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a fact no doubt at that time too well awhile on the borders of the sea. These, koown to have required inentioning, and gentlemen, are your honors, and babes is merely an answer to Mr. Randolph's will be taught to lisp thein in the arms of defence of the principles upon which the their nurses." prosecution was founded. It begins in That Dr. Carter was injured in his forthe following manner:

tune at the same time that his peace of “Reverend Sir,

mind was painfully interrupted, must be Not to waste your time by a tedious gathered from the 30th, 31st, and Sand introduction, the design of this address pages of the same pamphlet, from which is to ask the favor of you first to instruct I shall make the following quotations: me how to understand the Athanasian "...... I ain really very serious and Creed consistently with the principles of very much in earnest, when I ask you, reason; how it is to be reconciled with all whether you can, upon cool recollection, those passages in the New Testament, approve the severe creatinent that Dr. which either directly, or by fair conse- Carter has received from you!" "Could quence, ascribe supreinacy to God the you settle the dispute" (about the apFather only; and how the several parts pointment, as appears, of a parish-cleri) of it may be interpreted in a sense, so as “no otherwise than by driving him from not to be repugnant to each other." the exercise of his function, and obliging

The transaction itself, and the contro- him to keep a curate? Herein, indeed, versy it occasioned, appear at the time you did him a little favor, which I verily to have excited great and general atten- believe you are not aware of; the punish tion; Miss Carter's share in it to have ment intended being of such a sort, as been well known; her merit on that ac- you were certain could never take place, Count to have been duly appreciated, and but from the opinion you had of his ho. the consequences, which resulted ex. nesty. You bear testimony to his chatremely perplexing to her worthy father, racier at the same time that you hurt his and productive of considerable pecuniary fortune. You must know him to be a less to himself and to his family. These man possessed of a mind above prevari. facts I have collected, in pari, from my cation, who would not appear outwardly Ono recollection of various conversations to give his assent to what in his heart lie I then heard, but still wore correctly from could not approve. Would every clergyınan another painphlet, written by an anony. in the kingdom declare his real sentiments mous author, published in 1752, and which in this affair as freely aud publicly as this I met with accidentally a few weeks ago. gentleman has done, I suspect they would h is entitled, “A Letter to the Mayor appear a larger body of men than some and Corporation of Deal, in Kent, in re- people are aware of; and, from the weight lation to their opinion upon the Trinity. of numbers, perhaps the objections ipight Printed for J. Shuckburgh, at the Sun, be removed. I hope, now the doctor is a between the Tetnple Gates.'” This pain. declared heretic, that, according to the phlet is also writien in a strain of irony, laudable doctrine of some of our divines, and is not unworthy of being a compa. you are so consistent with yourselves as Nion of that already mentioned by Mrs. to avoid all manner of conversation with Carter. It opens in the following man. him; nay I can hardly think it quite sale ner:

for you to hold any correspondence with “Gentlemen,

his most ingenious and amiable daughter, Permit me to congratulate you upon the young lady being, I ain apt to fear, a the step you have taken in presenting the little infected with her father's pestilenminister of your chapel, Dr. Carter, in tial principles. Pray take iny advice, the spiritual court, for omitting to read, and keep your wives and daughters, yea, on the days appointed by the Rubric, and your sons 190, out of her way, or, let that ancient and venerable part of our me tell you, very fatal may be the conseliturgy, the Athanasian Creed.' 'Tis, with quences.” out doubt, a very laudable zeal you have Now, Mr. Editor, the fact being clearly shewn for the purity of the Catholic ascertained that the late Mrs. Elizabeth kath, and what will transmit your memo- Carter was thus honorably distinguished; nes with a sweet-smelling savour to the that she had the courage and nagnanie latest posterity. It will be said, that mity to defend her father when under when orthodoxy was retiring from the in. persecution for acting conformably to his nermost parts of the land, and taking conscience, in refusing to sanction, by the wing for distant regions, the men of Deal use of it, an antiquated symbol whicii at. Arrested her fight, and detained her firms, that "the Father is Almighty, the

Sun Son Almighty, and the Holy Ghost Al. observe, that the frequent use of calomel mighty, and yet they are not three Al is to be avoided, because almost any • mighties, but one Alinighty," and which mild aperient, which has power enough she scruples not to designate as “ amazing to empty the bowels, will procure relief, jargon" (p. 39); and this too at a time without leaving that lowness and dewhen she was in habits of intimacy with Bi- bility which generally follow the use of shop Secker, soon afterwards Archbishop calomel, by those who are constitutionof Canterbury, who certainly (in the latter ally liable to this disorder. Neither part of his life at least) was no heretic. ought the patient to abandon any ap- · The question naturally occurs, why her proved or rational mode of treating nephew and biographer, the Rev. Monta. himself, because it sometimes fails. gue Pennington, M.A, for what reasons at There are few disorders more capricious; present, or splendid visions in distant pro. and what will give relief at one time, spective, should have wholly withheld may fail at another. from her memory this tribute of praise so l o remove an attack-I recommend justly its due? Many conjectural solu- the patient to take a table spoonful of tions officiously present themselves; but, magnesia, and half a tea-spoonful of being myself, if not like my revered and ginger, mixed, with a lump of sugar, in a honored namesake of Thyatira—"a sel tumbler, three parts full of water, with Jer of purple," but simply a sewer of lie the chill off; to sit, for a quarter of an nen, and consequently quite unequal hour, with his feet in water agreeably to the task of solving difficule problems; warm; and to apply a napkin, wrung out I should be greatly obliged to any of your of cold water, to his temples or forehead, numerous readers to favor me with a whichever appear the most affected. little light upon the subject, which will be About an hour after taking the magnesia, gratefully received by your occasional a basin of warm tea will be of service. correspondent,

LYDIA. I have often by this means removed a June 21, 1812.

head-ache in a few hours, which would P. S. That the persecution of Dr. Carter, otherwise probably have continued for a and consequently che controversy it occasi- day or two. I have sometimes, when oned, was generally well known, appears the pain was very intense, not only kept further from a note, page 99, of Dr. Disney's

my feet in warm water, and a cold napMemoir of Dr. Sykes, published in 1785,

kin applied to my head, but have also where Archbishop Herring says, in a letter to Mr. Duncombe, dated 1752, being one of a

caused a wash-hand basin, full of warm series of letters published in 1777, “ Your

water, to be placed in my lap, in which friend Dr. Carter is grievously teased by

I have immersed my hands and wrists. folks who call themselves the orthodox. I

The pain attendant on a sick 5eadabhor every tendency to the Trinity contro. ache, is produced by an undue effusion versy. The manner in which it is always of blood to the head; and relief is only managed is the disgrace and ruin-of Chris. to be obtained by increasing the action zianity,"

. . . . of the stomach and bowels, and dimi

nishing the action of the vessels of the To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. brain. Thus, the ginger cheers and reSIR,

vives the stomach; the magnesia, uniting LOR the last twenty years of my life with an acid (which is always present in

T I have been subject, so what is usue this complaint) forms an aperient; and ally called the Sick Head Ache. In the the warm water draws the circulation of course of this period I have consulted the blood from the head; while, at the imany physicians, whose prescriptions I same time, the cold wet napkin, applied have followed without receiving perman to the head, tends to promote the same nent relief from any of them, I have end. likewise perused almost every book of The prevention of this disorder almost repute written on disorders of the sto. whully depends upon paying a due atwach, froin a full conviction that a dis- tention to the state of the stomach and ordered state of the stomach and bowels "bowels, and carefully abstaining from is the sole cause of this.complaint. wine and spirits; for, in proportion as

Although a detail of piy researches they increase the action of the vessels of would not answer any useful purpose, I the brain, they leave the stomach in a still think that I way render a service to state of debility. I would, therefore, resome of your readers, by stating that commend those subject to this distressing mode of leatment which I bare found coinplaint, to eat two roasted apples 10 answer best, I shall, in the first place, every night on going to bed; and at the


- sampe time to take one or two small pills, bers, drew after it those of nobility and as experience may dictate, composed of gentry of great respectability and beneequal parts of socotrine aloes and Cas. volence, and of many amongst the wille soap. These pills, blended with the learned professions, who all hoped to poly of the roasted apple, form in the benefit their native country by the colstomach a inild and salutary aperient; lection of its sweets, for the use of the and are inore hkely to avert a sick head. coinmunity and the poor, instead of pereche, than any thing which the painful mitting the delicious liquid, in abundang experience of inany years has ever years, to returii again into the earth, för pointed out to your constant reader. want of bees to gather it. But the saNorthumberland street,

G.S. ciety has certainly answered some purMay 20, 1812.

poses, though not all that were in con

Templation; it has been the means of To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. communicating much knowledge of the SIB,

subject of the Apiary, and of making the I HASTEN to comply with the res management of bees more respectable in I quest of your correspondent, “Suse the West, than ever it was before; nor sexiensis," by giving some account of would the society, at the age of fifteen the late Western Apiarian Society. It years, have been dissolved, had not the was instituted at Exeter about the bc- ill health of the secretary occasioned his gauirg of the year 1797, and denomi- resignation, and had not the society been fied as abore at the suggestions of one unable to find another of, at least, equal of the members, who asserted, with some zeal, and in a proper situation to fill tris confidence, that there had before ex. place. isted an Apiarian Society, in or about Should any other friends of their coun. London. The first rule declares, “ The try and the Apiary be disposed to furiu object of this society is to promote the a society of this kind, I shall be happy to knowledge of the best method of ma- send then a small parcel of the Rules nagmg bees, and to encourage fresh dis- and Transactions of our late society; and, coveries concerning them, and the uses Mr. Editor, I hope experience and obto which their labors may be applied servation will authorise ine to give it as to the greatest advantage of the commu. my opinion, that such a society, it nity," The first idea of forining it, arose formed, should alwually appoint some from the perusal of Dr. Leltsor's “ Hints person of experienee and skill, in each for promoting a Bee Society;" and, circuit, to visit the apiaries of boil richa throughout the period of its existence, it and poor, where he can have alınission, was tbe ain of the society tu encourage under the sanction of the society, four cottagers to keep bees, by rewarding tiines in the year, to give such directions, such as from the sale of swarins and and to perforin such operations as may honey, without injuring the bees or de. be necessary, and that he should be coin. stroying them, paid the rent of their cote pensated for his trouble from the stock tages. The society hoped also to have of the society, if possible. This would excited the attention of inen of science, be the way to do good, and to make so as to have obtained, ere this, some new apiarians of other. light relating to these mysterious and I have some idea that Messrs. Cadell useful insects. But, of the success of and Davies, booksellers, London, hare their designs in this respect, the ikembers now some of thic Transactions of the Inace not much reason to boast, as ap- above society, consisting of about two pears by their Transactions, which, though hundred and ten duodecimo pages; and they contain some carious things, exhibic I hope soon to send them some more; scarcely any new discoveries. And the only I fear the first Number is out of society has been greatly disappointed in print, and there are but few copies leto their view of benefiting cottagers, who, of Number II. They also have the from prejudices of education, and the General Apiarim, and the Cottager's want of ability to understand, and per. Manual on Bces, the paper which you severance to follow the directions given were at expense in inserting, in a former them, revdered it impossible for the Number of your useful work, to oblige society to benefit thein, by premiums, 10 your readers. the extent of its wishes and ability. The I cannot now put my hand on Huber's society originated with individuals of no New Observations on Bees, which will be nore, but the name of Sir Lawrence Palk, found at the above booksellers, both in bart, being entered in the list of mem- French and English, or I should be able

to refer your correspondent, “ J. Lee," be devoted to the collection of honey to pages where he might have a tolerable their supreme delight. solution of the difficulties that have oc- If what has been observed above be curred to him. (See page 407 of last truth, it is not at all wonderful that the Voluin..) In these abstruse inquiries, bees should, when bad weather occurs in we cannot always arrive at demonstra- summer, or at the approach of winter, rions, and found our opinions upon facts. drive out the drones, which are of no We must be content wiib probabilities, use, when the female bee is in a state fic since eren Swammerdam, with all his for laying for the remainder of the year, nicely and skill in the dissection of ine and probably for life, since they then sects, could not persuade himself that only destroy the summum bonum of the the droue bee, or male, ever coupled bees.

J. Isaac. with the female, on account of the une foreton, Exeter, June 5, 1819. couihness of a certain part; whereas, if ljuber's ideas be correct, to me they To the Edilor of the Monthly Magazine. are very plausible, that certain part on SIR, account of what appeared to Swaminer. D o form a judgment of a literary work dan to be oncourbness, is the fituesi that by the advertisement which ancould possibly have been for the purpose nounces its publication, it must be ac. which mature has'intended it in all other knowledged is somewhat like deciding creatures. And it is highly probable, upon the merits of a comedy by a perusal that one operation of the drone is sutli of the b:il setting forth the dramatis percient for the production, by the queen, of sonæ; but on the present occasion, froin upwards of forty thousand bees, which the advertisement which lies before me, some queens produce in one year. But this mode of examination inay lead to a here Mr. I.. will ask, of what use then less extravagant conclusion, or, I might are all the other drones in the live, io perlaps say, a more accurate criterion of the amount of ruany hundreds? Of merit than might at first be suspected. what use, it may be asked in reply, are The advertisement I allude to is of a peall the scells of animals and vegetables, riodical work called "The Reformists' Ma. as well as insecis, which, if they were all gazine," in which, without having reto come to perfection, would overstock course to the work itself, we are lctt at no the creation in one year? They are all loss to collect the object and intention of designed by infinita wisdom to secure ihe it. Far be it from me, who have fre. succession of each particular species quently listed up both my voice and my against those acciden's and convulsions hand in favor of reform, now to abandoa which destroy nine-lenths of alınost all the cause, or to employ my pen in oppo. the seeds prociucor. So the vasi number sition to it. But, Sir, however good and ot drones is probably designed to make desirable an object may be, it is always certain a ready meeting for the queen, a fair subject for discussion “ what are with one of them in the air, where, the most proper and salutary means of lluber makes it evident, the connection obtaining it," as well as "to what extent takes place. Mr. L. seeins to adopt we ought to wish it to be obtained." ibe cominon idea, wliich is doubtless the In other countries reform has of late true one, that the drone and the queen been buc another word for revolution, are male and female; and he may as under the influence of which the people well, with apiarians in general, admit suffered grievously, before they began to that all the working are of new gender, or think rationaily, and their solicitude to neither the one or the other, as ask the examine causes was lost in the rapidity question, “Of what sex is the common with which they felt their effects. The working bee?" I have seen the queen common tendency of our nature is so Jay thousands of eggs, but never observed much to extremes, that the recent ex. one of the working bees dwing ir, nor ample of a neighbouring kingdom has oc. could I ever find any thing basing the casioned the friends of reform to hesitate, apperance of an eye, or the distine and has made the timid or doubtful de girining part of the male, in either of cided enemies to it. It may be a great ihem. Why the bees in this respect, dif- question, therefore, whether, under such fer from viher creatures in general, I circuinstances, this be exactly the period pretend not to say; only God intended at which it is wise and prudent to invite that they should, for some wise purpose, persons of all ranks, talents, and descripperhaps that their whole aitention miglit jions, to club, as it were, their respective


powers to obtain a reform, by the exag. A manufacturing population, which gerated representation of the existing ours has in a great degree become, is evils, from the pen of every enthusiastic more easily instigated to revolt than any zealot, and by the mere force of numbers, other. They have few local attachacted upon and propelled by that very ments; the persons from whom they reexaggeration. The first effect, as it strikes ceive their support they regard with more me, to be apprehended from this unre- envy than respect; they are aware of their stricted invitation, will be to disgust the own numerical strength; the moral feelwiser and more temperate friends of the ings which in the peasant are only blunted, general object, who will be apprehensive are in them absolutely debauched by that, like Calvin, so rude and multitu. their habits of life; and their tempers are dinous an attempt will tear the habit, in- as much soured by the accidental distress stead of stripping off merely the super. of the present moment, as their hopes are fluous decorations. If it should have elevated by the prospect arising from any this effect, it will only tend to perpetuate change that may take place. It has been the evil: we shall cling to abuses as if well observed, that "those governments they were our support, and every attempt which found their prosperity upon the to remedy them will become an object of extent of their manufactures sleep upon suspicion and terror.

gunpowder.” That this has been the si• To demolish a government is within tuation of these kingdoms for a great the province of very ordinary minds, if length of time, is too manifest to be they can but command a brutal force doubted; and there is too great reason to sufficiently strong; but to rescue a nation believe a train has long been laid which from the evils of ancient institutions, and communicates with the combustible body. to instruct them how to adopt others Woe be to those who shall apply the more congenial with their circumstances match. Repentance will avail them not. and situation, requires talents and quali- Shorn of their strength, like another ties, which indeed vanity and presump-, Sampson, when destined to behold their tion may readily enough assume, and own degradation, impotence, and ruin, which ambition or venality may exclu- the contemplation of it will be attended sively affect, but which do not generally with the poignant conviction that they obtrude themselves among the contend. owe it to their own folly and preciang factions of public convulsion. All re- pitancy.

DE VERULAM. forms ought to be amicable arrangements with a friendly power; not terms imposed To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine, upon a vanquished party. But how is SIR, that likely to be the case in that state of THE following account of the literairritation, where the unenlightened mass1 ture of that part of India, with of the people, viewing the abuses through which our island is more particularly a magnifying medium, neither do, nor connected, cannot fail to prove interwill be prevailed upon to see, any thing estiny. else.

In addition to a great number of No government can long subsist that is schools, destined to teach the first ele not exercised over a people willing to be ments of the sciences, there are four governed; for, in the mass, there is, neces. regular universities in India, three of - sarily arising out of the nature of man, a which appertain to the Brahmins, and principle which, though it may for a while are dedicated to the Sanscrit, the fourth be kept under, can never be subdued : is intended for Asiatic literature in geIf confined by the force of compression, neral. The former of these have existed it will only in the end break forth with a for many ages, without our being able to violence proportioned to the restraint, indicate the exact epoch of their foun. Now, whether it be wise, just at a time dation, and they have been richly enie When we are environed with difficulties dowed by the devotees of that country: of every kind, and when our very exis. the latter was erected so recently as tence as a nation is at stake, to raise that 1800, by the Marquis of Wellesley, then uncontrolable spirit, by these sort of Governor-general. publications, which may flatter the worst The three Brahmin universities are passions of human nature, without cor. erected at Nuddeah and Tricius, on the Fecting the judgment, or enlightening the Malabar coast, and at Benares, in the understanding, of the lowest orders, is province of Allahabad: this last is the

consideration of the most serious most celebrated of all. It is also called import.

the university of Kari, from the name of - DONTOLY Mag. No. 231.


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