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Bates W. R. Minories, floor cloth manufaâurer.

(Nind Beecher G. P. and I. Barker, Broad Areet, merchants. Belfour J. Caple Court, fock broker. (Davis Black J. Percy freet, piano forte maker. (Saunders Chelter R. W. Poultry, hefier. (Tinchett Charles R. St. Alban's dreet, Pall Mall, taylor. (Scott Chappell 8. J. Bethnal Green, British lace manufacturers

(Howard and Co. Clark J. Great Knight Ryder freet, Aationer. (Tilson

aud Co. Carterall T. Liverpool, wholesale grocer. (Parr and Co. Cockrem P. Bathwick, Somerset, taylor (Shepherd

and Co. London Clark W. Sheffield, Yorkthire, and A. Clark, Lambeth,

Surrey, cutlers. (Ellis, London Caffedy T. Mingotsfield, Gloucetershire, linen draper.

(Hughes, London Crompton 1. Effex ftreet, Strand, upholsterer. (Wright Coles J. Staple Atton, Oxfordthire, butter factor. (Juckes,

London Calloway J. New Bond Atreet, upholderer. (Greenwoud Cox G. City Road, cabinet maker. (Rubinfon and Co. Chaogeur L. L. Kensington, builder. (Blackluw,

London Clarke F. Great Rufell ftreet, Bloomsbury, haberdashe:.

(Jennings and C Corby J. Lengos. Hertfor , carpenter. (Reynolds,

Chethol, Herts Chalner T. Linculo, currier. (Spencer, London Chaprnan J. J. Union freet, Spitalfields, oilman.

(Hulley Colleos j. and F. Nicholas Lane, Lombard Arect, timber

riserchants. (Baker and Co, Drabble W. Holbeck, Yorkihire, machine maker. (Wilson,

London Davis D. P. Bloomsbory square, builder. (Sherwood

and co. Davie J. and T. H, Lloyde, Hoit, Wilts, clothiers.

(Clarke, London Padd w. Gravelend, Kent, grocer. (Walker and co.

London Duke E. Harwich, draper. (Adams, London Dixon W. Portfea, leather hat mr.anufacturer. (Townsend,

Dawson T. Brifto!, dealer and chapman. (Heelis,

Davey M jun. Cheshunt, miller. (Je top. London
Dupe w. Oxford, gun maker. (Holmes, Loadou

lifon T. Bridgewater square, filversmith. Manghall Fortune M. Tower, viduntler (Harvey and co Y earphead P. Oldham, Lancamir, money fcriveper.

(Hurd, London Fraler J. Liverpool, innkeeper. (Bird Grima J. Kidderpainter, horcester, printer. (Allon Green J. S. Manchester, merchant. (Hewitt and co. Garner W. Margate, hardwareman, (Burns, London Gilchris T. High Areet, Southwark, tailor (Lejwich Gill T. Chicheter, fpirit inerchant. (Tarrant and co.

London Grundy R, and J. Gravefend, thip Joiners. (Wilde,

London Good lake J. H. and w. H, Limeboure, thip chandlers.

(Devon and co. Gilbert T. John &reet, Fitzroy square, carpenter.

(Allen agd cu. Gardener A. Haberdacher's Place, Hoxton, merchant.

(Dann and co. Green J. Dean freet, Sobo, baker. (Wilkiufon and c). Gilbert w, H. Lydd, Keot dealer. (Baddeley, London Garner J. feb. Chelter, noney scrivener. (Huxley,

London Griffin J. wulfall, Staffordihire, iron dealer. (Turner

and co. London Gil T. Cheiter, fpirit merchant. (Tartant and co.

London Hutchings T. Gracechurch freet, hair mercbant.

( Whircroft Hairhne T. and J. Oxtoby, Kingiton upon Hull, fpirit

dealers. (Edmunds, London Henbaw W. Primrose itreet, Filk broker. (James Hamper J. Tooney ftreet, Borongh, hosier. (Patton Hall w, Bolton, Laucashire manufacturer. (Boardman Karl R. Brancader, Norfolk, diopkeeper. (Barber,

London Hague G. Sheffield, cutler, (Blakelock, London Hooffstetter A. Lawrence Fountney Laue, wine merchant.

(Arrow (mith Hales C. Bolt Court, Fleet Atreet, upholfterer. (Wilkinson

and co. Humphreys M. Cummin Arcet, Pentonville, factor.

(Lockett Hesketh w. Ball Alley, Loinbard &reet, merchant. (Pal.

mer and co. Hinop A. and 1. Sadler, Bow Lane, warehouseman.

(James Hewitt C. King ton upon Hull, linen draper. [Rofler,

London Harding J. St. James's Areet, bookfeller. (Turner Haymaa T. Honduras ftreet, Old Arect, rectifier (H&.

merton Hornby J. Tottenham Court Road, Ironmonger.

(Shearman Mardist. aod J. Corving, Bedford court, Covent Garden,

woullen drapers. (Jones and co. Jones J. Manchester, patent candlewick manufacturer.

(Joho fon and co. Johnson W. H. Piccadilly, hatter. (Smith innes R. Cheltenham, laceman (Lang, London

MoxTHLY MA No. 234.

Jordan J. Buh Lane, Canpon Qreet, wine merchant.

(Wetton and co. Joel J. Newport, Jeweller. (162109 James G. Liverpool, merchant. (Marley and co. Jones L. Great Leonard treet, Shoreditch, grocer. (WI.

let and co. Jeeves, S. Sandy, Bedfordshire, horre dealer (WI

loughby Ifrael H. H. Wood Areet, Cheapfide, fik manufacturer.

(Swann Jemmert s. Tuttenbam Court Road, coach maker.

(Langley Jarrait T. Bingworth, Worcestershire, auctioneer.

(Pugh, lundon Jeffrey H. New Sarum, druBgift. (Brundett and co.

London Knight 1. H. Weit Cowes, ille of Wight, vintner.

(Clarke and co. Kell J. Broughton, Lincolnthire, merchant. (Nichol.

fon, BriBa Kirkpatrick, Maryport, Cumberland, draper (Mounsey Kay J. Warrington, Lancashire, iroumonger. (Caughton

and co. Keyte S. Kiddermintter, innkeeper. (Hallen Keteven 1. T. and I. York itreet, Covent Garden, men's

inercers (Richardfon and co. Ketcher J. Soutminster, Edex, farmer. (Greenhill Key G. Lower Grofvenor treet. (Dawfon and co. Kirkman G. Larcaiter, merchant. (Blakelock, London, Kerr G. Crooked Lane, tallow chandler. (Chapmaq

and co. Kingfley J. jun. Pegsden, Bedfordshire, theep jobber.

( Townsend London Kiuman Y. Shoe Lane founder. (Jackfun Littewood A. Hunley Wood Nook, Almoodbury, York,

clothier. (Battye, Londou Living H, J. S. Duwnes, and J. Living Great Prefcor

Itreet, Goodman's Fields, merchants. (Niud Lyall M. Craven freet, coal merchant. (Kearfey

and co. Landf.iede LCraven buildings, Drury lane, jeweller..

(Mayhew and co. Lygoj. New Bond Atreet, chinaman. (Maybew

and co. Leach ). A. Red Lion freet, Holborn, victuailer. (White

ton and co. Longman C. Jun. Stafford, Somerset, fax (pinder. (King Lyon G.of the Old City Chambers, merchant. (Adams Laing G. Demarara, South Anerica, merchant. (Barrow,

London Loggins w. of Jacob's well Mews, Manchester Square.

coach maker. (Blandford and co. Miles R. London, merchant. (Depnetts and co. Millyard T. Hupfton, Sullcx, mcalma (Champ, Chi

chefter Marley W. Sand Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne, linea draper.

(Seymour Martingdale B. St. James's freet, wine merchast.

Field and co. Macklin M.M. Cheaplite, umbrella maker. (Harvey Maddock J. and R. Maddock, Rosemary lane, timber iner

chante (Nind Morgan J. New Bond reet, linen draper. (Dobie

and co. Monkboule L. S. G. and M. A. Gorman, London, men

chants, (Winter and co. Marthall T. Bramley, Leeds, clotbier. (Evans,

London Melhusbr. and J. Monkhouse, Nicho'as lane, Lombard

Areet, coffee dealers (Crapman and co. Maynard J. Eyre êtreet, Holborn, haberdasher. [Co.

ventry Matthews M. Upper Eatt Smith held, fopseller. (Ifaacs Muris 'T. Wallal, Staffordihire, iron dealer, and at

the Flitch of Bacon, whichoorbridge. [Turner and

CO. London. Minet J. Finsbury fquare, merchant. (Wadefun

and co. Newman J. Lawrence lane, Cheapfide, vidualler,

Patton Newman W. St. Thomas's Itreet, Bricol, miller. (Walton

and co. Lordon Nackbar J. Old Brentford, feedsman. (Holloway,

London Odell S. Enfield Highway, coach matter. [Nind Ofman E. Hackney, baker. [Bond, Ware, Herra Paimer r, Bow. thoemaker. (Duntombe Paton A., T. Gil, anw 1. Brown), Old Gravel lane.

Ratclip Highway, foap manufacturers. (Sweet

and co. Payse L. Harrifon freet, Gray's Inn lane, builder,

(swand Pocock T. Fish @reet, Doctor's Commons, mafon. (Kib.

blewbite and co, Phillips ). New Bond freet, i Mmonger. (Matthews

and co, Powi R. Grosvenor Mews, Grosvenor fquare, horse dealer.

(Matthews and co. Power N. Old broad Itreet, merchant. (Bust and co. Pigott J. Portfea, linen draper. James, London Pennel R. and L. Bow lane, merchants, [Albfton

and co Prow fe T. Huntspill, Somersettire, apothecary. (Bics

and ce, London Rayner A. Gray's Thurrock, Eflix, foap manufacturer.

I Chapman and co. London Ridge T. I etm oner, somerfethire, lime burner. (Aus.

tice and co. London Bandell J. $. Bristol, fail cloth manufacturer. [Cookes SM


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Thompson M. Penrith, Cumberland, check manufatteret

( Wordsworth and co. London Taylor T.AW. Nopkins, Brino, ironmongers. (Bizz

and co. London Vincent ). Frederick place, Hampted road, videlier,

(Vincent, i ond n Withers J. Brittol. btmaker, armas Wiiks w or Areet, City Road, merchant. (Rosfield Wotton W. Bradoch, Devon thopkeeper. (Colletra:

co. London Wilkinson C. Webury upon Trym, Gloucoderfaire,

grocer. (Hurd. Lo" jot: Weft W. Merton, yurity, calico printer, [Oldhain Walker J. Broadway, Rotherhithe, mater fariser

(Kirk Wei J. Blackman Arcet, Southwark vidualler (Lloy Wever j. and G. Hague, Sheffield platers. (Dtron and

co. London Worsfoid T. Mitcham, maltter. Maymott WoN). ad J. vorvill, New Bridge Rreet, merchants,

Sheffi 10 Watkin 6 and w. Cowper, Lincoln's Ire, Ir.oney fcrive

ners (Randford Whitley ). Martham freet, Helminter, timber merchael

(Platt Walker sen M and A. Walker, j90. and R. Haflaske

Birmingham, merchants (Swain and co. London Whitworth S. Dew shury Moor, York fire, cluth massac

turer. (Colley, London Wright R. Thrumafon, Leiceller, victu aller (Elradale

and co. London Wilfon H. Oxford Atreet linen draper. (Dawes Wright E. Aveley, flex. vidvaller. (Morgan and is

London Witenhall G. and C. Crouch, Oxford êtreet, linen drapers,

( Dennetts and co Winnall E. Newport, Monmouthshire, corn factor. (Bre,

London Warcup w. Charlotte place, Vauxhall, upholeres,

(Hannam Wuos J. Sible, Hedingham, Effex, turper. (Forbes and

Co, London,

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With occasional Notices of important Judicial Decisions.

C AP. LXVII. "An Act for settling thousand pounds by way of annuities and

and securing cert:rio annuities on treasury bills for the service of Ireland.the widow and eldest son of the late -200h June, 1812. Right Honourable Spencer Perceval, and This is one of the usual acts for raising for granting a sum of money for the use supplies. of his other children."-91h June, 1812. Cap. LXXI. “ An Act for the better

Annuity of 2,0001, and of 1,0001. granted Cultivation of Navy Timber in the to the widow and eldest son,, &c.During Forest of Wooliner, in the County of minority of the son, annuity to be paid to Southampton."-20 h June, 1812. trustees. -50,0001. to be paid to trustees for His Majesty may inclose 2,000 acres of the use of the children,

the forest, &c. Cap. LXVIII. “An Act for amend.

Cap. LXXII. “ An Act for the better ing the laws relacing to the Local Militia

Cultivation of Navy Timber in the in Scotland.”—2011 June, 1812.

Forest of Alice Hoit, in the County of This Act contains 189 clauses, which it is

Southampton."-2011 June, 1812. impossible to abridge for publication in this

His Majesty may inclose parts of the work.

Forest, not exceeding 1,600 acres. Cap. LXIX. “An Act to continue,

Cap. LXXIII. “Ao Act for repeale until the fifth day of July, one thousand

ing so much of an Act of the thingy, eight hundred and thirteen, several Acts

sixth year of his present Majesty, for for granting certain rates and duties, and

the better relief of the poor within for allowing certain drawbacks and boune

England; and enlarging the powers of ties on goods, wares, and merchandize,

the guardians of the poor, as limits the imported into and exported from Ire

annual amount of the assessments." land."-2012 June, 1812.

27th June, 1812. . This Act recites the 45 G. jjj. c. 18, 46

This Act recites the stat. 36 G. 3. c. 10. G, ii c. 62, 47 G. üi. sess. 2, c. 16, and 51

and so much of it as limits the assessinent G. ili c. 86, and thereby the duties, draw

for the poor is repealed. backs, and bounties granted and allowed by the recited Acts, are continued till July 5, Cap. LXXIV. “An Act to continue 1813, except as therein mentioned, viz. ex- until the first day of January, one ceps new rates and drawbacks, and also those thousand eight-hundred and fourteen, under the 47 G. iii. c. 19.

an Act for appointing commissioners to Cap. LXX. “An Act for raising inquire and examine into the nature , the sum of one million five hundred and extent of several bogs in Ireland,

a and and the practicability of draining and British plantation sugar and coffee, imcultivating them, and the best means of ported into Bermuda in British ships, to effecting the same."-27th June, 1812. be exported to the territories of the

The statute 49 G. iii. c. 109. is further United States of America in Foreiga continued until 1st January, 1814.-And ships or vessels ; and to permit articles, the Irish Treasury is to issue 8,9001. for the the production of the said United States, purposes thereof.

to be imported into the said Island in Cap. LXXV. "An Act to provide Foreign ships or vessels."— 1st July, for the more complete and effectual li. 1812. quidation of a debt due to luis Majesty British plantation sugar and coffee infrom the late Abraham Goldsmid, mer ported into Bermuda in British ships, may cbant, aad his surviving partners; and to

be exported to America in Foreign vessels confirm and establish certain agreements

above sixty tons, and tobacco and other eutered into for that and other purposes

articles may be imported from thence, not

withstanding the 28 G. iii. c. 6.--The are relating thereto."-27h June, 1812. , This Act recites the Will of B. Goldsmid,

ticles so imported may be exported to the

? West Indies in British vessels, dated November 20, 1803, and the Will of A. Goldsmid, dated November 27, 1809, and Cap. LXXX. “An Act for extenda debt of 466,7001. due to the crown. And ing the period in which deeds were dithat the Chancellor of the Exchequer had rected to be enrolled by an Act of the entered into an agreement not to enforce pay- fifiieth year of his present Majesty, for ment of the debt due to the crown, but to amending several Acts for the redempstand on an equal footing with the other tion and sale of the land-tax."— 1st partnership debts, and providing for the man- July, 1812. ner of liquidating the same, and therefore The statute 50 G. ü. c. 53. is recited. confirms and establishes the indentures and and the time for the inrolment of deeds agreements, recited in the Act. It then en

n- extended to twelve months next after the

exten acts, that the debt due to the crown shall be Act. discharged, under the above conditions ; · Cap. LXXXI. "An Act to amend discharging estates and effects sold under

an Act made in the forty-ninth year of the directions of the indenture from claims from the crown; but the treasury is co

his present Majesty, for providing a investigate the conduct of the representatives

durable allowance of superannuation to of the late Abraham Goldsmid.

the Officers of Excise, under certain re.

strictions."-1st July, 1812. Cap. LXXVI. “An Act to aniend

The statute 49 G. iii. c. 96. is recited, several Acts relating to the revenue of,

and the fund for superannuated officers abocustoms and port duties in Ireland. Jished, and the money collected ordered to 1st July, 1812.

be paid into the Exchequer; and pensions, Cap. LXXVII. « An Act for grant. and allowances to be paid out of the duties of ing an additional drawback on fint, Excise. phial, and crown, glass; for charging an C ap. LXXXII. "An Act for transadditional countervailing duty on Alint ferring the Scotch Excise charity and and crown glass imported from Ireland; superannuation funds to the consolidated and for the better prevention of frauds fund, and paying all future allowances in the exportation of glass on drawn from the latter fund, and for making back."- 1st July, 1812.

provision for certain superannuated ottie Additional drawbacks allowed on expor cers of Excise in England and Scola tation of glass, viz. flint and phial glass, land."--1st July, 1812. 16s. 3d. per cwt.; crown window glass, A similar Act for Scotland. 78. 10 d. per cut.-Countervailing duties equal. ---Drawbacks to be paid according to

Cap. LXXXIII. "An Act to revive the regulations prescribed bv 96 G H

and continue, until the twenty-fifth day Cap. LXXVIII. "An Act to make

of March, one thousand eight hundred

and thirteen, and amend so much of an better provision for the Commissioners

Act, made in the thirty-ninth and fortieth of Appeal in revenue cases in Ireland.”

do" years of his present Majesty, as 'grants 1st July, 1812. A yearly salary of 8001. to be paid to each

certain allowances to adjutants and ser

jeant-majors of the Militia of England, of the Commissioners of Appeal.-Payment to be computed from December 25, 1811.

disembodied under an Act of the same Annuities may be granted to Commissioners

TO Session of Parliament."-1st July, 1812. on resignation, not exceeding 5001.--Com

The 39 and 40 G. iii. c. 44. is recited, remissions to continue during the good beha. vived, and continued till March 25, 1813, viour of the persons appointed.

80 far as respects adjutants, &c.—Reduced

adjutants entitled to their pay as well as the Cap. LXXIX. “An Act to allow allowance vader chis Acto



Containing officiul Papers and uuthentic Documents.


Thirty thousand sick and wounded RusW E had hopes that the late disasters sians have been burnt. The richest commer.

of Russia-the battle of Moskwa, cial houses in Russia are ruined. The shock and the burning of Moscow, might have must be considerable. The cloathing, magaled to peace in the north. It appears. in- zines, and the equipments of the Russian ardeed, ihat Napoleon made overtures for

my have been consumed. They have thas an accommodation, but without effect;

lost every ching; they would remove nothing, and some accounts say, that bis letters to

because they always thought it impossible for

us to reach Moscow, and because they were Alexander were relurned unopened! willing to deceive the people. When they The last accounts left hiin employed in , saw all in the hands of the French, they settling his armies in winter quarters, in conceived the horrible project of destroying che districts lying between Moscow and by fire this first capital, this boly city, the Wilna. We lear, therefore, that we are centre of the empire ; and they have reduced doomed to record further horrors in the to beggary 200,000 respectable inhabitants. ensuing Soring, similar to those which This is the crime of Rostupchin, executed by have harrowed up our feelings during the

felons liberated from the prisons past autumn.

The resources which the army would have Twentietb Bulletin.

found are consequently much diminished; howMoscow, Sept. 17.

ever we have collected, and are sullcollecting, The Russians have celebrated Te Deum for

a number of necessaries. All the cellars are the battle of Polotzk. Te Deums have been

untouched by the fire, and the inhabitants, song for the battles of Riga, for the battle of Os.

during the last twenty-four hours, had saved trowno, and for that of Smolensk. According to

many articles. They endeavoured to step tne Kussian accounts, they were every where the progress of the harnes, but the Governor conquerors, and they drove the French to a

had taken the horrid precaucion to carry off or great distance from the field of battle. It was

destroy all the engines. then arnidst the strains of the Russian Te De

The army is recoveriog from its fatigues; urs that the army arrived at Moscow. There

it has abundance of bread, potatoes, cabbages, they thought themselves conquerors, at least

and other vegetables, meat, salted provisions, the populace thought so, for well-inforined

wine, brandy, sugar, coffee, and, in short, persons knew wbat was passing.

provisions of all sorts. Moscow is the entrepot of Asia and of Eu

The advanced guard is twenty wersts OR rope. Its warehouses were immense; every

the road to Kassan, by which the enemy is house was provided for eight months witb ne

retreating. Another French advanced guard cessaries of every description. It was only

is on the road to St. Petersburghi, where che the evening before, and the day of our en.

enemy has not a single soldier, trance, that the danger became known. We

The temperature is still that of autumn; found in the house of the wretch Rostop

the soldiers have found, and continue to find, shin some papers, and a letter half written;

a number of pelisses and furs tor the winter. te fled without finishing it.

Muscow was the depot of those articles. Dioscow, one of the finest and richest cities

Twenty-first Bulletin. in the world, is no more. On the 14th the

Moscow, Sept. 20. Russians set fire to the Exchange, to the Bae

Three bundred incendiaries have been Ear, and the Hospital. On the 16th a vio arrested and shot; they were provided lent wind arose. Three or four hundred ruf. with fuses six inches long, wbich they fians set fire to the city in 500 different places had between two pieces of wood; they at the same moment, by order of the Gover. had also squibs, which they threw upon nor Rostopchin. Five-sixths of the houses the roofs of the houses. The wretch Roswere built of wood; the fire spread with a topchin bad these prepared on the pretence prodigious rapidity; it was an ocean of flame that he wished to send a balloon full of com. Churches, oi which there were 1600-above bustible matter amidst the French army. He 1000 palaces, immense magazines, nearly all thus got together the squibs and ocher matehave tallen a prey to the flames. Tbe Kremrials necessary for the execution of his project. lin has been preserved.

The fires subsided on the 19th and 20th : Their loss is incalculable for Russia, for three quarters of the city are burned ; among her commerce, and for ber nobility, who had other palaces, that beautiful one of Carbze left all there. It is not over-rating its value rine, which had been newly furnished: not to state it at many milliards.

above a quarter of the houses remain. About 100 of these incendiaries have been While Rostopchin was taking away the apprehended and shot : all of them declared fire-engines of the city, he left behind him that they acted under the orders of Rostopa 60,000 muskets, 150 pieces of cannon, more chin, and the Director of the Police. than 100,000 balla and shells, 1,500,000


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