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bleacher, of Eamont Bridge, near Pen. At Huddersfeld, M. S. Kenny, M.D. of rith.

Ballinrobe, Ireland, tu Sophia, third daughAt Keswick, Mr. George Wood, 64. ter of Wm. Fenton, esq. of Spring-Grove. Mr. Jonathan Bell, 45.

James Bradley, of Huddersfield, M. D. to At Goose Well, near Keswick, Mr. Tho- Miss Fcoton, sister to Wm. Fenton, esq. of mas Bell, aged 39, brother to the above-men. Spring Grove. tiuned Mr. J. B.

Mr. John Fish, late Chief Constable ef At Wythburn, aged 40, Mrs. Birket, wife Leeds, to Miss Nancy Dixon; being the of Mr. D. B.

fourth sacrifice made by this veteran at the At Corkickle, Mr. Thomas Peile, aged 68. shrine of Hymen. • YORKSHIRE.

At Leeds, R. Somerville, jun. of HolmeTowards the end of August wheat fell in bouse, near Skipton, to Susanna, eldest daughWakefield market 12s. a load. It had just ter of the late R. Holmes, esq. of Lincona before been at 180s. while in London it was Mr. James Richardson, of Leeds, attorneyonly 1566. This difference (says the Editor at-law, to the eldest daughter of the Rev. of the Leeds Mercury) is uwing partly to the E. Parsons.-Mr. T. Lancaster, to the daughharvest being earlier in the South than in the ter of Mr. Wigglesworth, all of Leeds. North, and partly to larger supplies than usual Mr. John Batty, of Aberford, farmer, to Mrs. having been sent from the country to the Susanna Wood, of Leeds.- Mr. Janies Maude, London market. By way of contrast he co. of Leeds, timber merchant, to Miss Nichol. pies the following passage from his paper of son, daughter of the late Rev. Mr. N. of Ad. che 5th Feb. 1733: " 12.000 quarters of dle,Mr. Mark Festham, to Mrs. Mary Til. wheat more have been exported within 8 days lotson, both of Leeds. past, and yet wheat is but 29s, per quarter." At Withernwick, Mr. Riby, to Miss Tay.

At Sheffield, flour was 78. å stone towards lor, eldest daughter of Mr. John T.-Mr. the end of August, being nearly treble its Riby, of Cowden, to Miss Maria Riby. usual price,

At Sigglesthorne, Mr. James Pindar, to In consequence of the farmers being ill. Mies And Brown. freated at Leeds market on the 25th August, Mr. Joseph Mellin, of Wakefield, to Eli. only four sacks of grain appeared on the suco zabeth, third daughter of the late Thomas çeeding market-day, which shows the folly of Grey, esq. of Great Driffield. those, who, by their misconduct, prevented At Knaresborough, Mr. Robinson, of the the usual quantity from being exposed to sale. house of Lakeland and Co. of York, to Mise

A Northumberland ewe of the new Leices Ward, of the former place. tershire breed, the property of Wm. Smith, Mr. John Dickson, of Heslington, to Miss of Drax Abbey, yerned this year four, lambs, Rumfit, of the same place, eldest daughter which were sold at Wakefield fair for 265. of Mr. T. R of Pipon. cach.

Mr. George Dawson, of Halton-Dial, lo The nocturnal depredations to procure arms, Miss Sarah Ward, daughter of Mr. W. of are still occasionally committed in the neigh. Aberlord. bourhood of Halifax ; several clothing mills At York, Mr. Sagar, to Miss Foster, both of have also been entered, and the shears des. Knaresborough.-Mr. Thomas Wickett, of troyed.

York, to Escher, second daughter of the late Scolefield, of Holmfirth, who attempted Ms. John Emmot, of Addingham. to murder Ms Hinchliffc, has been appre. At Horbury, Richard Ellerton, esq. of hended on-board an American vessel in the Richmond, to Miss Wright, of Carr-Lodge, London Docks, and sent to York for trial. near Wakefield,

There is a man at present living at Hull,. Ac Calverley, Mr. W. Musgrave, of Bramwho has been the father of 87 legitimate "ley, to Miss Driver, of Pursey -Mr. Hoch, children, 24 of whom are now alive; and of Fulneck, a Moravian minister, to Miss among them are 12 sons, all of whom are Cooke, of the same place. serving in the Royal Navy.

Mr. John Smith, of Wakefield, to Miss Married.) At Hull, Mr. T Etherington, Horton, of London. to Miss Robinson, daughter of the late M. Ac Birstall, Mr. William Spencer, of Pude R.-Mr. A. Stovin, to Miss Ruch Bagnell, scy, aged 65, to Mrs. Grace Marshall, aged 30. daughter of Mr. W. B. of Sheffield Ensigo Al Cuttingham, A1r. R. Blyth, of South George Darling, of the Soth regiment, re. Newbald, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. married to Miss Ang Wray, daughter of ihe Janics Featherstone, ship owner, of Hull. late Capt. W.-The Rev. W. Stephenson, to . At Leconfield, near Beverley, Mr. Thomas Mrs. Annison, widow of Captain A. and Carlill, of Hessle, to Miss Elizabeth Gill, daughter of Mr. Horwood, dock-master of of the former place." the Humber Dock. -Mr. T. Shimells, to At Oldham, Mr. John J. Fletcher, of Lon. Miss E. Willoughby, both of Burton-upon- don, to Miss Lees, only daughter of Daniel L. Humber.-Mr. G. West, to Miss Pullen, esq. of Bankside, Oldham. daughter of Mr. B. P. all of Hull.Mr.. Mr. Thomas Nettleton, of Stors-bill, to Pickava, to Miss Smith.

Miss Mary Coope, of Horbury.


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Mr. George Brown, of Bonwick, in Hol. At Whitby, aged 74, Mr. Jonathan Picke derness, to Miss Lanchard, of Bridlington ernell, engineer of Whitby Piers. Quay.

At Leeds, after a malady extended through At Retford, Mr. William Clegg, metho- 16 nyonths, aged 44, Frances, wife of Benjamin dist-preacher, to Miss M. Arkinson, of the Hird, M.D.; and, though conformity with same place.

her upambitious wishes forbids much discloDied.) At Ferriby, R. C. Broadley, esq. in sure of this admirable character, yet, should bis 73d year.

its loss not be announced without comment At Hüll, aged 48, Mrs. Sarah Crompton, to that society in which her integrity, pecuwile of Mr. T. w. c. coast-waiter in the cus- liar disinterestedness, and sweetness of dispotoms.-Aged 31, Mrs. Hill, wife of Mr. Tho- sition, enabled her perfectly to fulfil every mas H. late of Howden, preacher in the me- varied relation? The reference of her acthodist connection, and daughter of the late tions to the approbation of her Creator, pracMr. John Hare, of Hull. -Aged 53, Mrs. tically convinced her His ways were all in Harrison.-Aged 61, Mrs. Heilard, wife of wisdom, and she cheerfully endured the seMr. George H. of Drypool.-Mrs. Rusby, vere sufferings of her disease, as a part of relict of Mr. John R. ot York, 80.

thuse providences by which He was conductAt Whitby, Miss Middleton, sister of ing her from the cradle to the grave. Thomas M. esq. of Hull.-Aged 79, Mrs.

LANCASHIRE. Smith, mother to Mrs. Robinson, matron of A most important cause has been decided at the Trinity-housC.-Mrs. Waring, wife of the Lancaster Assizes. It was an action Mr. Richard W. of Hull.-Aged 26, Mr. brought by Messrs. W roe and Duncuft against Richard Kirby, of Hull.

the Hundred of Salford, for the recovery of At Leeds, in her 47th year, Frances, wife the amount of their loss sustained by the de. of Dr. Hird.--Aged 16, James, son of Mr. Struction of their weaving mill at Westhough. William Green, of Richmond-lill.Mr. ton, a short time ago, by the mob. A ver. Thomas Foster, of Selby, merchant.-Miss dict was given for the plaintiffs in the full

Sarah Mann, aged 60, daughter of the late amount of their damages, which were upwards • Mr. Wm. M.--Aged 65, Mrs. S. Musgrave, of 70001. relict of Mr. Wm. M.

At the same Assizes, thirty-eight persons, At Whitchurch, Mrs. Joy, relict of the charged with administering an unlawful Dach, late Mr. David J. Mr. William Robinson, in this town, to Samuel Fleming (on whose aged 63. Mr. Hemingway, late of Woud- single oath they were committed), were all well, father of Mr. Edward H. of Leeds. put to the bar, and, after a long and imparcial

Mr. lobn Hick, of Squire Pastures, near trial of thirtcen hours, were acquitted, to Leeds, aged 66. He was an extenqive coach the unspeakable satisfaction of a crowded proprietor.

court. On the issue of this most important At York, Mr. Thomas Wolstenholme.- trial hung the liberty, happiness, and future Aged 79, the Rev. Humphrey Shuttleworth, prospects in life, of many innocent men, and M. A. vicar of Kirkham, and prebendary of their suffering families. The news of this York. Mr. White, land-surveyor. George happy event was hailed, by a prodigious mui. Dawson, esq. 79.

titude of people, with shouts of joy.-ManAt the residence of James Lister, esq. on ebester Gamette, her return from Scarboruugh, Miss Maria A public dinner was given at the Liverpool Benson. youngest daughter of Mr. Edward Arms, in Castle-street, on Friday, the 4th Benson, wine-merchant, late of York. This day of September, to Henry Brougham, esq. lady was the author of a work on Education, M.P. as a mark of grateful respect for his and some other ingenious pieces, and will be unwearied attention to the interests of the long lamented in the circle of friends whom country in general, and particularly for his her genius and her virtues had warmly attach- Successful exertions in promoting the Repeal ed to her.

of the late Orders in Counci. William Aged 17, Charlotte Settle, youngest Roscoe, esq. in the chair. Lord Derby, and daughter of Mr. Jas. S. of Low Harrowgace. many other persons of distinction were pre

Mr. William Nicholson, of Sheffield, 86. sent.

Mrs. Thomas, wife of Mr. J. T. surgeon, of Married.] At Liverpool, the Rev. J.R. Hebdenbridge, near Halifax.

Tetlow, A.M. to Mary, youngest daughter Mrs. Roberts, relict of Wm. R. esq. of of the late Henry Topping, esq. of Woud. Pledwick-Hall, near Wakefield.

hill.-Mr. James Grocóit, jun. to Miss Bil. Mrs. Bainton, wite of Mr. B. of Bew. linge.--Mr. Daniela M.Lean, of Lydiate, tu kolme, in Holderness.

Miss Olivia Heblethwaite, of Liverpool. At Thwaite-Gate, Hunslet, Mr. John Eng- Mr. Mai bias Stephenson, to Miss Peggy

Smith Mr. George Jones, to Miss Pye, Mr. Edward Thompson, of Scott-Hall, only daughter of Mr. Jonn P., Scaniey-street. aged 92.

Mr. Thomas Ashursi, to Miss Llizabeen In Shirbeck Quarter, aged 32, George Crage. Isaac Pocock, esq of brewer-street, Yorke, esq. merchant

London, to Miss Hime, of Liverpool.-Mr
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land, 84.

John Beard, to Miss Lightfoot, daughter of Hargreaves, Brewer, 67, of Highfield-street, Mr. G. L. of Liverpool.Mr. John Camp- -Mi. Peter Kaye, paper-merchant, 39. is bell, stationer, son of Mr. Daniell C. of Car- whom were combined the most amiable qus. lisle, to Miss E. Melling, of Kirkdale.- lities. George Henderson, esq. captain in his Ma- James Cooke, of Salford, es solicitor, jesty's 44th regiment of foot, to Eliza, daugh- and colonel of the Trafford and Hulme Local ter of William Roe, esq.-Mr. William Militia. Dring, to Miss Martha Blair, Bold-street. After a long indisposition, Mrs Catheride

Mi, Patrick O'Neill, of Younghall, to Miss M.Dougall, wife of Mr. William M.D. shipElizabeth Rhodes, of Liverpool.--Mr. H. wright, 35 Lake, to Miss J. Carrol.

Mr W. Hornby, of a typhus fever which W. Brookes, esq, of Whitechurch, to "he had caught while exercising he duties of Theodosia, second daughter of Joseph Lee, his profession as apothecary to the Preston esq. of Rochdale.

Dispensary." The Rev. John Whitlenbury, youngest In Preston, after a short illness, and in the son of the late John W. esq. of Manchester, 77ch year, the Rev. Humphrey Shuttleworth, to Miss Anna Maria Williams, daughter of A.M. vicar of Kirkham, and one of the Prethe Rev. E. W., D.D., of Masbro', near Po bendaries of York. therham.

'The Rev Thomas Clarkson , 44, rector of At Chorley, Mr. Henry Booth, of Liver. Heysham, near Lancaster, and one of his pool, to Elleti, eldest daughter of Abraham Majesty's Justices of the Peace. Crompton, esg. of Chorley-hall.

Miss Margaret Townley, daughter of MT, Ac Wigan, Mr. Thomas Cowell, linen Thomas T. of Ortner, near Lancaster. manufacturer, eldest son of William C. esg. Samuel Blakely, esq. of Kighley, grand. to Dorothy, the youngest daughter of Robert father to Mr. S. B. Anderton, of Lancaster, Banks, esq. of Hulme House.

surgeon. Mr. James Harrison, of Manchester, to

CHFSHIRI. Miss Ellen Beaver, of Carnarvon.

Not less than a thousand of those misguided Ac Manchester, Mr. Fletcher, of Oldham- men, denominated Luddites, to whom Street, to Miss Leadbeter, daughter of Mr. illegal oaths had been administered, have L. of Tib-street.-Joseph Denison, esq. of lately flocked to the magistracy at and near Manchester, solicitor, to Mrs. Kershaw; of Stockport, to abjure those oaths, and to take Strangeways-Hall.Mr. Joseph Langshaw, the oath of ailegiance. This spirit is hourly of Croppenhall, to Miss Rachel Clough, of extending itself. . Blanchester.

The following is the voluntary confession Mr. John Speakman, of Sunderland, near of the miscreant Lomas, taken before Mr. Lancaster, to Mrs. Woodhouse, relict of Thomas, one of the coreners of Cheshire, the Captain William W. of Liverpool.'

14th day of April, two days after the atro. Captain Irving, of Lancaster, to Miss cious murder of his master, George Morrey, Towers, daughter of Captain T. of Haver- farmer of Hanklelow. " That his mistress, slack, near Millthorp.

Edith Morrey, set him on to murder his masThe Rev. John Manby, A.M. vicar of ter, and he was to have all he had. She told Lancaster, to Miss Hamon, of the same him to go to William Shaw's, a public-house, place.

in Hankelow, on Saturday afternoon, the The Rev. Joseph Savl, of Newchurch, 11th of April, to get some drink, and she Dear Wigan, to Miss Sawrey, only daughter would get things ready to kill him. His of James S. esq. of Warton

master was gone to Audlem, and she told him Mr. Rishton, attorney, to Miss Myers, (John Lomas) that he must not go to bed. daughter of the late Thomas M. esg. of He came home about twelve o'clock, ard, as Preston.

soon is his master was gone to bed and asleep, Mr. Fearenside, surgeon, to Miss Hall, his mistress came up to his room. He was both of Preston.

asleep; she awoke him, and told him his Died.] Mary, the eldest daughter of Mrs. master was fast asleep, and he must come Noon, of the post-office, Lancaster. . and kill him. He refused; she went dowo

Mr. William Hatton, 64, tide-surveyor stairs, and afterwards came up again, and of the customs, at Glasson.

went down again, and he (John Lonias) fol. Mr. Joseph Parsons, of Kellet, near Lan, loved her. She had got the axe ready, and caster, 27.

gare it him into his hand. He said it would At Liverpool, Margaret Eliza, third daugh. be found out, and they should be sure to be ter of Mr. E. Rigg, 24.-Mrs. Davies, wife hanged. She said she would see him safe, of Mr. Edward D. Commutation-tox, 61.- 3nd swear he was fast asleep in bed, and James Cooke, of Salford, esq. colonel of the would send the servant girl to call him up. *Trafford and Hulme Local Militia.-M. An. He (John Lomas) said, his master would toine Cizos, professor of the French and awake before he reached the bed, and she Italian languages.-- Edward Frederic Green, said she would go in first, und put her band methodist minister : his death was occasioned up if he was fast asleep, for him to come in, by ths rupture of a blood vessel.-Mr. James and kill him. She put her hand up two or

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three times, and then said he must come in. Mr. John Robin, merchant, to Miss King He (Lomas) then went in, and his mistress daughter of the Rev. Bryan K. rector of Edith Morrey, bela the candle, wbile he Woodchurch. struck his master three times with the axe Died.] At Chester, Mr. Alderman Powell, on the head. He struck him the first time of Chester, father to Mr. Thomas P. late of over his temple. After he had struck him Manchester, 78.-Mr. Gilbert English, of three times, he heard the servant wench, who Watergate street. ----Mr.T. Cutter, of Chester, slept in the next room, get upon the floor, printer, formerly a resident of Manchester; and he said the servant woman was coming, he has left a wife and a numerous family. on which his mistress wetted her finger and

DERBYSHIRI. thumb, and put the candle out. He (John On Sunday, the 230 of Aagust, the ce Lomas) ran away towards the door, and his remony of devoting a church to the worship master was shouting, “Oh! Lord!” His of God, was solemnized at Buxton, by the, mistress turned him back again, and said he Lord Bishop of Lichfield. must go again, as he had oot killed him; Married.] At Derby, Mr. John Lecs, of she sid he must kill him. Then he went Burton-upon-Trent, to Eliza, second dangti. again, and struck at him in the dark, three ter of Mr. Witron, of Derby. or four times, witn the axe; he thinks he Died.] dat Enginton-house, Derbyshire, only hit him once with the head of it, and Penelope, wife of Sir Henry Every, bart. then be ran out of the parlour. His mistress and youngest daughter of the late Sir Joha met him in the house-place, and, opening a Parkes Musley, bart. sheath, took out a razor, which she put

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, A into his hand, saying, he must go and kill On the 5th September, wheat fell in Not lúm out he must cat his throat. He re- tingham market one guinea per quarter. : fused, but she gave him a bit of a push, and Lord Byron has sold lus estate of Newe said he must go. She then went first, and he stead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, tor 140,0001. followed her with the razor in his hand. His principal estates are in Lancashise. She flung the out-door of the house open, and Married.] Ac Nottingham, Mr. Josepla then went into the parlour, where the ser. Green, of Great Easton, to Sarah, youngest vint gid slept, and shut the door after her, daughter of the late Williara Meats, esq. of and he Yohn Lomas) went intu the parlour. Nottingham. His master was coming off the bed backwards, At Rempstone, Mr. John Wootton, of East and he touched him, on which his master Leake, to Miss E. Morris, of the forraar rose up, and catched at him by the breast, placé. and by his hand that he had the razur in. Died.] Mr. Edmond Goodall, of NottingHe (John Lomas) sprung out of his arms, ham, aged 69. and then laid hold of him by the head, as he At Skidbrook, the Rev. Langley Gace, was upon his knees, and cut his throat twice. aged 85, many years rector of Widmerepool, He loosed him and ran, and his master fell to Nottinghamshire. " the floor, and he wentap stairs, and got into

LINCOLNSHIRE. bed. After a while, the servant girl, Han. An interesting scene was lately witnessed nah Evans, came up to him to call him up, at Folkingham. A man and two apprentices, the came and shook him, and he desired her members of the sooty tribe, went to the to go down stairs again, and to leave the Griffin inn, to engage aboot sweeping some candle. He bad the blo dy shirt on, and did chimneys. During the time the master vas not put his arm out of bed; he was afraid of making his bargain, a poor wearied woman, ber seeing it. He then got up, and put his who had just arrived from London, was ear. coat on over his bloody shirt ; he dried his nestly engaged in examining the features of bloody bands upon his waistcoat; he also one of the little boys. The pour tellow did put his smock frock on, and went down stairs. not at first glance to the object who was so When he came down stairs, the servant girl altentively gazing on him; but, at length re. said, 'omebody isad merdered her master, and cognising her, he joyfully exclaimed, he was desired to go in and see if he was dead. " that's my moker !" and ran and threw his He went to the parlour door, and just peeped arms around her neck! The surprise of the in, and said he thought he was."- bis glad morher being subsided, she explained Wretch was convicted at the late Assizes, and the mysterious circumstance. She said that executed on the 24th of August. His vile she was a soldier's wife living in London mistress pleaded pregnancy, and is respited that her husband was in Spain; that, on the till one month after her delivery.

20th of January last, she went to a person's Puatoes now sell in Chester market 181b. house to wash, leaving her boy under the for 6d. Seven weeks ago they were 5lb. for care of a woman wh lodged with her. In that price.

the evening, when she returned home, she Married.) Mr. T. Shaw, ot Chester, to found, to her inexpressible anguish, that her Miss Jane Bowden, of Peckforton.

child was stolen, and by the very person she Mr. Samoel Taylor, of St. Anne church, left for liis protector. Lately, she had heard to Miss Catherine Bromfield, of Chester that the woman lived at Leeds, and thither

she was proceeding, when her long and pain. of Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester; it fol journey (for she had taken it on foot with object was to promote a National Petition for an infant in her arms !) was arrested by her the attainment of Peace when resolutiom haring found her boy at Fo.kingham. His were entered in to that effect. Major Carte relation having taken place, the master ex. wright atiendert, for the purpose of iadacing plained by what means the little travelier the Meeting to mix, with their object that of came in his possession. In January last, he Parliamentary Reform ; but it was resisted, met a ragged and forlorn woman in the neigis- as being impolitic to mix with such a measure bourhood of Sleaford, where he resides, with a prayer for peace. this child, whom she was bearing very severe- Wheat has fallen nearly 178. a quarter in ly. Some remonstrance, in consequence, Loughborough market, in consequence of took place, and the conversation ended on the the abundant harvest.

part of the woman, with a request for two Married.) At' Toughborough, Mr. Cle· guineas, for which she said she would bind ments, to Miss Ann Capp, of Loughborough her son an apprentice to bim. She swore Parks. the boy was her owo.

Mr. J. Power, of Hinckley, to Martha, At á late meeting of the Boston Agricul- fifth daughter of Thomas Pickford, esq. or tural Society, a premium of 10gs. was ad. Islington. judged to Mr. wm. Howden, of Boston, for At Whissendine, Rutland, Mr. W. Red. constructing a machine by which the produce milc, of Ryall, to Miss Snoden, of the for. of an acre of corn was completely threshed, mer place. and the straw raked off, in 40 minutes.

Mi. Cowley, of Willoughby, to Miss Married | Mr. Redmile, of Ryall, co Miss Wright, of Collingtree. Snoden, of Whissendine.

At Eppingham. Mr. Humphrey, of BilsMr. Walter, of Nassington, lo Miss Ne. don, tu Miss E Collington, only daughter of gus, of Ufford.

Mr. C. of the former place. At Spalding, Mr. Dalton, nerchant, to A t Burbage, the Rev. Ms. Gill, Minister Miss Shaw, daughter of the late Mr. S. of of the Independent Congregation at Hinck. that place.

ley, to Miss Mary Clark, of Sharnford. Ai Swineshead, Mr. Edward Bowles, to Dird.] Agnes, the wife of John Pares, ese, Miss Mary Lamb.

of the New-works, Leicester, and of Grooby Mr. T. Mason, to Miss S. Waiker, both Pool, in this county. of Bourn.

At Great Wigston, in this county, Ms. Mr. Benjamin Ward, to Miss Alder, of john Ward, aged 80. .Upwell.

In Park Fields, Allesley, much regretted, Mr. Richard Waite, co Miss Rebecca Edward Haycock, esg. aged 56.. Chapman, both of Louth.-Nr. Hermitage, Mr. Green, in the High-gate, Loughboito Miss A. Sowden, only daughter of Mr. S. rough. druggist, Louth.

At Husbands. Bosworth, Mr. R. Teer, is At Farndon, Mr. Henry Watts, aged 70, the 80ch year. to Miss Elizabeth Hare, aged 45.

Mr. John Johnson, a respectable farmer Mr. Spong, ship-builder, to Miss Heming, and grazier, of Branston. ton, daughter of J. H. esq. all of Louth. Ai Donington, the Rev. T. W. Paterson, • At Owesby, Mr. John Wright, of Clap- many years Dissencing Minister at ham Common, tu Elizabeth, daughter of la-Zouch. Mr. Benjamin Hickson, of Lincoln.

In his 23d year of his age, Mr. Edw. At Stourtop in the Steeple, Mr. Thomas Meeson, formerly supervisor of excise, Aslas Twible, farmer, aged 70, to Miss Wastneys, by-de-la-Zouch. aged 21.

STAFFORDSKJBL, * Died 1 Mrs. Chapman, wife of Mr. C. of Booth, the notorious forger of Bank Notes, Lincoln.

has been executed at 6tafford. He has lett a At Southwell, Mrs. Aldridge, widow of tortune of about 60001. Elizabech Chidlaw, Mr. John A.

bis servant and a complice, who was sen• Mr. David Darley, of Fleet Fen Ends. tenced to fourteen years transportation, might, He has left a widow and six children.

from her means of information, bare disAt Peterborough, Mr. Sprignal Brown, closed important fact, it she had been induced formeriy a merchaut of that city.

to confess; but she refused to turn King's Mr. George Lawson, of Burlon Stather. evidence. Kooth's huuse was secured like a

Suddenly, at Lincoln, Jonah, son of Mr. Bastile, and the stories which are in circula. George Skelion, organist of the cathedral. tion of the crimes which have been perpetra

At Siamford, Mis. M. Hunt, agea 73, wi- ted therein, resemble the must romantic and dow of the late Aluerman Hunc.

extranroinary fictions. Of the death of his I EICESTERSHIRE.

brother, of which crime he had been violently A meeting was lately held at Loughborough, suspected, the jury acquitted him; but the which consisted of deputies from a great clothes of several persons who have disape number of Religious Societies in che counties peared, were found on his premises.


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