ta for service out of that kingdom. seconnoitre our outposts at Monasterio. They I had desired Lieutenant-general Sir Rowattacked the piquet at the bridge in front land Hill to retire from his position on the of that town, but were repulsed by the fire Tagus, if he should find that be could not of a detachment of the infantry of the maintain himself in it with advantage ; and

it was necessary that I should be near him, Gen. Sir Stapleton Cotton. Don Julian in order that the corps under my command Sanches marched on the left of the Arlan. might not be insulated, in consequence of the zon; and the party of guerillas, heretofore movements which he should find himself un, commanded by the late Martinez, on the der the necessity of making; I therefore hills on the left of our rear-guard. raised the siege of Burgos on the night of he Major-Gen. Anson's brigade charged twice 20th, and moved the whole army back to with great success, in front of Celada del wards the Douro.

Comino, and the enemy was detained above I felt severely the sacrifice I was thereby three hours by the troops under Lieutenant obliged to make. Your Lordship is aware Gen. Sir S. Cotton in the passage of the Hor. that I was never very sanguine in my expec- maza, in front of that village. tations of success in the siege of Burgos, not . The rear-guard continued to fall back in withstanding that I considered success was the best order, till the guerillas on the left attainable, even with the means in my having been driven in, they rode towards power, within a reasonably limited period. the flank of the rear-guard of Major-Gen. If the attack made on the first line on the Anson's brigade, and four or five squadrons 224 or the 29th had succeeded, I believe we of the enemy mixed with them. These were should haye taken the place, not withstanding mistaken for Spaniards, and they fell upon the ability with which the governor con the fank and rear of our troops. We suso ducted the defence, and the gallantry with tained some loss, and Lieut-Colonel Pelly, which it was executed by the yarrison. Our of the 16th dragoons, having had his horse means were limited ; but it appeared to me, shot, was taken prisoner. that if we should succeed, the advantage to The delay occasioned by this misfortune the cause would be great, and the final suc enabled the enemy to bring up a very superior cess of the campaign would have been cer budy of cavalry, which was charged by Mataip..

jor-Gen. Bock's and Major Gen. Anson's I had every reason to be satisfied with the brigades, near the Venta del Pozo, but unconduct of the officers and troops during the successfully, and our rear-guard was hardly siege of Burgos, particularly with the bri. pressed. The enemy made their charges on gade of Guards.

the two light battalions of the King's GerDuring the latter part of the siege the man Legion, formed in squares, but were al. weather was very unfavourable, and the troops ways repulsed with considerable loss by the suffered much from the rain. The officers steadiness of these two battalions. They sufat the head of the artillery and engineer de. fered no loss, and I cannot sufficiently ap-' partments--Lieutenant-colonel Robe, and plaud their conduct, and that of Col. Halketi, Lieutenant-colonel Burgoyne, and Lieutenant- wlio commanded them. colonel Dickson, who commands the reserve The exertions and conduct of Lieutenant. artillery, rendered me every assistance: and Gen. Sir S. Cotton, and of the officers and the failure of success is not to be attributed staff attached to him throughout this day, to them. By their activity we carried off every were highly meritorious ; and, although the thinzin the course of one night,excepting three charge made by the cavalry was not successcighteen-rounders destroyed by the enemy's ful, I had the satisfaction of observing great fire, and the eight pieces of cannon which we steadiness in their movements. Major Bull's had taken from the enemy on the night of troop of horse artillery, under Major Downthe 19th ultimo, in the storm of the horn. man and Capt. Ramsay, distinguished them. work. Having sent our caitle to meet the selves. . equipment expected from Santander, we had The army continued its march on the 24th, not the means of moving the latter,

and took up its ground on the Carrion, with The enemy was not aware of our move. its right at Duenas, and its left at Villa Mument, and did not follow us till late on the ries, and the 1st battalion 1st Guard joined 24d, when ten thousand men encamped on us from Corunna. this side of Burgos.

I halced here on the 25.h, and the enemy The British army encamped at Celada del attacked our left at Villa Muriel. They Camino and Hornillos, with the light caval- were repulsed, however, by the 5th division Ty at Estepan and Baniel. We continued of infantry, under the command of Major. our march on the following day, the right Gen. Oswald, in the absence of Lieutenant of the army to Torquemada, the left to Lith, on account of indisposition. Cordevilla, at which places we crossed the I had directed the 3d battalion of the Pisuerga.

Royals to march to Palencia, to protect the The enemy followed our movement with destruction of the bridges over the Carrion at their whole army. Our rear-guard consisted that place ; but it appears that the enemy as. of two light battalions of the King's German seinbled in such force at that point that Lexion, under Colonel Halkett, and of Ma. Lieut-Colonel Campbell thought it necessary jor Gen. Anson's brigade of cavalry; and to retire upon Villa Muriel, and the enemy Major-Gen. Bock's brigade was halted at the passed the Carrion at Palencia. This renVenta del Pozo to give them suppoit; the dered it necessary to change oor front, and I whole under the command of Lieutenant directed Major-Gen. Oswald to throw back MONTHLY MAG. No. 243.



our left, and the Spanish troops upon the and file, killed; 1 lieutenant, 2 en heights, and to maintain the Carrion with signs, 3 serjeants, 39 rank and file, the right of the 5th division. The bridge of wounded. Villa Muriel was destroyel, but the enerny Total Portuguese lossmt rank and ble discovered a ford, and passed over a consider killed; I captain, 37 rank and file, able body of infantry and cavalry. I made

wounded. Major-Gen. Pringle and Major-Gen. Barnes General Total - 1 serjeant, 27 rank and attack these troops under the orders of Ma

file, killed ; 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, & jor-Gen. Oswald ; in which atrack the Spa

ensigns, 3 serjeants, 60 rank and file, nish troops co-operated, and they were driven

wounded, across che river with considerable loss. The (Signed) S. A. GOODMAN, D.A.A.G, fire upon the left bad been very severe

Names of the Officers wounded. throughout the day, from which we suffered 11th October, 1819. 320 Foot-Ensign a great deal; and Major Gen. Don Miguel Quill, severely. Alava was unfortunately wounded whilst urge 16th October, 1812.-196 Foot-Lieuteing on the Spanisha infantry in the pursuit of 'nant Rae, acting Engineer, slightly. the enemy.

58ch Foot-Ensign Baylie, slightly. I broke up this morning from the Carrion,

PORTUGUESE. and marched upon Cabeçon del Campo, where 15th October, 1812.-12th Regiment of I have crossed the Pisuerga.

: the Line-Capcain White, severely. The enemy appear to be moving in this (Signed) S. A. GOODMAN, D.A.A.G. direction from Duenas, I propose to halt Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missing, of here to-morrow.

the Army under the Command of his Es. PS. I have the honour to enclose returns cellency.General the Marquis of Welof the killed and wounded.

lington, K.B. in the Siege of the Castle of Return of Killed and Wounded of the Army Burgos, from the 18th to the 21st October,

under the command of his Excellency Ge. 1812, inclusive. neral the Marquess of Wellington, K. B. Royal Engineers-1 rank and file killed; 1 in the siege of the Castle of Burgos, from rank and file wounded. the 11th to the 17th of October, 1818. Royal British Artillery-1 rank and file

Royal British · Artillery- rank and file killed ; 2 rank and file wounded killed; 7 rank and file wounded.

Coldstream Guards, 1st Batt.- 1 captain, Royal Military Artificerscol rank and file 1 eosign, 1 serjeant, 22 rank and file, killed; wounded.

2 captains, i serjeant, 32 rank and file, Coldstream Guards, 1st Batt..-3 rank and wounded. file killed ; 1 rank and file wounded.

34 Foot Guards, 1st Batt. -8 rank and file Sd Foot Guards, 1st Batt.m3 rank and file killed; 2 lieutenants, 15 rank and file, killed ; 3 rank and file wounded.

wounded. 1st Foot, 3d Batt.—1 lieutenant wounded. 11th Foot, 1st Batt.- 1 rank and file

2d Foot, or Queen's-10 rank and file killed; 1 serjeant, 4 rank and file, wounded, wounded.

24th Foot, 2d Batt. -4 rank and file killed; S2d Foot, 1st Batt.- rank, and file 3 rank and file wounded. killed ; 1 ensign, 2 serjeants, 1 rank and file 420 Foot, 1st Batt.-8 rank and file wounded.

wounded. Soth Foot, 1st Batt.- 1 rank and file killed; 530 Foot, 2d Batt.--1 rank and file 2 rank and file wounded.

wounded. 420 Foot, 1st. Batt. -3 rank and file 58th Foot, 2d Batt.--1 serjeant, 6 rank and wounded.

file, killed ; 12 rank and file wounded ; ? rank 550 Foot, 2d Batt. -1 serjeant, 1 rank and and file missing. file wounded.

60th Foot, 5¢h Batt.--rank and file 5801 Foot, Batt. 1 rank and file killed; wounded. 1 ensign wounded.

61st Foot, 1st Bact.--2 rank and file 60th Foot,5th Batt.2 rank and file killed; wounded. 1 rank and file wounded.

79ch Foot, 1st Batt. -1 rank and file 61st Foot, 1st Batt.1 rank and file wounded. wounded.

1st Line Batt. King's German Legion 79ch Foot, 1st Batt.1 rank and file 1 lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 24 rank and ale, killed; I rank and file wounded.

killed ; 1 captain, 22 rank and file, wounded. 1st Line Batt. King's German Legion 2d Ditto, Ditto-1 major, 2 rank and file, 2 rank and file killed; 2 rank and file killed; 2 lieutenants, 7 rank and file, wounded,

wounded, Id Dicto, Ditto-3 rank and file killed ; 5th Ditto, Ditto-12 rank and file killed; 2 rank and file wounded.

1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 7 rank and file, 5th Ditto, Ditto-1 serjeant, 1 rank and wounded. file, killed ; 3 rank and file wounded.

'Total British loss-1 major, 1 captain, 1 Total British loss 1 scrjeant, 23 rank lieutenant, 1 ensign, 3 serjeants, 81 rank

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