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by joining the British army, during the ing I went to the king, to pay ary re. American war. While at Nova Scotia, spects to him. On entering the bouse, he acquired so much knowledge of let. I found two men, who came on horseters as to be able to read and write; back. They were sent by the chief of and, since he has resided at Sierra Leone, Yaour. They said to the king, We he has uniformly maintained the charac. are sent by the chief of Yaour to let you ter of an honest, upright, and industrious know, that the white men went away, colonist.

without giving you or him (the chief) any Not the least interesting part of Co- thing. They have a great many things Jonel Maxwell's communications respects with them, and we have received no. the fate of Mr. Nungo Paik.

thing froin them: and this AmadeeThe last accounts received from this Fatouma, now before you, is a bad distinguished traveller, were dated from man, and bas likewise made a fool of Sansanding, on the river Niger. He you both. The king immediately ore then transmitted to the Secretary of dered me to be put in irons, which was State the journal of his proceedings accordingly done, and every thing I had down to that period. This journal bas taken from me. Some were for killing been received; and the subsiance of it, me, and some for preserving my life. which is highly interesting, the directors The next morning, early, the king sent have obtained leare from government to an army to a village called Boussa, near publish.

the river's side. There is before this In a former report, it was mentioned village a rock across the whole breadth that Governor Maxwell, who then conn. of the river. One part of the rock is manded at Senegal, bad sent a native very high: there is a large opening in Mohammedan, of the name of 152ac, that rock, in the form of a door, which (the same man who had accompanied is the only passage for the water to pass Mr. Park, as guide, to Sansanding,) through: the tide current is here very into the interior, in order to procure strong. The arny went and took pus. some correct account of his late. This session of the top of this opening. Mr. mau returned to Senegal after an ab- Park came there after the army had sence of about twenty months, and posted itself: he, nevertheless, alleinpred made a written report of his proceedings to pass. The people began to attack to Governor Maxwell. A translation of him, throwing lances, pikes, arrows, and this report has been forwarded by Go- stones. Mr. Park defended himself for vernor Maxwell to the Board, and it is a long time: two of his slaves, at the intended to publish the substance of it, stern of the canoe, were killed. They along with Mr. Park's journal. In the threw every thing they had in the canoe inean cime, they thought it right to into the river, and kept firing; but heing lay before the meeting an extract from overpowered by numbers and fatigue, that part of it which gives an account of and unable to keep up the canoe against the fate of Mr. Park.

the current, and no probability of esIsaac had accompanied Mr. Park, as capiny, Mr. Park took hold of one of his guide, as far as Sansandling, on the the white men, and jumped into the Niger. He then quitted him, after water. Martin did the same; and they baring procured another guide, of the were drowned in the stream in atterupt paine of Amadee-Fatuma, who agreed ing to escape. The only slave remainto accompany Mr. Park to the confines ing in the boat, seeing the natives persisc of Haoussa.

in throwing weapons at the canne, stood Isaac found this man at Sansanding, up and said to them, 'Stop throwing, and from him he received a detailed ac. now you see nothing in the canoe, and count of Mr. Park's proceedings from nobody but mysell; therefore cease. the time of his embarking, at Sansand- Take me and the canoe, but don't kill ing, on board a large schooner-rigged me.' They took possession of the canoe canoe, in which he had undertaken to and the man, and carried them to the navigate the Niger to its mouth, until king. the period of his parting with him, which "I was kept in irnos three months. was a day or two after they had reached The king thén released ine, and gave me the kingdom of Haoussa. The varrative a female slave. I immediately went to of Amadee-Fatouma then proceeds as the slave taken in the canne, who told follows:

me in what manner Mr. Park and all of “ Next day Mr. Park departed, and I then had died, and what I have related slept in the village (Yaour). Next morn. above."

The accounts received from the Gold tron of this society honoured with his Coast state, that the servants of the Af- presence; and the interview left a very rican Company had been directed to favourable impression of his mental and turn their attention to agriculture. It moral qualities on the mind of his royal appears, however, that the native pow. highness, and of all the directors who ate ers are at present in a state of war, which, tended. He gave a clear and encou. of course, must be very unfriendly to raging account of what he bad seen in agricultural pursuits. This war, it ought Africa, and suggested to the directors to be observed, is coincident with the many considerations which may eventu. revival of the Slave Trade under the Por. ally lead to important results. On these, tuguese flag on that part of the coast. however, the directors need not now ena

The Directors have long felt a strony ter. He left England in the month of persuasion of the capacity of the African September last, on his return to Sierra to fill the same place with the European Leone; from which place he intended to in civil society, provided the fair oppor- proceed to Massachussels, in America, tunities and advantages are afforded him where his family resides. of manifesting the native faculties of his It will be proper to acquaint the pub. mind. They have recently had a fresh lic that, in consequence of the liberal pronf exhibited to them, and to the offer made to the directors, by the Comworld, of the unreasonableness of those mittee of the Institution for promoting prejudices, which, trom viewing the Af- the British System of Education, to prom ricans only in a situation of bondage and vide with board and lodging two African degradation, have led to a contrary con- youths, who should be instructed at the closion. The fact to which they allude is, Royal Free School in the Borough, and the arriral in his country of Capt. Paul qualified to act as schoolmasters, in the Cuffee, an American black, in his own month of June last, two African youths, ship, the Traveller, navigated by himself, selected by Governor Columbine from and manned, with a single exception, by the slaves liberated by the Court of Vice. persons of his own colour, Captain Admiralty at Sierra Leone, arrived in Cuttee having been informed of the efforts this country, and were placed under Mr. which had been made in favour of his Lancaster's care. When they arrived, brethren in Africa, first by the Sierra they had not as yet received any instrucLone Company, and afterwards hy this tion; and they were even wholly ignorant Institution, was anxious to ascertain, by of the English language. Their progress, a personal view of Sierra Leone and its in the nine months they have been in inhabitants, and by personal intercourse England, has certainly been more rapid with the friends of Africa in this country, than could have been expected. They whether he laimself could in any way be- now not only converse in English, but come instrumental in promoting their ob. they have learned to read and write it jects. A licence was accordingly pro- intelligibly. cured for him, which permitted bin to To tulbi the benevolent objects of this take a cargo from America to Sierra Le Society during the past year cost only one, and a return cargo thence to Eng. 4511. a proof that Pope assumed no land. He arrived at Liverpool in the poetic licence when he described the month of July last. Soon after his arri- deeds of the Man of Ross, ral, he visited London; and such of the subscription of sixty guineas, or up. directors as had an opportunity of con- wards, at one time, constitutes a herediferring with him were inuch gratified by tary governor of this Institution.-Of bis general intelligence, the accuracy of thirty guineas at one time, a governor bis observations and statements, and the for life. Of three guineas annually, an apparent elevation of his principles. He annual governor. Of ten guineas at one was afterwards invited to attend a meet- time, a member for life.-- Of one guinea ing of the Committee of the Board, es- annually, an annual member. pecially called for the purpose of confer- The Board of Directors is chosen from ring with him ; which the illustrious pas among the governors.


County of Dumfries; by Dr. Singer. 8vo. GENERAL View of tre Agriculture, State 183.

o Property, and Improvements in the On Draining Fens; by J. Walker, 15. 6. MONTHLY MAG, No. 231..



objectionable in point of morality are omitted The Border Antiquities of England and or altered. With prefaces and notes; by Scotland delineated. Part. I. 10s. 6d. large James Plumptre, D.D. 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 75. paper, 16s.


The First French Book, or simple Spelling A compendious Description of a Design for Book and brief Vocabulary of important the intended third Theatre in the metropolis; words; by M. L'Abbe Bossut. 1s. by George Wyatt, F.A.S. architect.

A Companion to the Telescope. Royal BIOGRAPHY.

8vo. 6s. Select Remains of the late E. White, of latroduction to Practical Arithmetic, where, Chester; with Memoirs of his Life, by J. in Solutions by Cancelling are more generally Fletcher, A.M.; and a Preface, by the Rev. adopted than have hitherto been ; by W. W. B. Collyer, D.D. 5s. 60!. and 8s. Aylmer. 3s. 6d.

Memoirs of the late Rev. T. Lindsey, M.A. Thoughts on Education, in two Parts ; byl, including a Brief Analysis of his Works; by Semple. 12mo. 7s. the Rev. W. Belsham. 8vo. 14s.

Euripidis Tragædia Viginti, cum Variis Life and Administration of Cardinal Wol. Lectionibus; by J. Barnes. 6 vols. 32mo. sey; by I. Galt. 4to. 21. 28. or royal 4to. 11. 4s. Sl. 35.

First Lessons in English Grammar, adapted Aiemoits of the Margravine of Bareith, sise to the Capacities of Children from six to tea rer of Frederic the Great. Written by her years old. 9d. self. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 1s.

Dialogues on the Microscope ; by J. Joyce. Campbell's Lives of the Admirals; by 2 vols. 18mo. 7s. half-bound... Henry Redhe:d Yorke, esq. Vol. II. 125. Young Traveller, or Adventures of Etienne fine 183.

in Search of his Father ; by J. Hoare. 18mo, CHEMISTRY AND MINERALOGY. 2s. The Modern Hermes, or Experiments and Abregé de L'Histoire de Gil Blas de San. Observations on different methods of combi- tillane de M. Le Sage ; by M. Wanostrochta ning quicksilver with acids; by Robert Scott, 6s. esq. 8vo. 55.

The Village School improved; or the new Elements of Chemical Philosophy; by Sir System of Education practically explained, H. Davy Part. I. Vol. l. 8vo. 18s. and adapted to the case of country parishes;

Mineralogy of Derbyshire. 410. 21. 2s. By John Poole, M.A. 35.
Supplement to the Second Edition of a

System of Chemistry; by J. Murray. . 45. Account of the Gold Coast of Africa, with

a Brief History of the African Company; by The Speech of Henry Brougham, esq. M.P. J. Meredith. 8vo. 9s. in the House of Commons, on the present Account of the Islands of Walcheren and state of commerce and manufactures; from a South Beveland ; by W. Hargroves. 4to. 155. Report taken in short-hand. 25. 60.

HISTORY. Observations on the Expediency of Ship Interesting Official Documents relating to building at Bombay; by William 'Taylor Mo- the United Provinces of Venezuela. 8vo. Ss. sey. Svo. Ss. 6d.

The Royal Pedigree of his Majesty George DRAMA.

III. from Egbert, first sole monarch of Eng. Aphorisms from Shakespeare, arranged ac- land; compiled by R. Wewitzer. 55. cording to his Plays, &c. with a preface and A Chronological Abridgment of the Hisnotes, numerical references to each subject, tory of Great Britain. In four large octavo and a copivus Index; by Capel Lofit, esg. volumes, with genealogical and political 7s. boards.

bles; by Ant. Fr. Bertrand de Molville. A Touch at the Times; a Comedy, in five vols. 8vo. 21. 10s. acts, as performed at Covent Garden; by W.

LAW, Jameson. 2s. 6d.

A Treatise on summary Proceedings unde: Trick for 'Trick, or the Admiral's Daugh- the Laws of Excise and Customs, applicable ter; a farce, in two acts, 25.

also to summary proceeding, in general, before The Sleep-Walker; or, which is the magistrates. By Daniel Howard. 10s. Lady? a farce, in two acts; by W. C. Qulton. A complete Collection of State Trials, and

Proceedings for High Treason, and other Praliodh Chandro'daya ; or the Moon of Crimes and Misdemeanors, from the earliest Intellect, an allegorical drama. And Atma period to the present time; with notes and Bod'h ; or the Knowledge of Spirit. 'Trans- other illustrations; by T. B. Howell, esg. lated from the Sanscrit and Pracrit. By J. Vol. XIII. royal 8vo. Tavior, M.D. Member of the Asiatic Sacie. Reports of Cases, argued and determined rs, and of the Literary Society, Bombay. 8vo. in the Court of Exchequer, in Hilary Term, 3s. 6d.

51 Geo. IIT. 1811, and the Sittings after; The English Drama purified; being a Spe- by John Wightwick, esq. Vol. I. part cimen of Select Plays, in which all the pas- II. 6s. ages that have appeared to the editor to be A Treatise on the Law of Nations, relativa

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to the legal Effect of War on the Commerce some of the distinctions of rank, ecclesiastic of Belligerants and Neutrals, and on Orders and secular, on which it is founded; by Tho. in Council and Licences; by J. Chitty. mas Brydson. 4to. 7s. 64. 10s. 6d.

Neotetæria, a Country Tale for London A Supplement to Clark's Bibliotheca Le Readers. 2s. 6d. gum, from Michaelmás Term, 1810, to Easter Ponderer ; a Series of Essays, biographical, Term, 1812. 6d.

literary, moral, and critical; by J. Evans. The Origin, Progress, and present Practice 12mo. 6s. of the Bankrupt Law, both in England and in Effusions of Fancy; by J. Macauley. cr. Ireland; by Edward Christian, esat. Vol. I. 8vo. 7s. 12.

The Spirit of English Wit. 18mo. 6s. The Laws of Trade and Commerce; de The Spirit of Irish Wit. 18mo. 6s. signed as a Book of Reference in Mercantile The Frolics of the Sphynx, or an entirely Transactions; by John Williams, esq. 8vo. original Collection of Charades, Riddles, and 1 4s. in boards.

Conundrums. 45. A Brief View of the Writ Ne Exeat Regno, Posthumous Works, by R. Robinson, with Practical Remarks upon it as an Equi. 8vo, 8s. table Process. By John Beames, esq. 53. Invitation to the Inhabitants of Great Brim

Defects of the English Laws and Tribu- tain to Manufacture Wines from the Fruits rals; by J. Ensor. 3vo.

of their own Country; by J. Worthington. - An Abstract of the Laws of the Local Mili. 15. 60. -tia of England. 4s.

Amatory Pieces, Prese and Verse. 32mo. MATHEMATICS. Eidometria, Local, Viatorial, and Military, Elegant Extracts, being a copious Selection for laaccessibles, also (Corollary) Perspective; of Passages from eminent Prose Writers. 6 by M. Keatinge. 18s.

vols. 32mo. 11. 103. MECHANICS.

The Asiatic Annual Register, or a View Reports of the late J. Smeeton, F.R.S. of the Politics, Commerce, and Literature of made on various Occasions in the Course of Asia. Vol. XII. for 1811. 8vo. 205. his Employment as Civil Engineer. ' 3 vols. Compendium of many important and cu: 410. 71. 7s. or Vol. II, and III. separate, rious Branches of scientific and general Know 61. 6s.

i ledge ; by W. Watson. 8vo. 6s. MEDICINE.

Cursory Remarks, occasioned by the hors A Description of the Arteries of the Hu- rible Assassination of Mr. S. Percival. 15. man Body; by John Barclay, M.D. 12mo.


Interesting Selections from Animated Nas An Address to the Apothecaries of Great ture, with illustrative scenery; designed and Britain ; with an Appeal to the Committee to engraved by Wm. Daniell, A. R.A. No, I; whom the Interests of Pharmacy are dele. containing the Zebra, the Shark, the Beetle Eated by a General Meeting at the Crown and trec, the Great Boa, the Turtle, and the Anchor Tavern, July 3, 2812. 2s.

Egret, each accompanied by descriptive letter. Correct Synopsis of the Pharmacopaias of press. 153. 1787 and 1809, on a board; by J. Stocker,


Outlines of a New Philosophical Theory, MILITARY.

being an Attempt to prove that Gravitation Commentary on the Military Establish and Caloric are the sole Causes of every Phe. ments and Policy of Nations ; by J. Dillon. nomenon in Nature ; by J. Sellon. 8vo. es. Vol. II. 8vo. 75.


The Adventures of an Ostrich Feather of Ad Attempt to simplify the Notation of Quality. 5s. Music, together with an account of that now Dangerous Connections; a series of Letters, in use; illustrated with examples both sacred being a translation of Liaisons Dangereuses. and secular; by S. Rootsey, F. L. S. 40. 4 vols. 11. 45. 103. 6d.

Rhydisel; or, the Devil in Oxford. 2 vols. The Genealogy of the English Race-horse, 12mu. 10s. 60. with remarks on the present system of breed- Malcolm Douglas; or, the Sybilline Pro. ing blood horses for the turf, &c. and instruc- phecy: a romance. S vols. 12mo. 158. tions for the management of brood mares and Says She to her Neighbour, What? 4 vols. Colts; being the result of many years' expe- 12mo. Tience on the turf. By T. H. hlorland. 8vo. Marian. 3 vols. 12mo. 155.

The Royal Exile; an historical romance ; A Catalogue Raisonné of ancient and mo. by Mrs. Green. 4 vols. 11. dern Books, for sale at W. Gardener's, Pall- Juliette; or, the Triumph of Mental En. Mall. Part. II.

dowments over Bodily Defects. In French. A Peep into High Life, or Fashionable 5s. sewed. Characters dramatised. Ss.

The Lennox Family; or, What d'ye Think Observations respecting Precedence, and of the World ? 3 vols, 12mo. 185.


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William and Azubah; or the Alpine Re. on the Catholic Question; by John Joseph cess, a novel, 2 vols. 1mo. 85.

Dillon, esq. 25.

THEOLOGY. Prem Sagur; or, the History of the Hin. Infinite Treasure in Earthen Vessels, or doo Deity, Sree Krishn; Calcuita printed, the Church of Jesus Christ dwelling, with 410. 41.

the Spirit of Satan, in the tents of flesh. The New Cyclopædia Hindoostanica of 1s. 6d. Wit; Calcutta printed, royal 8vo. 21.

An Answer to Thomas Paine's third part Rajneete; or, Tales exhibiting the Moral of the Age of Reason; likewise to S. Lane, Doctrines, and the Civil and Alilitary Policy a calvinist preacher; and to Hewson Clarke, of the Hindoos; Calcutta printed, royal editor of the Scourge, and late of Emanuel 8vo. 11. 10s.

College, Cambridge ; by Joanna Southcott. POETRY.

1s. 3J. An Ode to Trinity College, Cambridge. The Claims of the Roman Catholics con8vo. 1s. 6d.

sidered, with reference to the safety of the Poems, in the English and Scottish Dia- established church, and the rights of religious lects; by J. Ingram, fc. 33.

toleration. 58. Hermilda in Palestine, the First Canto, " One Night!" which was begun " One and Part the Second, with other Poems, Day," and is now brought to a conclusion 4to. 15s.

without being finished. 45. 6d. Portugal Delivered; a Poem, in five A Sermon, as preached at St. George's, Books; by J. Woodley. fc. 75.

Hanover-square; by the Rey. James Hook. Poetical Vagaries, 4to. ; by G. Col To which is prefixed, the Correspondence man, 21s.

between Earl Grey and the Author, 8vo2s. The Regent's Vision; an Antidote. 1s. 6d. A Sermon, dedicated to the Memory of the

Witenham Hill; a Poem; by W. Penny- Right Hon. Spencer Percival; by John cross. 1s.

Batchelor. 8vo. 1s. Elegant Extracts; being a copious Selection The Obligations of Christians to attempt of instructive, moral, and entertaining Pas- the Conversion of the Jews. 15. 6d. sages, from the most eminent British Poets. Devout Meditations from the Christian 6 vols. 32mo. 30s.

Oratory, by J. Bennett; with Memoirs of The Spirit of Boccaccio's Decameron; com- the Author, by S. Palmer. 12mo. 55. prising Three Days' Entertainment. Trans. Friendly Call of Truth and Reason, to a lated, selected, connected, and versified, new Species of Dissenters, or Nominal from the Italian; 3 vols. post 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. Church men, but Practical Schismatics; by

Miscellaneous Poems; by T. G. Ackland. W. Barry. 8vo. 5s. 10s. 6d.

Prophecies of the Messiah, froin the BeBellingham, 1s. 6d.

ginning of Genesis to the End of the Psalass POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY of David; by 1. Robinson. 8vo. 125.

Further Observations on the Increase of Observations on a Future State, and an Population and high Price of Grain ; being the Supreme Felicity. 18. 6d. an Appendix to Reflections on the possible The Securitics for the Established Reli. Existence and supposed Expedience of Na. gion considered, and the Test defended. 95. tional Bankruptcy; by Peter Richard Hoare, The Advantages of distributing the Holy esq. is. 6d.

Scripture among the Lower Orders of So. A Representation of the Case of Isabella, ciety. 1s. Countess of Glencaira; 3s. 60.

Short Lectures for Sunday Schools; by a The Happy Briton, or his country's Lady. 15. Friend. 15.

A New Directory for Non-conformist An Effort to care the Country, or Remarks Churches; containing free Remarks on their on Captain Pasley's Policy or the British Mode of Public Worship, and a Plan for the Empire. 2.5. od.

Improvement of it. 8vo. 5s. Speeches in Parliament of the Right Hon. The Book of Job, literally translated from William Wyndham, with some Account of the original Hebrew, and restored to its na. his Life ; by J. Amyot, esq. 3 vols. 80. 305. tural arrangement; with notes, critical and

The Parliamentary Debates. Vol. XXI. illustrative; b; John Mason Good, F.R.S. being the first volume of the present session. 8vo. 165. 11. 119. 6d.

Sermons, attributed to Samuel Johnson, An Essay, tending to show the Impolicy LL.D. and left for publication by John Tay. of the Laws or Dsury; by Andrew Green, lor, LL.D. late prebendary of Westminster, LL B. 8vo. 15.

&c. 9s. Ref:ctions upon the Debate on Mr. Wort- Liturgy ; or a full Developement and Er. ley's last Motion upon the influence of the planation of the Faith, Moral Doctrine, and Household and a Refutation of the Calum Sacred Rites of the Catholic Church; by the nies against Lords Grey and Grenville. 15. Rev. Peter Gandolphy. 58. 6d.

A Letter to the Right Hon. George Can- Documents to ascertain the Sentiments of piny, M.P. in explanation of Two Memoir; British Catholics, in former Ages, respecte

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