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lives were lost. The quantity of chalk de. the sea on the road between Brighton and tached in this second fall is computed at 1000 Rotringdean, have become a subject of disa tons. These accidents have so alarned the cussion with the town commissioners of the inbabitants of the town, that many of them former. A committee has been appointed to quit their houses at night, lest they should survey the same, and report on the propriety by the repetitions of them suffer, which are of opening a new road, from the top of St. apprehended.

James's-street, to pass behind the Crescent, Married.] At Leybourne, the Rev. B. J. and on the practicability of repairing and Bridges, rector of Saltwood, to Charlotte, maintaining the present one. third daughter of Sir H. Hawley, bart. of Married.) At Etchingham, the Rev. John Leybourne Grange.

Lukin, rector of Nursling, Hants, and youngAt Dover, Capt. R. Gibbon, to Mrs. Hall. est son of the Dean of Wells, to Miss Gen.

Died.) At Hayes, Elizabeth, eldest daugh- ner. ter of John Bowdler, esg

At Peasmarsh, the Rev. Mr. Newling, At Rochester, John Nicholson, esq. town. Canoa Residentiary of Lichfield, to Miss Leto clerk of that city, 31. Ely, esq.

tice, daughter of the Rev. Dr. L. at Lewisham, Thomas Russell, esq. $7. Died. At Brighton, L. Tessier, esq.

At Sandwich, Robert Curling, esg, one of Mr. T. Hicks. Mr. Nye. the jurats of that corporation, 42.--Mr. G. Ac Lewes, Mrs. Cripps, mother of John Temple, 72. He oyopped down suddenly in Martin C. esq. of Scantons.--Mr. Phelan, 26. a fit, and immediately expired.

A: Ewhurst, Leonora, eldest daughter of At Bexley, Mrs. Leigh, wife of Richard John Gladwin, esg. L. esq.

* At Chichester, John Legs, esq. a member At May Place, Lady Fermanagh, 73. of the corporation, 67. At Tenderden, Mr. Richar: Finch, 63. At Slaugham, Mr. Wm. Longhurst, 8.3. Ar Strout, T. Barrow, esq.

At Mexbeggar, near Rye, Mr. Joseph At Canterbury, Miss Mary Shrubsole, 27. Haddock, 10. -Charles Orlando Gore, esq. eldest son of At Horsham, Mrs. Rickward, wie of Mr. the la:e Charles or Tring Park, Hert Wm. Rjun. 23. Mrs. Lee, wite of M:. L. fordshire, many years one of the representa of the King's Ilead Inn.-Mrs. Page. tives in parliament for that county.

At Suleburst, John Pooke, esq 92.
Ar Pionipton, Miss Elizabeth Whitile. - Al Mountfield, Mr. James Bourne, 75.
At Sheerness, M.5. Miller, 60.

At Cuckfield, on his way from Brighton to Al Ramsyate, Mr. Francis Hills, master London, Anthony Henderson, esq. M P. for of the Resolution passage vessel...Rear ad- Brackley. miral Win. Fox, 78,

HAMPSHIRE. At Folkestone, Mrs. Elizabeth Sanford, Married.] At Lymington, Henry Coombe, wife of Mr. Mark S. 43.

· esq. of Caroline-street, Bedford-square, la SURRY

Anne, second daughter of Charles St. Barbe, Married.) At Epsom, Charles Pearson, esq. jun esq. of Greenwich, tu Elizu, only daugh., At Newport, Isle of Wight, Ensign Charles ter of the late Colonel Hull, of the Royal' White, of the 4th West India regiment, to

Miss Hale, eldest daughter of Mr. H. of AC Dorking, Mr. Smith, of Brightling, Glocester. Sussex, to Miss Saran Warmford.

At Pilewell House, C. Bodenham, esq. of Died.] At Richmond, Mrs. Jane Joyce, 84. Rocherwas, Herefordshire, to Eliza, fourch At Walworth, Mr. John Flint, $0. daughter of the late Thomas Weld, esq. of ACamberwell. Mr. Richard Ladyman, 81. Lulworth Castle, Dor:et. At Mircham, Mrs. Goodwin, öl.

At Kingston, Lieut. J. W. Purchase, RN, At Denmark Hill, Sarah, wile of Francisco Elizabeth Ann, daughter of Mr. Spencer Paynter, esg.

Smyth, master in the Royal Navy, At Buxton, Mary Ann Noad, 10%.

At Burton Stracey, William Allen, esq. of SUSSEX.

Newbury, Berks, to Miss Caroline Cheyney. A vein of fine coal, of the kind called Died.] At Southampton, James Taylor, . Kendal.coal, has been found on the banks of esq. 67. the stream dividing Heathfield and Waldron At Allon, Matthew Blacket Wise, esq. of parishes, in this county. The vein extends the Priory, Warwick: without interruption about a quarter of a mile Ac Winch:ster, Mr. Wm. Taylor, ore of in length, is in strata from two to ten inches the vergers of the cathedral.- Mr. T. New. thick, lies near the surface, at the bottom of lyn, attorney Geer's Wood, and on the skirts of Tidmoor, At Baughurst, Elizabe:h Pouys, youngest and is declared, by persons conversant in the daughter of John Ridout, esq. trade, 10 have every favourable indication of At Longmoor Farm, ncar Otterbourn, Mr. quantity and quality. Sinilar appearance of Andrew Smith. coal are found in other parts of the above At Portsmouth, Mrs. Henry Phillips. parishes.

Mrs. Lannam.-Mr. Powell, of the firm of The very considerable encroachments of Hurry and Powell. --Lieut. Charles Cutts



Ormsbury, of H. M. S. Royal William.- Portsmouth, which situation he held with, Mrs. Atkins, cousin to Viscountess Hood. great credit to himself and equal advantage to On board the Chapman Transport in the her the institution until the new establishment bour, Dr. J. M. Leod, one of the physicians of the Royal Naval College in 1897, when on the staff of the British army in Portugal. his AI ajesty in council, in consideration of

At Andover, Mr. Charles Heatli, many Mr. Bayly's long, meritorious, and eminent years a brewer and banker in chat town: a services, granted him a handsome pension, on man, in whom, to perseverance and successe which he retired from public service. ful industry, was combined unshaken inte Of the Isle of Wight, Mr. Thomas grity and universal philanthropy.

Dwyer, of the commissariat department. At Millbrook, Mr. Thomas Clark, and a He was on the eve of sailing to join the few days afterwards his relict, Mrs. C. army in Portugal, when, returning from

At Portsea, aged 73, William Bayly, esq. 'the Isle of Wight in a boat to join his ship Jate first master of the Royal Academy, oft Cowes, the sail jibbed, and the boat most Portsmouth. He was a man of acknowledged unfortunately upset, by which accident this abilities, possessing strong natural talents, gentleman perished in the 25th year of his and a large portion of scientific and acquired age. His various information, and excellent knowledge : as a mathematician and astrono- disposition, justly endeared him to an extensive mer by profession, he was of considerable circle of relations and friends by whom eminence, and highly esteemed by some of his loss will be long sincerely and deeply the first astronomers of the age. Other cir- lamented. He was a son of the late Mr. cumstances of his life rendered him equally Dennis Dwyer, of Stanmore, Middlesex. worthy of respect, having twice accompanied

WILTSHIRE. Captain Couk round the world, and shared Married | At Maddington, James Wick. bis dangers, though he escaped the fate of ens, esq. of the Inner Temple, to Anne, that enterprising and celebrated navigator. He eldest daughter of John Hayter, esq. of Madwas born at Bishop Cairnons in Wiltshire, dington House. and in the early part of his life followed the At Staunton, St. Bernard, Thomas White pursuit of his father, who lived upon a small tard, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to Mrs. Lee, refarm in that parish ; and, during this period, lict of George L esq. whilst in the capacity of his father's plough- Died.] AC Salterion, Augustine Hayter, boy, he acquired from the exciseman of the esq. 82. neighbouring village, the rudiments of his At Heddington, Thomas Maundrell, esq 87. subsequent atcainments. Having in this mane

BERKSHIRE. ner obtained a competent knowledge of arith Married.] At Abingdon, the Rev. Wm. metic, and by his rapid progress evinced the Price. Tector of Coln St. Denys, to Miss Dio abilities he possessed, through the recommen- vies. dation of Mr. Kingston, of Bath, by whom At Reading, Thomas Roworth, esq. of they were first noticed, he became at an early Stratton-street, Piccadilly, to Mary Ann Cas age usher of a school at Stoke near Clifton. therine, second daughter of the Rev. Dr. . After filling the situation of a mathematical Valpy. teacher at another seminary for some time, Died. At Windsor, J. B. Parkhurst, esq. he was made known to Dr. Maskelayne, the The Rev. Thomas Pulton, rector of Hito arsronomer royal at Greenwich, by whom he cham, Bucks, and vicar of Chattisham, Sufwas engaged as an astronomical assistant. In folk, 73. 1769, under the patronage of Dr. Maskelayne, At Reading, J. Goldwyer, esq of Bath, 74. Mr. Bayly was sent out by the Royal Society

SOMERSETIHIRE. to the north Cape, to observe the transit of Married | At Melbury, Sampford, C. Le. Venus; his account of which was subsequently mon, esq. M.P. for Peuryn, to Ludy Char-, published in the Philosophical" Transactions, lotte Strangeways, youngest daughter of the In 1779, he was associated with Dr. Wallis as late Earl of Ilchester. one of the astronomers to attend Captain Cook A Bath, the Rev. Gilbert Holmes, dean on his second voyage of discovery, to resolve of Ardfort, Ireland, to Lydia, eldest daughter the question concerning a southern con- of Francis Saunderson, esq. of Castle Sauna tinent. And in 1776 again set out in the derson, county of Cavan.-Stephen Williams, yoyage which unfortunately terminated the esq. of Trowbridge, Wilts, to Anne, only laborious and useful life of that brave and daughter of the late John Rotton, esq. of excellent commander. After returning to Templebogue, Dublin.--David Campbell, England, having by the several voyages he esq. captain in the East India Company's ser• had undertaken, rendered the most essential vice, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Wm. services to his country and the world, in Ramsay, esq. lately of Jamaica. accorately determining the latitude and At Newton St. Loe, Wm. Augustus Dove longitude of the several places discovered by hyn, esq. cu Maria, daughter of the late Capl. his various surveys and astronomical obser., Corneck. vations, Mr. Bay!y was, in the year 1785, on At Bristol, John Pearsall, esq. of Wills. the decease of Mr. Whitkell, appointed by bridge, to Frances, third daughter of Richard ". ibe Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, Highait, esq. cad master of the Royal Accademy at W. Wesicote, esg. barrister of Lincoln's

Inn, to Miss Langdon, only daughter of the in the royal navy, to Elizabeth, second Rev. Mr. L. rector of Montacule.

daughter of Robert Barton, esq. of Burrough At Clifton, William Payne, esq. to Fanny, House, and captain of H.M.S. York. only daughter of Robert Adair, esg.

Died.] At Torquay, Miss Pepper, only At East Pennard, Mr. Gawihorp, surgeon daughter of Michael P. esq. of Bigod, Esand apochecary, of Bristol, to Catherine, SCX, 26. youngest daughter of Wm. Phelps, esq. At Totnes, Elizabeth, wife of Edward

Died. At Park Hill House, Clifton, Mrs. Howard, esq. youngest son of Henry H. esq. Panter, of Newent, Glocestershire.

of Glossop, Derbyshire, At Honey Hall House, Congresbury, Miss At Exmouth, Charlotte, eldest daughter of M. Knight, second daughter of John K. esq. the Rev. Thomas Holnies, of Bungay, Suf.

At Bridgewater, Phæve, relict of Mr. Jo folk, 17. siah Bryant, and only daughter of Capel. At Budieigh, Mrs. Walkey, wife of Sa. Tripp, esq. of Shipton Mallett.

muel W. es. At Butleigh Wootton, aged 103, Ann Gill, At Plymouth, Mr. Collins, superintending who retained her faculties nearly to the last master at that port.-Mrs. Grige, 95.-R.

At Bath, wm. Mure, esq. second son of Birdwood, esq. an alderman of this corpora. the late Hutchinson M. esq. of Saxham, Sufa tion. folk.-Mss: Aspinall, wife of John B. A. esq. At Lympstone, the lady of Sir William of Liverpool.-Mrs. Colhoun, wife of

Forbes, of Piesligo, bart. C. esq.-Mrs. Davies, relict of Win. D. esq. Near Totnes, Mrs. Flemick, wife of the of Cuinbe Grove, 74.-Mrs. Hannah Gili, Rev. Mr. F. selict of Mr. David G. of Bristol, 85.-Mrs. At Hill's Court, near Exeter, Thomas Hole, relict of Wm. H. esq. banker, of Bris. Johnson, esq. 73. tol, 74.-Mrs. Uhthoff, wife of Joshua U. At Ottery, St. Mary, Mrs. Smerdon, relict €94.-Mrs. Beresford', 84. Mrs. Baldwell, of the Rev. Fulwood S. vicar of that place. 89. Mrs. Sayer, sister of the late Lady Ac Exeter, Mr. John Stone, the oldest Deune, 79.-Ralph Brown Wylde Brown, tradesman in that city, 93.-Miss Patch. esq. of Caughley, Shropshire. Colonel Ara In his 60th year, at his house in Bedford Cisthur Blennerhasseli, of Arabella, county cus, Bartholomew Par!, MD. Fellow of the Kerry, where he possessed extensive influ. Royal Societies of London and Edinburgh, ence. He formerly commanded one of the and senior physician to the Devon and Exeter Irish Fencible regiments, and has been twice hospital. Dr. Parr was an eminent leader of a representative for Kerry in the Irish parlia. the medical profession. His extended career ment. By his death Arthur Blennerhassett, was brilliant and successful: acute in me. ese. of Elmgrove, near Tralee, receives an dical perception, decisive and correct in pracincrease of fortune of 30001. per annum. tice; his active mind penetrated the hidden * At Bristol, Mr. John Stephens, 76.-Miss recesses of science: his literary ardour surfacobs, grand-daughter of Mr. J. solicitor. passed the accustomed bounds of human in. At Clifton, Miss Maria Wilkinson, dustry. Not only in anatomy and medicine, DORS ET SHIBL.

but in the studies of natural history, che. Married.) At Dorchester, Mr. Churcher, mistry, general literature, and criticism, his of the Victualling Office, Portsmouth, tó numerous publications decidedly confirm the Miss Legg.

fertility of his genius. In private lise, his At Weymouth, Isaac Toogood Coward, temper was conciliating, his deportment unese. to Charlotte, daughter of the late Henry ostentatious : his professional humanity to che Wise, esg. of Caldicot, Monmouthshire. poor, gratuitous and unbounded. Towards

Dicd.] At Haydon, near Sherborne, Mrs. his medical competitors his conduct was unPreston, relict of Mr. Jaines P.

deviatingly candid and liberal. His loss will At Charldon Herring, Mr. George White. be long and severely felt by those whom his At Dorchester, Mrs Barnard.

judicious treatment has frequently raised from DEVONSHIRE.

the bed of sickness, and who now live to deThe Duke of Bedford is building a most plore the loss of a valued friend and a skilful splendid cottage, for his occasional residence, medical practitioner. in the romantic neighbourhood of Milton

CORNWALL. Abbot, very near the Tamar, and not far dis. Married.) At St. Columb, Mr. Rose tant from Tavistock, to the no small gratifi. warne, surgeon, of Wadebridge, to Miss cation of his tenantry and the inbabitants Patty Hicks, sister of Capt. H. of the Cornish

militia. Mürried.) At Sidmouth, Mr. Hayman, of At Falmoutlı, Mr. Green, methodist Axminster, surgeon, to Miss Perham, eldest preacher, to Miss Leggo. daughter of the late John

The Rev. Canon Howell, of Gluvias, to At Exeter, Mr. Gain, Veterinary surgeon Miss Richards, sister of Wm. R. esq. of of the 9th Light Dragoons, to Miss Brake. Penryn. Lieut. Samuel Greenway, RN to Miss At Redruth, Mr. John Haye, of Haye, Tucker, daughter of the late Mr. T. of Ho. near Callington, to Miss Davey, eldest daugh niton.

ter of Capt. D. At Northam, Francis Stanfel, esq. captain Died.] Ac Falmouth, aged 33, Wm. Cam



den Nield, esq. of Antigue, one of the King's rounded by her numerous family, having reCounsel for the Leeward Islands, and son of tained ber senses to the last ; exerting them, James N. esp. of Chelsea.Mrs. Cameron, while yet the lamp of life was glimmering, wife of Lieut. Col. C. of the 79th foot.-M. in blessing her children and in prayer, till it John Tresiddes, attorney, 57.--Mrs. Peniton, ceased, when it may be truly said sbe felt wife of Mr. P. of the Duke's Head Inn.. asleep in the Lord. Mr. Samuel Watson, 51.-Mrs. Elizabeth

WALES. Hancock, 60.

A groat of Edward IV. a small crucifix, At Peozince, Mrs. Elizabeth Honey and the Virgin and Child, of a composition church, 100.

unknown, resembling plaster of Paris, but Ac Padstow, Mrs. Peter, wife of Capt. harder, were found a few days since, among Joseph P.

the ruins of Oyster mouch Castle, near SwanAi Bodmin, Mrs. Bligh.

sea. On the back of the crucifix were some At St. Columb, Mr. James Denois, 88. characters in the form of the old Norman

At Stratton, Mr. Tuke, surgeon and apo. French. thecary.

A signal station has lately been established At Flushing, Mrs. Stevens, widow of Capt. at Holylead, by several merchants of LiverS. late of the Princess Amelia packet. pool, through which will be communicated

Ac St. Ives, the Rev. L. Morgan, lecturer the earliest intelligence of their vessels of that place.

having passent the Head, either outward or At Scilly, James Allen Gorse, esq. sure homeward-bound. geon of the quarantine establishment there. The Rev. Edward Hughes, Caerwys, in

At St. Erme, Miss Clavinia Trounce, Flintshire, and the Rev. Walter Davies, of niece to S. Jago, esq.

Manafon, in Montgomeryshire, have each At Bosvige, near Truro, aged 76, Mr. Gil. been presented with an elegant silver cup, as bert Hele Chilcott. He had been the land, a compliment for their poems on the Jubilee, steward of Francis Gregor, esq. the late coun. recited at St. Asaph, on the fourth of last ty member, for upwards of twenty years, and June. had filled the same situation to the present Married.] At Llandilo-vawr, Wm. ThoSir Christopher Hawkins, bart. his father, mas, esq. Of Pentre-Parr, eldest son of D. and grandfather, for more than half a century; Thomas, esq. of Glanrwth, to Miss Davies, the latter of whom appointed him one of the only daughter of Mrs. D. of Love Lodge, guardians of his infant children. In his cha. near Llandilo. racter as agent he united a zeal the most fere At St. Dogmels, Capt. Thomas Francis, Fent for the benefit of his principals, to an of the brig Catherine, of Fishguard, to Miss unxearied diligence and unsullied integrity. Mary Edwards, of Peatood, Pembrokeshire. His merits will be inferred, on considering At Carmarthen, Mr. Jones, quarter-mas. the length of his services, and the confidence ter in the 3d regiment Carmarthenshire Loreposed in him by bis employers.

cal Militia, to Miss Margaret Reynolds, At the Lodge, near Penzance, in her At Carmarthen, Captain Howell, of Bryne 70th year, Mrs. Catharine Tremenbeer, neul, to Miss Ann Thomas. relict of Mr. William T. of that town, who At Langattock, Crickhowell, Joseph Bai. was a lineal descendant of the person that en- ley, of Cyfarthfa, esq. to Maria, fourila dowed that chapel, and one of the most an- daughter of Joseph Latham, esq. of Beaufort. cient families of this county, the name being At Swansea, William Edward Powell, deducible from the Cornish language. She esq. of Nanteos, Cardiganshire, to Laura was the daughter of the late Rev. Walter Edwyna, eldest daughter of James Phelp, Borlase, L.L. D. of Castlehorneck, (elder bro. esq. of Cottrell House, Glamorganshire, ther of the historian) and was nearly fifty and Coston House, Leicestershire. years vicar of Penzance. She bore a painful Died.] At Landaff-Court, near Cardiff, illness with the same serenity, composure, Catherine Diana, wife of John Richards, esg. and resignation to the will of the Almighty, and second daughter of che late Robert Jones, that had conspicuously marked her character of Fon.ron Castle, esq. through a long life. Her piety was not a cold Aged 77 years, the Rev. Robert Rickards," or a passive principle : not obtrusive, but zea. vicar of Llanerissent, Glamorganshire. lous; not ostensive, but earnest : nor were At Carmarthen, Mr. John Jones, clerk other less important christian duties neglecte to Thomas Lewis, esq. solicitor Llansed in the practice: a cheerful tenignity shed pilo; which office he filled with scrupulous a mild lustre over her character, giving a integrity.-Mrs. Downes. double value to her acts of kindness io the AC Dolgelly, the Rev. E. Vaughan Evans, poor, and the regret of a numerous circle of curate of Meliden, near St. Asaph. relations, friends, and acquaintance, testily At Coaibrook, near Abergavenny, (the the warm regard in which she was held, by seat of his brother) William Ferdinand Hanthose who were most capable of appreciating bury Williams, esq. a gentleman universally her worth, and her virtues. She died sur beloved and respected,


Near Near Dale, Pembrokeshire, Miss Roch, of The boat stands high out of the water, and Butte-hill.

being thus over.loaded above, she heeled to At Haverford west, Mr. Wm. Howell, one side, and precipitated all on deck, to the linen and woollen draper. Mr. James Evans, number of about 100, into the basin, which is many years clerk of St. Mary's.

7 or 8 fathoms deep. Though every possi. Near Cardigan, Mrs. Elizabeth Evans, ble assistance was inmediately afforded, 84 wife of Mr. David E, late of Llwyngrawis. persons perished; of these, 12 were under 10

Ac Llangefni, Anglesey, Mr. Richard years of age; 56 from 10 10 20; and 17 above Griffith; he suddenly complained of a pain in 20. Such of the passengers who remained · his head, and in a very short period became a below in the cabin sustained no injury, the

corpsean awful lesson on the uncertainty boat righting as soon as the crowd fell off. of human life.

The afiliction in which the whole town was At Nant-yr-Hebog, near Carmarthen, Mr. involved by this calamity, may be more David Thomas.

easily conceived than described. A suoscripOf. Helygenlaes, Carmarthenshire, Mr.D. tion was set on foot for the reljef of the fa. Davies.

milies and relations of the sufferers. At Bangor, Mr. John Williams, upwards of From a recent calculation it appears that 40 years one of the cathedral choristers. there are 940 clergymen on the establishment

At Wrexham, Mr. T. Dod, of Iscoed of the church of Scotland, the patronage of Chapel:

whose livings belong in manner following:Ai Cardigan, Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd, of the To the crown, 269-to peers, and their el. Post Office, sincerely regretted.

dest sons, 3153-0 commoners, 35). At Swansea, William Jeffreys, esq. one of Totat 940. Of the last description, private bis majesty's justices of peace for the couno proprietors have 282-Royal boroughs, in. ties of Glamorgan and Brecon; a deputy lieu- cluding Paisley, (a borough of Regality)

tenant of the former county, and the oldest 531-Colleges 9-parishes 11. Total 3551 - alderman in the corporation of Swansea. He The patronage of the Crown was much in.

had thrice served the office of portreeve of creased by forfeitures during the last century, that town.--Mrs. Hanson, 77.-Mr. Samuel particularly in 1715; that of peers and comGuy, landlord of that town.

moners is more Auctuating, Commoners At Hafody nos, near Abergele, Nathaniel sometimes succeeding to patronages connected Jones, esq.

with extinct peerages, and also being at At Dinas, in the parish of Llanwnda, Car- other times created peers. narvonshire, Mr. Morris Winiams, 92. Married.] At Edinburgh, the Duke of

Ac Fron, in the county of Flint, Elizabeth, Argyle, to Lady Paget, third daughter of the wife of the Rev. R. Williams, 57.

lace Earl of Jersey; her marriage with Lord At Beaumaris, Mr. John Lloyd, hair-dres P. having been previously dissolved in the ser.--Mrs. Mary Roberts, shop-keeper. Scotch Courts. Her iadyship has ten chil.

At Meillionydd, Catherine, wife of Mr. dren living by her divorced tord. Thomas Rice, farmer, 76.

Diesl.) At Edinburgh, Lord Cullen, ode Ac Llanvaughan, Cardigan, John Thomas, of the judges in the second division of the esg. admiral of the white.

Court of Session, and one of the Lords of At Perkins, near Penrice Castle, Glamor. Jueciciary. His lordslip was eldest son of the gan, Joan Austin, 100. She enjoyed the celebrated Dr. William Cullen. He entered • perfect use of her faculties, and could card and advocate in 1764, and was raised to the beach spin till within a month of ter death

in November 1796, upon the death of Lord At Haverfordwest, Thomas Williams, Alva. Lord Cullen was a man of acknowesq. one of his Majesty's justices of the peace ledged talents, a sound lawyer, and was for the county of Pembroke, and a common- always conspicuous in professional argument; councilman of the corporation of Haveriord. he had a great taste for polite literature, and west, 76.

his papers in the Mirror and Lounger Evince Ar Coedmore, near Cardigan, Thos. Lloyd, the elegance of his pen. esq. 51.

At Glasgow, on the 4th instant, in the 634 NORTH BRITAIN.

year of his age, Mr. John Reebie, teacher An accident of the most distressing kind of the Greek and Latin languages. Though occurred on the 10th of November, at Pais. his whole life had been laboriously devoted Jey. Being the fair-day at that place, a great to the instruction of youth in the principles number of the inhabitants, chicfly young of Greek and Roman literature, be yet people, were eager to indulge themselves with found means to acquire a critical acquaintance an excursion in the passage-boat, which had with the ancient classics, and a protound a few days before begun to ply on the Ardros- knowledge of the structure of their lan. sap canal, between Paisley and Johnstone. guages, which has not been surpassed in any On its arrival about noon at the quay, in the period; and is perhaps without parallel in basin of Paisley, before the passengers from the present. A happy sugacity, aided by Johnstone could be lånded, those who were a niemory uncommonly reiciative, enabling waiting to replace them crowded on board. his unwearied zcal to surrouat many obe


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