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It was placed in the Herd Sand during a of the 98th reg. to Miss Eliz. Crawford, of boisterous sea, amidst che broken water, and Alnwick. always preserved its perpendicularity. This At Hawes, George Metcalf, esq. of Rige buoy, so well adapted for the safety of ships House, near Wensleydale, to Miss Davis, of in the entrance to harbours, and in general Gargrave. navigation, where the greatest danger exists At Wensley, E. J. C. esq. only son of E. amongst sand bapks, &c. (and where the buoys Carter, 69. of Theakston, to Caroline, now used are of no service) during a tem- youngest daughter of the late Edward Moot pestuous ses, is the invention of Captain John esqof Stockwell. Redhead, of Low Heworth.

Mr. George Brewis, of East Lilburne, la The inhabitants of the town of Durlington Miss S. daughter of Robert Spearman, eso of base established a parochial schwol, on Dr. Sewingshields, Northumberland. Bell's system, which is supported by a liberal Capt. William Hill, of che Durbam Milin subscription.

tia, to Miss F. daughter of late M. FeatherAt the late races at Newcastle, a stand con- ston haugh, esq. of che Hermitage, near taining about 100 respectable persons broke Chester-le-street. down, and upwards of torty were severely Died.] At Newcastle, E. S. esq. youngest wounded. Some of them have since died. son of W. Surtees, esq.-Mr. John Usher,

Married.] At Newcastle, Mr. H. Heppel, master mariner, 84. Mrs. Weatherley, of to Miss S. daughter of the lale Lieut. Simpson, Queen.street. of the royal navy.

In Durham, the widow of Mr. Thomas RoAt Haddington, Mr. Jos. Bell, of Coalhill, binson, of Houghton-le-spring.-Mrs. Mary Leith, to Dorothy, youngest daughter of the Loughborough, of Hallgarth street, 80.late Mr. James Tate, of Guizance Mill, near Mrs. Wilkinson, of Herd's House, Durham, Felton.

84 George Scurfield, esq. of Trimdon, 80. At Sunderland, Mr. Richard Carr, to Miss -Francis, eldest son of F. Smales, esq. solia Margaret Stoker. -Mr. James Scott, master citor, 19. mariner, to the daughter of Mr. B. Stafford. At Sherburn, Mr. Ralph Huntley, 24. Mr. James Spraggen, to Miss Wilkinson, of At Birtley, Barbara, relice of Mr. R. Mila Herde house, near Durham.

burn, 90. At Chester-le-street, Mr. John Coulthard, Mr. Stephen Wilson, of Pallion, 89. to Miss Wood, of Gateshead.

The wife of Mr. Smith, niaster mariner, of Mr. Samuel Clark, ship-owner, to Mrs. Sunderland, 26 Laing, both of Bishopwearmouth.

At North Shields, the wife of Mr. Watson. Mr. Wm. Innis, of Jarrow, to Miss Mary shipmaster. The wife of Mr. Russell, shipa Dodd, of Derwent Crook.

owner, 25. Ac Wolsingham, Mr. Geo. Henderson, of At Alston, Mr. Thomas Hodgson, of Houn. Hamsterley, to Miss Oliver, of Thornley. dyhead, 67.

Wm. Cuthbert, esq. of Benwell, to Miss At Back worth, Charles Grey, esg. 66. H. daughter of the lace R. S. Hedley, one of At Kirkoswald, Hannah, daughter of Mr. the aldermea of Newcastle.

William Crampton, paper-maker. Mr. A. Hodgson, late of Sunderland, to The wife of Mr. Arman, attorney, of DarAnn, only daughter of James Forest, esq. of lington, Bean, Kent.

Al Sunderland, Mrs. Jane Dixon, 54; she At North Shields, Mr. C. Wales, of Mar. expired while out at a tea party. Mr. Tayo den, to Miss Jane Watson, of Pew Bank. lor, 74.

Mr. George Wilson, of Alnwick, surgeon, Jane, the only surviving daughter of the to che daughter of Adam Alkinson, esq. of Rev. T. Bland, vicar of Alwinton, 24. Lorbottle.

Elizabeth, daughter of John Ridley, esq. of Mr. N. Hedley, of Alnwick, to Miss S. Park End, near Hextan, 23. Richardson, of Hall Flatt.

Ac South Shields, Mr. Tho. Crawford, 74, At Greatham, the Rev. Francis Thomp. father of Mr. Wm. C. attorney at law, of that son, LL.B. of Warden, to Miss M. Brewster, place. of the former place.

At Alnwick, Edward Gallon, esq. one of At Barnardcastle, Mr. David Hick, master the justices of peace of Northumberland, 76. of the academy at Beverley, to Eliza, daugh. At Cairnbouse, near Dissington, the wife ter of the late Mr. John Watson.

of the Rev. George Atkin, of Morpeth, and At Durham, Ms. Feasonby Burrell, of Bel- daughter of Mr. Robert Grey, of Newcastle, Jingham Grange, to Miss Jane Watson, of 27. Shincliffe.

Of an hydropic complaint, with which she At Sherburn, Mr. M. Garlick, bookseller, bad for some time been afflicted, aged 52, Halifax, to Miss Alcock, of May Royd, near Mrs. Grieveson, wife of Mr G. of Willington, that place.

and formerly of the Assembly Rooms, and Wm. Bush, esq. 2d Dragoon Guards, to Crown and Thistle Ion, in Newcastle. Her Dlary, niece to Brigadier-generai Seddon, life, while health permitted, was, for a numDurham.

ber of years, a series of the most unwearied At Kyloo, John Frankland, esq. late major industry and exertion ; and though not bora


to distinction, otherwise than by the ydre At Warcop, Mrs. Park, wife of Mr. Joha mitted exercise of a virtuous disposition, she P. formerly an extensive cattle-dealer, 70. possessed a mind that claimed affinity to the Mrs. Dorothy Wilson, 80. finest spirits. Her heart ever prompted her In Howgill, Mr. Robert Wilkinson, father no sympathize with, and relieve, the distressed, of A. W. esq. of Jamaica. to the utmost of her means; and in the dis- At Penrith, Miss Mary Hammond, 95 charge of her duties, as a wile and a mother, Mr. John Ireland, 100.-Mr. John Rodgers, kw, if any, of her sex ever surpassed her. nailer, 81.' She bore the days of her affliction (which were Thomas Lawson, esq. of Brayton House, many) with exemplary fortitude and resigna. Cumberland." tion, and sunk at last, without a sigh, into In Carlisle, Mr. Edward Lofthouse, drogthe hands of her Creator. By those who gist, 39.-Mr. Irving, schoolmaster, 79. knew her worth, she will be long and de- MIr. John Hill, of Nent Head, 64. servedly remembered.

At Stapleton, aged 72, Mr. John Walteri, CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. who had officiated as parish-clerk at that place

Mr, Soiythe, of Carlisle, has received the for forty-seven years. thanks and approbation of the Society of Arts, 'T. Harrison, esq. of Whitehaven, banker. for his laudable exertions towards rendering Ac Papcastle, Mrs S. relict of A. J. Skelthe method of measuring mines and other ton, esq. and eldest daughter of the late Wm. irregular surfaces, easy and practicable to sur. Hicks, esq. of Whitehaven.--Mrs. Ann Harveyors and miners, by enabling them to sink ris, one of the Society of Friends.Mr. Thoa shaft upon any part of the level of a mine, mas Fletcher, 85. aad to accurately determine the horizontal

YORKSHIRL. and hypotheneuse surface of mountains and Mr. Blenkinsop's machine is now in full other irregular lands.

activity. It lately, in one day, made seven The proprietors of the Lancaster Canal have journies each way from Hunslet Moor to the Tesolved to extend it to Kendal.

Coal Staith and back again ; and in those Married.] A: Kendal, Mr. James Field, journies brought down 102 waggons of coals, druggist, to Miss Wearing.-Mr. Simon each weighing about three tons. The jourClark, of Tolson Hall, to Miss Langhorn, of ney both ways is a distance of about two Kendal.-Mr. Thomas Garnett, to Miss miles and a half, and one of these journies Shaw.-Mr. Abraham Road, to Miss Park, was performed in fifty minutes, taking up both of Natland, near Kendal.

twenty empty, and bringing down twenty full, At Whitehaven, Mr. Joseph Scott, to Miss waggons. Jane Smith.-Mr. John Pearson, to Miss On the termination of the York assizes, Šarah Flood. Mr. Robert Telfer, to Miss the judge intimated his belief that there Hannah Harrison.Mr. Thomas Sprat, to would be no occasion to continue them by Miss Jane Purdy.

adjournment, as authorised by the late Act. Charles Horstall Bill, esq. of Storthes Hail, Nevertheless the arms-stealing system is not to Emma, youngest diughter of Williain at end: and a M. Hincmiffe. of Upperthong. Wainwan, esq. of Carrhead, in Craven.' was lately shot at, and -220 guineas is offered

Mr. Lamb, of Middleham, to Eliza, daugh for the apprehension of the offender, who has ter of Edward Tennant, esq. of Buliun Castle, absconded. Wensleydale.

A verdict was obtained at these assizes for Mr. John Atkinson, to Miss W. daughter 6611 against the Hon. and Rev. A H. Cathof Mr. Edward Wilson, all of Langdale, ntar cart, for non-residence. This decision is of Orton,

che highest importance to the beneficed A: Kirklinton, George Ferguson, esq. of clergy. Carlisie, to Miss Pattinson.

A meeting has been held at Sheffield, and At Carlisle, Mr. Robert Simple, to Miss a subscription entered into of 6d, each person, Jage Peal.-- Mr. William Richardson, to for the purpose of purchasing a piece of plate, Mrs. Mary Ainshaw.Mr. George Puge, to tu be presented to Mr. Brougham, for his Mas Sarah Allen.

great services in procuring the rescinding of As Buwness, Mr. jobn Scarrow, of Carlisle, the Orders in Council. to Miss Barwise.

There is now living at Westend, in the Ar Kirklington, Mr. Robert Ferguson, of forest of Knaresbro', a woman named Elizathe Buss of Lyne, to Miss Latimer, of Holm. beth Gill, aged 90, in the full possession of foot.

her mental and bodily faculties, who has for At Caldbeck, Mr. William Barnes, paper. many years been in the habit of attending di maker, io Niss Mary Twentyaan, of Hesket. vine service on the Sabbath, and of walking New Market, Cumberland.

three or four miles. She has 14 children, Mr. Wm. Arnirong, of Suwerbytrees, to 45 grand-children, 51 great-grand-children, Miss Armstrong, ot Kirsop-foot.

and 2 great-great-grand-children, all now Dod.). Mrs. W. wite of Mr. Alderman living ; besiges nearly half that number that Smith Wilson, of Kepdal.

are dead * At Asby, near Kirkby Stephen, Mrs. Eliz. Murried At Leeds, Mr. Thomas Bevera long widow of Mr. J. I. 80.

ley, to Miss Turner, Mr. George Thackray,


merchant, to Miss Frances G. daughter of civil engineer, to Miss Broadfoot, of Everton, the late Mr. Samuel Glover.

-Mr. J. R. Mulleneux, merchant, to Miss At Osbaldwick, Mr. Storr, to Mrs. Hen. W. daughter of Mr. William Woolfall, West rietta Gibson, daughter of the late Rev. J. Derby. Mr. Ben. Hatton, jun. Castle-street, Sarraude, rector of Sutton-upon-Derwent, and to Miss George, of Manchester.- Mr. Samuel Elving ton.

Eglington, of London, artist, to Miss S. daughAr Pontefract, Mr. Jonathan Smith, to ter of Mr. John Sause.--Mr. M. Cowper, to Fanny, only daughter of the late Richard Miss S. Rideal, both of Manchester.-M. Horncastl, esq

John Bassford, io Miss Woods, both of Kirby, : At Halifax, Mr. Fryer, of Rastrick, to -Mr. Joseph King, jun. to the second daugh. Miss Maria C. eldest daughter of Mr. Carter, ter of Mr. Robert Jones, Gloucester place, of Giles house, near Lightcliffs.

Low-lill.-Mr. Thomas Ball, of Chester, to At Heptonstall, the Rev. Wm. Plues, B.A. Miss Elizabeth Clegg. head master of the free grammar-school in At Manchester, Henry Harrison, esq. of Ripon, to Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr. Cheadle, to Miss Mary Ann, eldest daughter Roger Swire, of Cragg.

of the late Mr. Buckley, of Manchester, At Ripon, Mr. James Jackman, of that Mr. John Rostron, of Heaton Norris, to Miss place, to Miss Ellen R, second daughter of A. Ryder, of Bradford. Wm. Shelmerdine, Mr. Thomas Rumfitt, of the same place. aged 81, to Hannah Taylor, aged 91, bosh of

At Bolton Priory, Nathaniel Mason, esq. Salford. of Retford, to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter Ai Prescot, Henry Makin Pemberton, esq. of Howel Hart, esq. of New Appleton. of Sutton-place, to Elizabeth, daughter of

At Rotherham, the Rev. John W. young. Mr. Janies Corse, of Parr. est son of the late John Whittenbury, esq. of Mr. William Andrew, of Heaton Norrs, Manchester, to Miss Anna Maria W. daughter to Miss Catherine Gleave, of Stockport. of the Rev. E Williams, DD of Masbro'. Mr. Joseph Clayton, attorney, to Miss

Mr. Thomas Wilkinson, of Otley, solicitor, Elizabeth Frances Nicholson, bech of Heaton to Miss C. only daughter of the late Thomas Norris. Clifton, esq. of Newhall.

Mr. John Sefton, of Manchester, to Miss Mr. Metcalf, aged 67, to Miss Deves, of Barbara Andrew, of Eyam. Gargrave, aged 27.

Mr. J. Bullock, to Miss Taylor, of Wigas. At Hull, Mr. Wm. Wright, to Miss Eliza At Rainford, Mr. A. T. Ducker, bookseller, beth Bell. --Mr. George Brown, of Burton of Prescot, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Pidsea, to Miss Sarah S. eidest daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Barnes, vicar of Huston. Mr. George Spenceley, of Hull.-Mr. John Mr. Richard Bond, to Miss Mary Wilson, Bennett, to Miss Mary Richardson, both of both of Poulton. Hornsea.

Died.] At Liverpool, aged 92, Mr. Henry Died.] Mr. John Rawson, one of the al. Berry, of Duke.street, formerly engineer of dermen of Ripon.

the docks of this port, and projector of the The Rev. john Armistead, vicar of Easing- Sankey Canal, (the first canal navigation une wold, who had enjoyed that living upwards of dertaken in this kingdom,) which was comfifty years.

menced 1755, and completed 1758.-Mrs. N, The Rev. John Willoughby, aged 58, se- wife of Mr. John Norris, printer. Mrs. Mary veral years pastor of the independent congre- Barker, Hunter.street, 82.--Mr. John Pengation at Pickering, and formerly of Leeds. dleton, sen. of Torbock, 76.-Mr. Thomas

Mr. Thomas Fletcher, formerly of Salter- Higginson, one of the head constables of this bebble, near Halifax, 84.

borough, 29.-Mr. Samuel Nevett, printer At Beverley, Marmaduke Constable, esq. and stationer, Castle-street, 43.-Mrs. G. of Wassand, in his 77th year, che fast 50 of mother of Mr. Thomas Green, 65. She which he acted on the Commission of the brought up a family of sixteen children, nine Peace, and a still longer period as Receiver- only of whom survive. general for the North and East Ridings of Ac Altcar, Mr. John Blundell. Yorkshire.

Ac Lancaster, Mrs. Grace Jackson, late of Mrs. F. wife of Mr. John Foster, of Heck- Poulton-by-the-Sands, 79.-Mrs. P. relict of mondwike, surgeon, 25.

Mr. Jolin Park, Ulverston, 75.-Mr. David At Pontefract, James Lakeland, 92. Torr, of Manchester, 73.-Thomas RawlinMr. Craig, of Queen's-square, Leeds. son, esq.

Mr. Thomas Johnstun, of Hull, bookseller, At her father's house at Portwood, Mrs. 40.

W. wife of James Hulton Whitaker, esq. The Rev. Geoffrey Horoby, rector of Win Charlotte, eldest daughter of J. Lec, esq. wick, che richest rectory in the kingdom. of Warrington.

Mr. R. Ridgway, of Preston, 77. He had LANCASHIRL.

a daughter lying dead at Blackburn at the The first stone of Lord Nelson's monument same time. has been laid in the arca of the New Exchange Aged 68, the Rev. J. Hodgkinson, of buildings, Liverpool.

Hindley, 33 years minister of the dissenting Married.] Ai Liverpool, Mr. James Logan, congregation of that place.

At Muckwardine, Mr. J. Lane, 73; and, in Mr. Boyer, 'late serjeant-major in the three hours after, his wife, 67.

Cheshire Militia. At the Nunnery, Isle of Man, in his 36th At her son's house, in Aliringham, 71, gear, John Taubman, esq. one of the mem. Mrs. W. relict of the late Mr. Wilson, of bers of the Hon. House of Keys, and Colonel Macclesfieid. Commandant of the South Manks Volunteers. At Alvaston House, near Nantwich, Wil.

Mr. William Hully, of Lancaster, 42. liam Foster, esq. 78.
Mrs. Wood, aged 86, wife of Mr. W. of

DERBYSHIRE. Knowley, much respected by all who knew D ied.) At Spondon, the Rev. J. Cade, 68. her.

Mr. John Deacon, an alderman of ChesterCRESHIRE.

field, 82. A late outragé committed on an inoffen. Mrs. Welch, wife of Mr. W. of Derby. . sive preacher in this county, has excited In the 73d year, Mr. F. Roome, formerly much indignation. The following are the a bookseller in Derby, and organist of St. particulars :---* On the evening of Sunday, Werburgh's church for upwards of forty-six the 14th of June, William Wood, a licensed years. preacher of the Wesleyan Methodist con- At Smalley, Mr. William Rushton, 46. nection, joined with about two hundred of He ate his supper heartily, and, after conhis neighbours to worship God in the open versing some time with a person who was at air, at Audlem, a village in Cheshire. While his house, he went with the same person to be was in the act of praying, Mr. J. Groom, the bottom of his yard, and in a few minutes an attorney, went and dragged him from the was discovered lying dead. place where he was kneeling, with such vio. At Chesterfield, Richard Gillett, esq. lence, that he tore a large hole in his coat.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE The preacher was summoned to appear the Married) At Somerby, Mr. Tupman, of following Wednesday before Sir Corbet Cor- Nottingham, to Charlotte, youngest daughter bet, bart. who convicted him in the penalty of Isaac Taylor, esq. of the former place. of twenty pounds for teaching and preaching The Rev. Thomas Bigsby, rector of bees. on ground not licensed. The defendant con- ton, near Nottingham, to Miss Fairburn. tended, that, as he was seized in the act of Died.] Aged 102, at Nottingham, the praying to God, and had not begun his sermon, wife of Mr. G. Yeomans. xor uttered a sentence by way of teaching At Newark, Mrs. C. wife of Mr. Chattere his audience, he was not guilty of the al ton, of that place. ledged offence; bot his plea was over-ruled. Ac Kirklington Hall, Mrs. S. wife of RearThe defendant having refused to pay the fine, Admiral Sotherton. a warrant of distress was issued, and a bailiff At Mansfield, Mrs. B. wife of Mr. George knt to take possession. The defendant ap- Barker, of that place. pealed to the Quarter Sessions, and went

LINCOLNSHÍRE. with four witnesses to Knatstord, but Sir The following Epitaph is copied froin Corbet did not attend, the cause is therefore a tomb stone, placed in Martin's burying. deferred till the Michaelmas Sessions. In the ground, Stamford, to the memory of the welda mean time, the execution on his goods pro- known Daniel Lambert:-ceeds; and, on July 15th, (the bailitk « In remembrance of that prodigy in nature, having been eight days in the house, ) they

DANIEL LAMBERT, were taken to the village for sale. Several a native of Leicester, who was possessed of of the bearers also have been convicted in an excellent and convivial mind, and in perche penalty of five shillings and costs. Four sonal greatness he had no coinpetitor. He have paid eleven shillings and six-pence; an- measured three feet one inch round the leg, other has paid fifteen shillings and six-pence; nine feet four inches round the body, and and a poor cld widow has had her only bed weighed fifty-two stone, eleven pounds, (per seized, with several other articles of fur- stone of fourteen pounds.) He departed this Diture, to pay her fine and costs, wbich are life on the 21st of June, 1809, aged thirtye rated at one pound.

nine years.--As a testimony of respect, chis Married ] At Great Budworth, Robert Stone is erected by his friends in Leicester." Massey, esq. to Miss W. youngest daughter Six hundred snakes were lately destroyed of Mr. Thomas Wilkinson, of Duiton. at Boltham, near Lincoln. They were

John Cross Starkey, esq. of - Wrenburn nestled in some old manure, lying on one Hall, to Grace, second daughter of Edward side of the fields. The parish, according to Penman, esq. of Great Russell-street, Bed. immemorial custom, gave a halfpenny for ford-square, London.

each of the old snakes, and a tarching for Mr. W. Tomlinson, to Miss Harriet Hun every young one. tington, both of Chester. .

The bridge over Fordyke Washi, is to te Died,] At Chester, Mr. Patry.-Mr. Walo completed by May next : it is to be conter Thomas.- Mr. Ayres, 75.

structed of English oak, and has been con. At Over Peover, Mr. Charles Clarke, 103. tracted for seven thousand pounds by Meests, He enjoyed all his faculties till the hour of Pacey and Colly, of Boston. his death

· The Corporation of Bostoa has, by new MONTHLY MAG, No, 231,

rates of wharfage, increased their rental three Mary, only daughter of Nicholas Hurst, esq. thousand five hundred pounds per annoni, of Hinckley. arising out of the increased shipping business At Croft, Mr. T. Hobson, of Great Stret. of the merchants of that town.

ton, to Mary, only daughter of Ms. E. Pratt, Married.) R. Johnson, esq. of Binbrook, of the former place.

. to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of T. At Tugby, the Rev. Edward Jones, vitar Secar, esq. of Turnham-green..

of Greetham, to Elizabeth, third daughter At Sturson on the Steeple, near Gainsbro', of the Rev. Jethro Inwood, B.A. curate of Mr. Thomas Twible, farmer, 70,'to Miss Toghy, Wastneys, 21, both of the former place. Died ] At Leicester, Mr. Samuel Ta

At Ancaster, J. Nechercoat, esq. of Ha. tam, 20. zelbeech, Northamptonshire, to Charlotte At Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Mr. Robert Slater, semima, shird daughter of W. Hammond, 37. Mr. James Hopkinson, architect. esq. of St. Alban's Court, Kent.

At Roihley, J. W. Goddard, 62, minister Died.] At Thornton, Lincolnshire, Mrs. of the baptist congregation, at Rothley.--Mr. Sarah Johnson, a maiden lady, 107 years. D. J. Burne, 45. In the former part of his

At Baston, 83, Mrs. Parker, widow. She life he was in the service of an officer, staliwas mother, grandmother, and great grand oned on the coast of Lower Gwinea, where he mother, to 81 persons, all living.

acquired a knowledge of the native made of Miss Elizabeth P. the daughter of Captain treating Nephritic complaints, which he sucR. Pindar, of Gainsborough. The remark. cessfully employed at home. able mortality that has attended Captain P.'s

STAFFORDSHIRE. family, in the short space of eighteen The fasting woinan, Mrs. Ann Moore, is months, is worthy of record: The mother, yet in existence, in her native village, Teen Mrs. Mary P. ; his only son, Robert ; his two bury. She has not eaten any thing for four daughters, Hasriet and Elizabeth; his brother, years and eight months, nor dronk even a George; his nephew, R. P.; his niece, Mrs. single glass of any liquid for three years and Jane Clark; and his nephew, Richard Moxon, ten months; her complexion is uncommonly jun. have all drunk deeply of the cup of pale, and her voice is faint and low. affliction in the above short period, and are The putatoe crops are most abundant. Connow no more. Seven of tbein died in the tracts have been made in Stafford, to supply course of nine months.

them at one shilling and six-pence fer The Rev. W. Simpson, of Greatford. bushel.

The Rev. 1. Metcalf, M.A. rector of At the Stafford Assizes, William Booth, Clipston, near Market Harborough. . a aured offender, was convicted upon two . LEICESTER SIIIR E.

indictments for forging Bark of England In the year 1735, one half-year's expense Notes, and inaking Bank-note paper. He of the poor of Earl Shilton, was twenty-three had a complete establishment, and several pounds tour shillings. In the corresponding assistants. He was left for execution. half-year of 1810, the expense of the poor of Married.] At Stoke upon-Trent, Mr. the said parish, was six hundred pounds five James Yates, of Shelton, in the Patteries, to shillings, which is nearly a twenty-six fold Miss R. daughter of Mr. George Ridgway, increase in fifty-five years.

manufacturer, of the former place. A diabolical attempt was lately made to At Wolverhampton, Mr. Thomas Thompmurder Mr. Wallis, a respectable surgeon, son, to Miss Pemberton, of Market Drayton. of Loughborough, by a person in disguise, Mr. T. Lowe, of Wolverhampton, to Miss who, after calling him up, on a professional Carter, of Stafford. Mr. Charles Steward, of pretence, fireil a pistol at him, and escaped. Balham Hill, Surrey, to Ann, second daugh

Married.] At Barrow-upon-Soar, Mr. Wilo ter of John Willim, esq. of Bilston.-Mr. E. liain Elliott, to Miss M. Harrison.

Wilcox, to Miss Dunn, both of WolverAt Co:sington, Henry Goude, esq. to Do- hampton.--Mr. N. Stirk, to Mrs. Green. Tothy, sister to Colonel Hulse, of the Leje Mr. Thomas Thompson, of Wolverhampton, testershire Militia.

'to Miss Pemberton, of Marker Drayton. At Leicester, Mr. John Waddington, mer. Thomas Vaughton, esq. of Pearce Hay, te chant, of York, to the only daughter of Mr. Sarah, second daughter of John Ashdown, Francis Brown --Mr. Rogers, to Miss Har. esa of Llanhedrick, Salop. gold, daughter of Mr. H. Granby-street. Mr. William Menkin, merchant, of EcMr. J. H. Daltun, druggist, to Miss Maria cleshall, to Miss Rhodes, of the Woodhouse, Carter Babington-Mr. Thomas Robinson, Bear Keel.. '90 Mrs. Mary Surguy. Mr. James Parker, Died.] In his 82d year, at Little Char. of Atherstone, to Miss Williamson, of Derby. wall, in the parish of Sherif Hales, Mr.

-Mr. J. B. Robinson, of Leicester, tu Miss George Jellicoe; a gentleiner very greatly * Pattison, of Stroud.

respected and beloved for his integrity and At Breedon-on-the-Hill, Mr. J. Hicklin,

benevolence. of Critiydam, to Miss E. K. eldest daughter at the Wood houses, in his 80ch year, the of Mr. John Knight, of Newbold.

Rev. Thomas Shaw Hellier, M. A. curate of 1. W. Creswell, esq. of the 83d foot, to St John's Chapel, Wolverhampion, of Cla

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