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Containing official Papers and authentic Documents,


anti-British faction) that for twenty years TYOW afflictiog to every benevolent has wickedly kindled, and obstinately IT mind are the late events in Russia! rekindled, the flames of war through Eu To what a variety of emotions and re- rope, that we consider it prudent simply flections do they give rise! It appears to record facts, and let them speak for from such events, that, whatever our themselves, to those who have hearts to conceit may have led us to think of this feel, and intelligence to comprehend age, we are not yet under the dominion thein ! of reason and philosophy! Other my. For our parts, we candidly confess, riads must yet be butchered, and many that we are friends to peace! We see revolutions must take place, before go. no object to be gained by this war! We vernments will learn to adjust their fool. never saw any ground, any substantial, ish disputes, without sacrificing the lives tangible, positive ground, for its com: of hundreds of thousands of their inno- mencement. We never considered, nor cent subjects! Till that period arrives, ever can consider, hypothetical, conjec. nothing can be justly boasted or said of tural, or imaginary dangers, to be a valid the influence of Christianity, philan- ground for the positive and enormous thropy, and civilization! Till then, we evils of war! We consider too, that a are, in truth, but half-refined barba people who are strong enough to carry Tians!

on successful war, are strong enough to In this general way, we venture to en- maintain peace. We feel it to be a ter our feeble protest against what is now solecism in terms, to break a state of passing in the world. Relative to con- peace, and make war to arrive at peace! temporary evenis, to arrive at truth is In short, we would not have been the dificult, to attempt to direct the public official advisers of that message to judgment is presumptuous, and to op. Parliament which falsely ascribed warlike pose the passions of men is dangerous preparations to France-nor the minise and unavailing! Let this then be our ierial authors of the letters signed Can, apology to our thinking readers, and to ning and Castlereagh, in answer to the an inquiring posterity, for pot expressing pacific offers of Napoleon, for all the all we feel at this crisis. In the march jewels of Golconda, or all the gold and of nations, events mock the calmest an. silver of Peru! Such are our opinions ticipations; and we feel at this moment perhaps, in the judgment of many, our too keenly, perhaps, to reason with the wobappy mistakes; but, as the existence coolness that is due to our readers. Be. of Britain and the lives of millions are sides, such is the desperate game now involved in the issue of such deliberaplaying in the political world such the tions, our error, if it be an error, may ascendency avd omnipotence of corrnp. perhaps be charitably interpreted, and tion such the barter of principles for borne with, for huinanity's sake! subsistence-such the delusion created The experiment, (yes! the horrible by a profligate press-and such the cha- erperiment) of war has now been tried tacter of the faction, the German and for ten years! Its results bave been the

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aggrandizement of France and the ruin W. have charitably forborne to disgrace of every government and country on the the official registers of the British goverie Continent! If there are men who think quent by recording the tales, however inthe time for peace, like the time for re. genious, of Lord Cathcart and Sir R. Wil. form, can never arrive, it behoves the son, the noted author of the poisonings thinking and long confiding people of at Jaffa, and who, as a British agent, is England no longer to deter the inter- 'in attendance, we believe, on the Russian position of their powerful opinion. If army of Prince Kutusoff.. their consciences and illicir distresses de

Sixteenth Bulletin. cide for PEACE-the public expression of

Viasma, Aug. 51. their wishes will concede nothing to the The head-quarters of the emperor were, on enemy. He knows and fears us to the 27th, at Slakovo; on the 28th, near Seamuch to treat us as a humbled or de. lovo; on the 20th, in a castle one league in graded people; and he has suffered too the rear of Viasma; and on the Socb, at inuch, and too long, from our hostilities, Viasma; the army marching in three co. to hazard our just resentment, by pro. Jumns—the left formed by the viceroy, proposing termsinconsistent with our honour

hobar ceeding by Kanouchkino, Znamenkoi, Koste

recikovo, and Noroe-the centre formed by as a great nation. The people of England have therefore every thing to hope, of Eckmühl, the Duke of Eichingen and the

the King of Naples, the corps of the Prince and nothing to apprehend, from their ex. Guards marching on the grand road, and the ertions and perilions in favour of peace. left, by the Prince Poniatowsky, marching

We live too near the events to on the left bank of the Ospa by Volosk, be able to comment with freedom Louchke, Pokroskoe, and Slonckino. All the on the horrors and calamities of the population of the towns retire upon Moscow. Russian campaign, to prevent which It is said there are now one million and a half Napoleon made his pacific overture to of souls in that great city. They fear the the British government on the 17th of result of thiese crowds. Jast April, before he set off to Russia.

Seventeenth Bulletin. It grieves us, bowever, to observe, that,

Ghjat, Sept. S. instead of these dreadful events serving

The head-quarters were, on the 31st of

August, at Velirchero ; on the 1st and 2nd of as an incentive to peace. Our unprinci.

September, at Ghjat. The Ghjat river emppled newspaper writers avail themselves

ties itself into the Wolga. Thus we are in of thein to inflame the people of England

i to infiame the people of England possession of the course of those waters that to further perseverance in the war! We Row into the Caspian Sea. The deserters, certainly exhibit at this moment a com- the prisoners, the inhabitants, all agree that terpart of the temper of the Egyptians, the greatest confusion prevails at Moscow, and their kiog Pharaoh. Neither the and in the Russian army, which is distracted state of our exhausted finances of our with a diversity of opinions, and has suffered ruined trade-of our destroyed currency enormous losses in the different actions.

of our conquered allies--of desolated Smolensk was set on fire by the Russians. Europe and America-or the solicita. They set fire to the suburbs on the day after tions of our enemies have the effect of

the battle, when they saw our bridge estiinducing us to put an end to a war wbich

blished over the Boristhenes. They also set

fire to Doroghoboni, to Viasma, and to Ghjat; was begon without any recorded po

pon but the French came up in time to extinguish sitive cause and whicb afords no pros- it. This may be easily conceived. Ibe pect besides the gratification of the un

French have no interest in burning those christian aud irrational passions of hatred,

towns which belong to them, and in de envy, and revenge !*

priving themselves of the resources which The following Bulletins of the French army, under Napoleon in Russia, we der Noale in Bussia we

The reports and statements of the Ror presume, are sufficient appeals to the sian Gazettes, as well in former wars as in heads and hearts of our readers, and

fore and the present, prove that veracity is not a atford full exemplifications of the reason.

Russian virtue. Yet, silly and contemptible

as these Russian falsehoods are, they have ableness of our feelings and conclusions.

serves as the basis of a thousand mistepre

sentations in the venal London papers, and + Our readers, to judge with full intelli as a means of abusing the public credulity, gence, and free from prejudices of the mo- and keeping the war faction in countenance mentary question of PIACE, or ETERNAL It concerns us to observe, tbat the respectWAR, ought to refer to the Official Corre able character of Lord Cathcart is the dope svondence published in the Monthly Maga- of this Russian vice. Of his colleague, the gine for July 1803, for November, 1806, author of the Jaffa romances, we deed expres for February, 1809; and for August, 1812. no sympathy.

they afford, The cellars have been every forces were equal, but the superiority of odr where filled with brandy, leather, and every troops were not doubtful. species of article that is useful to an army.-- On the 7th, at two in the morning, the If the country be wasted, if the inhabitants emperor was surrounded by the marshals in suffer more than a state of war warrants, the the position taken the evening berore. At fault is in the Russians. The army sested half past five o'clock the sun rose without on the 2d and 3d in the vicinity of Ghjat. clouds; it had rained the preceding evening. It is positively asserted that the cnemy is "This is the sun of Austerlitz,' said che cm. employed in forming an entrenched camp in peror. Though but the month of September, front of Mojaisk, and has established lines it was as cold as a December in Moravia, before Moscow.

The army received the omen, the drum Eigbreentb Bulletin.

beat, and the following order of the day was Mojoisk, Sept. 10, 1812. read: On the 4th the emperor set out from "Soldiers ! behold the field of battle you Ghjat, and encamped near che post of Grit- liave so much desired! benceforth victory deneva.

pends on you; it is necessary to us; it will The 5th, at six o'clock in the morning, give us plenty, good quarters for the winter, the army put itself in motion. At two in and a speedy return to your country. Be. the afternoon we perceived the Russians have yourselves as you did at Austerlitz, at formed,' with their right upon Moskwa, the Friedland, at Vitepsk, at Smolensk; and that left upon the heights on the left bank of the the latest posterity may speak of your conduct Kologha. At 1200 toises in advance of the this day with pride,--that it may say of you, left, the enemy had begun to fortify a fine “He was at that great battle under the walls height between two woods, where they had of Moscow.'

placed 9 or 10,000 men. The emperor. " At tbe Imperial Camp on the Heights of Boro. • having reconnoitred it, resolved not to lose a'

dino, 7th Sept. Two o'clock, A.M." moment, and to carry this position. Orders The army answered with reiterated accia were given to the King of Naples to pass the mations. The ground on which the army Kologha, with the division Compans and the stood was, spread with the dead bodies of the cavalry. Prince Poniatowsky, who had Russians killed che preceding day. marched on the right, was in a condition to Prince Poniatowsky, who was on the right, turn the position. At four o'clock the attack put himself in motion to turn the forest on commenced. In one hour the enemy's re. which the enemy rested his left. The Prince doubt was carried, with the cannon; the enc. of Eckmuhl marched on the skirt of the fou my's corps driven from the wood, and put to rest, the division Compans at the head. fight, leaving the third part on the field of Two batteries of 60 cannon each, commanding battle. Ac seven in the evening the firing the enemy's position, had been constructed in ceased.

the night. On the 6th, at iwo o'clock in the morn. At six o'clock, General Count Sorbier, ing, the emperor surveyed the enemy's ad. who had armed the battery on the right witla vanced posts; the day was passed in recon-' the artillery of the reserve of the guard, noitring. The enemy were in a position much commenced the fire. General Pernetty, with contracted. Their left was weakened by the 30 pieces of cannon, put himself at the head loss of the position the day before : backed of the division Compans, (4th of the 1st by a large wood, supported by a fine height, corps,) who skirted the wood, turning the crowned by a redoubt, planted with twenty- bead of the enemy's position. At half past five pieces of cannon. Two other heights, six, General Compans was wounded; at seven crowned with redoubts at 100 paces from each the Prince of Eckmuhl had his horse killed. other, protected their line, as far as a large The attack advanced: the musketry comvillage which the enemy had destroyed, to menced. The Viceroy, who formed our left, cover the ridge with artillery and infantry, attacks and carries the village of Borodino, and to support the centre. Their right ex. which the enemy could not defend, that viltended behind the Kologha, in the rear of the lage being on the left bank of the Koloxha. village of Borodino, and was supported by two At seven the Marshal Duke of Elchingen put fine heights, crowned with redoubts, and for himself in motion, .and under the protection tised with batteries. This position appeared of sixty pieces of cannon, which General strong and favourable. It was easy to ma- Poucher had placed the evening before against nouvre, and to oblige the enemy to evacuate the enemy's centre, bore upon the centre. it, but that would have been renouncing our A thousand pieces of cannon spread death on object, and the position was not judged suffi- all sides! ciently strong to render it necessary to avoid At eight o'clock the positions of the enemy Gghting. It was casy to perceive that the were carried, bis redoubts taken, and our redoubts were but half formed, the fosse shal. artillery crowned his heights. The advantage Jow, and neither palisaded nor defended with of position which the enerny's tauteries had chevaux de frise. We reckoned the enemy's enjoyed for two hours now belonged to us. furce at about 120 and 130,000 men. Our The parapets which had been occupied against

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s during the attack, were now to our advan. sian horses, have been counted on the field tage. The enemy now saw the battle lost, of battle ; 60 pieces of cannon and 5000 pri'which he thought had only commenced. A soners have remained in our power. part of his artillery was taken ; the rest was We have had 2,500 killed, and thrice withdrawn to his lines in the rear. In this that number wounded. Our total loss may extremity he attempted to restore the cota- be estimated at 10,000 men; that of the bat, and to attack with all his masses those enemy, at from 40 to 50,000, Never was strong positions which he was unable to protect. there seen such a field of battle. Out of six Three hundred pieces of French cannon, dead bodies, there were five Russians for one placed on these heights, thundered upon his Frenchman. Forty Russian generals were masses, and his soldiers died at the foot of killed, wounded, or taken; Genera! Bagrathose parapets which they had raised with so tion was wounded. much labour, and as a protecting shelter. We have lost the General of Division

"The King of Naples, with the cavalry, Montbrun, killed by a cannon-ball ; General made various charges. The Duke of Elchingen Count Caulaincourt, who was sent to occupy covered himself with glory, and displayed as his place, was killed by a shot of the same much intrepidity as coolness. The Emperor kind, an hour afterwards. ordered a charge of the front, the right in The Generals of Brigade Compere, Playadvance; this movement made us masters of zonne, Marion, and Huart, were killed; three parts of the field of battle. Prince seven or eight Generals were wounded, the Poniatowski fought in the wood with various most of them slightly. The Prince of Ecksuccess.

muhl has received no injury. The French * There still remained to the enemy his troops covered themselves with glory, and redoubts to the right. General Count Mo- displayed their great superiority to the Rus "rand marched thither, and carried them; but sian troops. at pine in the morning, attacked on all sides, Such, in a few words, is a sketch of the he could not maintain himself there. The battle of Moskwa, fought a few leagues in enemy, encouraged by this advantage, made the rear of Mojaisk, and twenty-five leagues his reserve and his last troops advance to try from Moscow, near the little river Moskwa. his fortune again. The Imperial Guards We fired 60,000 cannon shot, wbich are alformed a part of them. He attacked our ready replaced by the arrival of 800 artillery centre, which formed the pivot to our right. carts, which passed Smolensk previous to the For a moment it was feared that he might battle. All the woods and villages from the carry the village, which was burnt; the di field of battle, to this place, are covered with vision Friant advanced thither; eighty pieces dead and wounded. We have found here of French cannon immediately arrest, and 2000 killed or amputared Russians. Anum.. then overwhelm the enemy's columns, which ber of Generals and Colonels are prisoners. stood for two hours in close order, under the The Emperor was never exposed; neither chain-shot, not daring to advance, unwilling the foot nor borse guards were engaged, or to retire, and renouncing the hope of victory. lost a single man. The vietory was never The King of Naples decided their uncertainty. uncertain. Had the enemy, wben driven He caused the 4th corps of cavalty to make a from his intrenchments, not cadeavoured to charge, who penetrated through the breaches retake them, our loss would have been greater which our cannon shot had made in the con- than his; but he destroyed his army by keepdensed masses of the Russians, and the squa. ing it, from eight o'clock till two, under the drops of their cuirassiers; they dispersed on fire of our batteries, and in obstinately at. all sides. The general of division Count tempting to regain that which was lost. This Caulaincourt, governor of the Emperor's was the cause of his immense loss. pages, advanced at the head of the 5th regi. Every one distinguished himself. The ment of Cairassiers, overthrew every thing, King of Naples and the Duke of Elchingen and entered the redoubt on the lett by its were peculiarly conspicuous. gorge. From this moment there was no The artillery, and particularly that of the longer any uncertainty, the battle was gained. guards, surpassed itself. The actions which He turned upon the enemy the twenty-one have rendered this day illustrious, shall be pieces of cannon which were found in the re- made known in detailed reports. doubt. Count Caulaincourt, who had dis

Nineteentb Bulletin. tinguished himse if in this fine charge, has

Moscow, Sp. 16. terminated his career. He feli dead, struck After the battle of the Moskwa, the French by a bulleta glorious death, and worthy to army pursued the enemy upon Moscow, by be envied.

the ihree soutes, Mojaisk, Svenigorod, and It was now two in the afternoon; the Kalouga. enemy had lost all hope; the battle was 'The King of Naples was on the och at ended, the cannonade still contioued; the Koubinskoe, the Viceroy at Rouza, and enemy fought for retreat and safety, but no l'rince Poniatovski at Feminskoe. The headlonger for victory.

quarters were on the 12th transmitted from lire loss of the enemy is enormous; from Mojaisk to Peselina ; on the 13th they were 19 to 15,000 men, and from 8 to 9000 Rus. at the castle of Berwska; on the 11b, a


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