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Married.] At Cheadle, Mr. Thomas Mor. of Muxton. The bridegroom and bride were ris, of London, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter already father and mother, grand-father and of Wm. Skyes, esq. of Edgeley-house, ncar grand-mocher ; a son and a daughter-in-law Stockport.

were groom's man and bride's maid. Thos. Vaughan, esq of Pearse Hay, Scaf Died.] Mr. Thomas Smith, builder of ford, to Sarah, second daughter of John Ashe Handsworth. down, esq. of Llanhedrick, Salop.

Mr. William Bool, aged 68, late of the At Halesowen, Mr. Thos. Perkes, to Miss Upper Priory, Birmingham. Sarah Taylor, both of Stourbridge.

Aged 63, Mrs. Brittle, wife of Mr. J. B. At Newcastle-under-Lyme, John Bennetta late of Kingswood near King's Norton. esq. of Dimsdale, to Miss Clews, daughter At Leamington Spa, suddenly, Mr. Barof John C. esq. one of the Aldernen of the clay: he was seized with an apoplectic fit former place.

while he was undressing to go into the tepid Ac West Bromwich, Richard Styles, esq. bath. of Friar Park, to Miss Elwell, daughter of At his house, Park Fields, Allesley, much Edward E. esq. of the same place.

regretted, Mr. Edward Haycock. Az Astun, Mr. Richard Clarke, of London, Mr. M. F. Pearce, of Harbourne Heath. to Miss Terry, of Ashted.

Aged 17, Martin, third danghter of Joha Mr. Thomas Morton, to Miss Henrietta Lapworth, esq. of Lapworth. Clarke, both of Wolverhampton.

jane, youngest daughter of Mrs. Spooner, At Barford, Mr. Charles Taylor, to Miss of Moland-street, Birminghain. Ivins.

SHROPSHIRE At Kineton, Mr. Hoare, of Radway, to As some labourers were cleaning out a pit Miss Charlotte Blakeman, of Kineton, at Woodseaves, near Draylon, on an estate

At Wolverhampton, Mr. Roberts, Miss belonging to Phi ip Justice, esq. they discoJane Botteley, both of Dudley. Mr. C. Got- vered a coat of mail, extending from the neck tam, of Kidderminster, to Elizabeth, eldest to che girdle, which weighed 2616s. It is daughter of Mr. Samuel Allen, of Bilston. in excellent preservation, the leather thonys

Died.] William, youngest son of Charles which buckle it on, and the gold or gilding Forscer, esq. of Walstall.

on the seams, being nearly as fresh as ever. Mrs. Halford, wife of Mr. H. H. of West As a battle was fought at Blore Heath, in the Bromwich.

year 1459, and in the 38th of Henry VI. beAl Bursiem, aged 63, Mr. Isaac Simpson. tween the united forces of the Duke of York

At Coton, Mrs. Healey, widow of Mr. H. and Earl of Salisbury, and those of the King of Lapley Wood.

con manded by Lord Audeley, who was beaten, Mr. l. Onions, of Westley; he was re- about four miles from this spot, the coat turning from Westbury, when tre fell from might have been throwii away by one of the his horse and expired.

soldiers of the routed army. Mr. Robert Hill, of Wall, near Lichfield. Married.] Mr. J. Sandford, bookseller, WARWICKSHIRE.

of Shrewsbury, to Mrs. Oikes, of Peninaca The Land holders in the parish of King's Cottage. Norton, have come to a laugable resolucion, Mr. Wm. Shaw, second son of Mr. S. of worthy of general imitation. They bave re- Stapleton, to Miss Jacobs, of Grimwood, solved from time to time to take from among Suffolk. the poor children in the parish, a boy or gul Died.] Ac Shrewsburg, Mr. Roberts Ris as an apprentice, for the purposes “ of sain chards.Mus. Molineur, daughter of the ing for themselves a stock of servants with late Mr. Nelson, sculptor. out separating the poor children, and send. lu Frank well, at the advanced age of 92, ing them to a distance from their parents, Mrs. Lloyd, relict of Mr. L. malister. and thereby weakening, if not annihilating At Madeley-Wood, Mr. Thomas York. the parental and filial duties towards each Mrs. Adams, of Long. other."

Mr. John Preece, of the Wombridge Married At Birmingham, Mr. Souter, Works. of London, to Miss Carvell, of Birmingham. Mr. David Thomas, of Edgerley, 94.

At Sheffield, Josiah Timniis, gent. of Keel, Thomas Wingfield, esq. of Dinthill. to Mrs. Smith, of che former place.

Mr. Robert Brazenor, of the Upper Moat. Mr. John Wainwrigbt, of Birmingham, co Mr. Thomas Jones, of Kelley. Miss Brydges, of Worcester.

At the Moor, near Ludlow, Mrs. Wal. At Blockley, Mr. Greening, surgeon, of cot, relict of Charles W. eso. of Bicteries Campden, to Sarah, second daughter of the Court. Rev. Elisha Smith, of the former place.

WORCESTERSHIRE. In Birmingham, Mr. Roger Frances, of Nearly 10001 was collected on the ocean Coventry, lu Miss Frances Salt, daughter of sion of the late music meetings, at Worces. the late Mr. S. of Weston.

ter-cachedral; a greater sum than has been At Lilleshall, after a courtship of 30 years, obtained for that charity since the time when Mr. W. Hawkins, to Miss E. Mansell, both his majesty was present.

Married.] Married.) At Worcester, James Harmar, At Tetbury, Mr. W. Forster, architect, to 59. of Bewley, to Mrs. C. M. Mills, of the Miss H. Pitt. London Road, Worcester.

Died.] At Gloucester, in ihe bloom of, J. Tristram, esq. of Belbroughton, to Sa. youth, Frances, eldest daughter of Wn. rah, daughter of the late G. Wilbraham, esq. Griffith, esq.- Sarah, thud daughter of Mr. of the Green Walls, near Chester.


Mrs.' Hollands, 'relict of Mr. Prices, of Dicd.) At Hereford, Miss Wentworth, se. Tewkesbury. Cond daughter of the late Benning W. esq. At Tideniam, Anna, the wife of J. Camp In his 741 h year, Mr. Samuel Wainwright, lin, M. D. late of Liverpool. late of Upper Stanway.-Catherine, widow Sarah, third daughter of Mr. John Harvey. ef John Seudamore Lechnere, esq. of Fown. late of Horsley. hope-Court, Herefordshire. - Mrs. Powles, At Cirenster, Mrs. Taylor, wife of Mr. xelict of Mr. W. P. of Hereford.

Wm. T. At Homend, Mrs. Peole, relict of Jas. P. At Whitminster,, Mr. King, aged 73. €59.

At Chipping Sodbury, Mr. Thomas, aged The Rev. J. Williams, vicar of Much 80. Dewchurch and Much Birch. He was ar At Fretherne, George Reynolds, esq. fos. dent and sincere in his friendships, liberal and merly a lieutenant in the Royal Artillery, generous in his sentiments.


"Mr. George Nunn, 67, who served 45 years The Rail-road from the Forest of Dean to in the Clerk of the Cheque's office, PortsMosmouth was opened on the 17th of August. mouth Dock-Yard. A great number of waggons, laden with coal, At Preston, Mrs. Bullock, relict of Me lime, paving-stone, and other produccions of John B. of Norcott, aged 74. tbe forest, followed a procession of thousands At Shirehampton, Eliza Frarices, eldest of people, accompanied by fiags and a band of daughter of the late A. P. Collings, esq. music.

Wm. Phelps, esq. of Dursley. Married. 7 Mr. L. Williams, of Pontmoil, William, youngest son of Henry Eycott, to Mary, youngest daughter of Caleb Evans, esq. of Stonehouse. esq. of Pontypvol.


Married.) At Oxford, Mr. Francia Clark, A meeting to establish a Bible Society was to Miss Stroud, of Wantage.-Richard Fer. held on the 17th at Gloucester. The dukes dinand Cox, esq, banker, in the High-street, of Norfolk and Beaufort, have consented to to Miss Folker, only daughter of William F, become presidents.

eso. of Oxford.c-Mr. Hatton, to Miss Mary Schools of the Lancastrian and Bellian Ann Hedges, both of St. Clements. Mr. kinds are to be immediately established at James Marsh, to Miss Harriet Helborough. Tewkesburg,

Mr. Douch, of the Corn market, to Miss Married.) fohn S. Harford, e q. jun. eldest Mary Piper, of St. Peter-le-Bailey. son of John S. H. esq. of Blaize Castle, to Died.] In the 73d year, Mr. Dewsnap, of Louisa, daughter of Richard Hart Davis, esq. Old Woodstock-House. M. P. for Bristol.

Thomas, son of Mr. John Brickland, of James Alexander Gordon, esg. to Miss New Coliege.-Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Ward, daughter of John W. esq. of Gloucese Hunt, Gloucester-Green.-Mrs. Oliver, of

Gloucester-Green.--Mr. S. W. Bishop, of At Gloucester, Mr. J. Brimall, to Miss Holiwell. Mary Baker.-Mr. G. Yates, to Miss Cal. cott, of Cheltenham.-R. Purchass, esq. of

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. St. Arvans, 'near Chepstow, to Ann, third

Married. C. L. Pelicher, esq. of the Royal daughter of Mr. Wm. Bishop, of Westgate.'

Military College, Marlow, to Miss Harris; street.

of North Creake, Norfolk. Mr. Langbridge, of Cheltenham, to Miss..

of Cheltenham. to Miss At Burnham, J. W. Dorville, esg. of Hewlett, daughter of Mrs. Webb, St. Phi. York-street, Portman-square, to Martha, lip's, Bristol.

eldest daughter of J. Langton. esq. of Chipe At Arlingham, G. H. Clements, esq to penham Court. Mary Jane, only daughter of the late Robert

HERTZORDSHIRE. Hall, esq. of that place.

Married.] At Abbots Langley, T. AnAt Charlton Kings, fann Winning, esq. drew's, jun, esq. of Charing Cross, to Miss of Brimsfield Park, to Mrs. Harward, widow Bradford, daughter of F. B. esq. of Great of Mr. H. of Che tenham.

Westwood. At Stroud, Mr. John Pitt, of Cirencester, At Stanstead, Mr. R. Blachford, jun, of to Miss Price, daughter of Mr. S. P. engineer, Lombard-street, to Miss Hankin, cided of Stroud.

daughter of T. H. esq. of Newlands. 1. Salmon, esq. of Chilcompton, to Au. Died.] In her 16th year, Gwen, youngest gusta Sophia, ouly daughter of the late Rev. daughter of the Rev. Lynch Burroughs, of J. Richards, Rector of Tetbury,




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At Tring, Mr. John Clements, minister At Babraham, the Lady of Colonel to the dissenting independent congregation in Adeane, that town.

NORTOLK. At Cheshunt, Mrs. M. Campbell, 89. Married.) At Norwich, Mr. John Wright, JEDTOR DSHIRE.

to Miss Hebgame.-Wm. Gibson, of St Ano A meeting has been held at Woburn, to drew's, to Miss L. Ramsbottom, of St. Swi. establish a Bible Society, at which the Duke thin's.-Mr. John Holmes, to Miss M. Bure of Bedford presided. "

rows.-G. Langford, esq. Captain in the West Married. At Tempsford, the Rev. L. Norfolk regiment, to Grace, second daughter, Calder, to Maria, eldest daughter of John of the late W. H. Vernon, esq. Barrister at Sharpe, esq. formerly attorney-general of Law.Mr. James Thurtle, of St. Saviour's, Grenada.

to Miss Maria Copsie, of St. Giles'. Died.] The lady of w. Long, esq. of Mr. James Goskar, to Miss Hart, of Kempston house, near Bedford. NORTHAMPTONSNIRE.

Rev.'J. Gilbert, rector of Cantley, to Married.] At Flower, the Rev. A. Mor. Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late R. rice, to Miss Emma Darby.

Denny, esq. of Bergh Apton. Mr. George Osborn, jun. to Ann, second Mr. G. Burt, of Dickleburgh, Norfolk, daughter of Mr. Alderman F. Osborn, both to Miss H. Hardy, daughter of R. H. asg. of Northampton.

of Bradfield, Essex. A: Boughton, Mr. Robert Hickley, to Eli. John H. Walwyn, esq. of the Island of zabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. T. Porterton, St. Christopher, to Anne, 2d daughter of the of the former place.

Rev. Henry Hunter, of Knapton.
Died.) At Eaton, Mary, wife of the Rev. Mr. Abraham Garrod, of Downham Mar.
Francis Jones, rector of Throckingham and ket, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr. W.

Baker, of Dedham, Essex.

Mr. Waller, surgeon in the Royal Navy, One wing of Downing college is cons- to Miss Alice Calcon, second daughter of Mr. pleted, including the master's lodge and the C. of Bressingham. muite of rooms for each of the two professors, Dicd.] Aged 16, Richardson, second son of who are now in residence. The stipend of Mr. Goldsmith, of Barlord. the former is 5001. and the latter 2001. each. At Tasburgh, at an advanced age, Mrs.

At the late election for the Mastership of Ann, relict of the late Philip Scannard, esq. Downing College, Mr. Professor Christian had of Norwich. one vote, that of the Master of St. John's, Aged 73, at the house of her son, (Mr. and Serjeant Frere had those of the Archbi. Branford, of Horningtoft) Mrs. Branford, shops of Canterbury and York, and the Mas- relict of the fate W. B. Gent. Ellingham. ter of Clare Hall, the latter in consequence In Mattishall, in her 65th year, Mrs. of Sir B. Harwood declining in his favour. Taylor, relict of S. T. Gent. of Smallo Against this election Professor Christian ap- burgh. pealed, principally on the ground that the Ac Downham Market, in the 60th year Proxy by which the vote of the Master of of his age, Wm. Rawling, Gent, some time Clare Hall was given, was not written on since a Captain in the 10th regiment of Nor stamped paper. The Chancellor, without folk Volunteer Infantry. His death was oc. deciding upon or hearing the petition, ado casioned by a slight wound he received in his journed the appeal ; and it is now expected thumb a few days previous, from cutting that the three electors who voted for Serie. 3 carious cheese; which, causing an imme: ant Frere will immediately proceed to a se diate inflammation in the hand and arm, ul. cond election without prejudice to the vali timately terminated his existence! dity of the former. Part of the buildings of On Sunday last, aged 73, Lieut. Joha the college is completed, viz. the Master's Fisher, of Sc. Michael's Coslany; he served Lodge and Professor Harwood's, and apart- 40 years in that renowned regiment the Bufts. ments for the three Fellows. The fellow.. Mr. Palmer, of Gayton Thorpe. ship of Serjeant Lens expires this month, and Aged 69, Mrs. H. wife of Mr. Francis will be filled up by the latter end of next month Holland, of Souch Lopham. by an election open to both universities, of in St. Michael's Coslany, aged 39, Mr. which notice was given before the commence. John Webb. ment. The present salaries are, the master Aged 76, R. Suckling, esq. of Woodton. 6001. the professors 2001, and the fellowo hall. 1001. each.

Age: 75, the Rev. P. Foster, rector of Married.] The Rev. J. Wing, of Thorney Hedenham, and of Mulbarton, Norfolk. Abbey, to Charlotte, only daughter of W . At Norwich, Ms. John Bunting, in his Slater, esq. of Holbeach.

84th year. Died. At Ely, Mr. Marshall, one of the

IUFFOLK. Lay Clerks in the Cathedral.

Married.) Mr. J. Bransby, bookseller and MONTHLY MAG. No. 232.

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land-surveyor, of Ipswich, to Miss Knevert, At the seat of Thomas Benson, esq. at of Franklingham, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Chigwell, John Richardson, esq. of Carr Hall, K. of Stradbrook.

near Whitby, a major in the 5th North Local Richard Waring, esq. of Edwardstone Militia, deeply regretted. Grove, to Miss Hanmer, only daughter of At Stansted, Mrs. Talbot, relict of Med Job H. esq. of Holbrook-hall.

C. T. - At Knettis-hall, W. Simmonds, esq. of

LENT. Great Thurlow, to Eliza, youngest daughter A remarkable circumstance took place at of the Rev. H. C. Manning, of Thetford. Folkestone on the 19th ult. After the lide

Mr. Thomas King, to Miss Mears, third had ebbed in the usual way for three hours, daughter of Mr. R. M. both of Sudhury. and left the Hope sloup a-ground in the har

Died | Mrs. Oldfield, of Newmarket, 91. bour, (the crew of which were preparing to

Mr. Hooper, paper-maker, of Bungay ; an unload her,) it suddenly rose three feet perAmerican refugee.

pendicular, and as suddenly ebbed, which was Mr. Cooper, of Culford, 80.

repeated three times in less than a quarter of Suddenly, in a wheat-field, while talking an hour. cheerfully to his reapers, Mr. Heiffer, a very The hops are likely to prove much better respectable farmer at Parham-Hacheston. than was expected, the late finc weacher ha

in his 20th year, Mr. T. Pretyman, fourth ving materially improved them. son of R. P. esq. of Stoke, near Ipswich; he Married ) At Dover, Mr. Longhurst, of his met an untimely death by a kick from a Majesty's excise, to Miss Suiter, of Dover. horse the preceding day.

Mr. Henry Griggs, to Miss Patten. Mrs. Crisp, wife of Mr. C. of Bram Ac Margate, Mr. Thomas White, to Miss field, 40.

R. G. Parker.-Mr. Thomas Hammond, of Mrs. Spalding, wife of Mr. R. S. sep. of Hatton-garden, to Cecilia, the only daughter Laxfield, 73.

of T. L. Newby, esq. of that place. Mr. Andrew Goold, son of Mr. Philip G. At Sandwich, Mr. Browne, of Deal, to of Palgrave, 32.

Miss Mary Birch, of Sandwich.-Mr. James Mr. James Enefer, of Haughley, 70. Polhill, of Dover, to Miss Sarah Carter, of ESSEI.

Sandwich. A warm contest for the office of Mayor of At Wingham, Mr. W. Dadds, to Miss Colchester took place at the Moot-hall there, Galley. on the 31st ult. Aldermen Smith, Sparling, At Charing, Mr. D. Beeching, to Miss Roand Bridge, were successively nominated to berts, of Stalisfield. the residue of the Aldermen, as eligible to At Faversham, Mr. R. Drayson, to Miss fill that important situation. The shew of Susan Court. hands was decidedly in favor of Messrs. At Maidstone, Mr. B. Kennett, to Miss Smith and Sparling, not more than six or Louisa Moore. seven persons having declared for Mr. Bridge ; Ac River, Mr. E. Foster, to Miss Eliz. a poll was, however, demanded on his behalf, Pain. at the close of which the numbers were Ac Folkestone, Mr. John Cook, merchant, Smith 133_Sparling 123-Bridge 22. to Miss Sarab Huat, daughter of Mr. R. H.

Married.] Mr. B. Fenner, to Miss E. Rum AC Tenterden, Mr. Wm. Pigram, to ball, daughter of T. Rumball, esq.

Frances, second daughter of Mr. S. Weller, Ai Hazeleigh, Mr. G. Webb, of Gainsford. sen. of Place-bouse, Tenterden. street, London, to Sarah, daughter of J. Duri- Ac Canterbury, Mr. J. W. Underdown, of kin, esg. of Woodham-Mortimer-Lodge. Deal, to Caroline, fourth dauglicer of Mr. W.

Died!] The Rev. J. Meadowcroft, M.A. Loop, of Canterbury. --Mr. James Beer, to vicar of Bozted and Steeple cum Stansgate, Miss Mary Ann Smith, eldest daughter of Mr. and chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Dor. Henry S. set: he has left a widow and nine children. Ac Lewisham, C. Weller, esq. second off

At Saffron Walden, Mrs. Hall, widow of cer of the Huddart East Indiaman, to Maria, T.R. H. esq. late of Hildersham, 79. eldest daughter of the Rev. Hugh Jones, rec

Mrs. Durrant, wife of Mr. R. Durrant, of tor of Talgarth, Breckaockshire, and corate Park Hall, Wix.

of Lewisham. At Woodford, Mrs. Pearsc, widow of the Dieud.) At Northfear, the Rev. Wali. late N. P. esq. 80.

Crackelt, aged 71 years, near 50 of which he At Wanstead, Mrs. Paris, widow of J. P. lived among his parishioners, leading a most

exemplary life. At Colchester, J. Birch, esq. of Charlotte. At whitstable, Mrs. Mary Smith, relict "street, Bloomsbury, youngest son of the Rer, of Mr. Wm. S. of that place, 73. R. Birch, of Roxwell, 45.

Frances, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Mr. E. Lee, of Bocking.

Terry, of Harmansole. Mr. W. Bright, son of Mr. B, of Baintree. Ai Ashford, Mrs. Blinks, wife of Mr. B.

At her grandfather's, Little Bardfield-hall, aged 69. Isabella Ann, eldest daughter of W. Walford, Miss Amelia Whittle, daughter of Mr. W. esq. of Highbeech.

of Pluckley, 19.

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John Hall, esq. one of the Jurats of Faver.

WILTSHIRE aham, and thrice Chief Magistrate of the Cor: Sir C. M. Burrell, President of the Sussex poration, 75.

Agricultural Society, having written to WilAt Dover, Mrs. Divine, wife of Mr. John liam Lewis, the poor man of Purton to whom D. ship-builder.

the extraordinary crop of wheat belongs, has At Rochester, at an advanced age, Ralph received this answer, which fully confirms Paine, ésq. late of the victualling department. the former account:--Tbat the second crop

At Woolwich Green, Elizabeth, second sprung up from the old moores, boed once over; daughter of Mr. H. Belsey, late of Coldred tbat it was last-year beared wheat, and it now Court, 25.

bas no beard, bui appears fine Lammas wbeat, as Hannan, daughter of the late Mr. Christo- we call it."-These facts authenticate a pher Harris, of Maidstone, 58.

discovery which may prove of great imporMrs. Greenwood, wife of Lieut, G. com- tance to the pursuit of rural economy. . manding his Majesty's prison-ship Fyen, at Married ] the Rev. R. Ekins, youngest Chatham.

son of the late Dean of Salisbury, to the At Thanet, Mr. J. Gray, second son of eldest daughter of Sir C. W. Malet, of WilJohn G. esq. 22.-Mr. Mercer, only son of bury-House, Mrs. M. 27.

At Warminster, Wm. Whitter, esq. of At Margate, John Covell, esq.

Worthing, to Miss F. Bayly, second daughter Mrs. Collard, wife of Mr. Henry C. of Lit- of W. B. esg. of Boreham.' Ile Barton, ocar Canterbury.

At Marlborough, Jas. Alexander Gordon, At Folkestone, Master T. Harvey, son of esq. Captain in the Royal Navy, to Miss John H. csq aged six years. This little suf, Ward, youngest daughter of John Ward, esq. ierer was a short time since put into a corn of Marlborough. chest in a frolic by two boys he had been A t Salisbury, Mr. T. Screven, aged 76, to playing with, and, in his exertions to extri. Mrs. A. Collins, widow of Mr. W. C, of cate himself, it is supposed he must have beat Compton Dundon, aged 84. his head against the lid, which caused an in- Died ] Mrs. Dallamore, wife of Mr. D. of lammation on the brain.

Chippenham. Mr. John Lance field, a Jurat of the Corpp- At Salisbury, Willoughby, posthumous Fation of Faversham.

son of the late Hon. W. Bertie (lost in the At Chatham, aged 57, George Conquest, Satellite in December, 1810). M.D. He was extensively and highly respected

' BERKSHIRE, for his professional abilities and private vir Married.) Mr. John Kay, to Miss Leonard, tues, which endeared him to all with whom both of Abingdon. he was connected; and his family and the Died At Streatly, in his 720 year, Ro. geighbourhood, in which he has resided up- bert Baker, esq. His many christian virtues, wards of forty years, have sustained, in his re- and especially his extensive and unostentamoval, an irreparable loss.

tious charity, deserve to be had in rememSURREY.

brance. Died.) At Tilbuster Lodge, Godstone, in At Inhurst-house, Mrs. Sturgis, relict of her 16th year, Barbara, second daughter of T. S. esq. Alexander Mackay, esq. of Queen-square, At East Hanney, Mrs. Mary Dewe, 85. Westminster.

GOMERSLTSHIRE. At Tooting, in bis 60th year, R. I. Dims. Married.) Mr. Greenslade, corn-merchant,

of Bristol, to Joyce, youngest daughter of j. Alexander, fourth son of R. Barclay, esq. Bartlett, esq. of Chiveral. of Bury-hill, aged 22.

. At Yeovil, Mr. R. Wheadon, to Miss Ca. At Horsham, the lady of W. Long, esq. therine Bartlet, an amiable young lady with of Kempiston house, near Bedford.

a genteel fortune. At Marden-park, near Godstone, aged 73, Ac Selworthy, the Rev. J. T. G. For- J. Hatsell, esq.

tescue, io Frances Henrietta, eldest daughter SUISEX,

of the late Sir Thomas Dyke Açland, bart. of * Married.) Mr. H. Verrall, solicitor, of Kellerton, Devon. Steyning, to Miss S. Newnum, of Portslade. At Bath, Mr. G. Sharland, of Harington

Died.] At nrighton, suddenly, Mrs. Gulde place, to Miss Temple, daughter of Mr. T. ingham, neice of Major-General Popbam. -Edward May, esq. of London, to Miss HAMPSHIRE.

Rowney, of Bond-street, Bath.- James L. Died ] Elizı, second daughter of the late Knight, esq. of London, to Miss Elizabeth R. Skinner, esq. of Newton hall."

Newie, of Lyncombe.-- John Walmesley, At Southampton, Harriet, wife of Major. jun. esq. of the Circus, to Miss Long, daughGeneral Harry Chester.-. Standerwick, esq. ter of Richard L. esq. M.P. for the county of late of Ovington-house, near Alresford, one Wilts. of his majesty's Justices of the Peace, and Mr. J. Nicolle, jun. of St, Saviour's, Jer. Deputy Lieutenant for the county of Hants. sey, to Miss Pitter, of Bath street. -Mr. George Hookey, an eminent uphol. At Clifton, the Rev: Mr. Bradford, A.M, sierer and auction er,

to Martha, daughter of Edward Wilmot, esg.


dale, esq.

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