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<That, above all, your petitioners feel the MercuRY, containing matter peculiarly indelible reproach which a system of perpe. interesting at the present moment :Cual warfare casts on nations professing our "I remained a sceptic on the subject of the pure and holy faith, and its utter inconsis.' war, even to the day on which we learned tency with the whole spirit of the Gospel. that it had been proclaimed. The Federalists,

“That, as chose to whom life and immor- by the kind of opposition they have made to tality are revealed, your petitioners are taught the measures of the government, bave per. to connect this world with that which is to haps been instrumental in plunging the councome, and hence are filled with serious appre- try into war. By the contemptuous terms in hensions that, while the licentious influence which they have uniformly spoken of the of war on public and on private morals has weak and inefficient measures of their opposendered inultitudes less fit to meet their nents, by their declared disbelief in the sinceeternal Judge, the sword has hurried them to rity of their warlike intentions, and by the his awful tribunal,

scorn which they have lavished upon the va“ Your petitioners, therefore, earnestly in. cillating policy which has been adopted tovoke your bonorable house to regard the mul. wards the belligerents; the federalists, in tiplied scenes of public distress and silent suf. Congress, have irritated the majority there, fering, which are ever occasioned by war, and probably urged them to stronger measures and which, at the pre ent hour, the low moan than they might otherwise have been disposed of misery arising from the habitations of mil. to adopt. I have hinted how defective the lions more forcibly describes than any repre. preparations for war have been. The army sentation which your petitioners can give, of 25,000 voted by Congress is not by any They therefore respectfully intreat you to means filled ; and I am informed that the le. employ every means which the wisdom of vies which have been raised are incompletely your honorable house can devise, and which armed. Only six millions of the loan (out of Christianity and humanity alike imperiously eleven) have been subscribed, and of this demand, for the speedy restoration of peace. only two millions by private contribution; And your peritioners beg leave to assure your the remainder proceeding from banks holding honorable house, that the peace which they government securities. In the eastern and contemplate is not such as shall surrender northern sections of the Union the war is al. any of the just righrs of Britain. Her liberties most universally deprecated. The House of and independence are the objects nearest to Representatives of the state of Massachusetts the hearts of your petitioners; and it is in ele have addressed their constituents, advising spirit of a pure, disinterested, and generous every opposition to the war short of that of patriotism alone that they prefer to your ho- force. It may be interesting to you to learn norable house their fervent prayer for the re- the present state of parties in the eastern storation of those blessings which only peace states. New Hampshire is wholly democra. can confer, and which your petitioners cantic: at the late election for governor, the fe. never cease to urge, on the consideration of deral candidate had a majority over the demo. your honorable house, by every mode which cratic, but not a majority of the whole num. the constitution of their country has made the ber of votes given; the choice, therefore, de. birth right of free-born Britons."

volved upon the legislature, who, to suit their We earnestly intreat all our readers own purposes, selected the democracic candi. to suffer the above to sink deep into

date. Massachusetts has a federal governor their hearts, and to produce a correspon

and House of Representatives, but, owing to a ding and similar practice; and we advise

trick, the democrats have a majority in the

Senate. Rhode Island and Cornecticut are that all independent bodies of electors

entirely federal ; governor, senate, and lower will impuse it as a condition on candio

house. Vermont, I believe, is democratic; dates for seats in Parliament, not only to but you will perceive that the democrats in vote for peace, but for an inquiry into the eastern states concur with the federalists, the secret history of the origin of the when I mention that the Verment Senator in war, and for the punishment of those Congress was obliged, by the requisition of his ministers, if guilty, whose deliberate constituents, to return to Washington to vole falsehoods may have been the means of against the war; his own opinions, however, bringing such multiplied miseries on the were so much opposed to these commands, world.

that he evaded them, by lingering on the

road, till the die was casc. New York has a THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. large federal majority in the House of Repre.

A letter from New York, dated the sentatives, but the senate and governor art 8th of July, appeared in the LIVERPOOL democratic.”


ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced between the

1418 of August, and the 14th of September, extracted from the London Guzettes. N. B. Ir Bankruptcies in and near London, the Attornies are to be understood to reside in London,

and in Country Bankruptcies at the Residence of the Bankrupt, except otherwise expressed.

BANKRUPTCIES. (This Month 78.) (The Solicitors' Names are berween Parentheses.)

ALLSOP $. st. Aufle, Cornwall, brewer (Williams
A nd Co. London

Saxter W. Gosport viavaller (Cruckthank
Bloch ford 8. Leidenhed Areet, gold and a ver laceman.

(few und Co.
Bolock J. Wakefielf, Yurk, woolkapler (Mellrs. Fol-
Boon J. Nortna, Stafforddaire, shupkeeper. (Smart,

Botwood . Aberytwyth, mercer. (Hopley
Lowo WWood freet, Cheaphide, filk manufadurer.

Browo W. Sackville Areet. Incemao. (Richardloo

sad Co. Brothers T. White Rose Court, Coleman freet woollen

draper (Hall
Bulmer R. and 1. Bulmer, South Shieldi, Durham, Mip

builderi. (Bainbridge
Chers f. L. Somerset, ironmonger. (White Yeovil
Cirk S. Clare. Suffolk, common carrier. (Steve
CSoch T. Crooked Lase, Cannon treet, boot and thoe

rasker (Popkin
Coraes J. and Co. Paddington, couch makers. (Sweet

and co Coutes J. New Muit, Derby fire, grocer. (Longdili

and Co. Londou
Daniel F. Worceller, baker. (Mooper
Dorias 1. Fortsea, Southampton, au&tioaser. (Ifaacs,

Day H. and J. Hamerton, Lime Arect, money fcrivenere.

Desa D. Stockport, Chcker, bouk seller. (Turner,

Dickinfun o. Souch Shields, linen draper. (Bainbridge
berhardt D. Sedgeley, dealer in iros, Egerton,

Tailles N. South Shieldı, Durhamn. Qip builder. (Cock-

erill and Co.
Tield N. 1Ajagtuo, Jeweller. (Broughton
Tidler C. Lwell, Surrey, cord dealer (Parnther,

Gamble J. St. Noor's, Huntingdon, paper maker. (Miller,

Guichiner 7. Langborn Chambers, merchant. (Hackett
Xaywood P. Liverpool, merchar. (Dewbuil, Black

Harrop J. Silklube, Yorktaire, wood merchant. (Bart.
lett, London

Balonial Areet, warebou reman. (Ribble white
and Co.
Nawkais J. Radipole, Dorfer, brewer. (Pearson and Cu.

Hipkins R. L. Devondaire Place, merchant. (Stes

Miller J. Brils, tailor (Saynton
Hadton . L. Strood, Kent, brewer. (Cook, Maid-

Modshon T. L. aad W. Rias. Jun, Strood, Kent, brewers.


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DIVIDENDS. Afpisel J. Birmingham

Brock W. and B. Le Mesurier, Warne Aloon G. Plymouth

tord Court Alien R. Britol

Barr J. Glouceiter
Amhurit s. Market Rreet, Weimin Bracken R., T. Williams, and L.

Bracken, Lochbury
Anfell T. Birmingham

Brett T. and J. Stower, Puddie Dock Ainswart G. Warrington, Lanca Butcher N. Windmill Areet, Finsbury Aire, and I. Stephens. Liverpool

{quare Balmer W. Oldham, Lancashire

Chapman C. Wet Tilbury. Efter Dumnes J. Little Bampton, Cumber

Coates F. and J. Walker, Mancheter land

Crowder W. Aldermanbury
Bryant I. and T, Catchpool, I prwich Crombehalme J. Preton, Lancaire
Duringham T. Great Grensby, LID Collier E. Ingerney, Chethire

Cooper !. Sheffield, Yorkfhire
Bury M. Barnile, York

Coren G. Church street, Surry Baker w. ndoske, Kent

cu dord J. Fulneck, Yorkinire, and Les ett T, Long Acre

J. Jackson, Queen Greet CheapRide, Bryaw. Garden Court. Temple

London Brine W. Cakchenter, Sudex

Cole J. Norwich Blugs w. R. Great Grimsby, Liacala Claike s. Lescester

Clouch J. H., 1. S. Wilks, and I. B. Bustlett J. Chicefter

Clough, Liverpool Loder G. Allridon, Sufa

Cole L. Colcheter, Effex
Bidgood J. Swallow &reet

Cattel M. Sub Areet, Rithopsgate
Butler N. J. and B. Butler, Painfwisk, treet
Gjonceber thire

Charlton c. Newcalle ypon Tyne
Battye c. and T. Pilgrim, Laurence Chapinan J. Newmarket
Fourtney Hill

Deale. Newgate freet
Blackburn W. Humbertone treet Dorrington W. cornhill
Icllamy W. Great Grimsby, Lincoln Dicks H, St. Catherine's Square


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Midrum G. Tiverton
Maddock W. Liverpool
Mnet 1. Spalding. Lincoln Mire
Nitch J. Canle treet, City Road
Osborne W. Aldgare High Atreet
Oady S. A. and H. Oxford &rect
Paul 1. Shoe Lane
Preston R. Liverpool
Perry H. Liverpool
Phillips R. Chipping Norton
Potter T. Park Piace, Walworth
Powell . London Road
Percim D. L. Artier y Place
Page T. Newhaven, S ex
Pereira D. L Artillery Place
Price J. Rath
Pyer J. and J. Payne, Brinol
Teli Tjun Maidstone
Penberth . H. Hilton, Cornwall
Richardiin J. Berwich upon Twred
Richmond 1. o. Church Areet, Rother.

Rudell W. Liverpo
Reeves w. treat whitcornbe, Glouces-

Roxy J. Veltoe
Rea 1 and 1. Kea. jun. Minories
Ba cliff R. Darhan
Rullell J. Cubtington, Warwickshire
Roy on W. . Weit Leigh, Lanca.

Short J. St. Catherine's lanc, East

Shand c. Liverpool
Sa ter W. Brixton, Surrey
Stuart C. Berwick ftreet Wcitminster
Sadler J. 0. Lille Atreet, Leiceder

Spencer J. Maimeshury, Wiltshire.
Stevens G. jun. Bedford
Shaw D. MarnefleyYork
Simfon D. Great Grimsby, Lincola.
I thire

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With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased.

THE sixty-ninth annual conference of the lane, Camberwell turnpike and Green, and

methodists was lately concluded. About through all the private grounds to the Deptthree hundred and nine itinerant preachers ford road. were present from various parts of the United The magistrates of Surrey have refused to Kingdom, who gave accounts of the success renew the licenses of Vauxhall gardens, in of their ministry.

consequence of the masquerades lately given at The projected improvements, by which that place. It is not generally known that the Moorfields is to be converted into an elegant patent granted to the owners of that place, square, are proceeding with rapidity.

by George II. permits only the performance The new county goal for debtors is pro- of singing and music. The licenses for the ceeding on the site of the Peacock Brew tale of wine and beer are renewed annually. house, in Red-cross street.

On the 25th of August a tremendous fire The company of the West Middlesex water- took place at Mr. Holland's, rallow chanworks have, at a vast expense, laid iron pipes dier, in South Audley-street. It began in froni Hammersmith into London.

the back melting warehouse, in Reeves's The SHERIFF'S FUND, contrived and Mews ; there were nearly 400 tons of tallow established by Sir Richard Phillips io 1807, on the premises, all of which was consumed. has happily been rendered permanent by a Fifty chaldrons of coals, belonging to a retailperpetual annuity of one hundred punds, dealer in that article, were also consumed. hequeathed to it by a Mrs A. M. STAF. The Common Council have ananimously, FORD. It yielded this year five huulied voted an address to the Prince Regent, conpounds, and relieved several hundred objects gratulating his Royal Highness on the victory. of extreme misery and poignant distress. of Salamanca. The scaffolding before Drury-lane Theatre

MARRIED. has been taken down, and the public bave At St. James's, the Hon. J.T. Leslie Melnow u full view of the principal front. The ville, second son of the Earl of Leven and architecture is simple, elegant, and uniform. Melville, to the youngest daughter of S.

The commissioners for his Majesty's land Thornton, esq. M.P. for Surrey. revenue have given notice of their intention C. Harris, esq. of Bletchingley, to the to apply to Parliament next session for an daughter of W. Holt, cso. of Tottenham, Act to enable them to make the new street Middlesex. from Carlton-house to Portland-place.

S. Gremsdell, jun. esq. of Sun-street, to. Application is intended to be made to Par. the only daughter of J. Henshaw, esq. of lianient for leave to make a public carriage Bishopsgate-street. Quid from Kennington Common, Bowyer Mr. H. Brumley, of Highigate Grote, to

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the eldest daughter of Mr. G. Sayers, of Mr. G. R. Butcher, of Welbeck-streets to South-screet, Chichester.

Miss Coote, of Arundel, Sussex.. Mr. T. Boys, of Fish-street Hill,' to Miss Sir James Bland Burgess, of Bean Port, Hudson, of the Borough.

Sussex, bart, to the Right Hon. Lady M. For. H. Bradburne, esq. of the 2d dragoon dyce, sister of the Earl of Balcarras. Guards, to the fifth daughter of the Rev. Lieut.-Gen. the Hon. H. Grey, (brother Hoadley, D.D.

of the Earl Grey,) uf Falloden, in Northune P. Courtenay, esq. of the Inner Temple, berland, to Miss Des Voeux, only daughter to the second daughter of Mr. H. Bell, of of Sir C. Des Voeux, bart. of Iddrayille, Aldersgate-street.

Queen's County. Mr. C. Bishop, of Gray's-inn, to the young. Lieut.. Col. Udny to Miss Fitzbugh, youngest daughter of G. Holton, esq. of Strandon est daughter of the late Thomas F. esq. of Green.

Southampton. Mr. G. R. Butcher, of Welbeck-street, At Islington, J. Power, esq. of Hinckley, Cavendish-square, to Miss Coote, of Arun- surgeon extraordinary to his Royal Highness del, Sussex.

the Duke of Cambridge, to Martha, fifth Mr. T. H. Horne, of Lambeth Terrace, to daughter of T. Pickford, esq. of the former the eldest daughter of Mr. Millard, of Çord- place. vainers' Hall.

At Hanwell, John Hewson, jun. esq. of J. Hutchinson, esq. of Bow Church-yard, Oundle, to Margaret, youngest daughter of to the second daughter of G. Gibson, esq. the late James Montgomery, esq. of Prescot. . Mr. J. Benaet, surgeon, to Miss Elizabeth Street, Goodman's-fields. * Heaton, both of Almondbury.

Mr. Thomas Lack, to Martha, second Mr. T. Leigh, of Crescent-place, New daughter of Charles Swan, esg. of FenchurchBridge-street, to the eldest daughter of H. sirect. Rawson, esq. of Prescot.

Lieut.-Col. Mellish, of Hodsaak Priory, Mr. N. Harris, of Herous Terrace, Chelsea, Nottingham, to Harriet, daughter of the Mara to Miss Malt wood, of Curzon-street, May

chioness Dowager of Lansdowne, and co

heiress of the late Sir Duke Giffard. J. Corsbie, esq. of Artillery place, to the At St. George's, Hanover-square, Capta youngest daughter of W. Buck, esq. of Bury Henry Wyndham, of the Royal 19ch Hussars, St. Edmunds.

to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Lord Charles Mr. R. Blachford, jun. of Lombard-street, Somerset, and niece to the Duke of Beaufort. to the eldest daughter of T. Hankin, esq. of Andrew Seron, esq. of the East India Come Newlands, Herts.

pany's Civil Establishment, to Alicia Anne, J. Hamilton, esq. of Pimlico, to Miss John, youngest daughter of the late Wm. Rawline of Stoke Newington,

son, esq. Mr W. Nicholson, of sudd-place West, At Enfield, J. Benwell, esq. jun. to Sophia, to Miss H. Sisun, of Hollybush-hill, Hamp

daugliter of the lace A. Hume, esq. of Wims stead.

pole-street. H. D. Misler, esq. of Camberwell Grove, James Puckle, esq. of Camberwell, to Eli. to Miss Richardson, of Walworth.

za, youngest daughter of Mrs. Spence, of Cam. J. W. Dorville, esq. of York-street, to the berwell Grove. eldest daughter of J. Langton, esq. of Chip

At St. George's, Bloomsbury, the Rey. J. penham Court, Bucks.

Yenn, rector of Clapham, to Miss Frances At Kensington, Mr. Schiavonetti, to Miss Turton, fifth daughter of John T. esq. of Gillow, late of Lancaster.

Clapham. * Mr. Thomas Morris, of London, to Eliza. At Ealing, Mr. J. P. Holton, of Holborn, beth, eldest daughter of W. Sykes, esq. of to Harriet Anna, third daughter of the late Edgely-hyuse, near Stockport.

Peter Tabols, esq. of Ealing. Mr. Janies Newton, solicitor, of Lyons Sir J. G. Sinclair, bart. of Murkle and SteInn, late of Lancaster, 1o Miss Margaret venson, in Scotland, to Ann, only daughter Townson, of Lancaster.

of the Hon. Vice-Admiral de Courcy. Mr. R. W. Cumming, of Chelsea, to the Charles Hayes, esq. of Hunter-street, to daughter of the late Dr. R. Smyth.

Ellen, second daughter of the late Edwin Capt Dowse, of the Royal Artillery, to Saunders, esq. of Portland-place, Buth. the youngest daughter of Capt. G. Young, of By special license, at Douglas, Isle of Man, the Army Despot, Isle of Wight.

Jobin Wateshouse, esq. eldest son of the lace J. White, esq. of Greek street, Suho, to B. W. esq. of Kingston, Jamaica, to Jane the third daughter of 2. Darby, esq. of Hamp- Lascelles, eldest daughter of G. Biake, esg. Stead-heach.

çaptain in the Royal Navy. Major Grogan, of the Dublin garrison, to At Glen-Stewart, H. A. Douglas, esq. Miss Phipps.

third son of the late Sir Wm. D. bart. of Kei Capt. G. Herbert, lace of the 8th B. N. ca- head, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the valry, to the second daughter of the late ), Jate Robert Dalzell, esq. of Glenae. Wilkinson, esq. of Portman-square,

Johu Dale, esg. of the East India Com

Mm . pany's

pany's service, to Frances, daughter of Mrs. Mrs. S. Drinkland, of Beer-lane, Tower, Cattley, of Wandsworth. Common.

street, 64. Mr. John Ryde, of Hampstead, to Ketu- W. Seagre, esq. of Great Shire-lane, 87. sah, daughter of the late Rev. C. Fleming, of Mr T. Bell, of Southwark, 84. Old Ford.

The second daughter of A. Mackay, esq. of Francis Cooper, esg. of Clapton, to Mies Queen square, Westminster, 16. Austin, daughter of Edward A. esg of the At Shooter's Hill, Major-Gen. W. Grand same place.

Royal Artillery, 84. · Mr. John Bull, of Shadwell, to Miss Mary The wife of Mr. E. Palmer, of Throgatore Willis, of West Ham.

ton street, · T. White, esq. of the Inner Temple, to .At Kensington, G. Cloake, esq. 59. Mrs. Mary Scarbrow, widow of Stephen S. In Ely-place, Holborn, Mr. J. Rawlinsos orq. of New North-street, Red Lion-square. The relict of H. Wood, esq. of St. Margao

Mr. Thomas Hammond, of Hatton-Garden, ret's, Westminster. to Cecilia, daughter of Theophilus Lawrence At Bray, near Dublin, the Rigbe Hon. Lars Newbs, esq. of Margate.

de Blaquicre, K.B. and a baronet. His lorda Mr. N. Danda, of Dalby-Terrace, to Miss ship is succeeded in his title and estates by Langston, of York-place, City-road.

John, his eldes: son, at present a prisoner ia
J. Baihie, esg. late secretary to Admiral France.
Berkeley, có Lady Burton, widow of Sir J. B. Mr. William Henry Manning, eldest son of
of Soho square.

William M. eso M.P. 20.

Jobn Broadwood, esq. of Kensington, agei · At Strathmartin-house, Rear-Adm, Baird. 81. He acquired a large property as a ma· At Santry-house, near Dublin, the Hon. Dufacturer of Piano-fortes, and was in town, Francis Elixabeeb Domville, daughter of the and overlooking his workmen, the day before Bishop of Kildare, and wife of Compton D. his death. csg.

At his seat, Ashfield Lodge, near Bury St. Mr. Taylor, of Newington-green.

Edmunds, after a long illness, James Mingay, In Hill street, Berkeley square, Louisa, wife esg, senior King's Counsel, a Bencher of the of F. T. Pigott, esq.

Inner Tempie, Recorder of Alsborough, and • In Wimpole.street, R. Hale, esg. of Codi- many years Chairman of the Quarter Sessions sote, Hertfordshire, 92.

of Norfolk and Suffolk. He practised as a Alexander, fourth son of R. Barclay, esq. of King's Counsel (wenty-two years, and, during Bury-hill, Surrey.

that space of time, was distinguished as the • At luis house in the victualling-yard, Dept- powerful rival of his friend, Lord Erskine. ford, the lady of Capt. Henry Garrett, R.N. At Stanweil-house, Middlesex, Miss Srare

Aged 27, Ann, wife of Mr. John Ellis, of bope, eldest daughter of Admiral Sir H. Thames-street, and daughter of Mr. Richard Stanhope, bart. Earnshaw, of Wakefield

The Hon. Jobs Astley Bennett, youngest At Windleston, aged 76, much and deser. son of the Earl of Tankerville, and captain vedly regretted, Sir John Eden, bart. He re. in the Royal Navy. presented the county of Durham from 1774 to At the Mote, near Maidstone, the Rigbo 1790 in Parliament, and has been chairman of Han. the Countess of Romney, the lady of the the Quarter Sessions upwards of 30 years. present Earl.

At Worthing, Cassandra Harvey, daughter In London, Major-Gen. R. Bowles, 67. of Lord Hawke.

Lately, Ricbará England, or whom intera Lieut.-Col. Armstrong, major in the 50th esting particulars will be given in our next. regiment of foot, and aid-de camp to the com f At his house in Great Portman-street, and mander in chief..

in the 59th year of his age, Major-General At Clifton, aged 73, R. F. Mansfield, esg. William Kirkpatrick, on the Bengar establishbrother to Sir J. M; Lord Chief Justice of the ment of the flon. East India Company's serCourt of Common Pleas

vice, an accomplished gentleman and elegant Ac Turnham Green, aged 79, Mrs. Grif- scholar, particularly in the history, antiktbs, widow of the late Dr. G. and sole re. quities, religion's, and languages, of the East. maining daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Clark, In his younger days, many well-educated of St. Alban's.

young men proceeded as adventurers to the Thomas Burne, esq. of Bedford-square. East Indies; and two thirds of those officers,

Jobn Bircb, esq. of Charlotte-street, Blooms. who have, during the las: forty years, disbury. .

tinguished themselves in politics and diplo. · In Upper Belgrave-place, T. Adams, esg. macy, were what are called country appoint. At Hampton, Andrew Nixon, esq.

ments.' In what capacity he went first to At Henley-on-Thames, P. Beuzeville, esq. India, we know not; but then in his nineaged 70.

teenth year he stands on the list of the BenThe youngest daughter of Mr. Hogard, of gal'army, as a country cadet of 1771, a lituTavistock street, Bedford square.

tépant of 1774, i captain of 1781, a major of · The eldest son of Mr. C. H. Hancock, of 1795, a lieutenant-colonel of 1798, a colonel Clapton, 18. :*

of 1804, and a major-general of 1810, the

big best

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