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will be exported, notwithstanding this act, of the funds may he avoided, and the or manufactured into articles of jewellery, state brought safe into the harbour of and the coin be totally destroyed. No peace; but the blind ignorance of the laws can prevent this consequence of the present race of financiers, and absurd silent, slow, and secret operations of ex theorists upon money, may eventually change.

cast it upon the rocks of destruction. A The important question of the price of paper system has convulsed all the states buHion must repeatedly occur until the of Europe, it threatens England with ruin. paper and the funding system are finally Let her take warning by the experience destroyed. Hume has said that “either that is before her, and she may be saved. the nation inust destroy the funding sys. One fact is now apparent by this act, tem or the funding system must destroy namely, that Bank notes are now to ali the nation.” The time is fast approaching purposes legal tender. For they are len when this prophecy will be proveri true or gally to pass for the value they import in false ; and it is the opinion of the present coin, which is legal tender. It was said writer, that, if a peace should occur with in 1797 ibat it was not intended to make in any reasonable time, Hume's predica hank notes legal tender, but it was obtion would be verified, and either the na- vious that this consequence must follow tion must immediately discharge its debts in due time, and it is now equally obvious or be visited by those sudden changes that all legal remedies for recovering of which disturb or convulse the state to its debts being removed when Bank notes are centre. The war in his opinion will pro- tendered, that tender is directly inforced long the period of paper currency and bank by law. A paper system is, therefore, funds, but cannot give it an eternal dura. clearly established in England, and all tion.

the consequences of such a system must This sobject is of vital importance to the ensue; it is now become a question in state, and, with a true knowledge of the what this paper differs from any other science of money, all the evils of dilapi- system of paper, such as the assignats of dated finances and a sudden destruction France.

ALPHABETICAL LIST of BANKRUPTCTES and DividENDS, announced between the

14th of July, and the 14th of August, extracted from the London Gazettes. N.B.- In Bankruptcies in and near London, the Attornies are to be understood to reside in Londer,

and in Country Bankruptcies at the Residence of the Bankrupt, except otherwise expressed.

BANKRUPTCIES. (This Month 107.3 (The Solicitors' Names are between Parentbeses.) ALDRID T. Salford, Lancashire, dealer in cotton twik n Aldred T. Manchetter, cotton merchant Baker W. Darm fden, Suffolk, dealer Darter M. Red Lion Court, Fleet freete vidualler.

Barnfiey B. R. York, linen draper. (Jacksons
Barlow E. Bridge road, Lambeth, taylor. (Cale

and Co.
Bond J. Hampden Areet, Somers.towo, grocer
Blant c. Prugean square, dealer
Benneworth ). Harwich, vidualler
Brindle J. Kemnerton, Glocetterhire, dra er. (Nictolas

and Co.
Brombly w. Leicekter, mal fer
Bullur H. Cliptune, St. Mary-le-bone, painter and gla-

sier (Greenwood
Broughton J. Chelsea, chinamian. (Blofielf. London
Browne T. and Co. Savage Gardens, wine merchants

Braidhaw I. Portfea, fopseller. (Lowe
Buner T. Manchester, dealer. (Dicas
Cock J. George freet, Ratcliff, mariner
Clark W. Brittol, vi Qualler
Clark .TBartholomew Clore, wordted manufacturer.

Colett w. Caerphilly, Glamorgashire, shopkeeper. (Jen.

kies and to London
Cotman . Norwich, haberdather. (Grand and Co.
Croft J. Pell ftreet, Ratclifte Highway, wice Merchant.

Davicon I. North Shield, hardwarenan
Dunn I. Long Acre, man's mercer
Dowding R. Wapping Well, Cooper
Dicken S. Ellerdine, Shropthire, dealer
Daviafon T. Liverpool, merchant. (Atkinfoo and Co.
Donel H. Southampton Place, Camberwell, dealer. (Har.

"Dickens. Ellerdinc, Salop dealer. (Milng and co,

london Dowaward C. Liverpool, toper. (Wieder

Dalby J. Nottinghamr, hatter. (Coldham tad co.
Day 1. Medford, taylor (Stratton and Co.
Ellor w. Penryn Wil-cloth 'manufaurer"
Lyre J. Broid ftreet. oilinan
Tarntworth s. Cadaor, Derbyshire, hoher
Tryer 1. Wormip treet, Shoreditch, virualler.

Finley M. Wapping High Areet, grocer. (Druce
Folter w. wairall, Staffordtire, butcher. (Baxter and

Co. London
Fofter T. Selby, Yorkshire, merchaat. (Perker
Gardner R. Temple, conec-house keeper
Grace T. Prince, Risborough and l. . Woodcoate

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, bankero. (Roto

Gomerfall M. Morley, Yorkthire, clothier. (Wilfos.

Griffin G. London, earthenware dealer. (Winis and Co.
Grimthaw I. Manchetter, music feller. (Atkinson
Hancuck I. C. Haymarket, grocer culis
Hankins W. Brewer freet, Golden fquare, undertak

Hearn T. Clement's lane, merchant. (Niod
Moward W. Woodford, Northampton, brick paker. (Core

dales and Co.
Holroyd S. Sheffield, magufacturer
Horlack J. Newport, Ifle of Wight, grocer. (Owen

and co.
Higes W. Beech @reet, Barbican, hatter. (Dougatr
Harvey W. Plymuuth, four mercbant. (Reron
Jofeph J. Sorser fet ftreet, Whitechapel, unbrela maket.

(Howard and Co.
Kimpton I. Hirchin, Hertford, brater. (Adame, Londos
Lock P. Nailsworth, Glocetterhire. yara maker
Lingford T. Leicester square, mercer
Leayy J. Fore ftreet, victualler. (Witraire and Cu.
Lewis S, Strand, glover Pullen
Levor M. Xait mithfield. flupeller. (Ifaacs
Lean A Felmouth, hopkeeper. Trendder
Louch R. jubiles place. Chelsea, timber merchant

Laxton W. R. Gower freet, North Areer, Pancrat, builder.

Lloyd W. Paddingtun, vifuallar. (Aldridge


poblauckley palmes

Valon W. Bilkon, corn dealer
Mits s. Deyonthire Arcet, merchant
Moorhouse I. Piccadilly, borse dealer
Noody M. Elder treet, Spitalhelde, Nour factor
Maxred E. Hythe, Kent, butcher. (Lgar and Co.

Mayo T. Kidderminer, Worceftermire, coach proprietor.

with Harihail R. Romney Artet, Weltminster, carpenter.

(Perer Morinan J. Lyme Regis, Dorfethire, coal merchant

(Pither Sibiet G. Sherborne lane, broker. (Oldham Perry E. Whitehaven, ironmonger Viper c. New Wind for, victualier Patience I. T. Bury it. Limund's, builder. (Wayman farham B. Dock, Devontuire, money forivener. Battye

and Co. Parker G. Calle Areet, Oxfurd Market, crocer. (Dinton harker J. Sun ficet, Bishopsgate Within, Bruce.

(Dawi Tannell w. Eseter, earthenware-ma. (Turner Mider I. and E. North Atreet, Wellminier. carpentero Baece I. Newport, Monmouthhirt, grocer Sarith S. York Atreet, Covent Garden, carver and gider Sharp J. GateMead, Durham, hoot maker Seaborne G. W. Ratcli& crois, mal maker Sarith w.T. Church Court, Clement's lane, dry salter Imith s. jun. Lightwood Grech, Overton, Slinchie, cur

rier. (Phillips, Shrewabury Jouets J. 'w, A. and Co. Lime Arcet, merchants.


Studd w, Woodbridgt: Suffolk, malter
Shearing W. Post pool lane, Middle sex, wheelwright.

... (Sheppard
Shingles's, Frume Selwood, Somerset, clothier. (Rutton
Sedgwick 1. Clement's lune, merchant. (Nind
Solomon C.Falmouth, merchant. (sweet and Co.
Summers S. Birmingham, dealer. (Noble and Co.
Singleton L. fen. Manchetter, dealer. (Buckley
Stein I. and Co. Fenchurch freet, merchants. (Palmes

and Co. Tarbart H. Exeter, fpirit merchant Teasdale W. Liverpool, factot Thomas J. Welshpool, Montgomerythire, woollen manufac

turer. (Pugh, I.ondun Tubb »). Bafing, Southampton, miller. (Hurd, Londoa Wakeham 1. Darttaoth, viltuailer Windes 1. Axe Ina, Alderinanbury, warehouseman.

(Woods Williams H. Oxford Areet, linen draper. (Swet

and Co. Wood W. Workington, Cumberland, banker. (Palmer

and Co. Lundon Woodhouse T. Lower Shadwell, butcher. (Ware and Ca. White T. julle Great Wincheter Street, merchant.

(Lang Wilkinson I. Daventry, Northamptonthire, linen draper.

( Wardle Winter w. Sozinour place, Marylebone, paintera

(Thackeray Young E. Weft Malling, Kent, schon malor. (Maret



Anderfon W. Bolton
Aldridge C. Alderfgate Areet
Adams 1. Fore Arect
Aqiler I. D. Liverpool
Asdrews T. Balinghall Areet
Beavou J. H. Kenningtop
Bond J. Lloyd's Coffee House
Hird C. Little Abingdon treet
Saslow R. jun, Sheepherd, Leiceller

Backer P. H. and Co, Burnell, Cam-

bridge mire Bridger). jun Mortlake, Surrey Blunt J. Godalming, Surrey Boys, priphilington, York Brooks I. Queen frreet, Cheapfide Mour G. jun Colchcher Samfter W. Lichfield Blackburn w. Hurbertone Street, St.

George's Brow W., Hertford Sellany T.L. Tottenham Court road Barnet T. Vecdon Beck, Northamp

Bosworth W. Liverpool
Drix R. Queen's buildingh, Knights-

Grill W. Woodburge, Suffolk
Barnes F. Shepton-Mallet
Drown J. Mancheter
Carfon A. and Co. Liverpool
Cade J. ara co. Garlick will
Cafeer J. Rupert Areer, Whitechapel
Child J. Neath, Glamorgandhire
Cooper 1. Shefeld
Cuties A. Water lane, Tower freet
Comford T. and G. Milford Lane,

Strand Coles W. Mincing Lane Carden T. St. Michael's Alley, Corn.

his) Cooper J. Oxford Areet Drake R and Co. Newgate freet Disk. w. St. Catherine', fquare Dubfon). Liverpool Dyer S. Newbury Davy I. and M. Bread Atreet Dickenfon J. Liverpool Drury 1. y. Cerker well Green,

Darcy J. Truro
Davie ). Merthyr Dydii, Glamorgan-

Dawson). Aldgate High treet
Dounend. She held
Daw fun W. Berwick on Tweed

veicich Y. Launcefon. Cornwall DU J. len, Welleigh, Lancais

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Meesop E. Aldermeab
Mole G. Bread Atreat Hut
Mare J. St. John's fqur'e
Nock S. and J. Dudley, Worceite

Newman W. Bocking, Litex
Newton 1. Tooley treet, Southwest
Needham W.P. South Lincoln
Nordblad A. and co. King@oa wpar

Hull Noby R. Clark's Terrace, Cannon &rees

road Norris E. Ilchester, Somerset Osborne W. Dalby's Terrace, Ciz

Rond Painswick I, S. Gloucefter Peltier J. Duke freet, Portland place Phillips w. P. Great James freet, Ece

ford row Pope H. Pocklington, Yorkthire Pirney J. Bury alreet, St James's Procter S. Leeds, York thire Phillips I. P. Drury Lane Robertfen D. Finsbury fquart Ruceley M. St. Ives Randall i. Dean Greet, WeArminiar Render G. and co. Leed, Royston B. Lindley, Huddersfield, York Rippon R. and co, Liverpool Stuart C. Berwick Greet Smith H. and co. Great Wincheter

Stone C, St. Mary Hill
Sanders R. Croydon
Standerwick I. Bourton, Dorfetalna
Serjeant * Slough, Bucks
Slade T. and co. Bartholomew clore
Smith J. Whitchurch, Sa top
Sharland G. South Morton Devon
Scott J. Rugell Areet, Bennondley
Sinvns H. Shads Thames, sounwark
Smith T. Little treet, Martin's lar

Long Acre
Taylor I. Banbury, Oxford
Thomas T. Camomile ftreet
Thackray R. Burton, Leonard, York
Toller L. Godmanchetter
Woolcombe w w . Rotherhithe
Woolbert T. D. Charing Cross
Well, J. Minchcad, Somerferfeire
WeRail W. Mount reet, Whitechs
White A. Wett more and place
Wiron R. Liverpool
Whittaker J. and co. Mancbeker
Wyllie J. Copthall Court
Wheatley I. Mark lane
Williami R, Salisburya



Containing officiul Pupers and authentic Documents.


and the corps of Baggowont to make for THEinfatuated government of this se. Dunaburg, by Mouchnicki and Gedroitse. I mi-barbarous einpire continues to re

These two corps were thus cut off from

Wilna. sist the French armies, which proceed with

The third and fourth corps, and Russian caution into its centre. There have

imperial guards, retired from Wilna upon Ne. been various bloody skirmishes, in which

mentschin, Swentzianoni, and Vidzoni. The the joint loss may be estimated at 30,000 King of Naples pressed them vigorously along men in killed, wounded, and prisoners, both banks of the Vilia. The tenth regiment each side claiming the advantage, but fole of Polish hussars, which where at the head of lowed by regular advances of the French. the column of the division of Count SebasBy the last accounts the French heade tiani, came up near Lebowo, with a regiment quarters were at Witepsk, a position which of Cossacks of the party which covered the separated the main Russian army from rear-guard, and charged at full gallop, killed Petersburgh, and left the left wing of the

nine, and made about a dozen prisoners." The French at liberty to secure the coasts of Polish troops, which up to this moment have the Baltic, and finally the capital. The engaged in a charge, have shown rare resolufollowing are abstracts of the French Bul.

tion. They are animated by enthusiasm and

passion. letins since our last :

On the 3d of July the King of Naples Third Bulletin.

marched upon Swentziani, and there overKoruno, June 26, 1812. took Baron Tolly's rear-guard. He gave or On the 23d, at two in the morning, che ders to General Montbrun to charge, but the Emperor arrived at the advanced posts near Russians did not wait the attack, and retired Kowno, took a Polish cloak and cap from one with such precipitation, that a squadron of of the light cavalry, and inspected the banks Huhlans, which was returning from a reconof the Niemen, accompanied by General noisance on the side of Mihailetki, fell in Waxo, of the engineers, alone.

with our posts. It was charged by the 12th At eight in the evening, the army was Chasseurs, and the whole taken or slain. again in motion. At ten, Count Morand, Sixty men were taken with their horses. The general of division, passed over three compa- Poles who are amongst these prisoners have Dies of voltigueurs, and at the same time three applied to serve, and have been taken, full bridges were thrown across the Niemen. mounted, into the Polish troops. At eleven, three columns debouched over On the 4th, at day-break, the King of the three bridges. At a quarter past one, Naples entered Swentziani, che Marshal day began to appear. At noon, General Bas Duke of Elchingen entered Maliatoni, and ron Pajol, drove before him a cloud of Cos. Marshal Duke of Reggio Avanta. sacks, and took possession of Kowno, with a On the 30th of June Marshal the Duke of single battalion.

Tarento arrived at Rossiena; he proceeded On the 24th, the Emperor proceeded to beyond that to Ponevieji, Chawli, and Tesch.

The immense magazines which the Rus. The Niemen is navigable for vessels of sians had in Samogitia have been burnt-by two or three hundred tons as far as Kowno. themselves, which has occasioned an enor. The communications by water are also se. mous loss, not only to their finances, but still Gured as far as Dantzic, and with the Vistula, more to the subsistence of the people. the Oder, and the Elbe. An immense sup All the enemy's 'corps are in a state of the ply of brandy, flour, and biscuit, is passing greatest uncertainty. The Herman Platou from Dantzic and Konigsberg towards Kowno. was still ignorant on the 30th of June that The Vilia, which flows by Wilna, is navi. Wilna had been two days in the possession of gable for very small boats from Kowno to the French. He took the direction towards Wilna. Wilna, the capital of Lithuania, is that city, as far as Lida, at which place he also the chief town of all Polish Russia. changed his route, and moved towards the The emperor of Russia has been for several South. months in this city with a part of his court. The sun, during the whole of the 4th, re. he possession of this place will be the first established the roads. Every thing is now

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fruit of victory.

organising at Wilna. The suburbs have sufa Fiftb Bulletin.

fered by the vast crowds of people that rush. Wilna, July 6, 1812. ed into them during the continuance of the The passage of the Vilia, which took place tempest. There was a Russian apparatus on the 5th of

ne 25th of June, and the movement of there for sixty thousand rations. Another Duke of Reggio upon Janow, and towards has been established for an equal number of datoni, obliged the corps of Wittgenstein rations. Magazines are forming. The head proceed towards Wilkomir and on its left; of the convoys arrives at Kowno by the Nie. MONTHLY MAG. No. 231.


the D

men. Twenty thousand quintals of flour, and The passage of the Niemen took place on a million rations of biscuit, have just arrived the 24th, and the Emperor entered Wilna here from Dantzic.

on the 28th. The army of the West, cumSixtb Bulletin.

manded by the Emperor Alexander, is comWilna. Yuly 11. 1812. posed of nine divisions of infantry, and four The king of Naples continues to follow the cavalry, but is driven from post to post, and enemy's rear-guard. On the 5th he met the

now occupies the entrenched camp at Dressa, enemy's cavalry in a position upon the Dwina.

in which the King of Naples, with the corps He caused it to be charged by the brigade of O!

of Marshals the Dukes of Elchingen and Reg. light cavalry, commanded by General Baron gio, several divisions of the first corps, and Subervie. The Prussian regiments, the Wir- the cavalry corps of counts Nansouty and temburgers and Poles, which form a part of

Of Montbrun keep it. this brigade, charged with the greatest intre.

The Diet at Warsaw, being constituted

. pidity. They overturned a line of Russian

ine of Russian into a GENERAL CONFIDERATION OF Po. dragoons and hussars, and took 200 prisoners,

LAND, has named Prince Adam Czartorinski with their horses. When they arrived on

for its president. This prince, aged 80 ycars, the other side of the Dwina, they broke down has for 50 years been Marshal of the Diet of

Poland. The first act of the Diet was to de the bridges, and showed a disposition to detend the passage of the river, General Count

clare the kingdom of Poland re-established. Montbrun then brought up his five batteries

A deputation from the Confederation was of light artillery, which, during several hours,

presented to his Majesty at Wilna, and sub

presented to his M earried destruction into the ranks of the ene.

initted to his approbation and protection ths my. The loss of the Russians has been con

Act of Confederation. siderable.

Eigbtb Bulletin. General Count Sebastiani arrived on the

Gleubokoe, July 99. same day at Vidzoni, whence the Emperor of The carpg of Prince Bagration is composed Russia had departed on the preceding evening. of four divisions of infantry, from 22 to

Thus, ten days after opening the cam 24,000 men strong of Platow's Cossacks, paign, our advanced posts are upon the Dwi forming 6000 horse, and from 4 to 5000 ca. Ba. Almost the whole of Lithuania, con

valry. Two divisions of his corps (the 9th taining four millions of inhabitants, has been

and 15ch) wished to rejoin him by Pinsk; conquered. The operations of the war com.

chey were intercepted, and obliged to return menced at the passage of the Vistula. The to Woihynie. projects of the Emperor were from that time On the 14th General Latour Maubourg, plainly unfolded, and he had no time to lose who follows the rear guard of Bagration, was in carrying them into execution. Thus, the at Romanoft: On the 16th Prince Porati. army has been making forced marches from wowski bad his head-quarters there. the period of passing that river; in order to Smulensk is in alarm. Every thing is advance by means of maneuvres upon the removing to Moscow. An officer, sent by Dwina, for the distance between the Vistula the emperor to cause the evacuation of the and the Dwina is greater than that between magazines ef Orcha, was quite astonished to the Dwina and Moscow or Petersburgh. find the place in the possession of the French, The Russians appear to be concentrating This officer was taken with his dispatches. themselves upon Donaburg ; they give out on the 18th the emperor removed his that it is their intention to wait for us and to head-quarters to Gleuhokoe. On the 20th give us battle before we enter into their an the Marshals Dukes of Istria and Treviso cient provinces, after having abandoned Pon were at Onchatch, the Viceroy at Kamen, land without a contest, as if they were con- and the king of Naples at Disna. On the strained by justice, and had wished to restore 18th the Russian army evacuated their ena country badly acquired, in as much as it trenched camp of Dressa, defended by twelve had not been gained by treaties, or by the pallisadoed redoubts, united by a covered right of conquest.

way, and extending 3000 toises on the river. Seventb Bulletin.

These works cost a year of labour. We have

Wilna, Yuly 16. levelled them. The immense magazines they His Majesty has erected upon the right contained were either burnt or thrown into bank of the Vilia an entrenched camp, sur. the water. rounded by redoubts, and constructed a cita. On the 19th, the Emperor Alexander was del upon the mountain on which was the at Witepsk. On the same day General ancient palace of Jagellons, The two bridges Count Nansouty was opposite Polotsk. On upon piles are being constructed. Three the 20th, the king of Naples passed the Dwi. Sridges upon rafts are already established. na, and covered the right bank of the river

We have at this moment more than with his cavalry. All the preparations the 150,000 quintals of meal, 2,000,000 rations enemy had made to defend the passage of the of biscuit, 600,000 quintals of rice, &c. The Dwina have been useless. The magazines he convoys succeeded each other with rapidity; has been forming, at a great expense, for these Rhe Niemen is covered with boats.

three years past, bave beca entirely destroyed.


The same has happened to his works, which, exertions of his brother Joseph. The Enge according to the reports of the people of the lish ministry, at thisjuncture, have strained country, have cost the Russians in one year every nerve to augment the forces of Marnot less than 6000 mện. One can hardly

quess Wellington, and the consequence guess on what ground they flattered themselves

has been the discomfiture of Marmont that they would be attacked in the encamp

at Salamanca, and the overruning of the ments they had entrenched. General Count Grouchy has reconnoitred

plains of Castile by the English army. At Babinovitch and Sienno. On all sides we are

present therefore the English interest has marching upon the Oula. This river is joined

attained an ascendency through the northby a canal to the Beresina, which runs into

west of Spain; and, if the Spaniards are the Boristhenes. Thus we are masters of the

faithful allies and in earnest, the French communication from the Baltic to the Black Generals in the South may find it difficult Sea. In his movements the enemy has been to return to France. Should the opporobliged to destroy his baggage, and to throw tunity be lost, the cause of Spain may be his artillery and arms into the rivers. All considered as hopeless. The following the Poles of his army avail themselves of his is the London Gazette account of the precipitate retreat to desert and wait in the victory over the French army near Sala. woods till the arrival of the French.

manca. The estimate of the French army act.

Fiores de Avila, July 24, 181%. ing against Russia, as given from the War My Aid-de-Camp, Captain Lord Clinton, Otlice at Paris, is as follows:

will present to your Lordship this account of Poles ............ 100,000

a victory which the allied troops under my Confederation ...... 120,000

command gained in a general action fought French --..250,000

near Salamanca, on the evening of the 22d. Italians ............ 50,000

inst, which I have been under the necessity Austrians .......... 90,000

of delaying to send till now, having been en. Prussians .......... 30,000

gaged ever since the action in the pursuit of

the enemy's flying troops. Total....640,000

In my letter of the 21st I informed your According to a statement published

Lordship that both armies were near the by a Prussian officer, the Russian army

Tormes; and the enemy crossed that river

with the greatest part of his troops in the afin 1810 was composed of 637,415 men:

ternoon by the fords between Alba de Tormes including,

and Huerta, and moved by their left towards 1. Imperial Guards ........ 15,200

the roads leading to Ciudad Rodrigo. 2. Troops of the line........422,882

The allied army, with the exception of 3. Troops in garrison ........ 84,300

the 3d division and General d'Urban's caval. 4. Engineers ...............1,113

ry, likewise crossed the Tormes in the even5. Invalids ....

... 13,920

ing by the bridge of Salamanca, and the fords 6. Irregular troops......... 100,000

in the neighbourhood; and 5 placed the troups POLAND.

in a position of which the right was upon one Bonaparte, by a solemn act, has

of the two heights called Dos Arapiles, and pledged himself to restore to indepen- the left on the Tormes, below the ford of dence those Provinces of ancient Poland Santa Martha. which had been so wickedly seized by The 3d division and Brigadier-General Russia, and which have lately formed d'Urban's cavalry were left at Cabreriaos, on the most valuable portion of the Russian the right of the Tormes, as the enemy had Empire. The Polish population have, in still a large corps on the heights above Babiconsequence, received the French with lafuente, on the same side of the river ; and enthusiasm, and Poland becomes a point I considered it not improbable, that, finding d'appui, from which the French may din

din our army prepared for them in the morning,

on the left of the Tormes, they would alter rect their operations against Russia and

their plan, and manauvre by the other bank. Sweden.

In the course of the night of the 21st I re. SPAIN.

ceived intelligence, of the truth of which I The late king of Spain, who has resided could not doubt, that General Clauvel had some years at Marseilles, with his family, arrived at Pollos on the 20th, with the cahas been allowed to visit Italy. Their valry and horse artillery of the Army of the Majesties left Marseilles for Rome, where North, to join Marshal Marmont; and I was they are to occupy the Borghese palace. quite certain that these troops would join him

Bonaparte baving carried the flower of on the 22d or 3d at the latest, his army and his best officers into Russia, During the night of the 21st the enemy Spain has been abandoned to the feeble had taken possession of the village of Calva

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