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At Earsdon, Mr. George Dryden, of Seator sons as shall be known to introduce these Sluice, ship-owner, to Miss Mary Stoker, of vermin, whose ravages have of lace become the Look-out farm.

so great as to demand immediate and vigorous At Stamford ham, Mr. Wm. Dixon, of Fen- measures to prevent their spreading. The pawick, to Miss Wilson, of Stamford ham r ish of Gosforth, and the adjoining parts,

Mr. Matthew Hudson, of Shire Moor, to are infested with these filthy animals, in Miss Mary Taylor, of Newburn.

a degree not known by the oldest iohabitant At Tynemouth, Mr. Easterby, of North living. Shields, to Miss Ostieil, daughter of Mr. J. A trout was taken lately in the river Ure, 0. harbour master, of Newcastle.

Dear Hawes, in Wensleydale, that measured At Wooler, Thomas Selby, esq. of Earie, 27 inches in length, 18 inches in circunferto Ange, daughter of Mr. Walter Rowland, ence, and weighed 11 lb. 12 vz. of Berwick.

The inhabitants of Kirkby Lonsdale, froin. At Durham, Mr. Edmund Hopper, to Miss a very liberal and well conducted subscripEliza Hall, of Old Elvet.

tion, have been enabled to supply the poor of At Newcastle, Mr. Robert Youll, to Mrs. that town with oatmeal at reduced prices, for Margaret Row.--Mr. George Murray, to nearly five months back Niss Susannah Proctor, both of this town. A property was sold lately at Kirkby Lons, J. S. Bustard, esq. captain of the Royal Ar- dale for 10,4001, for which the owner luad ne. tillery, to Mary, youngest daughter of T. ver received 2001. rent. Smith, esq. of St. Lawrence

Married ] At Kendal, Mr. James Wilkins At Gateshead, Mr. Ovingham, to Miss son, to Jane, cldest daughter of Mr. John Jane Bell, of Ryton.

Dawson. At Tweedmouth, Mr. Henry Wilson, to At Sedbergh, Mr. Palmer, solicitor, to Mrs. Miss Isabella Wood, both of Spittal. -Mr. Findlay, of Thorns Hall, near Sedbergh. Robert Ramsay, to Miss Mary Pearson, both At Carlisle. Mr. Keys, merchant, of Liver. of Tweedmouth.

pool, to Miss Mary Lowry, youngest daugh-, Died.] Thomas William Lowes, esq. of ter of the late John J.. esq. -Mr. John SowRidley-hall, Northumberland.

erby, lo Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. C. At North Shields, greatly regretted, Mr. Park.--Mr. Joseph Harding, to Miss Ann T. H. Hurry, ship-owner, 32. -Mr. James Burgess.-Mr. T. Gash, to Miss GlendinFowler.-Magdalene, daughter of the late ning -Mr. T. Armstrong, to Miss Jane WacMr. George Taylor, 21.

son, of Brackenthwaite. Near Gateshead, Mr. John Atkinson, 59.-- At Whitehaven, Mr. Robert Corkbill, to Miss Elizabeth Forbes, of Gateshead, 35. Miss Mary Robson.-Mr. Forsyth, to Miss Mr. Wm. Rowland, of the same place.

Catherine Steel. Margaret, wife of Mr. George Brekons, of At Penrith, Mr. John Barton, to Miss Phil. Pandon Bank, agent, 24.

lis Hodgson, both of Penrith.-Mr. Francis At Durham, Margaret, wife of Mr. Benja Barton, to Miss Hannah Richardson. min Whitehead, 36.-Charles, fourth son of At Keswick, Mr. Thomas Pinkett, of the late Henry Methold, esq. of Burn-ball, Warrington, to Miss Richardson, of Keswick. aged 17.

At Crosby, near Carlisle, the Rev. W. Mr. Thomas Waistell, of Newcastle, much Barnes, curate of Scaleby, lo Miss Margaret respected, 68.

Hetherington, of Crosby. At Bishop Auckland, Mr. H. Mowbray, 30. Mr. Lancaster, of Pooley Bridge, to Miss

At Hilsay, aged 74, Mr. Wm. Womphrey, Thwaite, of Kendal. who occupied the farm of Hilsay, as tenant Ac Mislett, Mr. R Laycock, of Liverpool, to the Duke of Northumberland, for upwards to Miss Weaver, of Misiett.

At Shap, Anthony Eidsforth, esq. of Poul. Jane, wife of Mr. Matthew Lee, of ton Hall, to Miss Grace Atkinson, of Shap. Hexham. .

Died.] At Kirkbride, Mr. John Davison, Miss Isabella Smith, 72.

aged 90. His two next neighbours died there CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. lately, viz. Sarah Farlam, aged 96, and Mary

The capital, and part of a column of the Clark, aged 91. Tuscan order, fifteen inches in diameter, an Margaret Furness, of Kendal, 87. aqueduct, formed of large cemented stones, At Carlisle, Mr. G. Gardner, of Penrith. and several pieces of hewn stone and bricks He had walked to Carlisle to attend the elec. have been discovered, about four feet below tion and was found dead in his bed the fol. the surface of the ground, at Stanwix-bank lowing morning, he was supposed to be the near Carlisle.

oldest and most skilful angler in the county. Seyen vessels have been launched at White. -Mr. Wm. Henderson, 81.-Mrs. Fleming, haven since the beginning of September, wife of Mr. Joseph F. 66.-Mr. John Robwhich amount together to 1490 cons.

son,' 65.-Mrs. E. Sutton, of the Society of An association is forming in Westmoreland Friends, in ber 80th year, mother of Messrs. to raise a fund for the purpose of offering L. H. and R., of Carlisle. premiums for the destruction of foxes, and for Mr. T. Marsden. -Lydia 'Hutton, widow, defraying the expense of prosecuting such per. aged 91. MONTHLY MAG. No. 233.


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At Corkickle, Mr. J. Lister, son of Mr. At Haughton, the Rev. T. Vaughan, of L. comptroller of the customs at Whites that place, to Miss Walton, of Gainford. haven.

Richard Ellerton, esq. of Richmond, to Mix Ac Whitehaven, Mrs. Jaques, 75 - Mrs. Wright, of Carr-Lodge, ocar Wakefield, Wilson, wife of Capt. W. of the Pomona. Mr. Ebenezer Wilson, son of Mr. George

At Easington, Mrs Robinson, mother of W. printer and stationer, to Miss Charlotte G. R. esq. collector of the customs at Sunder. Yarborough, all of Leeds.- Mr.T. C. Parker, land, 89.

to Miss S. Stea, both of L eds. At Cockermouth, Mrs Green, relict of An At Scalby, Mr. J. B. Ownem, of Scare drew G. esq.

tro', to Jane, youngest daughter of the late At Keswick, Mrs. Culling, wife of Mr. C. Mr. Ford, land-surveyor, of Ayton Architect.

Mr. Mann, of Wakefield, to Mary, youngest Mrs. Ellen Horner, of Conistone, near daughter of ihe late Rev. William MountKettlewell, 68.

joy, vicar of Kirkburton. The Rev John Beck, master of the Free Mr. Smith, of Balby, to Mrs. Morley, of Grammar School at Penrith, and curate of Scotter, being the sixth fair partner he has Newbiguin. 26.

led to the altar. A Gates' ead Isabella Sharpe, widow of At Northallerton, Mr. Thomas Langdale, John Spitman, at the great age of 114 bookseller, Ripon, to Miss Hague, of the yars: it ppears by the baptismal register of former place. the par'sh, that she was christened the 17th At Sennington, near Pickering, Mc. W. of August, 1698.

Parkin, merchant, Great Driffield, to Miss YORKSHIRE

Craven, only daughter of l. C. esa of the At Pontefract, M. Milnes 422-Mr. Las- former place. An amiable and accomplished celles SS6-Lord Pollington 311--and Mr. lady with a handsome fortune. Horzson 175.

Mr. Richard Lawson, to Julia, daughter of At Beverley, J. Wharton, esq. 805-Charles Lady Strickland, of Hildingly, near Malton. Forbes, esq. 731--W. Beverley, esq 592 Mr. J. Berry, jun of Wressell, to Miss

At the election for York city, ihe late Collyer, of Hull members, Sir M. M. Sykes, and the Hon. Ac Sculcoates, Mr. Parish, of Bratoft, Lawrence Dundas were re-ele ted without aged 45, (steward to Peregrine Massingherd, opposition. For the county Ltd Milean and €89.) to Miss Benniworth, aged 18, poongest Mr. Lascelies have been returned; Ver Mon daughter of John B. gent. of Toynton, All tague not toosing to stapd the expence of a Saints. contest. On this subject the editor of the Died.] At York, Miss Maria Benson, auHull Rockin kum makes some very severe and thor of a work on Education, The Wife, and pertinent reflections; he attributes the result some other ingenious pieces of the election to a complete inirigue between At Darlington, aged 30, Eliza, the wife of two noble families, and denies that this great John Backhouse, esq. banker. She was a county is at all represented.

woman of a sweet disposition, rare virtues, Alderman Scholey, the Lord Mayor elect and elegant refinement. of London, is a native of Leeds, and has the At Giggleswick, near Settle, Miss Paley, meri of having advanced himself in the ho- a maiden lady, and a pear relative of the cenourable pursuits of commerce, from the hum- lebrated Dr Paley. ble situation of a clerk in a banking-house in At Rawden, near Leeds, aged 78, John this place, ro the office of first magistrate of Wilson, of chat place, one of the Society of the first city i Europe.

Friends, and father to Mr. J. W. of Huil. It is determined to establish a fourth bank. At Leeds, in her 47th year, Frances, wife ing concern in Leeds, and the first of January of Dr. Hird. next is mentioned as the time of opening the At Scarborough, Ruth, widow of the late new bank,

Stephen Whartoni, esq. merchant of that Married.) At York, Harry Bradburne, esq. place. of the Queen's Dragoon Guards, to Lovisa Sa Aged 94, the third son of Christopher Tabı, fifth daughter of the Rev. Houdley Richardson, esq. of Whitby. - Thomasin, Ashe, D.D.

daughter of Captain John Ayre, of Whitby, 18. At Huddersfield, M. S. Kenny, M.D. of At Bawtry, aged 82, Mrs. Milnes, wilow Balinrobe, Ireland, lo Sophia, third daughter of Pemberton, M. eso of Wakefield, and of Win. Fenton, esq. of Spring-Grove, Hud- mother of Viscountess Galway. dershi-Id.-J.imes Bradley, esq. of Hudders. In her 100ch year, Mrs. Clara Stirk, of field, M.D. to M18 Fenton, sister to Wm. F. Skipton. esg. oi Spring-Grove

At Eskeleth House, in Yorkshire, aged 74, jw. Field, esq. of Heaton, to the eldest Mrs. Margaret Wharton, mother of Mr. daughter of R. W. Myddleton, esq. of Grin. Thomas W. agent to the Arkindalc and kle Park.

Derwent Mining Company. Mr Bartholomew, methodist preacher, of Dr. France, of Sheffield, in his 430 year. Bradford, to Miss Lang, of Blackburn.

At llull, aged 40, Mr. Thomas Johnston)

booksellera bookseller.-Aged 51, Mr. Edward Stenpitt, At Blackburn, Henry Osbaldeston, 95, to formerly a bookseller - Aged 53, Mrs. Har Rachael Pemberton, spinster, 71. rison, wife of Mr. William H.

Mr. Thomas Littlewood, jun. of Rochdale, At Bridlington, Mr. Porter, 88.-Mrs. to Miss Charlotte Legg, of Ackworth. Smith, wife of the Rev. Thomas S. rector of The Rev. John Manly, A.M. vicar o Willing ham, near Gainsboroughi, 67. Lancaster, to Miss Hamon, of Lancaster.

At Whitby, Mr. William Richardson, son Ac Manchester, Mr. H. M. Brand, of Lia of C. Richardson, esq. of that place.

verpool, merchant, to Miss Sarah Cardwell, Miss Pickard, eldest daughter of the late of Manchester. Leonard P. esq. of Leeds.

At Prescot, Mr. Thomas Leigh, solicitor, Aged S8, very sudilenly, whilst on a visit, New Bridge-street, London, to Anna Maria, the lady of George Dowker, esq. of Oswald daughter of H Rowson, esą of Prescot. kirk Hall, in this county.

Died.) At Lancaster, aged 86, Mrs. Case. LANCASHIRE.

Mr. John Frankland, of Lancaster, actorAt Liverpool, Canning 1631-Gascoyne ney-at-law...Mrs. Vyvyan, wife of Vyol V. 1532-Brougham 1131 – Creevey 1068 – esą of Trelowarren, Cornwall, and daughter Tarleton 11.

of Mrs. Rawlinson, of Lancaster At Preston, Samuel Horrocks, esq. 1371 At Liverpool, aged 81, Mr. T. Porter. He - Edmund Hornbs, esq. 1368 - Edward was one of the last survivors who could claim Hanson, esq. 727.

the honour of fighting his country's battles Married At Heversham, Captain H. on the Plains of Minden. -Mrs. Lomax, wife Coupland. of Lancaster, to Miss Johnson, of of Mr. James L. jun. Gul street. Iged 67, Plumtree Bank.

Mr. James Hargreaves, brewer.-Mr. George At Kirkby Lonsdale, Mr. T. Forrect, of Bagley, the ingenious compiler of Grammars Beckfoot, to miss Dent, of Kirkby Lonsdale. of eleven languages, &c. In his 730 year,

At Liverpool, Mr. J. Tomkinson, mere the Rev. William D. Wood, late or Dudley. chant, to Miss Lowe, daughter of the late - Mr Edward Oddie, brother to the Rev. Mr. N. L. of Coventry.-Mr. Nathan S. Lie William 0. of Stillington. therland, inventor of the patene lever watches, At Wigan, Isaac, the only son of Mr. to Miss Balmer, of Toxtech Park --Mr. Henry Lomax. Benjamin Greenwood, linen-merchant, to Ac Dalton, near Ulverston, aged 23, Miss Mrs. Franklin, reiict of Mr. T. F. of Lan. Garnett, eldest daughter of Mr G caster.-M. T. Marsh, to Miss Burke, At Kirkby Lonsdale, the lady of John daughter of T. B. esq. of Prospect Lodge, Moore, esq Galway.--Mr. J. S. Barrington, to Miss Mary Mr. John Selby, of Melling, 80. Ann Spencer, both of Liverpool.-M. I. At Ulverston, Mr. William Harrison, an Scott, to Miss Jane Maxweil.coMr. John eminent surgeon at that place. Yates, to Miss Phæbe Bird. - Mr. G Black Aged 86, Mrs. Dorothy Theobalds, of burne, druggist, to Miss Lang, eldest daugh- Biggins. ter of Mr. John L all of Liverpool. --Mr S.

CHESHIRL. Cookson, of West Kirby, Cheshire, to Mrs.: At Chester City, General Grosvenor 637 Ellen Gregg, of Liverpool. Mr. T. Cow. -Mr. Egerton 602-Sir Richard Brooke 575 burn, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr. F. -Mr. Townshend 537. Richardson.

Married.] At Chester, Mr. Samuel Tay, In the I le of Man, by special licence, John lor, of Liverpool, to Miss Catherine Broom. Waterhouse, esq. eldest son of the late Ben, field, of Chester, -Mr. J. Parry, bookseller, jamin W.eq. of Kingston, Jamaica, to Jane, to Maria Langford, both of Chester. eldest daughter of George Blake, esq. captain At Bebiogton, Mr. James Bradburne, of in the Royal Navy.-Mr. William Madrell, Neston, to Miss Collier, daughter of R. C. Nierchant, of that place, to Miss Gibbons, esq. of Poolton. daugliter of Mr. W. Gibbons, of Liverpool. At Bowden, Mr. Herity Newbery, of Man

At Preston, the Rev. Mr. Chadwick, to chester, to Hannah, only daughter of James Miss Wheel.

Kirkham, esq. of Temperley. At Wigan, Mr. T. Cowell, eldest son of At Stockport, Mr. James Kinder, merWilliam C. esq. to Dorothy, the youngest chant, to Miss Priestnalí, both of that place. daughter of Robert Banks, esg. of Hulme Thomas Dixoa, esq. of Littleton-hall, near

Chester, to Phillis, daughter of William Mr. Gerrard, to Miss Perns; and Mr. John Beckwith, esq. of Great Georg-street, LiEccles, to Miss Cooper, all or Preston. verpool.

The Rev. John Lawton, of Lawton, to Died.) At Harleston, in the prime of life, Eliza, daughter of William Carter, esq. of Mr. Julin Oulton, formerly of Chester. Wavertree.

Mr. Daniel Briscoe, or Parkgate, 80. Ac Whalley, Thomas Starkie, esq. of

DERBYSHIRE, the laner Temple, barrister at law, and Fifteen gentlemen, of the first families in fellow of Catherine Hall, Cambridge, to Derby, lately signed a Requisition to the Lucy, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Whi Mayor, requesting him to call a public meetBaker, of Holmes

ing in the Town Hall, for the purpose of



petitioning for peace, and one of these gen- on, only daughter of Mr. C. apothecary; of tlemen presented it to the Mayor, and added Leicester. thereunio his own solicitation. The Mayor, Mr. S. Buswell, to Faith, fourth daughter however, hesitated, and at length said, he of Mr. Raynes, of Leicester. could not comply with the gentlemen's re- Mr. Branson, of Wigston, to Miss Palmer, quest; that is, be could not comply with the re- of Loughborough. quest of those who wished to restore peace to a At Mountsorrel, Mr. Gregory, of Lougbbleeding world. These gentlemen, indignant borough, to Miss Barrs, of the former place. at such conduct, along with one hundred aud Died.] Ac Uppingham, Mr. Joseph Ross, ninety others, signed a Requisition to their corn-factor. townsmen themselves, which was attended to Eliza, second daughter of Mr. R. Hawkins, by near 4000 orderly and well-disposed per- of Wellingborough. sons, in the Market-place. Dr. Forester was Mr. Bates, of Swithland. As a man, he called to the chair, and a suitable petition was was a pattern of integrity. He has left a wi#narimously agreed to. The business of the dow and numerous progeny. meeting concluded in the most peaceable At Hugglescote, Miss Passand, daughter manner, by passing a vote of censure on the of Mr. P. Mayor, and a vote of the most enthusiastic At Market Bosworth, in her 824 year, thanks to Dr. Forester.

Mrs. Catharine Sargeant. Died.) At Ashborne, after a long and At Leicester, Mrs. Pares, wife of John P. painful illness, in her 21st year, Anna Maria, esq. banker, and daughter of the late Adan daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Day, of Lightbody, esq. Prospect Row, Birmingham.


At Stafford, Ralph Benson 482-Colonel At Nottingham, Smith 2013-Rancliffe Wilson 347-Right Hon R. B. Sheridan 256. 1515-Arkwright 1959.

The noblemen, gentlemen, and other land. Died.] Aged 102, Sarah, the wife of Mr. owners, in Staffordshire, have had a meeting, Gervas Yeoman, of Richmond-street, Not- and come to the resolution of destroying all tingham. She had been married 70 years, the game and rabbics on their several estates, and her husband is now in his 98th year. on account of the large quantity of corn, &c. LINCOLNSHIRE.

which they annually consume. A very fine large opah, or king's fish, was Married.] Major Durbin, of the ed Solately caught on the coast at Mabletharpe, merset militia, to Ann, youngest daughter of where it had been driven on shore by the the late George Birch, esq. of Hampstead porpoises. This singular fish, which is of Hall, Staffordshire. The dorce species, is in length from mouth to Mr. Smith, of Stafford, to Miss Wright, of tail, 3 feet 9 inches, in girt 3 feet 11 inches, Forebridge. and weighs upwards of 80 pounds. The co. At Trentham, Mr. Stanley, of that place, Jour is a very beautiful transparent scarlet to Miss Shelly, of Newcastle. varnish, varied with blue and white, and Al Burslem, Mr. Benjamin Godwin, jug. spangled with silver spots. It is a native of of Cobridge, to Miss Braddock.-Mr. George the Atlantic Ocean, and is only the fifth of Low, of Barslem, to Miss Mary Turner. the kind that has been taken on the British At Wolverhampton, Mr. George Thompcoast.

son, ironmas:er, to Miss Foley, of TettenMarried.) Rev. H. C. Burton, curate of hall.-James Lawrence, esq. of Willenhall, Caythorpe, near Grantham, to Miss Jane to Miss Rebecca Butler, of the same place. Shield, daughter of S. esq. of that At Aston, Mr. Thomas Eaton, to Miss

Ann Hodgkins, of Lichfield. At Louth, Robert Lundie, esq. of Hull, to Died ] At the Westfielas, near Keel, in Miss Mary Farr, youngest daughter of G. F. her 80th year, Mrs. Peak, of that place. esq. of Healine, near Grimsby, and sister to Mrs. Elizabeth Harrold, of West Bromwich, the lady of General Loft, M.P.

sister to the late Mr. E. H. of the same The Rev. Mr. Boston, of Caythorpe, to place. Jane, second daughter of William Shields, At Shareshill, Mrs. Hordern, mother of esq. of Friston.

James banker, of Wolverhampton. Died.] The Rev. Henry Marshall, rector At Lichfield, in his 60th year, Mr. Charles of Salmonby, near Horncastle.

John Hall, esq. of East Bridgeford.

Mrs. Hodgson, 86, of Forebridge.

At Penfields, in his 78th year, Thomas At Leicester, Smith 1116--Babington 967 Breck, gent. of that place, high constable of Roscoe 412.

Pirchill North.
Married ] At Hinckley, the Rev. W. Thomas Weight, gent. of Wolverton.
Brocklehurst, to Miss Piercy.

Mr. Samuel Freith, of Tanmouth.
Ac Loughborough, Mr. J. W. Wbatton,

WARWICKSHIRI. attorney-ai-law, to Miss Mary Ann Hopkins, At Warwick assizes, Barnabas Watters daughier of Mrs. H. of that place,

and his son, who had picked up a bill valued Mr. Marstod, of Enderby, to Miss M. Clif, 211, and converted is to ideis owo use, wert


tried and found guilty; and each sentenced produced 336 bushels of wheat, which was to a year's imprisonment. In their defence sold at 20s. per bushel. Forty pounds was they said, that having found tbe property they bid for the straw. The land is rented at 40s. conceived that they bud a right to it as their per acre. By agriculturists, the expenses of

wn. But the judge in passing sentence, ex- ploughing, sowing, rent, &c. is estimated at pressed himself in terms of INDIGNATION seventy pounds; thus a profit of 3001. arises and ASTONISHMENT, that such an idea from less than ten acres of land. should, for a moment, be entertained by any Married.] At Bridgnorth, J. Fereday, esg. one : it was the duty of every man, when he to Miss Day, daughter of G.D. esq. of Bengfound che property of another, to use all dili- worth. . gence to find the owner, and not to conceal Thomas Cooper, gent. to Miss Mary Aon it, (which was actually stealing it,) and ap- Baddeley, both of Newport. propriating it to bis own use. The law Mr. L. Ellis, of Bridgnorth, to Miss Mary would always punish with severity offenders Lansiowe, of Ludlow. ef that description. This decision ought to Mr. Urwick, of Felhampton, to Mrse be stuck up in every town-house and market Marston, of Wistanstow. in England, in large letters, and every ho- Died.] The Rev. John Lea, nearly sixty nest clergyman ought to preach on the sube years rector of Acton Burnell. ject, and quote, it, to show that honesty in Mrs. Hay, wife of Mr. H. of Shrewsbury. this particular is law as well as gospel.

At Copthorn, Miss Holt. Married.] Ac Birmingham, Mr. Thomas At Leaton, near Wrockwardine, at the adSmith, late of Rushall, to Miss Mary Ann vanced age of 92, Mrs. John Bepnett, for. Ketland, of Aldridge.-Mr. Theophilus merly of Shrewsbury. Heeley, o Miss Charlotte Harper - Mr. Ai Beckjay, in his 82d year, Mr. Samuel W. Willcox, to Miss Jones.

Weaver. At Frankley, Mr. j. Taylor, of Knowle,

WORCESTERSHIRE, to Miss Goslen, of Frankley.

City of Worcester, Robarts 1248 Gordon At Harburne, T. Richards, gent. of Isling- 939_Deerhurst 855; the number of freeton Row, to Charlotte, second daughter of men polied was 1765. the Rev. Robert Kell.

Died.] At Worcester, aged 60, in conseAt Uffington, R. B. Price, esq. of Butter- quence of too great exertions during the late ley, to Louisa, youngest daughter of the late election for that city, Mr. Edwin Davis, of Henry Bevan, esq.

Ledbury, but formerly of Thorngrove, near Mr. Francis Smith, builder, to Miss Han. Worcester. nah Bruce, both of Warwick.

HEREFORDSHIRE. Mr. Boddington, surgeon, of Harbary, to Ac Leominster, the two old Members have Miss Draper, of Kenilworth.

withdrawn.-The candidates were W. Lube Died.] At Coleshill, in her 93d year, Mrs. bock, Esq. the Right Hon. J. C. Brabazon, Cradock.

Earl of Meath, an Irish Peer, of extensive At Bedminster, in her 104th year, Mrs. property in the neighbourhood, who was Mary Waters. She was born in the reign of supported by the Corporation, and John Queen Anne, and was present at the coro- Harcourt, Esq. of Well-Hall, Kent, (an nation of George I.

entire stranger) in the popular interest. The Mr. William Haden, attorneys of Broms. poll commenced, and continued till afternoon, grove.

when Lord Meath declined the contest. At Birmingham, in her 88th year, Mrs. Married.] The Rev. W. Spry, M. A. to Mary Davies, relict of Mr. John D. late of Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Rev. Jamaica Row.-Mr. Joseph Cox, printer.- Wm. Lucas, of Peterstowe, Herefordshire. Mr. Anthony Clougb, 67, of Gough-street. At Weston-under-Penyard, near Ross, -Mr. Timothy Izon, of Coleshill-street. John Bleeck Lye, M. D. to Annabette, only In bis 720 year, generally respected and daughter of the Rev. R. Walond. deeply lamented, William Astbury, esq. of Died. The Rev. John Pitt, Perpetual Ward End.

Curate of Amberley, 44. At Cudworth Vicarage, in his 20th year,

MONMOUTHSHIRE. Philip F. Palmer, second son of the Rev. The following is a distressing account of a E. P.

most tragical event, which happened on the Marianne Rattray, second daughter of river Severn, near Chepstow, on Sunday Charles R. M.D. of Daventry.

Sept. 22d. A party, consisting of eight lås Near Ludlow, Mrs. Walcot, relict of Charles dies and gentlemen (Mrs. Shote, wife of R. W. esq. of Bitterley Court, Salop.

Shute, Esq. of Sydenham, Kent, and sister SNROPSHIRE.

to Mrs. Langley, of water-house, near Bath; At Shrewsbury, Bennett 724-Gen. Sir her daughters Mary, Margaret, Eliza, and R. Hill 512_Benyon 386.

Ann; Miss Fisher, also sister to Mrs. Lang. The last week in August, an inclosure of ley; Mr.,Mrs., and Miss, Rotherhy, of Bath, land, somewhat more than nine acres, on accompanied by a man servant, had been to the Morse, adjoining Bridgnorch, was out, church in the morning, had afterwards rid. threshed, and windowed, by machines, and den to Tintera Abbey, wd then returned by


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